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: Back to S2 again...
: how to hit high elo for real (warning i will properly offend you)
I definitely agree that people should stop playing champions which are far beyond their capability in their ELO they are at because they are negatively affecting their allies chances of winning the game. The other point I wanted to mention was on-hit isn't the only way to play {{champion:11}} since you can build {{item:1412}} or skip the jungle item and get {{item:3031}} faster.
: If you type 'gg ez' in Overwatch the game trolls you for being an ass. League should do the same
: Riot is corruption HQ.
Retaliation is never ok, just mute, report him and send support ticket and Riot will deal with it.
: Female Champions classified by trope
{{champion:103}} is my gorgeous waifu, I don't get why people hate her :3
: I, on the other hand, love exhaust on Yi. I have tried both ghost and flash on Yi (not that many games with ghost though), and for me, exhaust fits a alot better. One of the major reasons behind exhaust is the dueling capabilities it offers. For example, there have been a few Lee Sins who've tried to invade me at level 4, but ended up dying due to the exhaust: it lowers their damage and increases mine. The only time I have regretted not having flash is when, for example, Lucian uses his dash to get over a wall and I follow him with my alpha, but then he flashes back to the other side of the wall.
That is fine but just be aware that {{summoner:4}} gives more room for error and mistiming if it happens, with Exhaust you need to use your Q absolutely perfectly every time.
: I was sarcastic. This guy clearly wasn't aware of what he's doing. :D He has masteries missing and look at his runes, I think he's using Tier 1. And that was a Silver/Gold game.
I know, I just thought I would give you the reasoning behind why the build order is poor. {{item:3074}} scales with total Life Steal so even then {{item:3072}} would be a much better first Life Steal item. Typically in a crit Master Yi build you get {{item:3072}} and {{item:3139}} since the shield gives nice protection vs burst and helps when fighting Dragon and Baron and Mercurial Scimitar is self explanatory, you can remove any CC that is preventing you from dunking. Those two items combined gives you 30% Life Steal which is enough to negate {{item:3075}} reflect damage providing you get a {{item:3036}} too. The only occasion I would advise {{item:3074}} is where the enemy team is full squishy so that you can blow them up since they have a low health pool.
: According to the Yi in this game 18/7/0 masteries is pretty dank and you deffinitely need a Shiv and a Ravenous hydra and don't bother finishing the jungle item.
Tbh it would make more sense to get {{item:3031}} sooner before {{item:3074}} as there is very little crit chance to make good use of the {{item:3087}} passive.
Jaskko (EUW)
: Full AD with max Attack speed (2.50) + crit + Life steal just dominates! (Easy solo baron too ;) ). Here's the build i take : {{item:3153}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3046}} You can replace the statik shiv and/or phantom dancer with more AD items or defensive ones.
That build looks pretty interesting but I definitely think that it isn't worth getting crit at all with the low level of AD you are getting from the build, only +25 AD from both {{item:3153}} and {{item:3078}} each making the only raw AD item {{item:3072}}. Tanky/psuedo-tanky items such as {{item:3742}}, {{item:3156}}, {{item:3139}}, {{item:3071}} or {{item:3026}} would much better fill those slots. If you want a good crit build either go {{item:1412}} or skip the jungle item and follow the build order I mentioned above to one of the other people in this thread.
: Well the nice thing about Yi is you can build a lot of things on him, depending on the situation. {{item:3139}} against Teams with lot of CC. {{item:3036}} Tank Heavy Teams. {{item:3022}} If they run away to fast. {{item:3091}} /{{item:3156}} for this extra Magic Defense or {{item:3053}} {{item:3026}} is also quite nice. {{item:3031}} to synergize with your Crit Item of Choice. Maybe even {{item:3124}} or {{item:3146}} But these are less optimal and i´d only recommend them with a heavy lead so you can experiment a bit.
Most of those are good but some are completely unnecessary or ineffective, for instance why does {{champion:11}} need {{item:3022}} when he already moves fast enough with R and has {{summoner:4}} for that. Other items that are ineffective are {{item:3091}}, that item doesn't increase the E true damage amount directly since it doesn't give AD and the magic damage on-hit will be negligible if the enemy is smart enough to build some MR vs you. Sterak's Gage used to be good back when Sated Devourer Yi was around but now {{champion:11}} is forced to build squishier and the E no longer scales with total AD but bonus AD instead the base AD increase contributes absolutely nothing either to the E damage. Even with a heavy advantage it isn't worth building either {{item:3124}} and {{item:3146}}, {{item:3124}} got gutted as it takes far too long to stack up in fights where you need damage upfront making this ramp up system not ideal to have plus the cost was raised gigantically from 2800g to 3600g which means it is almost as much as an Infinity Edge and {{item:3146}} would be mostly healing off the physical damage dealt and the true damage for only the 5 seconds it is active for meaning that you aren't getting full value out of the item since it can spell vamp off of magic damage too. {{item:3146}} was designed for champions like Jax not Yi. As for the rest of the items I totally agree with you.
