: Is this supposed to be a joke or something? Then after some time into the game " I am recording this" as that guy says it in all chat. Well gj you recorded at such bad quality it is hard to read anything out. Then after he got fed and jack ass.ed around. At the he died and is like "GG we lost I don't even care now". What can I say really "good" video with "good" reasons for garen to be nerfed.
Sorry m8 i just looked for a video that could explain my feelings towards {{champion:86}} vs {{champion:92}} , it's a random video, it is not mine, i agree this riven is bad, but if you look the first blood you'll see the unreal dmg. And i want to add that if you look for riven vs garen you can fins videos like this i could put another because youtube is full of videos, but i thought i was already ok. But thanks m8, next time i make a post i'll look for a high quality viedo. :){{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: umm, this riven is kinda bad.
i'm not that riven i just looked for a {{champion:86}} vs {{champion:92}} on youtube.
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