: Why so many leave Lobby in Normals
Some people in normals just want to enjoy the game and I guess these people don't enjoy certain picks/bans. In normals I only dodge, when someone picks my precious poppy away.
: "Focus Zed." "Sett?" "Yes... No, the other one." "Oh you mean Zead?" "Yes, I never said Sett." "Yes you did." "No, I didn't" :P
When I first heard his name I was thinking the same, the name is not well chosen, but they won't change it. Also the conversation would be "Focus Zed." "Sett?" "Yes." :P
: Ok riot this is literally unacettable
Smurfing is not cheating. Wait for a minute before you join queue again to avoid meeting the same dude again. Blocking someone does not prevent them from being in a game with you, he can even be in your team. Also: unacceptable*
TSF løg (EUW)
: Can someone explain this to me haven't played in a long time
Imagine every game being a coinflip that you can influence by blowing against the coin really hard, while the coin is in the air. So basically your effect is neglitable because someone is usally just so bad, that they will loose the entire game, the coinflip is just about in whos team he is, though quite often theres mutliple people that just don't belong, where they are. And it's very random in which team they are. So yeah that's normal atm.
tbh I'd be happier if they just reworked all the broken champs you just mentioned, aatrox is quite balanced atm, making another broken one does not fix the issue. Aatrox atm is a designwise healthy champion, though I'd even say, hes borderline healthy, because hes almost too strong. So I would not change Aatrox, I'd rather try to fix the unhealthy op champs, that currently have a totally overloaded kit and no weakness except the player feeling too powerfull and doing stupid things because of it. ie Yasuo syndrom.
: hi i agree but even just a single ping for ward would be cool as one can then ping the ward ping and the danger consecutively to indicate. im allready just pinging danger in my premade games when they ward
2years in the future, the "warded" ping is exclusively used to signal enemy has vision and i still have to type if I want wards at specific locations, this seperate ping is still missing.
mąkı (EUW)
: Unjustified Perma Ban
There are occasionally players that are actually fun to play with, because of their comments, their emotes, their playstyle. I don't expect anyone to behave that way, but it's really refreshing. I'm happy with people that just play the game, too. But you are just really toxic and you make the game for your teammates less enjoyable. I want to repeat: It is a game. You're supposed to have fun. People around you probably don't have fun being in a match with you. And it does not seem like you are having any fun either. To be honest I appreciate every toxic player being baned from the game. Because that's what it is. A game. Even in ranked. There is a clear line between telling someone to use their trinket and calling someone a f*ck. The first one is feeling the heat of the battle, the second one is just straight up offending a person. Maybe this helps you with your next account.
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Shaebadu (EUW)
: drop jungling, stomp your lane, easiest way to climb. The best way to climb imo is to get fed top. A fed bruiser is gg. Imagine a fed morde or darius he 1vs5 the ennemy.
Hey I don't like playing top, I might be more successfull there, but it's just no fun for me and I don't care about climbing. I do want to become a good player, but I want to have fun too and jungle is fun for me.
mistry (EUW)
: Hi, I think firstly maybe consider taking predator on poppy jungle. Conq is definitely a good rune, but on a champ like poppy with the dash/stun e and counter dash you can really make some nice ganks which is definitely the priority, and completely dominate the enemy bot lane especially once their flash is burned. It will almost result in a kill every time. You need to be present early, as you said poppy is not exactly top tier and falling behind means it's difficult to contest any objectives. Clear, look for a gank, nothing? Back and get predator boots and head bot side to look for something. Build wise I think gauntlet is better than tri as jungler but everyone has an opinion, it has cheap components and is annoying as hell to play again on poppy. Ganking a lane when behind has the possibility to completely throw your game, the only time it's usually possible is if you yourself are fed and believe you can kill them quick enough. Otherwise stick to snowbling someone else and using their lead to carry the game. Champs similar to poppy? Maybe try orn jungle, again not the best but he's fun and has a similar annoying kit to deal with.