Perilum (EUW)
: {{item:1419}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3153}}
{{item:3009}} on a champion that is already immune to slows during ult, just a no-no. {{item:3111}} are more versatile and aren't useless for {{champion:11}} like the {{item:3009}} are, if you are vs full AD then I recommend {{item:3047}}. Also to mention {{item:3006} is completely gold inefficient as explained by the one and only InvertedComposer on here: However those other two items look perfectly fine to me ^^
Just Cat (EUW)
: {{item:1419}} , {{item:1001}} ( of your choice) {{item:3748}} or {{item:3074}} , {{item:3124}} {{item:3153}} or {{item:3139}} , and at last {{item:3026}}
Most of those items work fine with an on-hit build but even though {{item:3124}} is an on-hit item it has got absolutely destroyed by the nerf it got a while ago, it is far too expensive and takes too long to stack up that by the time you got those 6 stacks on them you probably would of killed them with any other item just as well or you would have died because it took too long to get that power spike. Instead I advise either {{item:3142}},{{item:3071}} or {{item:3036}} so that you can through the tanks better since most of {{champion:11}}'s damage is physical still (on average 77.5% physical damage, 1.5% magic damage and 20.5% true damage) [Source:].
fkingdon (EUW)
: Mine's quite a bit different to everyone else but meh. I usually start {{item:1041}} {{item:2031}} skill order q,w,e max q,e,w My first item {{item:3715}} Then, this is where it gets different you go straight into pd {{item:3046}} ,i get for more attack speed aswell {{item:3006}} {{item:3031}} I usually go crit early on instead of finishing your jungle item because yi is better at bursting most people early game with crits instead of percent health dmg. {{item:3087}} static is the next option for more attack speed and crit. {{item:3072}} bt for sustain Then finish off with {{item:1419}}. I would try it out, you can switch out bt for bork if they have a few tanks. If they have no straight up cc like malz or ww you should be one shooting squishes all day. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
First of all your starting items are fine but I don't quite agree with the skill order, taking W level 2 is completely unnecessary unless you do a full clear which is slower making it inadvisable to do. Best two routes imo are either the "Cowsep/Valkrin" clear which involves clearing all the 4 camps leaving behind red/blue depending on what side of the map you started and then fully clear after since you got the Tooth passive giving you enough sustain to fully clear the second time round and you will be level 6 by 6 minutes. Most experienced {{champion:11}} players such as myself will have the first 4 levels skill order as Q -> E -> Q -> W, the 2 points into Q will 1 shot the 3 mini raptors meaning you can focus purely on the larger raptor, this speeds up the clear tremendously. Secondly with the build order, Attack Speed means nothing without AD, it is better to get {{item:1038}} and {{item:1037}} then flat out rush {{item:3046}}, taking {{item:3086}} third as a multiplier of the AD previously bought works so much better. {{item:3087}} is nice to have but getting a {{item:3072}} third instead of the {{item:3087}} makes you sustain much better meaning more health to perform ganks and better chances of winning those 1v1s. Lastly {{item:1419}} has no synergy with a crit build, it was intended for an on-hit build in mind and so you shouldn't mix them together. Instead I strongly recommend getting {{item:3036}} for last item since the Armour cutting down the crit damage is more of a threat to you than a {{item:1419}} dealing small % hp damage to them which is also reduced by Armour too.
: Crit build is the most optimal currently. RED SMITE ->{{item:3086}} ->{{item:3031}} ->{{item:3046}}-> {{item:3006}}->{{item:3140}} ->{{item:3087}} ->{{item:3139}} Sell RED SMITE or UPGRADE. Last item is optional and usually some form of defense or sustai{{item:3053}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3026}} {{item:1419}} I think {{item:3087}} can also be swapped for {{item:3142}} . As you can see you skip your jungle item on this build and go straight for crit chance. I suggest you take {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:11}} as well in pretty much all situations regardless of what kind of team you're facing. Some people take {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:11}} but it's just silly really, sometimes you're desperate for that reset and really need to make up the ground that flash gives you, exhaust isn't terrible but flash is just a better option. When you have IE and PD you can 1v1 anyone anyway.
Crit is optimal but that build order is so bad it makes me cringe, it is totally useless to get Zeal away after {{item:3715}}, you lack damage making the crit totally useless. Instead get {{item:1038}} in that place and then {{item:1037}} leaving {{item:3086}} till third, this way you are bursty and have reliable damage. Personally I prefer {{item:3706}} than {{item:3715}} for the crit build I use I leave it at tier 1 boots and focus on getting the main items first and I sell Boots of Speed off in the end eventually. Personally I think {{item:3036}} is the absolute perfect last item for {{champion:11}} except for when they lack tanks but in most games you will face a tank and without it you deal wet noodle damage. I totally agree though with your explanation on {{summoner:3}} over {{summoner:4}}, likewise same can be said for people who take {{summoner:6}} over {{summoner:4}}. The effectiveness of {{summoner:6}} is drastically reduced by movement speed slows and hard CC whereas Flash is instant making it much more difficult for the enemy to play against.
