IronMan1989 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Senpai Kat,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=485vGIGB,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2016-07-04T16:15:00.394+0000) > > 1 offence in a reasonable amount of time isnt ban, letalone permaban I sincerely hope it's not his only one. People who behave in such ways tend to be repetitive offenders. Time will tell. Thank you for your time.
no way to know if he had a bad day, theres a chance he got fired or something. he may be a respectful player. but yh if theyre a horrible player then he will get what he/she deserves due to repetition.
: YES thank you Senpai Kate WE HAVE A WINNER!!!
i have sent you a friend request on my smurf:)
: > [{quoted}](name=Senpai Kat,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=K7yRyTOo,comment-id=002800000002,timestamp=2016-07-04T16:49:49.159+0000) > > its kat, not kate btw :P you are lucky >.> but congratulations :)
Cabaras (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=H1dd3nNinja,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=K7yRyTOo,comment-id=00270000,timestamp=2016-07-04T16:38:56.146+0000) > > This man is close! Dude, how can we know who are u typing this to?
he replied to that particular comment..
: Solve the riddle, win a mystery skin!
VK500 (EUNE)
: Goddamnit Rito
dont u think theyre already doing it? useless post
IronMan1989 (EUNE)
: Is this person worthy of a ban ? (temporary or perma)
1 offence in a reasonable amount of time isnt ban, letalone permaban
: Ranked feels wrong to play currently
its only a few sub-divisions..
: fake BOTS ruining every TT game
they build shit items too
: fake BOTS ruining every TT game
yh, under level 30: all the dominion and twisted treeline was just bots and maybe 1 other human
: Varus is a Q spam bot. Riot made him this way. He used to be good as a Kog'maw-ish type of champion, as his strongest spell on release was his E. He was the best immobile kiting adc and all trades revolved around getting at least 2 stacks and proccing it with the nearly unavoidable E. Riot didnt like it. So they removed quite some damage from E and moved it to Q. Thus, Varus is a caster from there.
how does this answer the question
: Varus Needs a New Passive
diana is melee and also has lower base attack speed
Evanitis (EUNE)
: Why LeaverBuster blocks chat (and everything else)?
to make you not want to queue/play with the punished player, which makes everyone leave that player to queue and play on their own, which makes it more of a punishment for the person with leaverbuster.
: You should be able to connect your smurf account with main account and you can play champions on smurf account based on mastery level from main account. I really don't like smurfs, but overall if system that blocks champ unless you get certain level on it would be introduced, then connecting smurfs acc to main would be a solution.
connecting them would also not shitstomp low levels, as they would be put with the same skill players as their main
Eveninn (EUW)
: I don't want to ever play ADC again...
So u got ganked that many times and that silly support couldnt put down 1 ward? if they put enough wards and in the right places they wouldnt have to worry about everyone ganking them every 30 seconds. they knew ur lane sucked at warding and took advantage of it. u never learnt ur lessons tho after many ganks
: Just saying, its possible. You cant deny that.
its been 2 months and she didnt learn the drums.
Unrealizer (EUNE)
: I just wanna kill myself now...I literaly ended opening it after using it and i kept playing...but now as i have wasted 100s of euros on this game and 3 years of playing for fun and listening to your warning i get banned while I even defended a good friend for him getting the ban too...I seriously am so mad i just want to cry...and kill myself like come on...i wasted alot of time and money on this game and i dont want to die and feel empty after getting better slowly and having fun Do you think i would be dumb to waste 100s of euros on a game and cheat with a warning before i play for fun with friends come the hell on ; The friend who i defended got unbanned but not me....this type of stuff while i do nothing wrong makes me feel like shit and i just want to kill myself for wasting alot of money then getting banned for listening?
u want to commit because u got temporarily banned on a game lol
: My account got banned January 26th. cause of mkjogo i used it like under being aware that it was allowed. and i even made a ticket about it will i get unbanned or what? :(
if u didnt get a warning
: Customskins or anything else which doesn't give u an advantage in any way is alright with Riot and it actually was like this for years. MKJogo in the other hand gave u an advantage of a better overview & stuff.
they removed this actually
Eambo (EUW)
: MKJogo/MKLol Suspensions
what is wrong with mkjojo?? all it is is replays? they removed everything else
: Even HotS says you have to level a champion to 5 before using him, why is LoL the only game that is not evolving in this way?
