: Thaks for your feedback. Changing in base like kindred is a cool and good idea, although it would sorta screw you over if the possession fell off in lane. Making the possession last until you recall would fix this issue though. I agree with pretty much everything else you suggested, although instead of adding an onhit on Stinger R, she should probably get an AD increase instead, as it causes the dash to stun everyone she hits. A cool effect that could be added to the Brazier ult could be to possibly refresh the cooldown on your active items, with a clause that refreshes won't happen in combat.
The cooldown refresh idea would be amazing. But about the artifacts, I think she should be more on the Kayn side of picking. You pick an artifact at the start and you stay on that artifact for the whole game. I don't think there would be lots of people who would like ot change their role from on to another having items that don't give bonuses to their kits not even talking about runes who you can't change in the middle of game to suit your new role.
jacktjong (EUW)
: The only one being dumb here is the one who doesn't tell me what's wrong with the post, but I can see that the problem is probably somewhere in my Pinterest privacy settings, so updated the link. Hopefully it works :-)
Yes, now it's all fine. Sorry for calling you dumb, due to those privacy settings it seemed as if you were trying to lead people into the unknown ^_^
: [Champion concept] Alice The Artifact Hunter
Amazing concept I have to say, this makes enemies wonder in champion select cause even tho they see your champion they still have no clue what will you be when you head into game. Maybe consider this: Whenever you are at your fountain you get to choose 1 out of these 3 artifacts the way kindred selects her pray. Rest of the artifacts are stored at the fountain and returning you can choose any of them. This way you at least lock in your role. Maybe even have a personal item choices where those 3 artifacts are items of which you can only have one and it gives corresponding stats and some unique passives which would be the new champion passive. Some things I would like to see changed cause they might be too weak/strong: Stinger of shurima: R could have some on hit effects for the duration cause it seems to not do much. Brazier of souls: Passive should instead of having a way to see enemies in brushes could just detect nearby invisible champions. That could be a counterplay to vayne/shaco type of champions and work just as your ult where you are the only one to see them. W seems to be an ally killer cause it could help enemies to kill your ally if they assassinate him before the heal. Rather turn it just into an over time heal where for 3 seconds it has mark on ally and after those 3 seconds ally is healed over 3 seconds for the damage they received from enemy champions. Ultimate tho is like a weak TF ult where only you see them and you have no TP. It then should have really low cooldown or an extra effect, can't think of any now tho. Bulwark of Noxus: W should be 1/2/3/4/5 hits blocked cause having 5 hits blocked at lvl 1 could be a free kill or two for any ally. In my head E and R could be swapped with places yet not quite sure. Both are amazing skills tho. All in all, I would play this tomorrow if it came out! Amazing concept!
xYuseix (EUW)
: [Character Creation] Yaozu, Chosen of the Celestials [New Polearm/Guan dao Enchanter]
So, some things I would like to point out. His E is just Galios old E on steroids. He seems to be an amazing fighter yet you have filled his kit with magical stuff unlike xin who utilizes polearm and actually has every skill working with it. He could be the thing of the future where he leaps in the fight to do tons of damage with his amazing polearm... oh wait... his ult is basically a meditation and the part about him having a polearm has nothing to do with ult. Now he seems like a support who just stands in middle of fight for 10 seconds. Also, a cliché hated fighter who does tons of damage yet heals himself back even faster, a.k.a. Fiora's ult, Aatrox's W, Xin's W, etc. P.S. Don't take this too personal, I love the idea of polearm and I am currently working with a polearm character who utilizes earth aswell. I just don't like all the magic part about him where all other fighters are about hitting hard not with lots of particles. Maybe I'm just oldschool.
jacktjong (EUW)
: I drew PROJECT:Ashe
Don't bother opening the link. Dumb person is dumb.
: Plagiarism within Riot? (SG Ahri's companion)
I am not sure you understand how companies work. There are tons of skins that are a reference to something. Just because they make something that is from somewhere else doesn't mean it's tolen. There are many skins to reffer a certain thing, and more so, there are probably even more paperwork done in the according places. I am pretty sure that the money made from those skins go to somewhere else too besides RIOT.
: Champions that require a rework immediatly
Whole thread has no real reason why should these champions be reworked. Cho has his tiny arms and stuff and he can shoot spikes like that. Why shouldn't he be able to spawn spikes from underground? Last time I checked this game was a fantasy game as are most of games on this planet. Any ADC can kill Rammus, there is a thing the ancient men called lifesteal, and it could heal for more than you are damaged if you bought an armor pen item like last whisper with it.
Treycos (EUW)
: Why break the hextech key/chest balance with capsules ?
I right now have 6 chests laying around and guess what, I am happy that I can get keys by playing what I like. I might even be happier if I had Keys laying around. Having more keys than chests means Riot is trying to push you into playng new champs and trying to succeed by getting S- or higher grade. Therefore with the new system you can open all of your chests pretty quickly and are more likely to exapnd your variety of champs you play by going for that S-/S/S+. For me it just looks like Riot is making more champs and wants people to play more than 20 champs that are in the "most picked" pool. Also, it just feels more accomplishing if you have a key and are hunting down a chest which is not a random drop, instead of having a chest and have no saying when will you get a key.
