: alright so... let me give my opinion too after 100+ games of nexus blitz (prolly around 120)... Death Timers: they are supposed to be high at that time, since this is suppsoed to be a ~15 minutes game. So this will help games to end, otherwise people would keep fighting others at their base instead of ending (already happens if you are smashing the other team) Rewards: Blessing of Janna - i'd rather have the decay instead of the scale with time... the reason is simple... the big death timers lategame, with the shield scaling... can you see the problem? people will kill you super fast, and end the game without any chances of fighting back. having it decay, it will give a window of oportunity for the winners to push, but they wont stay "invincible" until the game ends. Cursed Minions: It can be a disadvantage for the winning team, because it will make you not be able to farm, since minions die with a single hit of your own minions... while its good to push turrets, it makes you lose overall gold, while the enemy team will have their own minions to farm. Map Layout: Free Spaces: Sure it has some free spaces but... what do you suggest to add there? if they move turrets back, they will stand on top of each other... while it might feel awkward i cant see a good solution to add here... besides i heard this map is provisional, so the real nexus blitz will have its own map... so probably this problem will be fixed at the time? Lets hope... Jungle: Not many people like jungling in this mode, and i even had people "refusing" to jungle even when they got smite... which is a problem. But about what you said with the patience... it could be "abusable" by having the laners come and help (specially blue buff), and have the laners switch aggro... this way the buff would never run out of patience, unless pulled outside of its area. Bot Lane: the only reason to go there is to push a turret... or "leech" a bit of exp+gold from the laner... besides that is the "top lane island" from SR... Selection Mode: This is the part where i disagree the most with you. While bans will remove some of the champions others might play... there are some real unfun and unfair to play against champions on this mode... just to give a small example... a good poppy will single handedly win a battle royal mode by ulting 2+ players outside and make them die to the fire. Or a brand will use his ult on king of the hill when your team is all inside the ring... Allowing players to ban so said champion because they might find them annoying to play against would be a positive thing (and way less yasuo's... hasakis every game). Everything else i agree with you... good work making this...
I really appreciate your comment, so let me comment on your points. Death Timers: Youre totally right about this and if every player would respawn for a last showdown on sudden death this wouldnt be a problem. But like I pointed out, when you fail to finish the enemy nexus at 17:50 and your team dies with a 60 second cooldown its just frustrating to watch your own lose. Rewards: Blessing of Janna: Just making possible suggestions here, Im with you with a decay. Cursed Minions: Didnt think about this yet and didnt feel it either (I guess because Im a jungler and there are still gold numbers over a minion when they die, theyre just lower) Map Layout: Free Spaces: Just something I wanted to point out. Maybe something to get used to. Only way to fix it probably by changing the layout of the wall between the two lanes or by completely adjusting the course of botlane. Jungle: Couldnt experience people that dont want to go jungle since 1 slot was almost always filled be me and in half of my games the second jungler was a mate. Smite shouldnt be locked though, fine with preselection but you can still get filled in this mode and it would be great to pick something else (on the other hand it might be because rito doesnt want cheesy 5 smite strats here). And because of possible abused I specified on the "teammates with smite". Bot Lane: Nothing to add. Selection Mode: I problably forgot to mention that ~1/3 of my games where Poppy games because her ult in Bardle Royale couldnt be funnier. I also highly appreciate less Yasuo's I couldnt be the taking the decision on selection mode though, I really get both sides.
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