: Being toxic is rewarding.
Actually, muting all your team and ignoring them is not exactly the definition of being nice. Maybe try communicating in a positive way next time ?
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SdG ct (EUW)
: Disconnect at game start - Impossible to reconnect
Update : Client stopped considering me in game. Game does not seem to appear in history of recent games. As said before, very similar to DoS issues few years ago, let's hope this doesn't repeat all over again.
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Alex3995 (EUW)
: imo its the same for supports. even tho almost all supports are now somewhat viable, they are way more restricted in terms of build and setup.
Actually, I feel like every role has been left out except for assassins and tanks. ADCs are doing fine, but they are not the steady stream of damage they used to be, they all feel more "burstier", and the most successful ones tend to be played more like ranged assassins (tristana, ezreal, jhin, twitch) than traditionnal ADC (champions like ashe, varus, jinx). Worst of all is there is no real rune for DoT based champions (malzahar, rumble, fiddlestick) to fill the gap of deathfire touch, so we're ending playing them with aery which feels clunky and weird. I thought they'd get some buff considering how the other champions have been given options to completely cut their damage down (adaptative helm, second wind), but still no love from rito...
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: GAMEPLAY BUG, Ekko, Luden's Echo
As described in [http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Ekko](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Ekko) (which is a non-official source, but from my experience a quite accurate one) his passive and E seems to apply bot on-hit effects and some spell effects. This is a very weird behaviour that might be changed to only apply on-hit effects considering the Riot usual line of designs. Again, it is indeed weird, and it would seem logical to me that passive works as pure on-hit effect and that E either works as pure spell or pure on-hit effect.

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