Mada (EUW)
: You're right! "SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!!" also fits better into Kotzi's lore Bird Person as Azir is also great. Emperoring fits his personality quite well.
Ant probably meeseeks Zac skin too :D
Mada (EUW)
: Rick and Morty inspired skins
Love it! But... Giant head should rather be Vel Koz. Bird person might be Azir.
: [Champion Concept] a Mage who controls Storms
So you just want to play a different kennen?
: [New Champion Idea] Signus, The Seer.
Sorry, but as soon as I read it I just had to check you out. The reason I had ot is that you put clarity in the suggested spells. You have a champion with 1 useles passive that only lowest aprt of bronzes would need who can't look in map properly in the right time. Then you have 3 useless skills that make you in a useless ward all game long. But then again, You have never played ranked and so far as I saw you only play vs Bots, and sure, seeing Bots would help to those who is afraid of being ganked by them. So, with this I wanted to say, there is not a single person who would need clarity on this because there just is no way anyone would use these skills for anything, exept the Q slow, which does no damage aswell. Try playing a proper support and learn some champion mechanics. Right now I can surely say that you do not yet know all of LoL champions yet you try to make a concept of new one.
: why? no really, why would you regret having one or more champions who you can play well enough to gain champion level 6 or seven on? I just reached 6 on my Leona and it really felt like an accomplishement
He might have meant that he doesn't want people to see his mastery in loading screen so people don't have too high expectations.
David 777 (EUW)
: > How is this a passive? Did you mean that it's the passive to his autoattacks when he dismounts Willump? Kind of couldn't understand and started thinking he could autoattack with Willump and Nunu at the same time. Nunu and Willump can autoattack simultaneously. I'd say, though, only Willump should apply on-hits and scale with ad. > P.S. if we make every champ with a mount into something like Kled, next thing I want to see is Corki parachuting to ground to start throwing grenades and using a rifle. Corki won't dismount his beloved aircraft. He'd rather die.
There is still a thing I can't understand. I might have just misunderstood, but... If they both attack simultaneously, do they attack the same target or each can have a different one? If the same, does it depend on range? Like Nunu throws snowballs in range but when they get closer Willump joins in with his fists? If different targets, how do you control those autos? I only have one mouse button for attacking and every champ with a companion has the autoattacks on R after they have launched their companion (Tibbers, Daisy, etc.). This might be utilized having to RMB for moving and willump attacks and Ctrol+RMB for Nunu's attacks, but then there is the problem with controlling, if i want to attack with Nunu on a single minion from range but I wan't Willump to not hit anything close to him, I would have to make Willum stand ground with the S button, yet then I need to attack with Nunu which cancels the stand ground comand. Just really confusing how this could work out.
: TLDR : I really don't think he'd be a good bruiser and i explain below why i think he wouldn't be, at the very least i don't think he would be fun and might be very frustrating to play as a bruiser because of how easy he would be to completely shut down with a single slow or hard cc Anyway, he'd be a fun alternative to regular healers, instead of having other forms of utility in his kit like other healers he'd have damage They can't kill your carry if you kill em first https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C4cHr1RVcAAWcNu.jpg And maybe a few top/jungle one trick poneys that get autofilled support would be able to play a support in a playstyle that they're used to and like rather than running it down mid cause they don't like support c: (althought i'm not saying all top/jungle OTP do that but i've seen a "few") Also changing the values from a weak Q attack speed value to a higher one, or chaning his passive from 100 at max rage to 75 etc, would have a really big impact on his viability as a bruiser, but i'm just here to throw out my concept, balancing it would take a lot more time Besides if i make it into a more "finished" product i'm pretty sure rito would be less likely to use it, i think it's better to leave it as a very open "Healer that does a lot of damage but can't really engage" rather than a "finished" champion, if ya know what i mean c: _____ I strongly believe he wouldn't make for a good bruiser, he lacks any form of engage and his only cc is a knockback , making it even easier for the enemy team to kite him, sure for 6 seconds he'll be hard to kill, but just have a trundle a kog'maw or any form of heavy % hp shred , even just a brk would do, and then suddenly you're a healing pot for the enemy team And then he lacks any form of damage in his kit, his q gives him an Attack speed boost but it wouldn't be a strong one, the focus of this ability being on charging up his rage and not being an attack speed steroid, at most i'd see it as a 30% Attack speed boost for 3 seconds on a 12-ish second cd, so that's not really something a bruiser could abuse (the focus being on giving him rage it could also be some kind lee sin passive ability , on a cooldown ofc) And if you don't use your Q as a gap closer (denying yourself the Attack speed