: > Yeap sure, let's ban someone for entire week for calling someone "dumb" ...after being warned not to do that 13 times. > Are we 5 year olds? Precisely. Aren't we all old enough to treat each other with respect and behave like the civilized human beings we are?
Telling out your opinion is uncivilized? Telling someone what you think of them is uncivilized? Holy shit! Are we even allowed to fart during a League game or is that also banned here?
Hydnoras (EUW)
: I do not know about your case but i do agree that some of the bans from boards come from completely ridiculous things. As an example, i called elemental dragons retarded and i got ban for being offensive. That is some next level moderating and i have to say riot should just get new mods.
Some dude was telling other dude that he's wrong because he (the first dude) didn't see patch notes about Shaco, even though the second dude posted a link for them. So I asked the first dude "are you dumb or dumber?" and copy-pasted the changes. These dudes had been arguing for 4-5 comments before I posted.
: You have been warned about your behavior before (overall 14 times!), so you should have known that insulting other players on these boards is not tolerated...yet you did it again. That's why your post was deleted and you were banned. Please consider this punishment your final warning, including both accounts. If you can't watch your manners and don't behave properly, you simply can't use these boards. PS: I wasn't the moderator who dealt with your case, but I completely agree with the decision, since it is in line with our moderation guidelines. The moderator made the right call here.
Yeap sure, let's ban someone for entire week for calling someone "dumb". Are we 5 year olds? EU boards is literally a J.O.K.E. No wonder Riot gives minimal attention to it. Everyone here is either Bronze - Silver or a little girlies, that QQ over being called dumb.
314exeexe (EUNE)
: Get rekt - now go back to your kindergarden http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-624-notes
Tower won't agro somebody else, if you're only champion attacking the enemy champion and you Alpha Strike. Unless the Alpha Strike also kills the target. PS: After watching your video again, I realised how bad you are with Yi. Git gud.
Rioter Comments
: Prevent teammates from banning my intended pick
You can't. Maybe enemy wants to pick the same champion? If they pick before you, you still wouldn't be able to pick them.
: The System which should recognize intentional feeding is garbage, that's nothing new... I have seen a case in german board where 3 premades (DynamicQ, a bit ago) went full feed 2 games in a row, all ending the game at 20 minutes with stats like 0/22/0 and none of them got banned (not 14 days and not perma). On the other hand i saw a Bronze beginner who got r*ped by a platin botlane getting banned. (I saw the replay from him, it was not int feeding). It just doesn't work as it should. about Shaclone: When i look at the game only, i would have reported him for what he did. But honestly, when i see how they treated him in Champselect, banning his champ on purpose, flaming him, i have to say i would have done something similar and i understand him. People like this guys in Champselect are the real problem in League (Edit: The real problem about player behavoir, not about the game itself :D). They think its ok to fk up people on purpose, trying to make them tilt. But boy, they cry like b*tches when u tilt then, don't even realise that they caused this.
TBH, since Riot banned Shaclone based on his YouTube videos, Riot should also ban the players flaming him, his family and trolling him in champ selection and in-game based on his videos. In his latest video I believe, you can easily see how his teammate banned Shaco and then flamed Shaclone, his mother etc.
: Yes and i just realized that this isnt your first QQ thread ... Just to say im probabaly several times better than you in League and have more gameknowledge ... AND im not blaming my team or riot !
Are you shitting me? By looking up all he random crap you say on boards, it's proof you have very little knowledge about this game. You're living in your tiny little box.
: > Does that mean Shaclone wasn't intentional feeding? No, he still did that. The example you quoted is just that: An example, not a definition. An example of a player that would get a punishment. That doesn't mean other intentional feeders don't get punished. > Also shall I start writing list of names for Riot that qualify for this? Definitely not. You should report those players, that's why this report function exists. That's precisely the function that got Shaclone banned.
No, that report "function" does nothing. Only reason Shaclone was punished was because of his video, where he CLEARLY states he's going to play SERIOUS. If Riot actually punished intentional feeding as they claim they do, then I'd want to see that 0-10-0 int feeder troll Sona that has done it 5+ games by now suspended.
: Why bonobos?
So what you're saying is that Bonobos are too intelligent to be "flame" word for bad League players? So we need a new one, got any suggestions?
: Master yi alpha strike bug and rageblade bug
: The Bots in Aram...
