Kiimahrii (EUW)
: Your statement is kind of weird since on the one hand you claim it may be a problem with your notebook, however, the problem only happens at your bfs' place and other devices do not struggle. At my first guess it could be a problem with your bfs' router. If there are plenty of devices connected to it, your Notebook might be struggling with a proper connection. Another point could be the router or your notebook needing some upgrades. As for my second guess, if you are both playing and his internet is offering only 5-10Mbit/s, that could lead to paket loss. Since his PC is stationary and probably has the number one connection, he may have paket prioritazion over your device. Furthermore, if you should be receiving way more Mbit/s, you should contact your internet provider for sure, since you're literaly paying for way more. The paket loss is most likely an issue with the cables in your house, your street, or the router itself. To fix: do several speed tests with all devices. reset your router to default and do the tests again. Connect more devices and test again. If the Mbit/s improve after th router reset, it may not be your Notebooks problem. A reset may even fix it. IF Mbit/s improve but the problem remains, it is your Notebooks problem. Inform yourself at your internet provider call center about the cables of your street. If they are alright, tell them to send a technician to check on your bfs' houses' cables.
The provider knows, they've sent someone to "fix it" like three times now. It's been an ongoing struggle with *something* always being wrong. They got a new router, new cables, technician visits, periods of good internet for a day or two, periods of NO internet... it's a hot mess, really. Probably 20-30 calls to the hotline over the past five weeks. And I know it's confusing, that's why I asked - because both my notebook and their internet have their own issues going on. According to what you wrote, it seems relatively safe to assume that the low Mbit/s may be causing the problem, right? And he's not having the same problem because his connection is prioritized in some way? Would it change anything if we swapped our cables and tried again, or is the priority tied to the end device (and not the cable)? Sorry if I'm asking stupid questions haha. Just trying to figure out a way to test the theory.
: I got problems too, for some reason the champions keep teleporting in places and stuff and I got a good internet connection, plus I did not have this problem untill like five days.
Yeah, that's not really what's happening to me though. xD I'm not sure it's the same problem.
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XIC Wolf (EUW)
: Damn son you have no fear do ya. What about privacy huh? lol
well to be fair, he didn't ask for some sort of furry porn stuff including riven x a wolf so that's actually a step up from what I'd expect from a large portion of the community Kappa
: Crafting the Client: Draft and Ranked
I still really really hate the "new" role symbols. They look so much less delicate and... just overall pretty than the current ones we have. The lines are just too fat and undefinded, imo a huge step back from the symbols we have right now for the roles.
: > I also didn't mean that question in like a disrespectful way Don't worry, I didn't think so. > I'm genuinely curious basically what it is you're doing haha Me? Or Riot?
You, but that was obviously answered in the other post, thanks for clearing that up! :D
: A few months ago. > Who do we address now when it comes to Tribunal questions, etc.? His successor. We don't know his name yet, but he does exist. Until then: Feel free to ask us volunteers, we can always forward stuff (or even answer it ourselves).
I also didn't mean that question in like a disrespectful way, I'm genuinely curious basically what it is you're doing haha
: A few months ago. > Who do we address now when it comes to Tribunal questions, etc.? His successor. We don't know his name yet, but he does exist. Until then: Feel free to ask us volunteers, we can always forward stuff (or even answer it ourselves).
Nice, thanks. Also, I know your name from the forums, but idk about any other... uhh. Volunteers I guess? I'm not quite sure where you stand between Riot and the community (where DO you stand, I'm curious - some kind of forum mods or something?), but I guess when in doubt ask Humpelstilzche. :P
: Yeah I guess it's not for everyone. I find it fun to play once in a while for quick matches. I think blind pick is also working though. Seems the problem is with the dynamic team builder thingy.
Is Normal Queue working for you now? Ranked queues were just disabled for a few minutes but it's up again so I wonder if it's fixed now? o:
Dêtro (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sevolye,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=P0i2OvGH,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-08-12T10:19:43.037+0000) > > Ah well, I didn't consider EUW having an own HQ, I thought we just had our own server, but everything still goes through Riot over in the US when it comes to bugfixing etc. Nah, we got our own HQ , and own Staff
In that case... BABYRAGE!
