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: Option to mute pings.
Uh, this is a bit embarrasing. Maybe this post belongs more to the Suggestions & Bug Reports section? I honestly placed this in player behaviour because I was partially venting after that game without even looking at what sections the boards have. :B Oh well, is there a way to move it or should I just make a new post there? (is moving against the rules?)
: Im gonna get silver before 11th of November. Im gonna do it!
: Only possible issue I see with this when someone mutes the entire team because of "muh diamond smurph" and then can't communicate. Maybe just put in place a huge 2 minute cooldown for spamming more than 2 strings of spam in a row.
If some idiot mutes the whole team because he's a diemond smarf then he's the only one getting hurt. You can still communicate with the rest of the team, and it doesn't really matter since he's playing 1v9 anyway and he won't listen to you whether he mutes pings or not. (Chances are, you won't listen to him too since he's just being a little shit.) Not to forget that there's a "refusing to communicate with team" report category. However, your solution is pretty viable and acceptable, too. Thank you.
: In the 4 thousand games I have played I have never ever experienced anything like this. The more publicity you give this sort of behaviour the more common it's going to get
That's a complete exaggeration. And if calling out a behaviour to be annoying or toxic would make more people practice it, that means these people themselves have a problem.
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: Easy way to stop pings and all kinds of communication with your team. Simply press the glowing button on the keyboard that turns on your computer. Usually holding it for 2-5 seconds does the trick. For real though, a disabling pings for one ally option would stop those annoying spammers. I also love the idea of disabling emotes.
Very funny. What kind of keyboard has a power button on it? I know PS/2 keyboards had them but everyone uses USB nowadays. On a serious note though, thank you everyone for your comments, I appreciate your contributions to the case.
: I understand your pain I also play jungle more than the rest of the lanes, there always seems to be that one person the thinks they deserver to be baby sat all game while not csing properly feeding or just being an ass in general. So yes I do think there should be a block pings option for the case someone is using it to be annoying because you arnt doing as they ask. And for the dragon thing if your loosing a game and there bot lanes or mid is fed or really farmed up it can be extremely difficult to go for the dragons because you just can't contest them and people who do play jungle just don't understand
Yeah I forgot that point too. You can't really contest dragons when the enemy team has control over the bot lane. Thank you for your comment. (and everyone else for theirs.)
JordMcFar (EUW)
: Riot seem to be on the forms alot
Off-topic, pardon me. Why Gyazo when you can Puush?
Rioter Comments
: Forest Varus
It's excellent! Great work man.
: Yeah i hope so too. Still can't shield turrets like Janna can, heh!
Well turrets aren't "units" so, yeah. Also just thought about this, Lee sin's W and Kata's E allow them to jump to any friendly unit, I suppose that includes Jarvan's lance, but what I know is that they can use it on Thresh's lantern... Can Karma shield Thresh's lantern? :o
: Karma shield bug?
Jarvan's lance is defined as a unit in the game's code, and since the latest changes to Karma allow her to shield pretty much any allied unit (except wards), it happened to allow that to happen. Hope Riot notices this and sorts it out soon.


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