There are bots in Intermediate Co-OP vs AI games. They play first 5 minutes on lane. Then go sit AFK at fountain or allied Nexus towers and every time an ally gets a kill they say "Good job!" in chat or something similar. When an ally gets killed, they say "close one!". After enemies have Nexus only up, they run out of base again.
MrSnaiden (EUW)
: how is the match making still broken? i thought this is new season
Because it's designed to boost lower skilled ones and slow down ones who "gain too fast". Faker in NA had like 10 game if not more losing spree on his smurf because his teammates were absolute garbage.
Rioter Comments
: With 6 items and the ability to get instagibbed by anyone threw the entire game Its good that you dont balance the game, adcs suffer til 3-4 items before that they are inable to actually carry in late they are supposed to be gods when peeled, thats because of all ithers roles being insanely good mid game and pretty ok early/late
Do you even know what the hell you are typing?
: So you got stopped in a 5v4 mostly and then a nearly full build/full build vayne does dmg ?? What THAT SHOULDNT POSSIBLE kappa If she can farm that ling then so be it its even more ridicolus that a tank/bruiser can take 3/4 of an adcs life in 1-2 seconds while not taking dmg
Thing is, I can't play for my teammates as well, I can't control their mind. Thing is, that Vayne was absolute dogshit in mechanics, just had to right click, Q, right click.
: \#worth
Thing is, PayPal advertises "100% cashback guarantee!" But unless you have 1000 transactions made before you go for a cashback, you get fucked and not just you, but everyone with same living address as you.
: Make a charge back. That way you get your money back and your friend will get his account locked untill he pays for the skin himself.
Yeah and 2 weeks later PayPal will send you a message your PayPal account has been suspended because of a chargeback. It happened to me a while go.
: It's already having the cooldown increased at earlier levels and having the %hp shield per enemy champ lowered to 5%.
That's a really stupid "fix". Changes nothing but makes it weaker for everyone.
: New famous phrase of the game "I try to win"
> Leona was attacking Jinx and Riven was attacking Tristana So who was Tristana attacking and how did that not leave Tristana unprotected?
: players are easily punished if they are not lvl 30 yet as they are new players and in the "test phase" Also you dont know if he got a CR ... Sona didnt make videos about herself trolling and int feeding while saying it out loud She could also be just incredibly bad and then a ban would be retarded You also exaggerate extremely , i had around 3 int feeders and 5 trolls in my whole lol carrier on all accounts... and you say you had 40(ups just realized as you are toxic you will get more of them because you inflict them to it even if you dont realize it) Also you wouldnt defend him if you werent a fan of him, just look at dunkeys and tyler1s cases They got rightfzlly punished
Tyler flames every person 24/7... As for your "i only had 3 trolls in 5 years" bs, just stick it up your...
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Sorry but that just sounds like you simply threw a wining game adn are blaming your teammates.
How did I throw it? By actually thinking I had someone to back me up and help me end this? I couldn't 1v5 them for entire game. They had 2 inhibs down and my teammates were all AFK at our Nexus. They didn't even bother to play anymore, seeing how I was "carrying" them. Sure maybe I could've just kept on blindly pushing some lane, hoping enemies wouldn't notice and I could've ended the game, but that wasn't even solid tactics when they were pushing down my bottom lane constantly or just sitting at base with 5 and defending. IT WAS my teammates' fault, simply because mostly, they did nothig entire game. Heimerdonger was only teammate that actually played, but even he got sloppy when I was 3 hitting enemies and kept being AFK. I ask few things from my teammates: 1) Don't troll 2) Don't go feeding, play safe or go play Co-OP 3) Don't go AFK 4) Defend the damn towers, kill minions and get carried 5) When I ask for your help, come and help me But that's too hard for them. Still HAVE to fight every enemy over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.
Le Tukker (EUW)
: Why would you play this game the
Why would I play when I get constantly laners that go 0-10-0 in 5-10 minutes on a lane and then DC or stay AFK? I rather just mess around then and give 0 fucks and troll as well.
: that nidalee isn't a support, that's a lost jungler.{{summoner:11}}
Only thing lost is her damn brain. Entire game she was trolling or AFK, spamming "IDC" every time she died.