-distant sounds of messy crying-
: > that saying "please report X for Y reason" is punishable You don't need a source for that, there is enough empirical evidence on the boards. Don't forget that forbidden behavior is defined by the community, so if we all say it's not allowed it's not allowed. > and that some1 who got reported by 9 players in a game does NOT have more chances of getting punished compared to some1 who got reported only by one player. This part is actually more difficult because Lyte deleted his account when he left Riot. So there isn't anything I can link. However there is at least one reddit post where he said something about this topic (his reddit account got deleted as well, but that deleted account, that's him): [Link]( > Player behavior systems are not just based on reports. Even if a premade of 4 reported you, if the reports are false, you won't receive a penalty. All player behavior systems are backed by the Report System, which tries to validate every single report. You might notice that he doesn't explicitly say that multiple reports have no additional effect, but at least he says that every single report is checked, which at least is pretty close to saying that only one is required. The most reliable info I have is that I discussed this with Rioters myself and I was assured that the number of reports has absolutely no influence on the chance of a player being punished. Sadly that's nothing I can link or prove, so that's probably not the source you would like to have.
Wait, Lyte left Riot? Unrelated comment, I'm sorry, but wow when did that happen? Who do we address now when it comes to Tribunal questions, etc.?
: Same problem for me but I queued up for Aram and it seems to be working normally so far.
Yeah but... ARAM sucks. xDD jk I just really dislike that game mode, idk why. But I also don't really enjoy most of the "fun modes" on the weekends so yeah. I'm a SR only type o' chick I guess. LOL
Dêtro (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sevolye,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=P0i2OvGH,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-08-12T10:04:16.723+0000) > > I doubt Riot is up and awake yet, considering in the US it's somewhere around 3-6 A.M. right now, depending on the location (not quite sure where the HQ are). Let's hope they tend to this asap when they get up and to work over there. Euw HQ is in Dublin,Irelande
Ah well, I didn't consider EUW having an own HQ, I thought we just had our own server, but everything still goes through Riot over in the US when it comes to bugfixing etc.
: client just droped the fix at 5200 files and started form the beginning... aarrghhh
Tbh, I doubt the repair option will help you, since it's a problem on Riot's end, most likely with their coding or their server.^^
: Ranked is the same, first 5 mins was just trying to pick roles, now currently in que of 30mins, as roles support and fill.
> [{quoted}](name=space caose,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=jJM5LnLt,comment-id=000a00000000,timestamp=2016-08-12T10:04:05.865+0000) > > in que of 30mins, as roles support and fill. Lmfao, didn't think I'd ever read this. Riot, the problem is pretty big if this happens.
sdsdfdf (EUW)
: Fix EUW, please.
I doubt Riot is up and awake yet, considering in the US it's somewhere around 3-6 A.M. right now, depending on the location (not quite sure where the HQ are). Let's hope they tend to this asap when they get up and to work over there.
xayi (EUW)
: Everyone in my friend list is just in queue. It concerns everyone i guess. Took me about 10 attempts to queue up. - either you cant join/open a lobby / it disbands on its own - you cant select roles / you did select roles but client kicks you cause you "didn't" - you wont find a game, don't waste your time {{champion:26}}
Curiosity: I've only been trying Normals, do you know what Ranked queues look like? Is it the same issue? What about Blind Pick (does anyone even fucking play Blind Pick lmao)?
Qet86 (EUW)
: yeah seems wierd, we were in queue at first, got a group after 2-3 minutes, but someone didn't accept so we got put back in matchmaking, then we waited another 10 minutes without any result, we then disbanded and reformed the team that's when the problem continued :P waited 27 mins, we just restarted our game clients to see if it helps :-)
Honestly, it's probably just going to keep taking forever, simply because a relatively large part of EUW doesn't seem able to play right now, so of course you have a smaller pool of potential teammates/enemies than usual.
Scoustar (EUW)
: Looks like Rito have been playing with the client, and have broken something while they've been at it. From errors earlier, to disbanded queues, I now have he auto-fill-choice option enforced. Many people, many problems, no word from Rito. I wonder if I've ever been in this situation before.........
