: probly cause 8/10 aram players r bots just trying to lvl
yeah , sounds very likely , most dont chat at all
: This happens a lot. "Can i mid?" "No" "K i go feed" *picks Soraka jungle cleanse ghost* Basically I am forced to dodge.
or you just instalock janna jungle with cleanse and ghost and say "get out of my lane (jungle)
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: Mhmm... Then let me introduce Blizzard lootboxes. You get a lootbox everytime when you level up. (You level up for playing the game.) Opening a box rewards you with 3 (heroes of the storm) or 4 (overwatch) cosmetic items from any rarities. Duplicates grant gold instead. Also, you can get gold from the boxes. Gold is in-game currency that you use to buy your desired cosmetic item. No one needs to earn a perfect performance in a game. You do not need keys. Also, there is a special game-mode which refreshes every week where you can farm lootboxes (3 in OW, 1 in HOTS). Still LoL has the best loot box system?
never playe overwatch much , but i still prefer it in lol compared to csgo , siege , tf2 and co , simply for the reason you can get keys easily , while in the other games keys are the "must buy with money" part of the gambling , in lol you dont need to buy keys or otherwise are stuck with 40 crates right now i have 30 cases crates etc in my tf2 inventory , and i cant do anything with them because they are worthless , i also cant just say " eh lets open them and if its junk i can convert it into gems , no , i can at most destroy them in the ingame item menu , anything i can get from a crate , usually is worth less than a key in tf2 trading so lootboxes are just a waste of money , but in lol you can get nice things from them , not just complete garbage
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: > [{quoted}](name=SerahFarron730,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=xAxKlmEL,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-06-01T19:33:23.713+0000) > > like , for most top laners i dont think you need more than 1 page right ? That highly depends on the champ you play :D I've played a lot of Akali Top lately and I use three different keystones and adjust the secondary depending on the match up. Irelia for example would use the same keystone always. What champ do you play?
well , the champs i own and play alot are for top riven , jax , poppy , and vi , for support , soraka , poppy, nami and leona for mid ahri , annivia , shaco , whatever can one shot the enemy fast generally , what runes are the best for glas cannons , because thats how i play most of my champs , mostly build damage
: Runes highly depend on the champions you play and the enemies you face so this is really hard to answer. You can go to OP.GG or Probuilds for references though. I usually change my Rune page manually before every game depending on the concrete matchup.
i still want to have some set up so i just switch to the right one , just like i did with the preset rune pages ( domination the excecutioner etc ) like , for most top laners i dont think you need more than 1 page right ?
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: When I have played games the mission window tells me that I have a stash of tokens, so I'd imagine it would be the same for you that whenever you play games you earn tokens put into a stash in case you want to buy the ticket.
okay thanks then those atleast wont go to waste
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Chrysies (EUW)
: Reasons not to play this game: * Match making creating wildly unbalanced games * The match making system tries to enforce a 50% win ratio * An overwhelming amount of mentally immature people * So many bugs that you must consider them features in order to stay sane * No interaction between the parent company and the playerbase on their own platform (exception being Eambo, and only when the client / shop breaks down) Having written this I am seriously considering deleting the game, despite buying another skin today. It's mentally draining as hell playing this game if your sole purpose is ranked, there is nothing this game offers that is worth time or effort.
about the win rate , i dont know it exactly , but a 50% win ratio also means a 50% lose ratio meaning the chance of ending up with a 80% lose ratio wont happen either
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: The event ends on january 8th 7:59 AM (GMT). >does matchmade pvp game also mean aram ? or just summoners rift ? It doesn't say SR anywhere, right? so it means any matchmade pvp game. A matchmade game is literally any other game except for custom games (because they have no automated matchmaking). Matchmade pvp games exclude bot games as they are not pvp.
