PaperNay (EUW)
: You earn Key Fragments after a game and the more you earn the chance to get one is lowered - I believe this resets every month or 2. **[ not sure on the numbers! ]** You earn Chests if you or your pre-teammates earn a ** S- | S | S+ ** - But remember : you can only get a chest once with a champion within a Season! Also you can only earn 4 chests in a month after that you have to wait until you can earn another chest. [ visible on the Profile page in the client ]
Thanks, but still, i'm barely getting any keys. I don't even play that much in a month so i should be getting them frequently, and this is not the case.. :/
: I'm having the opposite problem... I've got about 4 keys and no chests to use with them...
Hmmm.. Do you have any idea how the system works..?
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Lsayu (EUNE)
: Read on wiki the definition of Malza's ult it might not be a debuf or something weird like that. Please check and post what you find out.
Wiki says nothing about Cleanse EDIT: When you are under suppression of Malzahar's ultimate the icon for Cleanse becomes black and you simply can't press it. Wiki on Ignite: Cleanse removes the damage-over-time component of Ignite, but not the healing reduction.
Halburun (EUW)
: Pretty sure you can cleanse ignite ._.
Been there, done it, didn't work..
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: vlad
This is about the skill of the player and the match making / i play vlad and trust me, sometimes i get matched up against certain champions wich i just can't win from, other times it's gg wp it's win for sure ( probably your case scenario this time )


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