I mean, Riot HQ are in the US, where it's somewhere around 3-6 A.M. right now. :D I'm sure someone will be up and going soon enough who will be able to let us over at EUW know what's going on and/or give a quick fix for it.
Qet86 (EUW)
: Can queue and don't get kicked out or anything, but we've been in queue for 17 minutes as of writing this, one of my mates even chose Support as a role, still no group :O
Sometimes someone disconnects in queue. Just restart it quickly, should fix the problem. At least it always does for me. Or the entire EUW community just can't play with you because their clients won't let them. x3
: no i get droped out of Q or the i don't get to championselect at all.
All right, well, let me know if the repair option does anything to fix your problem. :)
: Sounds like the problem i have, i am currently set the client on rapair to se if that fix the problem.
Also does it sometimes shut down your lobby saying "an error has occurred, your group has been disbanded"?
Rioter Comments
: Please fix Project Ashe, her ultimate and her other abilities are impossible to see for colour blind
It's terribly hard to see for non-colorblind as well. In close-ish range the projectile _literally_ looks like an auto attack. Seeing that skin on the enemy team in Ranked has started to tilt me lmfao
kullehh (EUNE)
: this game has started to disgust me
This is why we don't play blind pick. o/
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Pings are enough. Believe me. There are ways to even ping rather complex ideas. In many cases it's more efficient than using chat to begin with. Learn to use them, they are really indispensable. And I don't just mean "ss". For example, I alt+left mouse click on my Ult Shen. And ping on a opponent under tower for a dive. Things go how they supposed to. LS gives this, if you want to be better at the game. LS is korean server master / challenger player, pro teams coacher, if you need credible reference. There is nothing to lose muting all really. The trade off is an illusion. Focus on the game, not on chat.
I didn't even know LS uses this, yeah I know him fairly well. Guess I'll opt for trying that then. :D
kurnubego (EUNE)
: game starts, you enter these keys: enter /mute all enter Done. Enjoy flame free game. And no, you have obsolutely nothing to lose by this. Pings are all you need. Especially when you can alt left click on your ability to announce you cd or that ability is ready. You can even point out where are you going with which ability and when. So just do it. Mute all, even if team seems friendly in the champ select lobby.
I mean, I've done that a few times, and I do rather frequently in normals still do this, but I still feel like it's going to cost me some degree of communication regardless. You don't see any single higher elo player/streamer/whatever ever go /mute all, and virtually the only people who give this advice seem to be relatively(!) low elo, so I feel like especially as you get higher it may actually be a hindrance to your team communication, no?
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: Arcade Ahri
It's hard being an Ahri main who owns all skins. Gotta keep up the score! (I got like 3 of them through mystery gifts within one month when I started maining Ahri, so later I just decided fuck it and bought the rest along with it lol)
Phoenixdust (EUNE)
: Have you tried not failing your lane hard? :D But really, if you failed, do not try to blame any part of it on the flamers. You just gave them all the reason to flame. Sometimes shit happens, sometimes you play bad, mute the flamers and try your best, and never forget, it's just a game. BTW reporting the flamers is pretty asshole-ish, while even you agreed on your bad play... So instead of reporting players who may have carried you, try not to fail anymore :)
Of course, everyone slips up every now and then and goes like "are you an idiot" or something like that. But I don't consider reporting flamers who literally go around telling people to kill themselves, rape their mothers, etc. "asshole-ish". That's just trying my best to cleanse the League community of those who really don't deserve to be at all a part of it. I don't report people for saying one mean thing once lol. And trust me, I do "try not to fail anymore". That's like "try to stop making mistakes in life". It's like "...? I... am? Just like everyone is, naturally?" I'm not talking about losing games. Of course, 5 people yelling and raging at each other, or even just one player being really rage-y and negative in chat DOES destroy team morale and DOES lose games. But I'm not "blaming my failing in lane on flamers".^^ Saying I "gave them all the reason to flame" is like saying "well you made a mistake, which everyone does sometimes, shit happens, but because of that they are _allowed_ to flame you". Which they are not. **I never report for bad play.** Ever. Under no circumstances. Unless it's legitimate, ill-willed, intentional feeding being glaringly obvious, which, granted, has happened to me like twice in a year. I DO however report people whose attitude makes them incredibly ill company which no one in a video game should have to deal with. For example the stuff I mentioned above. And I completely disagree on saying that's an asshole move to do. It's the right thing to do.^^
: I,m also a frequent reporter, and i usually get like 3/10 notifications back out of all the reports i send. I have noticed that 99% of the notifications that returned were about players being punished for "being negative" .