HogLover18 (EUNE)
: {{item:3157}} protect you from cc {{item:3009}} so youll be faster while ulting! {{item:1402}} cus your q now do magic tricks {{item:3135}} since your q does magic tricks you need to make him penetrate the magic racism of your racist enemys {{item:2010}} cockies are alwase good {{item:3089}} if its winter put a hat {{item:3089}} if its summer you need to put a hat too {{item:1041}} your sword sucks compair to this one its japanese!!!!! {{item:3211}} you will look awesome with that on you!! {{summoner:12}} you want to teleport its very cool and swag escape tool {{summoner:1}} you hate cc remember gl hf may the skill be with you my friend master yi!
Ahahahaha, nice troll posting on a serious thread xD
: My most common builds: Against really tanky enemies (or bruisers while behind): {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:3}} {{champion:11}} {{item:1419}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3742}} Against squishies or bruisers (when doing well): {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:3}} {{champion:11}} {{item:1419}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3139}} The later part of the build usually varies quite a bit, but I think these are the most common ones I use.
Not bad but personally I am not a fan of Exhaust as I explained to the person above.
: Usually I get this build, its very strong. {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:3}} {{champion:11}} {{item:1419}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3742}} Works very good!
Not far off the standard but I want to mention a few things. Firstly Exhaust doesn't allow for as much play potential as {{summoner:4}}. If you mistime your Q then you can't chase the enemy over the wall meanwhile if you took {{summoner:4}} you could of continued the chance, Exhaust is only good for the 1v1s but come to teamfights the {{summoner:4}} may have been the difference between say a quadra kill and a penta kill, the distance it covers is very helpful plus you can also Flash behind skillshot ults such as a {{champion:99}} R. Secondly {{item:3053}} no longer {{champion:11}}'s E since it scales with bonus AD and not total and the base AD increase doesn't count as bonus AD since the item doesn't give AD passively.
: How to build Yi nowadays?
Hello there, I am {{champion:11}} main with currently 1.11 million mastery points. There are two main ways of building Master Yi atm: 1. On-hit 2. Crit On-hit is more Attack Speed focused relying on mostly anti-tanking the enemy tank, crit on the other hand is more AD focused. An on-hit builds involves {{item:1419}} and as for crit there are two ways of doing it, {{item:1412}} or skip tier 2 jungle item and rush {{item:1038}}. Personally I prefer skipping the jungle item and so I listed how to do it that way. Example builds (in build order): On-hit - {{item:1419}}, {{item:3006}} or {{item:3111}} or {{item:3047}}, {{item:3153}}, {{item:3742}}, {{item:3156}}, {{item:3071}} or {{item:3026}} Crit - {{item:3031}}, {{item:3046}}, {{item:3072}}, {{item:3087}}, {{item:3139}}, {{item:3036}} (this build is commonly known as the "Silencee build"). * For crit build start with {{item:1041}} + {{item:2031}} and invade the enemy at their red buff. If you succeed you can get {{item:1001}} as well as {{item:3706}}, you want {{item:3706}} for the slow since you will be ganking early and not be upgrading boots any further, they will just be basic Boots of Speed. Next get {{item:1038}} and {{item:1037}} but DON'T upgrade to {{item:3031}} just because you got 1425g, instead get a {{item:3086}} and get the {{item:3031}} after since it is gold efficient and more effective built in that order and then ofc {{item:3046}} after {{item:3031}} . Build {{item:3072}} as you normally would but after that get a {{item:3086}}, sell {{item:3706}} and get {{item:3140}}. Lastly sell {{item:1001}} once you have 1100g so you have 1300g for {{item:3035}}. Then you upgrade in the order as shown above. For those of you who are wondering who Silencee is he is a one trick pony {{champion:11}} who plays him almost exclusively with that crit build using 26% Attack Speed and 8.5 AD. He is very toxic but very skilled and almost always makes it in the top 10 {{champion:11}} players. His current account he is using is Silencee DGAF, if you don't believe me check and you will see his super high K/D/A and winrate. Here is the LoLSkill list of the top {{champion:11}} players in the world: Basically you can rely on this build practically all the time. Hopefully all of this information will prove useful ^_^
: Have you tried using {{summoner:3}} instead of {{summoner:12}} ? I have been finding a lot of success with it.