Thanks for the advice, ill try predator on her, overall I fullcleared my jungle so far before I began ganking, which as this and other comments suggest is not the best use for poppy, so I'll try to gank earlier. Ornn seems like a downgrade. I was looking for a meta jungler and as someone mentioned Vi could be fun.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Pro advice: every time you see the enemy jungler (ganking or through deep warding) react accordingly, clear their camps or go for epic monsters, or whatever... make use of that time, it's key. Even more pro advice: leaving enemy jungler without camps to clear leaves them idle and forces them to gank. This may result in your teammates getting slaughtered because they can't play, and your pro moves will end on your demise. Reconsider, stop invading, specially if the enemy jungler is an early ganker, and just let them farm, and hope the rest of the team carries you because if you did your job too well they'll just feed.
Never thought about it this way, this will help me a lot, as I can predict ganks after I stole camps. Thanks
: 1) If you're behind, play on the opposite side of the enemy jungler. 2) if you are even or ahead, focus on the winning lanes to snowball them as much as you can. 3) If the losing lane is losing hard (say 0/2 or 0/3 within minutes. God forbid if worse score) ignore it. If the losing lane is only losing out on some cs but other than that holding his ground, keep an eye on the map, you might have good opportunity there. 4) Focus on objectives rather than kills. Your biggest way of snowballing teams is getting turrets and sneaking in dragons. As a poppy, your ganks are devastating, but your clear is kinda slow, even with attack speed runes, so after {{item:3706}} I usually start building triforce, starting with nashor and sheen. If falling bit behind i finish my jungle item first. However, as I'm no expert or even good at jungling, you might have better luck looking up some guides on this and deciding on your own what works and what doesn't. 5) Try to not let the enemy snowball. A level 2 gank can change the outcome of the lane. 6) wards and deepwards to track enemy jungler. 7) There are some good guides about jungling in youtube. 8) I prefer to take aftershock in the jungle. Some guys use predator for closing the distance faster, but it has it's downside of alerting the enemy, so if you use it too early they will just back off. This however does allow you to play some mindgames. If you want to check out what would be similar to poppy in terms of ganking power, but also have good objective control: try Vi, Amumu, Warwick and my personal favorite would be skarner at the moment. He is currently pretty darn OP and might receive a nerf soon. however by far my most favorite junglers are Shaco and Shyvana. But their playstyle is a lot trickier and quite a bit different from poppy.
Thanks a lot for all the advice, i think i might give Vi a shot, she seems fun. 1) That sounds good, ill try to do that 4) I usually build phage first, ill check the other buildpath 5) So would you actually recommend a lvl2gank with poppy? Doesn't it let you fall behind too much? 6)Should I suggest my support to run into the enemy jungle with him, when im ahead so he can ward? 8)I'll try aftershock, so far I went with conqueror with not too much success, will I be missing out on damage?
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Sefiroz (EUW)
: I don't see any of these mentioned champions going 0/13 often in any sense xD
hmmm i guess my example is poorly chosen and the title aswell...^^
Sefiroz (EUW)
: I'm pretty sure it's just a combination of "paying more attention to scores that stand out more, whether good or bad" and "paying more attention to Yasuo players because he is highly controversial" {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} I see plenty of average-scoring Yasuo players, after all :)
As I said, Yasuo is just an example. Same goes for pyke, aphelios, senna etc. Just overloaded characters that can counter a lot of things even if they missplay. Talon, akali, irelia... Though I've got to admit a Talon either gets fed or is just in the game, don't see them go 0/13 too often because of his escape machanics.
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Kian987 (EUW)
: Seriously!? Support / Jungler always get Jungler
: It’s not that it gives on hit to the caster, as it still usually only works if you shield someone else (and the champions who can do that aren’t ones that are great with on hit effects)... it’s just a bug which is letting Diana give herself the ardent censor buff is. So it doesn’t require any changes to censor just the bug fix that’s coming soon. What I want to know is how did people figure this out... like what possessed someone to buy ardent censor on Diana in the first place. I never understood how people find these bugs
As far as I know it's a bug and im wondering why the item was not disabled till it's fixed. For how they found out it works with every shield(eg Janna, who regulary builds it), it does not work with healing yourself tho(eg nidalee). Still a bug to me, but it's up to Riot to decide if it's just an accidental feature or not.

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