How do you set up your reports / how in-depth do you go in description? Do you even type anything at all or just select categories? 30% seems like a huge number compared to the 1-2 times I've had a notification haha
Swittz (EUW)
: Yes it helps. Go get a hug and relax . If you keep this attitude up you'll eventually fall to the dark side
haha the dark side? As in flamers or as in people who don't report because they think it's useless? xD
: Flamers have their days numbered
Hard to believe that, considering for the past week I've had at least one in about 80% of my games.^^
: Like you said, a good starting point is muting the flamer as soon as they start their toxic rampage. Other than that, you have to accept some facts; you will have bad games, you will play and lose against people who play better. That's just the way the game works, 5/10 people are going to lose each match, you can't let that get you down. Getting to the point, keeping a cool head is key. Nobody's perfect, so don't hammer yourself when you aren't doing well. Try to play to the best of your abilities, that's all anyone can ask of you. And do your best to simply ignore the flamers. While realizing you made a mistake is important, getting it thrown into your face will not help anyone. This whole thing is a little vague, I hope you take something from what I wrote and it helps you.
Thank you for the uplifting words, have a cookie {{item:2054}}
Rioter Comments
: i dont say that everyone is shit but majority of them have the worst attitude. and at the same time they are not even good! xD
The funniest thing that I constantly hear in Gold which I honestly heard very rarely in lower Elo is the word "kid". People call others "kid" all the goddamn time, while being the whimpiest child themselves. You can literally give them a valid argument that they're being stupid or childish and embarrassing themselves and they're like "haha ok kid go to bed it's too late for you to be up". Like god, that's somewhere between amusing and really aggravating me. xD
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Well I don't let it affect my play.. But it just makes it less fun, and muting won't really help that.
Oh, don't underestimate muting people. When you have someone muted for like 5-10 minutes that you've been focused on the game during, you'll probably forget they were even flaming, at least unless reminded of it (this is why I mute even the people replying to the flamer, because it helps me disregard the flaming once I've had a few minutes to cool off and focus.) Also, it's near impossible to be completely unaffected when you're being constantly harassed, so I'd assume it's probably still subconsciously affecting the way you're playing to some degree.
GroveStreet (EUNE)
: Thanks. I enjoy playing Jax a lot to be honest, and I'm also happy with my damage most of the time, kinda same with Kayle. But I get bored quickly if I play the same champion too much. I usually test champions one by one and stick with the ones I enjoy playing, though for enjoying playing I need to play good which doesn't happen always. Buying situational items is really hard for me, as I want to be able to kill all of the enemy players, not only the ones from my lane, which makes it even harder. I also don't usually read the passive's of the items, mostly because I don't care too much about them.
Well there you have quite a few reasons for your inconsistency. c; You've got the tools to work on it, of course, if you want to.
: Thanks. If jhin offers therapy, would he be a Psycho therapist? (Yes I love bad puns, sue me, don't actually sue me)
hehe well I don't think he'd even finish studying. xD In the process he'd be checked through enough for them professors to be like "nu-uh". I'm just now realizing how funny psycho psychotherapist sounds, my god
: Muting pings from certain players
You know, the problem with that is team communication. When a flamer types shit into chat it's likely that he won't have much to say anymore for the rest of the game, stuff like "do baron" etc can and WILL also be communicated through pings. Now, if you mute everything from a player, or worse even, several or all of your teammates, you'll be cut off from genuinely important aspects of communication within your team. Even people who abuse spam pings also tend to ping useful stuff, simply because pinging baron or something is literally something everyone does, even those who spam as well. Just report those people after the game, you can't do very much about it.