boost) you'll find yourself really struggling to even reach the enemy team, a single frozen mallet or any slow on the enemy team and you'll realistically never even reach their team without having to relly on a strong engage in your team, and if you reach their team thanks to a good engage, you'll be stuck there doing very little damage the only source of damage being your passive Going a full crit build would give you that 250 bonus damage on a full rage bar, but even with 4k hp thanks to your ult, you'd be squishy as hell with no defensive stats And even then, those 250 bonus damage with one basic Attack that you might be able to land before dying doesn't even compare to a full tank udyr's q dealing 500 damage every 3 auto-attacks, or realistically any other bruiser He really lacks the essential qualities of a bruiser, which is to be able to get in the middle of their team and sticking there to bash everyone's head in, be it trynda's e + w , irelia's q + e , udyr's e + passive, every other bruiser has a way to get in there and stay there, with this concept the only way to get in the middle of the action is to waste your attack speed boost and then you have no way of sticking to them your only cc working against you as a bruiser That's really not where he shines, the place he really shines is when some kind of irelia/jax etc (basically any kind of diver that won't one shot your carry) tries to dive your carry, you can push them away with your e on a short cd , punch them in the face to keep your rage up to keep Healing your carry while dashing tons of damage Realistically after all the brain testing i did, the only viable build as a bruiser would be something like this : {{item:3800}} (you need that speed boost + slow to get in there) {{item:3078}} {{item:3053}} (you can't proc trinity a lot but there's an obivous synergy with the passive) {{item:3748}} (to get that damage from your R) And then any kind of defensive items that you need Then you'd be doing a good amount of damage (not really any more damage than any other bruiser), but you'd still have the real problem of being really easy to counter, be it a brk to shred you down (+ the slow from the active) or any kind of CC, and suddenly you're stuck there not being able to deal any of the damage you have Well anyway, hopefully you get why i don't think that he'd be a good bruiser, but hey i'm all in for that off-meta attack speed braum if it's what you wanna do c:
I appreciate you taking your time to reply and I see you are makeing a lot of good points. I see that in many ways he doesn't seem like he could be a bruiser due to his lack of cc and gap closing. Yet let's speak about Garen for instance, his Q also gives movement speed which completely allows him to tear trought enemies and be in the middle of them. Also so does Mundo with his ult that provides movespeed for longer durations. Darius, for instance, has pretty much no gap closer, but it doesn't matter cause teamfights take a long time to proceed. Here could be some suggestions to make him actually feel like a support: Passive: Leave the rage thing as it is but instead of bonus AD give him 0 - 60*LVL/10 bonus magic damage on hit. A total of 60 bonus damage at level 1 at 100 rage up to 108 bonus damage at level 18 at 100 rage. This will ensure his bonus damage can't be used in an AD build manner. Q: Reduce the attackspeed and movement speed bonus strenght while increasing duration. While Q is active maybe your autoattacks could heal every nearby ally for the magic damage you do with your passive. This would heal every nearby ally for 108 hp for every auto of yours assuming enemies have 0 magic resistance. Maybe if you attack champions this bonus is doubled. P.S. you don't receive any healing, only allied champions, but you still get the rage so you would easily ramp up your healing strenghti with time. W: Lets say this is a channeling ability where you maybe kneel down take 50% more damage, drain 4/5/6 rage every second and and heal allies for 4/5/6% of your curent health. Any CC could stop you/ This would be like janna ult without the knockback but with more heals depending on your tankiness. E: No comments. Every support needs CC. Maybe because this is his only CC ability you could spice it up a little by giving it 2 charges? This way he would punch an enemy away twice if he still tries to follow after the 1st punch. And maybe the 1st punch could slow the target as you implied but if the same target receives a 2nd punch in a set amount of time then he could be stunned if he hit's a wall and be dealt some bonus damage. R: I love the idea of abilities costing no rage in this moment as if he enters some sorts of rage mode. Gaining all of his hp back tho seems a bit too much. I get that it would sound reasonable, but bear in mind, as tahm kench gives himself a shield, this shield won't persist and he will be low hp after a brif moment. Alistar does have 75% reduction yet his abilities still cost the same. If you wish to have free abilities at this time then 100% is too much. With health regen I do agree tho, that could work out as people on rage tend to forget about their wounds. His ult could maybe rather deny enemy healing cause as he activates this he maybe terrifies enemies around him makeing then scared to fight, But this is just what I think would make him into a support type champ. All of his kit would not improve if he were to get AD items. He could still be played as top tank tho, cause, well, so can be alistar, leona or braum, but he would feel right only as a support.