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: Actually, you're average aram game time was 19 minutes 42 seconds, I just counted out. Arams are only designed to last between 15-25 minutes on average anyway, since it is just a random load of 5v5 teamfights all in one lane. You have to expect lower game times compared to summoners rift. As a response to game modes, while I disagree with how Riot went about it (they still could have implemented random game modes from time to time, such as nemesis draft ect), Riot are designing a new game mode that is supposed to last around 15 minutes on average called Nexus Blitz. Nexus Blitz is taking a long time to design because it is planned to be a full new game mode that is always accessible. At the end of the day, if you're not having fun while playing a game then you shouldn't really be playing it. Afterall, games are supposed to entertain you so you have fun. I hope you find something else that is more fun ^^. Have a good day :)
nexus blitz is an even bigger garbage , champions like jhin , yi , and all the others that are too broken on aram are even more broken , games are one sided rofl stomps . tons of bronze players ( teemo jungle and other brilliant bronze tactics) , just had a match with an enemy pyke that went 16-3-6 honestly , this mode should be removed asap , worst mode riot has ever made , and that says alot {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Adama (EUW)
: I like that you are trying to make funny jokes, I appreciate it. But even though I know you are joking, let me say this for people that might think you are serious: You are wrong :) Although it is true that league of legends is a game that heavily focuses on competitive gameplay. Be glad that despite this, Riot went out of it's way to create simplistic game modes like ARAM to appease the casuals. :p
if they cared , about aram , why didnt they expand the bridge already ? the amount of bushes makes certain junglers like rengar completely useless , same with talon and his jump over wall ability or reksai , at most you can use their abilities on the corner near the inhibitor turret if you have more ranged champions, the enemy can completely safely kill you under the turret because turret damage is basically 0 , and if one guy tanks it , the other 4 can freely kill below the turret without taking damage another thing , why are support champs even a thing on aram , on another account i often had streaks of support champs while the enemy had master yi and other good champs (i like playing support but soraka or lulu is useless on aram ) the amount of jhins i see on aram is unreal too and i have yet to see the jhin team lose , if that champ is in the game its gg
: You're uninstalling a game because the games are a bit short? Really? ARAM is far from a serious game mode, so why are you having a big ol' rant about the fact they can be short and sweet? It's RANDOM after all. Sometimes the games can be a stalemate until one teamfight finishes it off, and other times one team is SO overpowering they'll stomp in no time flat. It's RANDOM! So yeah, see you later, but I don't see why you have to make a big-ass post about it here. Do you do this on every single online game you decide not to play anymore?
its not random if every game is short , íts not random if its unbalanced everytime , in one game the enemy had lissandra , katarina (who was 23/13/18) yi , hecarim and nautilus , in another theres an ekko , pyke , hecarim , ashe , fiz with ekko going 18/6/17 and pike going 14/3/17 imo if the mode was random it wouldnt always be like this , because its always one team that has one or two op champs , and that team then finishes in <20 minutes i have seen more random normal games than the average aram game
Adama (EUW)
: '' this isnt possible on summoners rift, why is it possible on aram ? '' I think that's pretty obvious, just... think about it. c:
riot doesnt want any other mode besides summoners rift to exist
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: Can't have fun cause of missions. (odyssey)
> [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=n2hPyOpq,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-29T08:37:00.353+0000) > I hope everyone of those I meet get a reasonable ban, cause it makes 0 sense for them to not get it. this is league of legends , riot doesnt care about trolls and toxicity , but if you go afk , prepare to get banned forever because , reasons {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: > got harassed by all players in a match again How? How is Riot supposed to stop this BEFORE the players are doing it? They punish them aftewards, but how exactly do you imagine Riot should PREVENT players from breaking the rules? If you come up with an idea, you will probably become a billionaire because it can surely also be applied to real life crime and will solve a problems of mankind with crime forever. But seriously...what kind of solution do you have in mind? What EXACTLY do you expect Riot to do? > why is it impossible for riot to stop this harassing Because it's literally impossible. Not just for Riot, for everyone.