I have used that a few times in the past and it works well vs assassins such as {{champion:55}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} but personally I think that {{summoner:4}} is the very best for {{champion:11}} as you need the quick gap close just in case that you fail the timing of your Q to follow their dash,blink, or Flash or to escape if you are making an ambitious dragon steal and they are 5 you will need that to get over the wall.
zZiBBiZz (EUW)
: ***
My name is supposed to be a kind of joke since everyone calls Korea good and it is to show to the enemy team that I mean business. Don't call others kids when you are the one who is ignoring the real truth about how champions, EVERY champion has skillful mechanics it is just they get overlooked.
zZiBBiZz (EUW)
: ***
You sound very ignorant, getting pentakills is almost impossible without Q, W, E and R. How are you supposed to get to your opponents without R when their ADC can outrun you just by kiting using the attack move technique? If you think you can survive Kha'Zix Q burst without W then good luck because he can nuke you before you can even react, that well timed W could have been the difference between surviving and/or killing or just dying in the 1v1. Thirdly you would be utterly foolish not to use E since it is extra free damage that is true damage, to maximise dps use it in conjunction with the Double Strike passive since it will get another one or two free autos of around 100 - 150 true damage on-hit which adds up. It seems like that you don't understand the difference between **skill floor** and **skill cap**. **Skill floor** is the lowest level of mechanical play requiredl which is where the enemy is likely unranked, below level 30, Bronze or Silver and they don't know how to counterplay and he won't need Q to dodge since they are likely to miss skillshots and run away rather than fighting him when he ults (since they got little chance of escaping him better to take die and deal some damage to make him have less hp for the next fight than run away and let him get free damage to kill you. However if you are to play {{champion:11}} to his maximum potential you need to understand these overlooked mechanics of dodging CC skillshots with Q, negating burst with W which can be also be used as an autoattack reset which helps when trying to maximise damage output from E and also knowing where to position in a teamfight. Every champion has a basic level of play, even {{champion:67}} can be seen as a "noob easy right-click" champion but the truth is far from that, being able to pull off a good condemn against a wall and juking CC with the Q requires good practice. I think that you could learn a lot from watching Cowsep and other high ELO Yi mains like Yuneshin and GojiSunSin which will make you regret what you said.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
MyWabbit (EUW)
: title couldve been "misclicks cost me my pentakill" :(
Would of been a much funnier title xD
: Nice. But you we're so close to a penta . And, keep up the good work!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
zZiBBiZz (EUW)
: WOW THE OUTPLAYS THE FLASHY MOVEMENT I CANT KEEP UP all i see is Master free right click on enemy and basic him to death whats rly annoy me is the fact that u think u did something hard...
Q can dodge so many abilities (plus tower shots) but ONLY when timed right which requires experience from playing many games or watching videos of other people's gameplay to learn how to perform it yourself, also there is the W autoattack reset and damage reduce which can be the difference between life and death in a duel. Whilst he may not be the hardest champion in LoL he is by no means the easiest, he is a medium skill cap champion which is underrated.
fairyyy (EUW)
: Master Yi quadra kill in ranked 5v5 - Crit build
Hello there, going to say congratulations on your quadra kill and I want to give you some feedback broken down into several points to hopefully help you improve since I am a {{champion:11}} main. Teamfighting - Nothing to criticise here just going to point out you played the teamfight well waiting till they blown their major CC which was good. Runes - I just checked on LoLKing your runes ( and whilst they aren't the worst they could be better, you call those runes full Attack Speed but don't understand what "full" means. A full Attack Speed rune page would have Quintessences, Marks, Seals and Glyphs all of Attack Speed granting a total of 41% bonus Attack Speed. If you insist on a crit playstyle then run even more attack speed, either the Silencee runes (all Attack Speed except for marks) granting a total of 26% AS and 8.5 AD or the Yi main standard 35% AS and 9 Armour for safe clear. **Invading** (_optional_) - If you plan to invade run 26% AS and 8.5 AD since that gives super strong of both at early levels, the rules for invading: * On **blue** team start at your red buff instead of Krugs and smite it at 450 hp for restoring lost hp easy health and then go around the back of the enemy blue buff and flank the enemy jungler but make sure to wait till the blue buff camp is around 150 - 200 hp for a quick press Q steal and then kill them. Don't forget to save Flash so that you can follow theirs in-case they try to outplay you ;) * On **red** team start at Gromp, smite it right away and then go through the river past the river bush around the bush behing their red buff and then move to the buff near to red. Next stand there and wait till the camp is around 150 - 200 HP just like last time for a quick press Q steal and the kill them. **Fast level 6 clear - DON'T take Refillable Potion!