: season 10 is full of trolls nice game
ture! 10 years nothing change soloQ. I have over 10000 players on my blacklist i guess. every games have 2 or 3 need report.
: Final thoughts and a goodbye.
After so many years, this game is exactly the same as dunkey said.
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: exactly
so why this game have a lot champions that cant game carry? need delete? so ppl who play tank champion dont deservet to get diamond? why cant be teammate prob? always my fault? i know i play not good, but i try to not die much no throw no got caught no feed. thats wrong? The truth is if i cant destroy thire lane i cant even talk about win. even i destory thier lane still have 50% to lose. i just saw my team throw when we have Advantage, ff surr when we Disadvantage, they just dont want win. so why i should tryhard to win? but im sure if i troll game i will get banned instant after game. really unfair match.
: Winning = yeah im such a good player Loosing = All enemys smurf screw Riot all their fault
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: they aren't smurfs your team mates are just griefing
yes they are. they just lvl 30-70 even gold play with diamond. thats not smurf?
: you just suck
ye maybe i just suck, because i cant carry my team, but enemy team can. so i deservet to demoted, i deservt to lose.
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: Nice things to say to (toxic) players?
ur live in dream. when my team die 2 times and without jungle help they just int ff15. thats the truth. no matter what u say, they just start flame jungle.
: So you win and after you don't. Strange thing you encounter....
i mean why ppl dodge and decline? no matter i win or lose. that make me feel so bad, tilt me. just feel like u gonna lose next game
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: Trollers in ranked
ye,and I have been wondering why they are still in this elo? they r deservet to bronze
: have fun in diamond, im happy im already out of there. Terrible diamond 5 experiences. Plat players 1 and 2 are much better than diamond playuers though.
: You could have learned that by watching one random high-elo streamer. Even only once.
: Yuumi is unbalanced,
and panth.. his E broken this game
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: This game is bad
same here.. fail 2 times promo rightnow
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: I get it all the time, I've had to pick my top lane champion 1st everytime which leaves me wide open to getting countered. On top of that I also get camped by the enemy jungler. Players from the bottom lane start to flame like they know it all. After the early game I was trying to keep up with the rest of the rift so I had to farm, I get "Report Cho'" in the chat... it's funny because it was a ranked game too. They wanted me in the team fight but the thing is I'm already weak and feel a little nervous playing near people who like to report for no reason. You could say I lost them the game... but did I? I spent money on a skin with this account, I don't want to loose it, my account is more important than 1 ranked game. I would say people who try to bully over chat just ruin the game in so many ways, glad I managed to bully back without loosing my cool.{{champion:31}}
there is another game. we can end the game. their only J4 left def. we r 3 with 500AP NEKKO. i said ignore this J4 just end. but nekko just fight J4 she said " he can kill me"??????? WTF !!!! with 500AP just 1 hit crystal will be half HP and easy win but she fear to die???? befor she die she can also hit like 3 hits and enemy resurrection destory us. we lose. so sad OMG. i dont know what i can say. just tilt
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: So it's riot's fault if you got a bad game and probably your team played badly? I personally had tons of games where our nexus literally got to 10 hp and still won. It's just about trying, doing your best, see what kinda of teamfight combo your team can pull off and have a good decision making.
but in late game They don’t fight, just push with superminions. we need def 6 superminions+baronbuff+5 enemy champions without any turret and ihib (in late game turret ihib = useless) there is no hope to win, even we 100% sure we can win teamfight. RIOT MUST NERF SUPERMINIONS. superminons = champions with 4000?HP! idk what riot think, JUST NO FK WAY TO WIN!
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: Nothing happened. Yes, recently you lost a few games, but your overall winratio is still 49%, which is perfectly normal. Nothing unusual here.
lol drop from plat2, now plat 5, gold 2 mmr is normal?
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: I'm tired of this game
now i play 1 patch 1 or 3games. if this patch still nothing change, i will play another game. i played time same as u, and i feel u. my all games same like u said.
ChocoParis (EUNE)
: Its not about playing the game because you feel you need it. Or because it became such a huge part of your life so you feel that you are betraying yourself. Its about enjoy everyone finds it in a different way in LoL. For me competitivness of the game and the changes are what makes me always up for a game (tbh not always but most of the time :) ). Taking breaks is not a bad thing you can take as much as you need. If you are scared that you won't be able to get the game at the same level don't worry for this, everything is repeating. Even if it looks different with some reworks or a different Meta, its all the same. Some good news for you, next patch we will have some nerfs to the damage especially to the assasins so the game will probably starts feel such as before.
maybe i should waiting for next patch but i saw test server buff tank champions. like maokai E? Too perfunctory!who play maokai with lvl5 E at start?
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why does noone give a shit in games?
its me!!!! i am people that u talk.
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Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: Reports = reports?
kayn, khazix, noc, xinzhao, eve, shaco, wukong, jax, taliyah, kindred. lee sin is special.
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arialo2002 (EUNE)
: AFK problems
The same thing happens in plat. make me really tilt. becos i am sure we can win this game. but teammate afk. special in my promo.
user2426 (EUW)
: Hi, I'm troll


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