: [Champion concept] Fighting Healer
This makes me think that it's a champ that tryndamere mains would play when they get filled in as supports :D The kit is good, but it's not a kit of support champion. I have been playing support since the end of season 2 and I can't say I would have ever imagined a support that would use rage as his source of power and would punch enemies and be unkillable. I see that this could be a new direction for support, yet as other mentioned: This champion would not be used for supporting measures. His Q bonus attackspeed could be used to build high ad builds and still have high attackspeed for a fight. His passive would serve as huge amounts of damage that in a full crit build would turn from 100 bonus damage per auto to 250 bonus damage with IE and that is a bit too much for a "support" passive. All in all, it really sound like: "I'm trynda, I'm helping!"
tin1 (EUNE)
: New Champion Idea
I gotta say, the ult of Lin sounds amaizng, it's like karthus 2.0 yet as he is adc maybe give his R a huge range rather than make it global. Lin's E is lovely, yet to have a 1.5 second stun that only mun activates is a bit op, maybe rather make the stun on enemy 0.5 seconds and any ally can trigger it and rather give mun more movespeed with skill? Lastly, Mun's ult kind of gives me this picture in head of something like Kled's ult which when hit's enemy does Warwick's ult, is that the way you imagined it? Also, it sounds like the ult would force Lin to attack the target. Maybe rather make it so it's not only usable on low hp enemies and Lin could just get extra attack range and attack speed on the target that Mun has ulted. Sort of like Caitlyn's traps increase the range. This would allow Lin to choose if he want's to attack Mun's target. Hope to see those 2 fellas in game some day ^_^
Sweet Lux (EUW)
: Loot System Trade (Player To Player)
In simple words, we have a saying: "One does not look in the teeth of a gifted horse" Might sound slightly different in proper english, yet the statement should be clear. A gift is something you are thankful for. You just don't look for ways to trade it. Loot system was made to give random things, if they wanted people to get the skins they want for free they would be giving tons of essence in boxes and selling skins for essence. What you now are suggesting here is a way to bankrupt the most popular F2P game leaving it unplayable cause nobody would keep it up for free.
: Jasfar, the new teen champion - Champion Concept - NOT OFFICAL
I love the idea and the way you described his looks. And I got some thought of how I would love him even more. His passive seems sort of the same thing his friend ekko does yet a bit on the weak side. Could maybe be enhanced with some Whip type of thing. Lets say each hit would add a stack of "Pain" which would make him bleed similar to Darius passive. The damage dealt would summ up in orange color like ashe's Q does. At 5 stacks the next auto could have bonus damage equal to the damage already done over time. This way slow attack speed with high AD would reward with a huge damage 6th hit due to the bleed in this time. Q could maybe not jump back to original place. I would like if instead you hit a whip at champ, pull yourself to him in a jumping motion and stay there. If you reactivate Q while jumping, you could jump on the enemy and kind of kick him to knock him back a small distance. This could pair up with his E so he can jump behind, then knock the enemy to wherever he needs him, could end up as an assassin that could jungle maybe. His W I have nothing to say about, feels like a smaller device of Ekko's R and does not reward with bonus healing which is just perfect skill. His E should have at least a litle cast time, otherwise it's just like a zhonya from which you can jump away straight after. Nees a way to cancel it. Also will he have a marker for maybe 0.25 seconds to indicate enemies where he is landing? Something like Zac's jump where you see a little shadow. Finally, his ult. Just perfection. I was thinking myself about such a champ that could pull everyone in slowly to him. Paired up with his E could be devastatingly OP but if cc stops him then I am all about it. P.S. Sorry for the long comment, just very hyped about this concept, love myself some whip champions ^_^
: [Concept Rework] Nunu - The Yeti Rider
Just for some clarity: In W you probably meant that Willump roars not Nunu. > Willump can still take damage (and die) and be interrupted, and will start to run back to Willump as soon as the channel ends. In place of second Willump you probably meant Nunu. Now to a confusing part I couldn't quite put together: > Passive: Nunu throws a ranged snowball at a target, dealing magic damage and slowing the target. How is this a passive? Did you mean that it's the passive to his autoattacks when he dismounts Willump? Kind of couldn't understand and started thinking he could autoattack with Willump and Nunu at the same time. The ult could be changed a bit differently thought. If you dismount Willump and he stays there it rather feels like deffensive type of ult. WHat I would like would be if instead when you press R Nunu dismounts Willump in place but Willump jumps to a designated location and start castin Absolute Zero. Imagine something like Megagnar jump when at landing the cast starts with the jump having pretty much the same range as Gnar's Leap. You are ditching Willump anyway, why not make him at least jump into them. P.S. if we make every champ with a mount into something like Kled, next thing I want to see is Corki parachuting to ground to start throwing grenades and using a rifle.
I would really like to have team rankeds back. We tend to watch LCS where guess what, they have teamnames. Why for example if I have 4 friends with whom I cooperate very well I wouldn't be allowed to play against another 5 people who are playing with the same goals as we are. I had too many people in flex saying that it's not really a ranked and it won't matter anyway and they just won't take it seriously. And even if we go as 5 in flex we are not matched with 5 premades all the time, sometimes enemies are 3 premades with 2 randoms who just basically give us free wins doing the opposite of those 3 premades. Sometimes it's vice versa and I get 2 randoms in team who just won't cooperate and came here to troll cause you see they only care about solo/duo queue. I see that teams would allow challengers to play with bronzes and boost em in such way but people smurf anyway so it doesn't make a lot of difference. Anyhow, I long for the days I could have my Latvian Pandas Jumping trought ranks and devastating enemies {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: Riot , just a skin that made me tremble about its beauty
INoKami (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Shaz´Van, Shield of the Void (Version: 1.1)
Simply love it! I had my fair share of ideas of projectile bounce and you pretty much took my words out of my mouth. Another silence champion is what I was looking for and so is another shield champion. Some might say that it sounds a lot like braum with that shield of his, but I beg to differ, cause if we have tons of champs that utilise guns, why can't we have two that can deflect projectiles. At start the fact that ult gives 3 different passives which is up to you to choose one kind of got me thinking his kit would have an unfillable hole, yet he has all he needs in the Q, W and E. One thing I would point out tho, his E strongly relies on buffing a minion so if there are no minions nearby he is left with only his Q and W. Maybe if there are no minions nearby he could summon some little voidling or few, but only if no minions are in set range.
