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: Their reworks are questionable lately... (and yes I saw the "sol" part the first time I read the first few sentances) I don't play the champion, but the overall changes sounded "strange". I wonder if there were even enough players on PvE to be willing to even test that outside of a bot match. @_o
I was completely open to the changes at first and thought they looked "interesting" - in a way I couldn't directly tell how they would change gameplay. After having tried them extensively I absolutely hate them. Before there were many viable builds for Sol, now you must go Electrocute and rush Spellbinder. Without electrocute you miss burst - a burst mage without burst is garbage, especially with bad CC and no range. Spellbinder is the only item that gives you enough damage AND enough movement speed (to offset the removal of passive E and your AWFUL 325 base movement speed). If Sol at least got buffed to 340 base movement speed...
: I get where the anger is coming from, but frankly there were very few matchups where A Sol could really do his thing before the change. As far as I'm aware, he is/was the only DPS mage in the game that has zero sustain/survivability (shields, heals) tools in his kit, and he couldn't really kick out as much damage as quickly as say a Ryze or Cassio. The change they made, while not to everyone's liking (I do however have a friend that mains A Sol and he loves the changes), do kind of make sense, giving him more of a burst/trade kind of pattern, rather than trying to rely on kind of slow DPS in a world of high mobility and burst.
So he has zero survivability and sustain and they decide to gimp his AP ratio by 30% while also making his spell super easy to counterplay - so instead of adding more strengths to a character plagued by too many weaknesses, they just add another weakness. Great balancing.
: Aurelion is so weak his W duration is like nothing. His damage isnt even that higher. The buff he needs is W duration longer Better base damage on Passive And Ultimate
What he needs is his 0.35 ratio back on W.
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: I have no idea which champion you're referring to, maybe you should clarify a bit more in your thread what or who you're referrering to ?
1. His name is in the post, read more closely 2. Guess his play rate dropped so bad after this shit-rework that people forgot he even existed 3. Look at my summoner name 4. Look at my summoner icon
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