** (_optional_) - If you don't care about making an early game impact and want level 6 asap then this is the way to do so, the rules are as follows: * On **blue** team start at your Gromp, skip the blue buff since killing this camp will slow your clear time since it takes longer to kill the 2000 HP Blue Senitel that early in the game compared to the Greater Murk Wolf which has 1200 HP and you will lose a lot of health in doing so making a full clear too risky. After killing the wolf camp the next camp you want to go is raptors (informally knows as "birds"), after killing the raptors ward your red buff to make sure that when you recall the camp is still there and if not your laners will be able to react, group and kill the enemy jungler (hopefully). The last camp to take is Krugs giving you an initial clear time of around 2:57 and you will have exactly 650g for Skirmisher's Sabre/Stalker's Blade by around 3:05 speeding up getting your jungle item :) * On **red** team the principle works practically the same only difference is that you start at krugs, skip the red buff, go to raptors, then to wolves and then take Gromp as the last camp. I **NEVER** recommend anyone to do a full clear because this leaves you vulnerable to being invaded at your blue/red buff by an strong early game jungler who excels at counterjungling such as Shaco. Masteries - Your masteries look relatively fine except for taking the point the point in Meditation, Master Yi is only mana hungry initially and won't be in later stages of the game, those 5 points in the Cunning Tree are better spent on the Merciless mastery since a 5% increase in damage will make you crit harder even if it is only slightly it will do more for you than restoring 1.5% missing maximum mana. You aren't a mage who spams spells after all :p Item build - {{item:1416}} doesn't have synergy with crit since the crit damage scales with your raw AD, the two standard build paths I suggest are: * 1 - {{item:1041}} + {{item:2031}} -> {{item:3706}} + {{item:1001}} -> {{item:1038}} -> {{item:1037}} -> {{item:3086}} -> {{item:3031}} -> {{item:3046}} -> {{item:1038}} -> Sell {{item:2031}} for {{item:1053}} -> {{item:3072}} -> Sell {{item:3706}} for {{item:3140}} -> {{item:3035}} -> Sell {{item:1001}} for {{item:3086}} -> {{item:3139}} -> {{item:3087}} -> {{item:3036}} - This is the build used by Silencee who is a one trick pony crit Yi, he is very similar to Tyler1 in that he is toxic and feeds when things don't go his way but his decision making makes him one of the best {{champion:11}} players in the world - (one of his old accounts that got banned for being egregiously toxic) (his latest smurf account). For this build use 26% Attack Speed and 8.5 AD as those are the standard runes for this build and invade as that is the playstyle for this build. Btw {{item:3706}} is used in this build simply because the slow is more beneficial for ganking since you won't be upgrading boots at all if you are building it in his exact way. * 2 - {{item:3715}} + {{item:2031}} -> {{item:3133}} -> {{item:1412}} -> {{item:1001}} -> {{item:3086}} -> {{item:3046}} -> {{item:1038}} -> {{item:1037}} -> {{item:3031}} -> {{item:3006}} / {{item:3047}} / {{item:3111}} -> {{item:1038}}/{{item:3140}} -> Sell {{item:2031}} for {{item:1053}} -> {{item:3072}}/{{item:3139}} -> Sell your choice of boots for {{item:3086}} -> {{item:3087}} -> Sell {{item:1412}} for {{item:3036}} - This build is inspired off of Jetkey who is a member of YIMO (Yi Mains Only) community of which I am part of myself. Since his jungle route is very unique it is better to watch the video that for me to try to explain it. For this build use 35% Attack Speed and 9 Armour as those are the standard runes for this build. This build goes for Skirmisher's Sabre as the idea is to fully upgrade the jungle item and you upgrade boots much sooner meaning the 20% damage reduction is more valuable. Video guide giving more detail of the reason for his build choices: This is a video guide of his jungle route: There is nothing wrong with having {{item:3006}} in early game to mid game but late game when you are full build and have 1.9k gold left over you could stomp even more by replacing it with {{item:3508}} if they lack hard CC for 100% crit otherwise get {{item:3139}}. only get {{item:3139}} if you REALLY need it otherwise get {{item:3508}} because there is that 20l chance where you don't crit and that could of lost you the fight, this **guarantees every single attack will crit** (works on champions but not as well on monsters as it is bugged where it only crits about 50% of the time on monsters even with 100% crit chance). Summoner spells - {{summoner:12}} is fine if you can make it work but the animation makes it very obvious and if they got map awareness they will back off in time before you can make a successful gank. {{summoner:4}} is a lot safer and more useful in most cases because it can be used to save yourself from bad positioning or if you need to gap close over a wall and you mistime Alpha Strike you got a last resort. The other summoner spell some {{champion:11}} mains use is {{summoner:6}} but that is a lot harder to use properly so I still recommend {{summoner:4}} overall. GL and may the force of Wuju be with you {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Back then it wasn't because it had far much more damage and AoE waveclear which made it get the "OP" status.
To be honest most Yi players no longer build that item, the average Yi build is {{item:1419}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3026}} - Source:, the reason is that it simply takes too long to get the damage. Items like BOTRK and Maw have upfront damage that don't need stacking, more suitable for an assassin. Basically Armour is a better counter than it has been in the past even though not a complete solution. This is why HP must be built as well because it means you counter the true damage part as well.
Caltys (EUW)
: My cosplay Instagram
Shall do, hope I like them ^.~
: Like riot made their champs from scrath..they copied them as well....wake up...
They at least some adaptations, this is more like a direct copy.....
efol00 (EUNE)
: There is one huge difference between Yis E and that item. That item costs money, yis E gives it with only cost of cooldown. So you doesn't need to pay for shredding tanks.