: Noone is at level 3 yet. This system is ment to be progressed through the course of a season so i would expect atleast a couple of months to get level 3. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/l3xTFQnI-lets-chat-about-honor Check this post from riot simurgh
It is to be a long process except starting at season 8. This season it has upped rates simply because when it started there was not much left of the season. This means there might be some at lvl 3 right now or might be day or two away from that.
: New Champion : Minion King
I like the fact that you involve comtrolling minions yet besides his minions he is truely weak champion. He literraly feels like a champion that has no meaning without minions, so teamfights can only happen in busy lanes against enemies with no waveclear. I would rather like a different passive 1) Get 1 gold for every enemy minion that is killed by allied minion globaly 2) Spawn extra minion for every lane that gives no gold and looks different, meanwhile increase the gold enemy minions give by 1. and then change at leas some abilities to not have minions involved like some basic damaging or supporting skills that in no way affect minions. But that might be only what I am thinking.
: Umm, what? You toggle control, that includes mouse control, it's not like jayce or elise. This means you can basically put 1 top and 1 bot, as long as you're good you can basically do anything. And it's just 2 units, which is would be extremely easy.
Tho this would really be a difficult thing which does not come down to skill. Teamfights would be pretty much out of the quesstion as you would have no way of controlling both at the same time to be efficient, instead it would look like a cluster%%%%, this might end up players just having one of them to sit at base. The way I could maybe see it is if while one is about to recall you could send the other one to the lane so you always have presence. Maybe one could be sent to jungle while the other goes a different lane, or both jungle starting a different camp and sharing buffs and exp and doing 2 ganks almost at the same time. This way I could at least see it happen maybe.
David 777 (EUW)
: ***UPDATE*** Removed cdr from fire upgrades, increased attack range by +25 each tier. Changed mreg to mana from water upgrades, synergizes better with water totem. Changed fire upgrade's basic attack enhancement to something more *fiery*. Noted base attack range. Noted air upgrades passive deals extra damage on crit based on postmitigation damage. Specified basic attack functioning. ***Items:*** 4 Items --> 1 Item holding up to 3 upgrades of choice, so freely combinable. Can unlock up to 3 elementals. 1st tier upgrades : 500g. 2nd tier: 1000g. 3rd tier: 1500g. Upgrades can be sold for 33% of purchase price, if no higher tier upgrade is active. Basic attack enhancement cooldowns are static. Higher tier upgrades unlocks higher tier elementals. *Base attack range:* 175u ***Basic attacks:*** Kind of black bolts if range > 175. Only first enhancement to come out of cooldown applies and gets consumed. Enhanced attacks *cannot critically strike*. Enhanced attacks have a particle representing their element. Critical strikes have a wind particle if enhanced, which, once it hits and deals basic attack damage, bonces away and then back to the target to deal bonus magic damage. Bouncing takes the same time than a basic attack (1s/attack speed). * ***Earth:*** * *Tier 1* 50 Health, 5 armor, 5 magic resistance, 25% base health regen. Every 8s your next basic attack executes a minion or small monster or damages enemy champion or large monster for 10% of their current Health. Q upgrade: +2% max health dmg, +0.25s knockup duration. (base 0.75s, up to 1.5s at max) Q aura: 10% of Xelt's resistances to allies. * *Tier 2* 100 health, 10 armor, 10 magic resistance, 50% base health regen. Improved basic attack cooldown reduced to 6s. Q upgrade: +2% max health dmg, +0.25s knockup duration. Q aura: +10% of Xelt's resistances to allies. * *Tier 3* 200 health, 20 armor, 20 magic resistance, 100% base health regen. Improved basic attack cooldown reduced to 4s. Q upgrade: +2% max health dmg, +0.25s knockup duration. (for a total of +6% max hp and .75s knock up) Q aura: +10% of Xelt's resistances to allies. (for a total of 30%). * ***Fire:*** * *Tier 1* +100 attack range, 15 Ability power, 25% Base mana regen Every 7 seconds your next basic attack unleashes a tongue of flame towards the target. Doing so spends 1 mana per 1% of filled mana bar. The tongue of flame travels at 400u/s for the whole attack range, is 200u wide and burns enemies hit for 40 (+20% AP) magic damage over 5s. Travel speed, range, width and damage increase up to 50% at full mana. *This is considered a spell cast for all purposes.