: their algorithm is based on matchmaking rating (mmr) and the only noticable way to improve that is by playing ranked (which you can't due to your account not being level 30). on another note, you're really not as dependant on good teammates as you think you are. i've personally solo carried almost every match i won this season, with the exception of a few where i had either 1 or 2 other decent players to help out, but mostly solo. i got myself from bronze 4/3 all the way up to platinum 5 and i went through the exact same stuff as you did. so what's the difference between us? experience and attitude, if you put your mind to improving your own play rather than focussing on 4 random strangers that you'll most likely never meet again you'll end up having the same kind of games like i do, the ones where you carry people in your backpack all the way to the top. and even if you lose a few it doesn't matter, even pros tend to hang around at a 70-80% winrate at max, no one can win every game they play unfortunately.
Mind into improving? GO fuck that sentence so deep up your anus you feel it in your throat. There's nothing to improve if I stomp my every enemy in a 1v1 scenario. There's no carrying someone who goes 0-5 in first 6 minutes because "no ganks noob" and then rage quits. There's no carrying a fucking team that is 10-50 in team score and you have the 10 takedowns. Win every game? who talks about winning every game? I want to win at least every second game, not win every 8th because my teammates are incapable of not feeding 24/7. I know there are better players than them out there. Just this match making is so dog shit and beats your MMR 100ft under ground. Basically Riot's logic is this: Have 50% win ratio, try to carry some idiots who have 10% win ratio and no KDA what so ever. I don't fucking mind if my teammates are just bad, let's say they lose lane and die 2-5x in 15 minute laning phase and keep playing and helping out. But I don't get players like that. I get some dipshits that "main" Riven, yasuo, vayne and go 0-8-0 in first 5 minutes and then flame and blame everyone for their deaths. If they don't flame and blame, they just DC or keep running down the lane. What I'm saying here is, that I don't get bad players as teammates, I get most direct trolls. I would have higher chance of winning with either bots or completely new players to League than these Bronze V trolls.
Farce (EUNE)
: You killed all of them, their trist did the same for the enemy team. I seriously don't know what the hell you are trying to imply. The game was perfectly balanced, even average damage dealt was more or less equal. Also, you can't beat all of them 1v1 judging by your 0/7 udyrs or 1/6 yi with 6 mobilities (inting?).
LOL, those games I went trolling after my teammates had died already 5x each and we had nothing left to defend. So what if their Tristana got fed in the end? Does it fucking matter that few enemies also had high deaths? No. why? Because they actually played the game and died because I killed them. They tried to fight back or run away when they saw they couldn't. What did my teammates do? nothing. They would just go HAM into enemies' towers, 1v3's, AFK, etc. This fucking Nidalee jumped into enemies when she had 100 HP and gave enemy a double. Then she was AFK practically entire game, being useless piece of shit. Damage over game etc doesn't imply balance. How many players were active, what is skill level of each player in the game, determine it. By your logic a Challenger player with 4 Bronzies vs 5 Platinum players is a balanced team because the Challenger player can stomp the platinum he's again and in the end team damage might be equal.
47857 (EUW)
: Uh oh, a whinny kid blaming Riot for the behaviour of players, how original. Oh and troll how much you want man, you'll just end up banned.
Riot's match making algorithm is root of all this.
: Even worse than Vayne bot with a good support is Tristana+Lux. About "Any Karma and Sona" i disagree partially, not every single one humiliates enemy adc, i see what you mean though.
Our bottom lane beat Vayne hard. Top lane was losing hard and mid was alright, even though she was really bad. I was super fed and could burst enemies, but their team had so many counters to me (Cassio for example, I was Diana jungle). Basically Vayne had 12 deaths, was farming all game while their super fed Leona top rest of the team were constantly defending. In the end a 12 death Vayne was basically farming us at our own base just because she could kill you in a second.
: Just play blue Ezreal
He's also broken and I don't play at bot lane.
Tarolock (EUW)
: you hate them so you join them, wheres the logic in that?
Because then I wont waste my time trying to win? I can just troll around and have a giggle. I'm sick of being forced into games that were lost before 15 minute mark, simply because my teammates were doing nothing but feeding or AFK.
