: I can tell that I might be sharing an unpopular opinion here, but I don't think allowing people to permanently disable team chat is a healthy idea. Social interactions are an essential part of any multiplayer game, people understandably mute negative things to not get dragged down. So when you mute everyone from the start, you automatically assume that all you're going to read is negative, and completely shut yourself off from the possibility to even see a positive interaction. Saying that you need to mute all is quite an exaggeration, games where everyone is displaying toxicity are very rare. I'd rather mute a hundred negative players myself than to miss out on a positive one.
Social interactions are not an essential part of the game, that is where you are wrong. I can play many multipler player team games such Rocket League, CS:GO, World of Tanks and many others without ever seeing another player type or talk. League should be no different. Pings enable teams to communicate without ever needing to type therefore you should not need to see chat if you choose to not want to see it. You can already turn off All chat so why not give players the option to turn off Team chat.
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