* W upgrade: +1s steal duration W aura: 10 (+7% AP) mana burn per second * *Tier 2* +100 attack range, 30 Ability power, 50% Base mana regen Improved basic attack burn to 60 (+30% AP) magic damage W upgrade: +1s steal duration W aura: +10 (+7% AP) mana burn per second * *Tier 3* +100 attack range, 60 Ability power, 100% Base mana regen Improved basic attack burn to 80 (+40% AP) magic damage W upgrade: +1s steal duration W aura: +10 (+7% AP) mana burn per second * ***Water:*** * *Tier 1* +75 attack range, 2% Movement speed, 5% Cooldown reduction, 75 mana Every 16s, the next basic attack marks the target for 3s. Allies hitting the marked target get 1/2/3% Health and Mana restored. E upgrade: +5% max mana to the shield E aura: heals allies for 5% missing health over 6s (totem duration) * *Tier 2* +75 attack range, 4% Movement speed, 5% Cooldown reduction, 150 mana Improved basic attack cooldown reduced to 12s. E upgrade: +5% max mana to the shield E aura: +5% missing health * *Tier 3* +75 attack range, 8% Movement speed, 5% cooldown reduction, 300 mana Improved basic attack cooldown reduced to 8s. E upgrade: +5% max mana to the shield E aura: +5% missing health (total 15% missing health) * ***Air:*** * *Tier 1* +150 attack range, 5 Attack damage, 5% Attack speed Critical strikes deal +10% extra *postmitigation* damage as magic damage. R upgrade: spawn damage increased by 20 (+10% AD) R aura: Attackspeed +10% for all allies * *Tier 2* +150 attack range, 10 Attack damage, 10% Attackspeed Critical strikes deal +10% extra damage *postmitigation* as magic damage. R upgrade: spawn damage increased by 20 (+10% AD) R aura: +10% Attackspeed bonus * *Tier 3* +150 attack range, 20 Attack damage, 20% Attackspeed Critical strikes deal +10% extra damage *postmitigation* as magic damage. (total +30%) R upgrade: spawn damage increased by 20 (+10% AD) R aura: +10% Attackspeed bonus ***Passive:*** At levels 6/11/16, gains the ability to transform summoned totems into their corresponding elementals if in possession of corresponding elemental upgrades. Higher tier elemental upgrades unlock stronger spirits. Cooldown 140/120/100 s, duration up to 10/25/40s. (Each elemental has sepparate cooldown, so multiple elementals can be summoned concurrently) ***Totems:*** Only 1 placed at any time. Placing new totem despawns old one. Placing a totem puts other totems at 3s cooldown, and the ability used at 1s static cooldown if the corresponding elemental is unlocked. After cooldown, recast to transform totem into elemental, repeating the summon effect (damage or whatever) and carrying the totem aura. When a totem despawns / transforms into elemental, gets put to 6s cooldown. Auras and bonus effects scale with number of buffs instead of skill level. ***Elementals:*** They get 40%/70%/100% of the original stats, depending on the upgrade tier. They act autonomously. * ***Earth*** Within 400 of Xelt, attacks the closest stunnable enemy (Prioritizes Xelt's attackers) * ***Fire*** Within 800 of Xelt, attacks the closest non-burning enemy (Prioritizes champs) * ***Water*** Always at Xelt's side. * ***Air*** Follows Xelt at 1 Teemo (100u) distance, copies Xelt's target. (Moves if neccessary)
Man, this is amazing! This is deffinitely sounding better than what I had in my mind of Xelt. Now after this I want him even more :D Nothing really to add to this, so much thought put into it, makes me happy ^_^
whyrawr (EUW)
: peaty to say but they wont do it because every team start buying this 2-3 for a team and the torrets would be off through the big part of the game. Ohmwrecker is cost that mush not because of stats, but because of this active, which you shouldn't get easy, stats are only addition.
Yet having 2 or 3 of them in a team would make no diff cause a turret cannot be shut off twice in a given amount of time.
TheLkBsS (EUW)
: That's a pretty good idea! But I don't think that it should spawn the voidlings,because it is supposed to be a normal Champion..
Well then technically we can run this gamemode in custom gathering 10 willing people and 1 in each team would make sure that everyone behaves. Cause if no real features are added it is easy makeing by themselves. This is how ARAM started. And for the quests. could have a pool of quests from which the gamemaster of the current game could pull out a quest and paste it in all chat. Once time ends or quests are completed the team that is supposed to lose should surrender. I wouldn't mind being one of those who test it.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Choose Your Own Champ Abilities!
You will flip when you see mine :D Appearance: {{champion:16}} _doesn't look like a threat_ Passive: {{champion:67}} _Movespeed towards enemy champs_ Q: {{champion:53}} _Grab (925 range)_ W: {{champion:12}} _Knockback (650 range)_ E: {{champion:27}} _Fling (550 range)_ R: {{champion:18}} _Knockback (600/800/1000 range)_ Total displacement of 3125 range For comparrison Lux ult is 3000 range Have fun ^_^
TheLkBsS (EUW)
: That's an interesting point.. Maybe the **Corruption** on the groung, would make it impossible for someone just stay "afk" on base, pushing them away after a certain time limit..