: Block new champions from ranked gameplay for 2 weeks at least
why 2 weeks? in 2 weeks someone couldve not played a champ atall and know nothing, and someone couldve played 50 games with that champ. make it require them to play a game with that champ atleast once. in order to use them in ranked.
: yea i main supp andonly time i farm is when my adc is at base n only kill a minion to heal my adc or weaken it for them for farm faster
u should never farm when ur adc is at base/walking to lane. firstly, by the time they get to lane, they can take the remaining farm, 2. you will push lane, which is worse coz ur alone so ur even more gankable, 3. due to pushing, u will push to the tower and the tower will kill all ur minions instead of u leave the wave in the lane so ur adc can kill them. if u use relic to heal ur adc then u rnt taking the farm, as it counts as a farm to them:). u shouldnt weaken/make them farm faster! they dont want to push as fast as possible. tower will take minions and u will get ganked, or u cant get to safety at tower if u fight.
: I was a Darius main before 5.16 and I've got a message for you riot.
if u think this is the best freelo since 2012, u clearly didnt see release zyra
: nah dude just keep trying you'll get the hang of it{{champion:89}} we all sucked at one point the more u play the better u become n mundo not a gd supp lol
especially when he steals all the farm and has more than u
: Such a 'noob'
why does ur support have more assists and farm than you? thats their fault not urs. ur farm is bad but u have a reason (ur support stealing it, with evidence in the score) also, u seem like a pretty good person and have good knowledge for a new player. but i dont see the point in this post. btw as trist u shouldnt be getting caught due to ur w being an easy escape. and stand behind minions to avoid roots. if they come near u just w away then play safe till its up again. she is a lategame hypercarry with weak laning/earlygame. so u need to farm. and staying in al depends on ur level. if ur lvl 10 then u should defo be in pvp. 1stly its one game. everyone has bad games. secondly, it takes several pvp games, ur not gonna carry on ur first. edit: saw ur match history and saw tht u have tried normals 10 times, but still done quite badly each time, and ur botgames were also pretty weak, but you have started spamming al games and have recently been doing very well, which means u should start normals now. no stress! glhf. trust me, it takes time, and u also will eventually get seperated from smurfs as u play more normals. edit 2: if the website is correct, u are level 30 but still only playing al. if so, you rly need to start playing normals. its much funner and u will get used to playing vs humans and improve. you cant develop if ur still on al and therefore wont improve. ur vs other lvl 30's who have played way more normals and therefore are better. which is why they r beating you.
: You a mod?
wtf do u think?
Larry (EUNE)
: the game is out for more than 5 years, believe me there is a large portion of riot's customers who have unlocked this
not everyone has played for 7 years.
Kítty (EUNE)
: Unused IP
riot should have a weekend once a year or something, where u can give ur ip to riot and they convert it to money for charity. (of course itd have to be a small amount of money for lots of ip, due to it being free and due to the huge amounts they would get from many accounts.)
: We dont know that. Her lore is still the same. Who knows, maybe Sona learned to play drums yesterday and the lore needs an update.
erm you keep telling urself that
: Can we add some report button in champ select or the client?
add him and u can send screenshot to riot support
: They just reverted the 6.7 patch notes of his nerf. #ggriot
they dont revert patch notes lol. they reverted some changes that were on pbe.
Deaths call (EUNE)
: Graves needs a nerf
zed is broken. graves too.
Swittz (EUW)
: what? you wouldn't date fizz ? or rengo? or brolaf? or teemo? how can you say that? what about yi ? comeon bet you'd love a highlander ;)
no.. i wouldnt date a 2 foot fish, or rengo, or a tiny rat. and i didnt say no to olaf either.