Well you should complain more about {{champion:67}}, hers is a passive which means no cooldown whatsoever and since her scales off % max hp tanks get hurt far more, {{champion:11}} is only better vs squishies.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Best Yi KR,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kEnvKxAA,comment-id=00000000000000000000000100010000000000000001,timestamp=2016-06-23T16:38:37.089+0000) > > I see your point but the last one I disagree with. The current {{item:3124}} isn't even that OP because it has a high cost and takes time to get use of the passive, I say it is pretty weak actually. You totally forget the fact that this item is as useless as sated guinsoo mix was back in the day, if you get kited around for days. It's far better item for ranged champions at this moment
Back then it wasn't because it had far much more damage and AoE waveclear which made it get the "OP" status.
efol00 (EUNE)
: I do know that and i think you're right. But if he's supposed to do that, why can he do the same to almost any tank (besides rammus) like he did to an adc. That is my problem here.
My problem is also with how every ADC can take on tanks with just {{item:3036}}. It ain't just Yi, it is the item giving armour penetration allowing them to get shredded.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Best Yi KR,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kEnvKxAA,comment-id=000000000000000000000001000100000000,timestamp=2016-06-18T02:51:46.499+0000) > > Well then ofc you will get caught out, it isn't only {{champion:11}} who could do it so could {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:238}}. Actually they can be kited. Zed: just as ult landed (snare/stun and move) Rengar: mid leap or after leap(snare/stun and move) Kha: mid leap.(snare/stun and move) can only kite him when his ult off. You can stun him but most of the time he dodges it and you have to flash out. Problem is, if yi did take ghost, not even flash ghost spells give any form of counterplay as he just moves faster than you. Yi is only kiteable if he did one of the 2 things wrong: Didn't take ghost so you actually get more move speed than him IF your ghost is not on cooldown. Yi is difficult to itemize against as well, since he deals 3 forms of dps. Same as vayne at her current state. To be honest, it's not true damage that needs removing, it's the rageblade item.
I see your point but the last one I disagree with. The current {{item:3124}} isn't even that OP because it has a high cost and takes time to get use of the passive, I say it is pretty weak actually.
: Champions you hate seeing picked in your team.
1) {{champion:67}} - Always complains about the Support "doing nothing", expects to always win and blames team for if they fail. If they somehow win lane and get fed they give no credit to the teammates who helped them get to that stage in the first place. 2) {{champion:64}} - They think they are Insec and try to make the ward jump play and then either get themselves killed or knocking the enemy away where they can Flash to safety. 3) {{champion:92}} - Asks to surrender just because they lose their lane inconsiderate of the fact if other lanes can carry the game and then ragequit a lot of the time. 4) {{champion:157}} - The people who pick this champion are selfish since they forcing the rest of the team to have to fit around their pick by selecting champions with knockups or are AP. 5) {{champion:238}} - (See the explanation above given for Riven) 6) {{champion:268}} - People who pick this champion think they are Faker or Easyhoon trying to make flashy plays but end up dying over and over again. 7) {{champion:22}} - Typically played by inexperienced ADC players who get poor CS and feed. 8) {{champion:55}} - Most people who play her end up using their E to farm which means when they get ganked they almost certainly die too because they have blown their only escape ability (besides Flash). They also often choose the wrong time to ult which causes the team to lose. 9) {{champion:51}} - Similar reasoning as given for Ashe except that it isn't just the farm and K/D/A being bad but their builds, I have seen so players rushing {{item:3006}} before a {{item:1038}} and they don't realise how badly this affects their ability to farm, harrass and straight up duel. 10) {{champion:17}} - Normally useless except when played by OTPs, blind and stealth is easily countered by the combination of having {{item:3140}} and {{item:2043}}/{{item:3364}}. 11) {{champion:20}} - Very weak kit, ult very easily disruptable, his only CC is slows which makes {{item:3009}} a kind of counter to him. His 1v1 is really bad, if he goes full AP he gets blown up and if he goes full tank he becomes irrelevant the rest of his team is dead. Counterjungling is all he is good for and if the enemy wards their jungle well and laners are willing to help defend he is useless. 12) {{champion:23}} - Tend to feed in early due to overaggresion and lack of warding. 13) {{champion:163}} - Is an inferior pick in all cases because other mages offer more damage and more CC, I would much rather see a {{champion:50}} or {{champion:112}} on my team than this champion. 14) {{champion:429}} - Forces someone to get bound even though you may not want to and then throws you into a fight which may be too risky to take on. 15) {{champion:150}} - Feeds early on due to his squishiness before he builds any tank items.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Best Yi KR,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kEnvKxAA,comment-id=0000000000000000000000010001,timestamp=2016-06-17T18:57:09.439+0000) > > Kite by using range and dashes back, when his R on cooldown all slows affect him. It isn't like it is on no cooldown. Problem here are immobile champions with 0 or 1 hard cc and in soloq, you hardly find a support that stick with you. (hence why I like to last pick, when I'm support)
Well then ofc you will get caught out, it isn't only {{champion:11}} who could do it so could {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:238}}.
