: Ranked health is at its worst
And there goes my hopes to get into gold this season
: [League of iron] Legends never die
My first time playing jax in jungle right there.
Lester the (EUNE)
: Quitting League for a month (test)
Just quit forever, trust me. It does make a positive difference, I did once but since uni started my social life went downhill so I'm here with all you plebs.
: Ranked (Solo/Duo) unfair LP Gains
This definitely seems a bit fishy to not get the average LP, right now you're sitting on 55% wr which is really bizarre in a way*. You should have a look at the people's ranks you're playing against, if you're playing against lower MMR players than you should be, it means that you will be losing LP much more quicker. Also, I guess, the higher you get, the less people will there be, it might be just some bad luck that the top players are not playing so you're stuck with plats and low diamonds. EDIT: I mean you should be getting around 22-24, which I persume is the average. Since thats what I'm getting in my silver games.
NikkiNL (EUW)
: Unintended champions in the toplane
Okay so from what I got by watching riots dev posts and watching some documentaries and bts for their champion design, it is that they get some sort of inspiration for what their champion is supposed to be. Champions like Kindred, Ivern etc. feel specialized in the roles they are put into, but riot hasn't went out of their way to completely gut the champions in lane. The thing is, riot has an "idea" of what roles that champion might fulfill, has strong cc but no real scaling or damage? probably support, but they dont go out of their way to gut the champions ability to for example go jungle or top.
: Why do the trouble to make the support role popular when you ruined it with 1 tempory hotfix
The reason why this has been changed was because it became devastating in mid and toplane, the frostfang's power to just allow you to poke the enemy, and you also get some wards with the item became really overpowered. If your ADC is terrible, then you need to learn to play around that and carry games. I've seen some really terrible carries while having strong supports, there is clearly something in your playstyle that does not work. Jungle nerfs haven't touched me you know why? Because I adapted myself, this game is all about who can make a transition from the changes and make their playstyle work with the game.
: When are you planning to nerf Jax E CD ?
The thing about jax is his early game, not this bs "oh hes too strong cos late game". There are champions that delete faster than jax what you really need to balance is his dueling ability early game and nerf it, make him more painful to get to that stage like what they failed to do with kayle.
: Servers down or did i just get DDoS'd?
Just got booted off my game reconnecting 20 %%%in minutes they aint ever gonna fix any issues with league, just release the next cancer with some skins to make you some money and ur gucci. Issues with the server and bs lag right there just lost me a game, gj riot go pat yourselves on the back.
Shah666 (EUW)
: scrim right now ?
I can do it, solo. I mean just dont pick like rammus or something because its gonna take my talon quite a while to kill you and I'm probably gonna fall asleep before I win.
: G2 jungler lf duo (peaked p2)
I'm a talon main, but his nerfs and lack of buffs really stop me from climbing fast enough. I'll get back to you tomorrow when I get to plat 5 from silver, cya.
: Cant buy RP
Yeah this is also a bug with talon when I wanna buy a skin for him with RP. RITO PLS FIX THIS ALREADY
: Why is it so hard for me to pick up the rift herald?
Yeah, this really kinda nerfs talon because hes gotta stand longer on it. They need to buff this and give talons q unstoppability.
: Virtual apologize to everyone who had to stand me in-game
Okay I also gotta make a formal apology, I'll do it later because this talon game is LASTING for AGES, like honestly, I wanna win games faster than this riot!
Dewritoes (EUW)
: How do people lose against Teemo?
Yeah I get you, teemo is annoying with his blind because it takes me like 2 more seconds to kill him with talon. Totally annoying champ and talon is kinda underpowered right now. He needs a buff and nerf tenmo.
: Rakan and Xayah Skins
Man, I think talon needs a bit more love than rakan and xayah this time. Like he didn't get any skins OR buffs this month which is starting to annoy me.
: S*cks getting wards from chests?
Yeah, kinda hate how much orange essence they give. Not enough for my talon skin...
: Is swearing flaming?
Yeah, I hate it also when I only get to say "You got fricked" post-3 on talon, he really needs a buff so I can say it pre-3.
: Win lane-lost game
Okay, I kinda hate that as talon too. Sometimes I just 1v9 a game but I still have to get to late game to win, which is really annoying. Like game, just let me go to max 30 minutes after my penta okay?
: Hypercarrys
Kinda hate to spoil it to you, but talon needs to become more of a late game hypebeast, because I can't seem to finish off kayle in less than 3 seconds, EXCLUDING HER ULT TIMER!
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Well this happened...
I kinda get it and I dont understand why your jungler was scared, if a talon was to be there he would ATLEAST needs his ignite to finish him off. Which is complete BS.
: Recruitment Novorion Community / Novorion Academy / Novorion Gaming E-Sports Team
I can play talon toplane if you want, I'm just waiting for his well deserved buffs hes supposed to get.
Dić (EUW)
: esports quest
Yeah, I think they'll fix that after fixing talon and giving him a new skin.
VitorLPT (EUW)
: An idea to stop/prevent toxicity - Concept
I get that, and I feel like if they buffed talon a bit the enemies would generally flame less.