: That doesnt mean she doesnt make sounds at all. For all we know, she likes to play drums. Thats why I said 'a bit silent'
no, she doesnt play drums. she plays her ethwahl/harp. and she plays it alot.
Ziovi (EUW)
: You wouldn't date brand? But he is so HOT!
: Riot on drugs again
they buffed gp -.-
: Petition to ban minions from LoL
LightTrack (EUNE)
: Apart from the Yordles you are wrong. Quinn's Default and Woad Scout outfits show extreme cleavage. Leona...what? She has a Pool Party skin ffs. Diana, yea i doubt it with that armor that shows so much cleavage. Annie is underaged. Soraka is hot as hell. Kayle is described as an Angel. What else do you need? She also has skins with massive bewbs. Rek'Sai is a monster not a human. Lamb's curves and booty. I already said that Illaoi would be the next not-sexualized female. To give you a better perspective look at the 2015 Ranked Season loading screen. Dat ass. And all of her skins show cleavage and massive boobs. Lissandra's Bloodstone skin. Jinx has a nice booty though and a lot of revealing clothing. Sejuani has skins with a lot of revealing clothing. She is also considered a princess in her Tribe. Fiora...are you kidding me? Nami has also nice bewbs but is mostly considered a bj chick due to her tail. Akali...her splash art even shows her thighs and almost all of her skins show her body off somehow. Anivia is a bird. Many more? Who's next, Ahri?
SantaHunter (EUNE)
: Am I the only one who thinks Preaseason 6 ruined this game?
its preseason. they always change the game alot. deal with it crybaby. oh boo hoo u dont know which masteries to use because theyre new.
LightTrack (EUNE)
: She is the first champion that isn't sexualized in any way so i'd keep it that way. Illaoi will be next though.
riven wasnt sexualised. skins have nothing to do with their character. also u must be retarded to think she is the first non sexualised champ. cough* quinn,leona,diana,annie,soraka,poppy,kayle,tristana,lulu,reksai,kindred,illaoi,vi,lissandra,flat jinx,sejuani,fiora,nami,akali,anivia and many more.
: yeah .. really in this preseason i fell from gold 4 to silver 3 in 3 days because of all this new unfair dmg from the adcs and the faster games and faster push ... i really dont like this new update .. even if i am main adc {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Staffbane (EUW)
: Tahm is still pretty squishy despite being a tank all you have to do is spam spells at him stay your distance wait for his health regen to go away then spam again then he'll be half health and useless in a teamfight aim for the adc afterwards and he'll be dumb running at you trying to slow you watch jungler get 2 kills gg. Tahm's offense is also his own weakness not many people realize this.
it hurts my eyes when ppl dont use commas
Minstrel (EUNE)
: Veigar support actually works though. It might not be ideal, but it certainly works. It isn't troll picking by any chance.
im not a picky person. i would accept 90% of supports. veig however? all he has is damage. but without farm from q, combined with building support not full ap, he wont do damage therefore he is nothing.
: removing mana pots?
they r buffing mana/mana regen on champs who will be hurt from this change. so basically every mage/support yi wont have mana sustain buffs however. as he is played jungle mostly and doesn't have mana problems while doing so.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: {{item:3303}} and 4 mana pots is how I start Nami support. I always make the enemy support run out of mana first and then wreck them. This will be very unpleasant.
they r buffing mana/mana regen on champs who will be hurt from this change. so basically every mage/support
Dephazz (EUW)
: {{champion:432}} "ummvhhh" {{champion:421}} "crokkkk" {{champion:26}} "Right on time!" {{champion:44}} "Gemmed vigorously." {{champion:114}} "What? No more poking?" {{champion:92}} "Not again." {{champion:122}} "This never stops being funny."
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
"ashes, ashes, they all fall down." annie vs ashe in one for all
Bombardox (EUW)
twitch cant steal casses line.. and teemo can laugh anyway
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