JinJiD (EUW)
: This is the problem with this system, you can call Shaclone toxic all that you want, but what is true is that he never trolls by himself, he only trolls as a response to being trolled. He genuinely wants to win every game he plays. But this community is shit, and the percentage of people who has a shitty attitude an insults is so damn big. And reports don't mean shit, because you end up reporting every damn game and your reports lose weight. I have found so many people that are way worse than shaclone, and they will never get banned because this system is all fucked up, if they really wanted to have a good system they would use the tribunal, but for some stupid reason it doesn't work anymore. Somebody knows how many years has it been since the Tribunal is down? They even have this message in the website: "We are busy making changes to the Tribunal and expect to have things up and running again in the future. Thank you for your patience!" All in all, this is a damn joke of a community and it's a shame, because the game has a tremendous potential (that's why I keep playing, there is always hope... but some day it will run out).
Dude, look up Shaclone's last video, you can see his teammates flaming him and talking shit about this mother etc... Those people should be permanently banned for verbal abuse...
: In my opinion, adc should have a better early. Because any karma or sona just humiliates most adc until they get 2 items, , and thats a bit long to wait
No, they need to be weaker throughout the game, same for all the "fighter" mages and fighters/bruisers that burst harder than Assassins. Marksmen's idea is constant damage per second. Right now though, Cait, Vayne, Jhin are nothing but instant 2-3K damage burst in few autos.
Rismosch (EUW)
: But those Nerfs don't adress her issue. As far as I am concerned, they just lower the time she is stealthed. That doesn't fix anything, because a Q Autoattack with {{item:3031}} and {{item:3087}} crits you with over 1000 damage. Changing the stealth doesn't change this, which is by far the most unbalanced thing in her kit.
They reverted the stealth because it was "too bad". Basically -5% from Q damage at best. Her ult should only give like 40 AD rank 3 and Q give bonus 50% AD on next auto.
: > Also system picks teams so each team would have aprox. same average MMR, not each player having similar individual >MMR. This is entire reason why teams are unbalanced. Teams are still built with people of around the same MMR. And even if MMR of the people facing each other in lane is exactly the same, there will still be super onesided stomps. Because MMR doesn't account for someone having a bad day, getting camped by the jungler, getting counterpicked, etc.
But it will stop the trolls. I don't care if someone just played lane bad, I'm sick of idiots who go 0-10 in the first 5-10 minutes. People who die 2-3 times in few minutes and then go AFK or start walking down mid. I'm sick of having players who have IQ of monkey's testicle (*cough* bronze V players *cough*) and enemies from silver-plat.
Tarolock (EUW)
: i did, you want a ranked system where you gain/lose mmr based on your grades, but this isnt 1v1 where that would make sense, its a team game where if you are ahead/fed but not helping other lanes and you lose you shouldnt lose less lp than them just because you had a good grade
Again, you didn't read at all. I said you gain or lose based on the game outcome, but you gain bonus for playing good. This way people that get boosted or carried all the time with really bad scores don't climb so fast. Also you didn't read clearly at all, because I never mention ranked.
duckarp (EUNE)
: By finding friends so you're not getting matched with random people? It was your decision to leave it on chance and play a team game as a solo player.
oh, because I totally have friends that play League still...
Farce (EUNE)
: Well, whatever works for you. Took me a week to get a smurf to gold, so you must be extremely unlucky... Or you are missing something. In the game you linked you had 2 teammates that have done badly - ori and nida. And you apparently dont realize your opponents had the same situation with 3/10 mundo, 5/10 urgot and 3/10 karma (if we consider that of any matter on support role, which we shouldnt). So, this game was actually pretty damn even. Seeing the statistics like damage, towers etc, it's even more balanced. And btw, i just checked and realized you are level 20. Dont expect even games, 90% of players below lvl 30 are smurfing, so you are at a disadvantage to begin with. But thats even more pointless to get so irritated over a game, since it doesnt affect anything, youll maybe get ~10 ip less.
you don't realise that I killed all of them? Also difference is, that they played the game in the end. My teammates just trolled or were AFK. Also, yeah I know these people smurf, but they're so trash they really shouldn't. Maybe Bronze V on their main accounts. I can easily beat any enemy I've gone against on lane or 1v1, just can't carry team of 4 Bronze V imbeciles doing nothing useful. These teammates are literally like having a rock chained to your leg when you swimming. As for rewards, a) You get 50% of everything, if not less. Not to mention you gain basically 0 mastery points and in the end, you still lost the game and your mood is -100.
duckarp (EUNE)
: Yes, but you can decide who you play with. If you leave it on a random algorithm, you're the only one to blame, aren't you?