efol00 (EUNE)
: I'd like to think kiting as an option, but do you really think unmobile ADC like ashe, jhin or jinx could do that when he has his ult on? i also do know that the cooldown of his W is quite massive but yet again, his ultimates passive reduces that after a kill so it's not that long anymore after that. I also said he is counterable with cc and i'm mostly taking about 1 vs 1 situations than team fights. So in teamfight he is not that strong unless he gets behind the enemy lines to destroy ADC. And when you mentioned that he has trouble in getting Qs CDR reduced because he won't be able to get close. If he used his Q on the enemy, he's already close enough to land basic attacks. You should know this pretty well as an Yi main. Even i know that.
He is designed to take on ADCs, they lack cc and lack escapes but that is why the ADC shouldn't ever be alone in lane when the enemy have a {{champion:11}}, the support should be sitting besides them all the time until they go B so there is at least 1 person to protect the ADC at all times. Not to forget asking the support to ward the river is helpful so that you can back off before it is too late.
efol00 (EUNE)
: Well he did build Bork and the new jungle item. I think he also had Rage blade and Ghost blade so he didn't have that much armor penetration. And i know yi is not that strong and you are forgetting one thing. I'm mostly talking about ONE of yi's abilities. I don't really mind about yi otherwise but If yi is able to deal that much true dmg with one ability (it's more than cho does), it's sad to watch. I did win the game against yi with alistar (thanks to a good team) but still. His E shouldn't be that strong
If you think his E is strong now my goodness heaven forbid you seen Sated Devourer on {{champion:11}}, that was on it's own league.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Best Yi KR,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kEnvKxAA,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-08T12:39:05.126+0000) > > His Q has a 14 second cooldown and if you kite him properly it will be hard for him to reduce the cooldown of Q by autoattacks since he won't be able to get into range, also did you know that his W has a long cooldown of 35 seconds which means any disrupt and then he loses than defensive ability for just over half a minute. Yi can only dodge 1 ability at once in a 1v1 and perhaps {{item:3140}} one other, any more than 2 CCs and he is screwed. Nothing he can do, which is why I suggest you play champions with multiple forms of CC not just 1 and idealy ones with targeted CC so that he cannot dodge it easily. how do you kite a champion immune to slows?
Kite by using range and dashes back, when his R on cooldown all slows affect him. It isn't like it is on no cooldown.
efol00 (EUNE)
: I'd like to burst him down m8. But as i mentioned he has Q to dodge about 85% of all abilities in the game. And his W reduces damage when it's being used. SO if TIbbers wants to see Yi, Yi tells Tibbers to fuck off and jumps to Annie with his Q avoiding Tibbers. And in 2 seconds Tibbers goes full Sion mode because Annie is dead
His Q has a 14 second cooldown and if you kite him properly it will be hard for him to reduce the cooldown of Q by autoattacks since he won't be able to get into range, also did you know that his W has a long cooldown of 35 seconds which means any disrupt and then he loses than defensive ability for just over half a minute. Yi can only dodge 1 ability at once in a 1v1 and perhaps {{item:3140}} one other, any more than 2 CCs and he is screwed. Nothing he can do, which is why I suggest you play champions with multiple forms of CC not just 1 and idealy ones with targeted CC so that he cannot dodge it easily.
efol00 (EUNE)
: I have MAINED Master Yi at some point. I know that. But even if he can't instant burst anything the true dmg still makes it impossible to counter build against him. Do you think that any champion should have that kind of advantage?
His true damage is far worse than {{champion:67}} or {{champion:114}} vs tanks, the only tank right now I have a problem with is {{champion:33}} because of the W damage reflect plus {{item:3075}}, he is specialised at killing squishies but still has significant enough damage to deal damage to tanks. His damage isn't burst unless you build AD plus crit and in which case he attacks far slower even though he hits harder which results in less dps from E but more from Q and autoattack crits. Best champions vs him atm besides {{champion:33}} in my opinion are {{champion:24}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:127}} and if the goes on for hours then of course {{champion:75}} and {{champion:45}} due to their infinitely scaling damage which will outdo {{champion:11}}'s in a game going for an hour or more.
efol00 (EUNE)
: Should Master Yis true damage be taken away form his E?
If the {{champion:11}} bought {{item:1419}} {{item:3153}} and {{item:3036}} then you definitely shouldn't win because he would of specifically built to counter you. The new Jungle item is strong vs tanks but only providing he builds Armour Penetration with it and it is far weaker than the Devourer. If {{champion:11}} has a lot of AD then of course he should be dealing damage because he is giving up survivability to kill his opponents quicker. He is a late game hypercarry so it only makes sense that he has some of the highest damage in the late game. If you cannot handle {{champion:11}} then I feel sorry for you because there are far more threatening champions right now which are more reliable, safer and have higher win rates such as {{champion:50}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:24}} and {{champion:39}} who are far more ban worthy than {{champion:11}} will ever be right now.
