: i uninstalled avast but LoL still wont open .......
You need to restore the patcher that it deleted, otherwise you may have to reinstall... "Restore and exclude" is how to get the fix -within- Avast itself. I'm not sure what the work around will be in your case after uninstalling Avast unfortunately.
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: First of all on my avast , there is not Quarantine chest , it is Virus chest , and i have a lot of logs there , and i dont know what really to Restore and add to exclusions list , cuz i have like 30 LolPatcherUX.exe logs and from 23/3/2016 , if can you tell me what to restore and add to exclusion list will be great .
Hi there, Apologies I edited the post accordingly for Virus/Quarantine. This is the exact string that popped up on mine: Name: LoLPatcherUx.exe - Original Location: \RiotGames\League of Legends\RADS\projects\releases\\deploy.
: patch 6.6, the launcher will not work?
Solution 6.6 Makes Avast/Other Antivirus delete the patcher like a virus. Check your Quarantine Chest in Avast if you have it (Scan Viruses>Quarantine). Restore and add to exclusion list
*solution* Since 6.6 many antivirus see LoL as a virus!!! Check your quarantine chest if you have Avast or another program. It deletes the patcher and makes it impossible to run
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I was on fine, my internet DC'd then I couldn't get back on... Restarted my computer, cleared dumps, cache's etc. Literally the game logo shows up and then disappears. No process, no nothing


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