You could just call the enemy champion that has to be hunted a "Void Bringer" and let's say someone can get this on him only out of his base (not the fountain but the walls of base) and as soon as he becomes the voidbringer he appears on map similar to rift herald icon and cannot return within the walls of his base. Edit: he could also spawn little voidlings like ZZ'Rot
: Well, didn't really think about it for volibear but i could clearly see that him and ww were the ones it would benifit most :3 But it would also be a good choice of mr item (situationally) on other champs such as trynd, jax , (on hit) eve , tahm etc xdee I feel like the cone heal is too much doh, that would probably turn the item into an item you only take for the utility s:
it wouldn't really be that stron tho, the full 200 stacks would only appear after you have taken 4000 magic damage which would mean you would probably either have to be ready for ffight without activating the item long time ago or rather use it without max stacks which would really only heal about 200 hp per teamfight and only once in a given time.
NoobStory (EUW)
: But if they are separate, how do you move both of them at the same time?
Think maybe of Xayah and Rakan, 2 separate champs
: The idea with Jayce and Elise is good! Abilities like Varus' W could simply trigger with any ability as well, same with Xayah's W!
Yeah! as soon as it triggers! So teemo E could be on one shot and varus W could swap as soon as you proc the stacks. Tho what I am thinking of reading how all the skills should be loaded in the game, maybe each team bans 5 abilities that they don't want to see cause let's say you get Shaco's Q and then Malphite's R and then maybe some W and E that is painful, like katarina's W and aatrox's E :D And after the bans maybe some sort of draft system that make the ability pool smaller. Like being given 10 random champs which you can reroll or something maybe more simple. After all random abilities are cool and to have complete control of what you get would be lame and maybe op.
: Well the point of this item was to give an agressive mr tank item, since all other mr tank items, like {{item:3065}} or {{item:3001}} are all about utility, so changing his bonus agressive stats (Attack and movespeed) into a shield or heal would go against the reason i made up that item :v
I feel like you just wanted a new item for volibear :D Interesting idea but it rather feels like Knight's vow mixed with guinsoo's. If you want an aggressive tank item rather consider something slightly different than attackspeed, maybe some on hit bonuses. I will give you brief description of what I got in my mind, maybe it gives you a bit of brainstorm and something more amazing comes out of it. Guardian's cloak: {{item:1033}} + {{item:1006}} + {{item:1006}} + 250 gold = 1000 gold +30 MR +125% base HP regen. Unique Passive: Absorbs 5% of magic damage taken converting it into stacks of Guardian blessing. (max 100 stacks) Gain 1 movement speed for every 4 stacks. (max movement speed bonus +25) Basic attacks consume all stacks dealing magic damage equal to (0.05*stacks)% of your max HP and healing you for double the amount dealt. _5% of HP as max dmg_ _10% of HP heal assuming enemy has no MR_ **Few item choices could come out** Guardian's Hydra: Guardian's cloak + {{item:3077}} + {{item:1028}} + 500 gold = 3100 gold +50 MR +200% base HP regen. +30 AD +200 HP Unique Passive: Absorbs 5% of magic damage taken converting it into stacks of Guardian blessing. (max 200 stacks) Gain 1 movement speed for every 4 stacks. (max movement speed bonus +50) Unique Active: Next basic attack consume all stacks dealing magic damage equal to (0.05*stacks)% of your max HP in a cone and healing you and nearby allies for (2xdamage dealt/number of nearby champs). 50% HP heal if enemies have no MR and only you are healed after hitting 5 enemies. 10% HP heal if enemies have no MR and 5 allies nearby after hitting 5 enemies. Another item could be with Guardian's cloak and aegis of the legion, maybe called Guardian's Aegis. Absorbs damage from all allies. After active on hit damage one enemy and shield allies for some amount. But that's just my turn on it! ^_^
: An idea that could save a lot of games
There are too many people that are suggesting to take a look at your ally by clicking on minimap. It is understandable why it would be suggested. But let's say you are a support and you are waiting for the right moment in fight, let's say Kayle with her ult... If midlaners have their portraits merged you don't know if enemy midlaner is on lane or could show up and yet you can't peek at midlane itself to check if your ult might be in need in any moment. Of course all of this could be helped with people who communicate with pinging MIA or Assistance ping by telling that their enemy is MIA or they need assistance, yet I don't see anyone saying that :D Anyways, a split circle that would indicate all the champs in the cluster would help a lot, sometimes even with 2 allies being in one place ;)
Zangetsue (EUNE)
: New way to activate rift herald
I would like to point out the fact that it is an advantage for a disadvantage, if you keep messing up trying to ward but releasing it then maybe don't pick it up in first place? usually a jungler that doesn't rly counterjungle should pick it up so all lanes can still ward and jungler just goes to where herald could be released the best. Even better if support takes it and can still ward or someone with the green jungle item. but this is only for those who have problems with it, normal people can keep the thought that htey have it in their trinket slot. P.S. my trinket is bound to [`] the console button.