How the fuck can I decide who I play with?
Farce (EUNE)
: That's aside of the fact, that "worse team" in 50 games in a row is quite a huge exaggeration.
oh is it? look me up dude. Nothing but me being 1v5. Of course it isn't 50 games in straight row, it's usually 5-10 games lost where my teammate are 10+ deaths and 1-5 takedowns. Then I win a few and lose spree continues. But doesn't matter now, I will start trolling and pretending I know nothing, maybe Rito gives me the gud teams then.
duckarp (EUNE)
: Why should Riot be responsible for your teammates? If you aren't satisfied with randoms, find yourself a team and play only with people you know and trust.
because it's their algorithm. Why the fuck do I get the ones with 10% win raito and 1:1 KDA? Enemies are fucking 2:1 KDA at least.
Rioter Comments
Tarolock (EUW)
: why on earth every single player wants to change this game to 1v1, this is not a 1v1 game ffs, you are playing as a TEAM, either a 3v3 or a 5v5 but as a TEAM, and as such the effort you put into a game should be a team effort, if you base mmr on individual performance you make the most unbalanced game ever that would already have the outcome on champ select: since everyone would want to get the best grades for a fast climb everyone would play on their main, no matter what, noone on the team have knockup? i dont care i can only play yasuo ill pick him and stuff like that, then how would you measure splitpushing? or tactics like proxy singed etc? because those plays get the worst grades but they work and can win games
LOL! You didn't read at all. People like you make boards useless.
FYI, everyone wondering what sort of shit he has to deal with, go watch his new video. Heck I'll link it here, you lazy ass. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAStNuqMY8A
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sex on Rìft,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KPT5L5cR,comment-id=00050000000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-11-29T17:14:21.706+0000) > > OK? Where's proof that Irelia didn't do it intentionally? Where's proof Shaclone did? He even said "I will not int feed, I will actually try". > > What I'm saying is, there's no proof of either of them doing it not doing it. And if Shaclone was decided he was doing it, so should Irelia and every other random pleb who goes 0-5 or 0-10 or what ever score on lane. Not everyone of these "plebs" has a reputation of intentional feeding :)
so player having 0-15-0 game for third in row isn't intentionally feeding? good joke.
Rioter Comments
Infernape (EUW)
: He has a history of intentionally feeding. He did what he did with the intention of sabotaging the game. There's a fine line between getting killed and getting killed deliberately. Not to mention he was playing in a lane he was not assigned on purpose.
OK? Where's proof that Irelia didn't do it intentionally? Where's proof Shaclone did? He even said "I will not int feed, I will actually try". What I'm saying is, there's no proof of either of them doing it not doing it. And if Shaclone was decided he was doing it, so should Irelia and every other random pleb who goes 0-5 or 0-10 or what ever score on lane.
: >So my suggestion would be that each player starts with certain MMR (Match Making Rating) that is calculated with base amount + multiplier * your summoner level. Each time you win a match, you gain certain base amount + some extra based on your personal performance. well done, you suggested sth which is there for ages. We just can't see the mmr, thats why its called "hidden mmr" m8 ;)
Only that system doesn't work this way. Everyone has this "hidden MMR" and you gain/lose same amount, doesn't matter if you got S+ or C-. Also system picks teams so each team would have aprox. same average MMR, not each player having similar individual MMR. This is entire reason why teams are unbalanced.
Infernape (EUW)
: She should get punished for the AFK, but not for dying if she didn't do it intentionally. If it was through just being killed (through no fault of her own), no. Either way Shaclone got what he deserved.
Why should Shaclone then be punished for dying? He didn't die intentionally, enemies just killed him.
Possible (EUW)
: I called my teammate a "intentional feeder" in one game, said "report X for trolling" in second and called teammate stupid in third. I was punished instantly. Riot must hate you m8. Its definetly not because you were toxic or something
Yeah, because it's totally a toxic behavior, but arguing with people like you is like teaching a cow how to dance.
Infernape (EUW)
: Maybe because a certain manbaby threw a tantrum, and fed the enemies to the point where it was impossible to deal with them? Irelia was 0/5/0 not 0/10/0 through no fault of their own. That's the point. Feeding is not punishable unless it's completely intentional like what Shaclone did.
What if I told you that Irelia was 0-5-0 and rage quit the game way before Shaclone hit his 4th death?
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