: Who Else Finds This Annoying, Episode 4 "I have decided my pick before champ select started"
What happens if you are a one trick pony and you played vs all different matchups and can counter your counter?
Stop generalising every kind of {{champion:11}} to be a 12 year old. Some of us {{champion:11}} players are very sensible and approachable people, as they say don't judge a book by it's cover {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Eveninn (EUW)
: I don't want to ever play ADC again...
We supports will do anything to protect our ADC, as long as they can survive and get a kill from it we will sacrifice ourselves for the better :)
Larry (EUNE)
: didnt force anything
It is the way you worded it, better would be "I suggest that you use attack speed reds and quints, armour yellows m resist blues max E" rather than say "use attack speed reds and quints, armour yellows m resist blues max E". It is like putting please at the start of a sentence to politely ask someone for something. Also with {{champion:11}} it is best not to max E first since it won't speed up your clear in the jungle and will only benefit vs higher armour targets. Maxing Q first will help to clear the jungle as efficiently as possible and then of course maxing E afterwards leaving W till last since it is a one ability point wonder.
: "Swiftness boots are just too good compared to mobility boots"
Biggest noobtrap ever is to build {{item:3068}} on {{champion:89}} with {{item:3117}} because it draws aggro from minions and jungle monsters making you lose movement speed. Either you don't build {{item:3068}} on {{champion:89}} with {{item:3117}} or you build {{item:3009}} in which case it won't affect you negatively. Having said that there are far superior items than {{item:3068}} on {{champion:89}} if you are looking for armour + hp then {{item:3143}}/{{item:3742}} will be superior.
: This is Riot
It sucks getting matched with enemy premades when you go solo >:(
: if you play him well and build the right items the nerfs are almost nothing
Which is exactly what I said :D
Andy Ten (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=superrobot1,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qy8zyHnA,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-31T22:39:04.594+0000) > > Recently i picked up Master Yi due to the Rageblade rework and he is literally unstoppable > Late game is not a option when there is a yi > > I builded my yi > Full attack damage runes - 22 AD > Fervour keystone > > Smite + Flash > > (In order) > Berserker's Boots - ATT SPEED > Bloodrazer - ATT SPEED > Rageblade - ATT SPEED + DAMAGE > Blade of ruin king - TANK DESTROYER + ATT SPEED > Bloodthirster - ATT DAMAGE + LIFESTEAL > Frozen Mallet + 30/40% slow on auto attack > > > Do you guys think this is a good build? > (btw if you never played yi before, do it, its free chest) > But main question is, > > Could Master Yi be a very good champ in lower ranks??? > Also i fully farm and rarely gank unless its a free kill. Is this healthy? Try a 42% attack speed page with warlords bloodlust. Build: {{item:1412}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3006}}
That build has extremely good damage but you are missing out on Lifesteal and Armour Penetration, you do not need {{item:3006}} when you got 2 Attack Speed items, replace it with Lord Dominik's Regard and get {{item:3072}}/{{item:3139}}. How do you expect to duel tanks with no Armour Penetration or Lifesteal?
Alex3995 (EUW)
: {{item:3031}} {{item:3046}} {{item:1419}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3036}} 3 items that kill every tank 3 items that kill every squishy you dont need boots your ult + pd + btor active is enought thed cdr from the essence reaver make it easily do dodge skills with q since oyu have it up more often
That build is a mixture of crit and on-hit and **neither will excel**, **for on-hit** Bloodrazor is better than Warrior, **Armour Penetration increases the damage from {{item:3153}}** so building a {{item:3071}} would be better than {{item:3031}} **for an on-hit build** and scales better into late game than {{item:3142}}. **For a crit build** Warrior increases the amount Alpha Strike can deal and {{item:3153}} would be inferior to {{item:3072}}/{{item:3139}}. The build I suggest **for on-hit** (in build order): {{item:1419}} {{item:3153}}, either {{item:3111}} or {{item:3047}} then {{item:3071}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3139}}. If the enemy team have a tank with around 400 Armour then {{item:3071}} will shred 105 Armour by which time the {{item:3036}} will outscale it since it will shred around 135. In most games this is unlikely and so {{item:3071}} will be more useful than {{item:3036}} in most cases. The build I suggest **for crit Yi** is **Silencee's build** (in build order): {{item:3031}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3036}} - I explained below to someone else how he plays his Yi so you can read that.
Larry (EUNE)
: use attack speed reds and quints,armor yellows m resist blues max E
That is good if you plan on only power farming your jungle but if he wishes to gank early or counterjungle before 6 then it is more advisable to take AD Marks. It all depends on his playstyle and he is unsure of what is best so I suggest leave him with an open mind, let him read the comments and make his own decision than force on a mindset on how to play.
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