: It's not about experimenting, but just about having fun with them c:
AMEN my friend, I would like to do some cheesy rune pages for fun!
: Ohmwrecker buff + new item idea
I rather like this idea, giving a cheap item to disable turrets and being able to upgrade it seems amazing. Mini could stay on the 3 seconds but you could do 4 seconds on the big one. I have to say I would deffo buy this for some succesful ganks where jungler slowly walks up on lane and helps push to then kill em :D And the part about when you get the money you don't need it is so true, there have been so many times I would love to have it but as I did there were no turrets. Another suggestion I would like ot gove is that if enemy has no towers left the item would either transform or give bonus gold so you can easily swap it for something else.
: [Gamemode Concept] Random Ability Rift
If I had the chance I would be the 1st person to ever play this! I had thoughts about such gamemode but could not manage to put it on screen so detailed. Elise R and Jayce R could instead pressure you to change your Q W E to random ones with no cd on them! Only mana/health should be used for ability pools cause oh how many abilities there are, you won't have enough energy abilities to use all of energy anyways. Maybe these godlike champions should have all 4 passives of the champions of his abilities, this way Xayah E could be used cause autos after using Lee Sin Q would launch feathers. Non active abilities like Varus W and Teemo E could have time limit to them, or rather give them an ACTIVE - Change ability. Cause who would want to stay on Teemo poison if there could be so much more amazing and random stuff. It's the same as mystery box, if you were offered an Iphone or a mystery box, don't tell me the mystery box won't pop into your mind cause there could maybe be 2 Iphones :D All in all I am so down with this!
: Steve, the Crafter - champion concept.
How about let's keep minecraft and League of Legends into two different games, eh?
Adbraun (EUW)
: Gap in hired gun graves gun
This should go in bug reports under support & feedback section ;)
jacktjong (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Piltover's Genius, Geni
As far as I understood your idea I would like to see this champion come to life, tho I can't yet visually imagine the look of her or her abilities which makes it difficult ot judge. In my head is sitting an image of humanlike Orianna with the mad thinking of Ziggs or Jinx
: Champion Idea - Quirlan The Inquisitor
I am happy to say thet while reading his abilities I could imagine the animations of every ability and nearly fast forwarded a full game in my head with different looks of this champion. The mechanics seem amazing and the seal i sone of a kind effect which has not yet been introduced and would make tons of plays. His Q should have AP ratio instead of AD cause it doesn't feel like a physical type of skill. His R has no ratios which on one hand is bad but on the other hand I see how the damage increase on everything else might spice things up. In the end I have to say I would be overwhelmed to see this become real!
: Riot, react please.
Not sure about banning or dealing with zed, but your name should be changed for sure tho ^_^
GLurch (EUW)
: You make it sound like you can see the future and know everything about him. What if he indeed uses solar panels? What if he indeed is paying attention to politics? What if he is actually giving money to organizations that help the poor people in africa?
For all we know he could also be a priest in a secret organisation that fight's the awakening of the antichrist
: new champion idea i am making
I like the idea of a new poison champ but I feel like a poison so rare should have some kit that works with it. Like let's say using abilities or killing a minion/monster would reduce it's cooldown by a short time. His trap sounds like something really cool that supports could use on lane by being able to grab someone who steps in it and is trying ot run away or rather someone chasing yuo could be pulled away. With the ult I can see some potential yet an ult itself that only takes off CC and makes you immune to it and gives you flying isn't gonna cut it. Reactivating an ult to turn it off that only gives benefits would be unnecessary unless it costs mana every second. If it does cost mana or something else like health it could be good but only on QWE not his ult, just imagine a skill like on/off switching Olaf ult that costs mana every second of it's effect. His W should have something else to it. For example a passvie bonus or the active could allow him to see traps (no wards tho). With his currently described kit he could only be like flying olaf that occasionally poisons someone and gives vision and throws around bunch of minions.
Qu1ckDeath7 (EUNE)
: perma banned accounts
Setting aside everything about the ban system itself... The only reason a post like this is made is because someone didn't like the fact that being offensive to others got him punished. System doesn't have to be changed, each individual should instead stop offending others just because he is in his body and spirit a Keyboard Warrior.
: LOL in console game
Interesting idea, like story to play trought for every champ, yet looking back at how many champs they have this would take too much time to make something for everyone. Rather MMO game based on LoL factions with champions from each faction starting at their birthplace.
: Making Ranked More Streamlined
Sadly there are people who play just for winning. Even if there is a definite lose that only means that the rest of the game you can have as much fun as you wish without changing the ending. Oh! And mostly games where 2 people think they can win are lost because those other 3 just don't believe in them. Today I had a game where I nearly solo carried the game being able to kill two enemies by myself, while all my team did was go in and intentionally died cause I wouldn't surrender. So rather think how dumb a flex would be when 3 premades who are basic flamers would just surrender just cause they don't like you.
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