maybe update the stupid leaver buster , i might play some of the event mode with friends , if i just leave the game the problem is solved but since riot gives you an extra long queue time for simply leaving some *censored* teammates to die you cant do that i get it , for ranked leaving should be punished but like this , you can harass others multiple games all day long and if they dont want to deal with it ( and also not sit out a 40 minute aram match because both sides refuse to end it or surrender ) they get punished
Arnoter (EUW)
: ***
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Smerk (EUW)
: ARAM should work as its also a 5v5 PvP mode, just as SR is. But I didn't start doing my missions yet, so can't really confirm
thanks , if its a 5v5 PVP mode by the games definition ill try it after i finish the 1.500 minion mission
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: About the current penalty systems
thats the main reason this game is dying already , riot doesnt care 1 bit about anyone below diamond 1 if someone decides to troll you cant do anything but wait it out , if you leave , you get punished, if you flame you get punished , riot should make a new leave system , add an option to state the reason you are leaving , if it is " my team is trolling " someone looks into it ,and if the match recording shows stuff like you said , the match doesnt get counted and done
: Unless you're rich, no point doing so. Just level up with free rotation and the champs you have.
but you dont get ip anymore so grinding a champ takes longer doesnt it ?
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Rondö (EUW)
: There is only three working options: https://i.imgur.com/o6sKFVH.jpg The rest just pointless, like "intentional feeding" (the most useless report) You will never get banned for "inting", so relax. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
wait cheating is pointless i always reported botted accounts on aram for that since they are using programs
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kriegnes (EUW)
: u dont really believe that u are just mad right now are you?
2nd Last game , jhin 3rd last game , jhin 5th Last game , jhin 6th last game , jhin dont tell me thats how aram is supposed to be
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That Moe (EUW)
: Sure, there are a lot of bots in aram but I only get bots in my team/in enemy team when I play with people that are bellow level 30. Once you reach level 30, you shouldn't have this problems anymore I think.
i hope so too , its still sad how riot cant just verify your Game installation before letting you queue ( and if you have certain programs running you cant join anything but practise tool
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: Considering what awaits you after leveling, about 1- 2 weeks to long.
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Shukr4n (EUW)
: trolling is punishable being bad is lack of skill and experience.
exactly , and just stealing my lane midgame and feeding is trolling
iSneez (EUNE)
: It's so amusing every player that get frustrated by some reason about the game assume that nobody like the game and the game will have no players in 1 year :D. A game with millions of players on each server and people still come with stuff like: "why nobody play league anymore", "how riot can save the game and not lose all players in 1 year" and so on :D **The delusion is at high ranks**
im not even frustrated , unless a rioter replies to this and says he banned these players , i wont reinstall the game for quite some time , i got other games to play like TF2 , R6 Siege or WoW and in the end , its still like this : i lose 0 € because i dont play lol anymore , while Riot loses atleast 20-100€ i would have probably spent on Champs and Skins who wins ?
: Being bad at a game is not a punishable thing, if you feel they were intentionally feeding and/or trolling there is a report option for that. If they indeed were inting etc they will be punished, but no there isn't now and I hope there will never ever be a report button for just being bad at a game.
why not , i go into a bot game expecting a normal game , if these players said they would troll in champ select already i would have dodged i dont mind bad players who die alot , but if everyone has their role these players dont need to steal my lane just because i typed mid faster
Smerk (EUW)
: The reason is quite simple: majority of League players are noobs, it would be extremely stupid idea to ban such huge part of playerbase, it would essentially kill the game. Also, you're consider yourself not a noob? You're playing on low level account, any bronze 5 player would call you a noob and he won't be entirely wrong
i am a noob , but atleast i know how the Game works , i think if riot forces these players to understand the game , they might get more players again
: > i am already around level 10 - 15 Are you kidding me? You have to be joking. No one at that level is going to be good unless they're smurfs themselves. They're still learning, lay off them.
im a smurf , true , but why cant riot just match me with other Smurfs or level 30 Players ? Bot Games need a "why are you disconnecting" window and if its " my team is trolling and the Match would take an hour" youre good to go i wont help Trolls win games just like i dont help bots win games ( the bots you see on Twisted treeline)
: New players won't learn it in just a few games. It takes a while until they learned how to play the game. Even high-elo players are still learning, so no pressure. Everything will be fine in time.
well , he thought by all going mid he could end it fast just like the jungler thought he could jungle without smite as {{champion:56}}
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