: He is weak right now. why would u wanna nerf him anymore. the {{item:3143}} buff was already a big nerf to yasuo. as to how to counter him - cc+burst, don't feed him and {{item:3047}} , assuming you're talking about mid. for top, just build {{item:3047}} +{{item:3143}} and he will be pretty much useless. Hell, {{item:3082}} first seems to cripple him really hard.
Thank you for the clarification on his place in the meta, i really wasn't sure. It's good to know there is a bit more counter play for him than i originally thought.
Scythe389 (EUW)
: What to do about Yasuo's critical damage?
I'm curious to know how an adc with a lack of kiting ability would build vs him though, would you recommend they get {{item:3047}} or{{item:3143}} at some point or rely on your team to peel for you?
Scythe389 (EUW)
: What to do about Yasuo's critical damage?
Ah, i thought i read that they were taking the crit reduction away from {{item:3143}} not adding to it silly me, thank you. XD
: Considering the buffs that statikk shiv got this patch, i suspect it will be coming back into the meta anyway. But tbh, yasuo seems pretty balanced to me. If you lock him down properly and dont let him skirmish, he can be shut down rather easily. Also, yasuo was never meant to be an assasin. His kit doesnt fit that idea. He needs to go up close and personal for an extended amount of time to really use his kit to the full extent, meaning hes more of a late game oriented fighter.
Fair enough, ill take that in to consideration when i play against him thank you.
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