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fodeus (EUW)
: is being overzealous also toxic?
If you are not flaming you are most likely to get flamed, you say something smart and you get jumped on by those that can't give a worthy answer, because they didn't think about what you wrote, took it for another hate line. I know, I've been there. Just lean back and enjoy the game, can't play for everyone.
: Honestly, stop with the death threats and cancer wishes.
Changing the world is my dream as well, however you gotta deal with low people, that don't even think they could hurt someone who doesnt deserve it.
: All I see is a kid who took other children flaming too personally, take their insults for what they're pointless remarks from an angry child
Have you never lost it? 3 years of this game, 90% of games being mad fest, losing your patience once or twice. If anything you seem to take my rage quit post personally.
: apparently you took the game to a whole new level, i never gave a damn bout flamers, in fact i wait for them to laugh a bit, they are funny once you understand that they will be everywhere, here is a tip, when u flame someone what can piss you off the most? yes when he ignores you, ignoring flamers is the only way to get back at them
That's the usual way, but once you have had it, it doesn't work. After a bad day, you are tired already, don't do too well in-game. Ok, may be if he was at least flaming on point, but holy crap, when it's like something off-topic, not even related to you and arguments for "some" reason don't work too well here, you blow up.
Sips (EUNE)
: He played 6 games after he posted this :D
Nah, didnt play for few days actually.
: Maybe they want to play with friends and didn't use a password (for example because they planned to inivte everyone anyhow).
I mean, the game room titles are more than inviting, but once you join boom. Once is k, but about 5 times in a row kinda makes you think why.
TaigaT (EUW)
: To all URF complainers
Potential of all champs is still the same, the op ones are still op, the fun ones are still fun. Its all the same 3 times faster.
: Am I the only one who gets so angry I hurt myself?
Does this game matter so much? No one actually cares how bad you do, its more about how they do, they flame you for their own mistakes, just they way you flame urself. And I'm pretty sure you do better than you think :)
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: A desperate message for Riot
WOW, WOW, WOW, so you saying adc amoomu is a troll pick? Have i been mislead ...
: FIX YOUR *beautiful and joyful game* GOD DAMNIT
@MrVenturion It was a rage post, since this isn't the first time i have had this problem, so i didn't bother with detailed explanations. Also i presumed people would be familiar with this particular bug.
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: Finally, it ends.
When is the complete book coming out?
gabas159 (EUNE)
: Let me tell funny story about riot tribunal
Actually i have seen a scripter playing cassio, you can tell just by seeing how the spells are being cast, in a mechanical - routinal way. She is one of those few it actually works on.
: Skin Ideas, anybody who's good with skin designs?

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