Ηym (EUW)
: Twisted Treeline is a mess
I understand your pain, and I feel like this definetly needs to be fixed for talon because twisted treelines walls just take too long to regenerate! It's insane I have to walk all the way around to actually kill the enemy rather than just being able to just jump over the same wall couple of times! Sad!
: Climbing as adc!
I'm gonna be honest with you, current talon can't even properly execute jinx pre-6 like he should be. Like why do I have to get 2 aa's in instead of one? Completely broken and needs to be buffed because even adc can put in 1 shot after I managed to do 1 combo rotation.
Joetri10 (EUW)
: Make Ranked An LP Ladder
I agree, recently I wasn't able to climb as quickly with my talon as I used to, it really pains me to see win games that are over 30 minutes long because of my enemy being a high-gold, low plat.
: Must be level 4 with the champ to be able to play them in ranked.
I get this but as a talon main where I play even AGAINST those people and not get atleast a kill pre-3 is really humorous. I should atleast be able to get a basic double kill off the first gank I get by the enemy jungler.
Joetri10 (EUW)
: "It Looks Like You Own Every Possible Skin" - You Are Correct Riot; Kind of....
Honestly, I get you. All these skins coming out and I still am nowhere to see my talon skin with his buffs he deserves.
jonivaio (EUW)
: Matchmaking is FRUSTRATING, can't win even 50% of games.
Okay I understand your frustration and whatnot, but if you ever play vs high level talon you will understand how weak the champ is. It kinda needs a buff don't you think?
Rekkon (EUNE)
: What is going on with "balance"?
Honestly, I'm tired of this crap. All this urgot, rammus and whatnot, but where is my talon buff?!
község (EUNE)
It's okay they are just working on my Talons buff rn.
Rioter Comments
zLvKNelly (EUW)
: fix yourselves first
: Live Watch
You need to be logged in to the riots website to receive rewards.
: Actually, I checked... it is already enabled. But it still does not want to show my border...
Actually, they changed it to show your current rank border. Better get grinding! If you're below honor level 2 it will also not display in normals.
: Ranked border doesn't show in normals
You might need to enable it, it's located in the place where you would change your pfp. Click "Show Past Rank Banner".
tyralie (EUW)
: as if her early was good you can farm her from 1 to 11 now she will be even more behind everyone... better nerf sylas rengar and other op champ
Sylas and rengar are perfectly fine champions, rengar can be easily destroyed by a smart jungler and sylas really has his power from the ults he gets and from healing. People complaining about sylas are also the ones complaining about Neeko, while I found all Neeko players to be completely weak against anything I pick for mid that has atleast 1 dash.
: Wait, are people really complaining about kayle? What the... Lets see: 1. Weakest champion early game (easy to zone from minions, destroyed by 90% champions) 2. One of the easiest champion to gank and camp 3. Ult cd is like it's a global ult 4. Really strong late game Now, compare her to vayne, jax, fiora or some other hyper carries who can also do everything kayle can but better. The only adventage kayle has is that she can still be usefull for her team even when far behind.
She falls into the category with all those champions, this isn't a joke. If you think she is not a hypercarry that all has to do is hit a certain level to become powerful then idk what is.
Smerk (EUW)
: Those changed were added to PBE few days ago: > Kayle > > AD per level lowered from 3 to 2.5 > Attack speed per level lowered from 2 to 1.5 > Celestial Blessing (W) Bonus movement speed from AP lowered from [10% per 100 AP] to [8% per 100 AP] Nerfs clearly meant to hit her late game
Rioter Comments
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings SectionedOne, Are you completed with your entry and.... can I change the headline for you?
: Do the characters have to be in the game or can they be side characters from the lore?
In-game lore characters, pretty sure " Submissions must include at least two League of Legends champions OR one League of Legends champion with a companion "
: Does it have to be a written story? Could it be a song instead?
A 1k word song, now thats a challenge.
WarlockBN (EUNE)
: O M G you don't understand my point ... giving tips that help in the game .. .is better than usalss shit like that or shothing abut the lore of lol champs .. who care abut hte lore in the game . when you q for a rank game you are thinking in a way to win ,, nnot who is vi's gf is
Now someone has been keeping in touch with what it says, so who is VI's GF?
Rioter Comments
: From the first day of Sylas release i knew it will be the same story like ekko. He gonna be tank for next 3 months.
Didn't play him tank, but his standard AP setup feels pretty balanced from my perspective.
Chtholly (EUNE)
: Problem with chat
Something similar occured a couple of days ago, it was apparently fixed. Could be just a one off bug, try restarting the client.
belugawhite (EUNE)
: Never One Contest Entry: "Three to Tango"
And then they all had a threesome by having a good ol' giddy me with the hand.
Irarius (EUW)
: When kayn and Gankplank do the Fusion Dance
LMAO, Is it just a visual bug? Because WW killed him at the end.
RatatOri (EUW)
: Looking for supp plat+ for team
I'm Bronze 1 jungler, that's the same. Right?
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