: ***
There's a difference between spamming report report because I'm bad and can't carry (I addressed those cases of reporting out of spite in my post) and having a genuinely toxic person on your team who you want to make sure no one will have the misfortune to have to deal with again.
GroveStreet (EUNE)
: I understand that. But I simply get destroyed by guys who have one more item than me let's say. So not necessarily feeded or anything. They just do massive damage while I barely do any. Maybe I'm buying the wrong items, but I always follow the guides: Also in late games, even if I get all items I need, the other players will always be better.
That really just comes with experience, mate. If I may make a suggestion: find a champ you really really love to play. Try out every champ you can, try new ones all the time, play all you like - but focus especially on one champion. For me that was Ahri (315k Mastery Points as we speak). I could play a number of champs at a decent level, but what gave me consistency was to learn the absolute ins and outs of a champion, the things you'll never know from a guide but through playing hundreds of games. You know exactly if your Q will kill them now, if you can take that Syndra ult to the face and kill her afterwards or if you'll die, you'll know exact powerspikes and start to figure out mini management of the lane. You'll have played every possible matchup several times (even Galio!), and that'll give you consistency. Once you have that with 1-2 champs you can use those to widen your overall game knowledge. Figuring out when to do baron and when not to, where to rotate when and whether to do it at all, and give you the ability to shotcall for your team. This broad knowledge you can then apply as you learn more champions mechanically. Also, at your level, it's pretty frequent to be meeting lots of smurfs so that might also be a very big factor in your consistency problem. EDIT: Also, just following guides is not the way to go. You need to understand WHY someone buys an item at the exact time they do, and adapt to the game at hand. On Ahri for example, I usually go Morello first. Sometimes I go Luden's first. Sometimes I go Seeker's Armguard into Morello. Sometimes I rush the full Zhonya's. Sometimes I go Negatron Cloak into Morello. There's so many things you can do and so many variations in builds that can make a big difference. It's important to not just accept "this is what pros do" but learn to understand WHY exactly they build what they do when they do. And this, again, comes with experience, as well as maybe watching educational streams and content.
: >i dont know how man i realy dont know how It's either a psychiatrist or psychologist, i think it was psychologist but i always get those two words mixed up. >its because i have had 2 accounts permabanned for flaming and im beyond afraid that it will happen again but im trying SO hard not to speak with anyone but if im just asking for a simple gank and someone refuses to give me it i go mad ..yeah add anger management to the list.
Captain here: psychologist is a person who studied psychology. Psychotherapist is someone who studied psychology and does therapy. Psychiatrist is basically a psychotherapist who is allowed to prescribe medication. Source: studying psychology
Father Tios (EUNE)
: "We're just joking around"
Mute and report. (Or if you're like me, give in to your cravings some few times and talk back to them trying to make them realize they're being childish, without insults and stuff. Oh well.) Some days though I honestly go into a game and first thing I do before I even buy my items I go /mute all and it feels so good every once in a while. :3
: Is there a reason gold players are so toxic?
Should I be offended on behalf of Gold 5? There's actually people out there in G5 who strive to make the game a less toxic place, please notice us senpai {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
Najns (EUW)
: You can send a ticket to Riot Support and tell them to delete your account. That will solve your problem.
shhh or he actually uninstalls the game. Too complicated probably?
: At the inevitable cost of my placement matches. FeelsBoostedMan {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
thumbs up for your name {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: >The only reason pll Play this shity games is to trash talk and show their skill I think this is what we call "projecting" >hen u get chat ban for 50 games for calling someone a noob or go kill himself is so fcking dump How about, you just don't do that? >I dont give a fck i am gold elo A.K noob Actually gold is slightly above average. Bronze 2 - Silver is Average >i play for trashtalking and taunt Maybe read the rules? >RIOT took it away from ME ........... BAN ME RIOT FCK U ALL RIOT STAFF ALLL. .... a post complaining about riot restricting you for being toxic because you like being toxic...
> i think this is what we call "projecting" that one made me smile for some reason with its dry humor. Thank you sir for making a random person's day with a random not-even-super-funny side comment :)
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