: looking for other females to play with c:
and me and my twin sister IGN:spideypants her IGN: Lord Pupen
MathiasC (EUW)
: Gathering up a team of players arround bronze and silver
SquisHz (EUW)
: Leagstr Roses, All Girls Team, Looking for TopLaner
add me in game pls so we can talk. IGN:spideypants
: Looking to Create Team - LF Top, Jungle and Support
IGN:spideypants Position: Top Rank: plat 5 atm but i am diamond level Best 3 champs: gnar, teemo and riven (i know how to wall jump easy)
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fairpaddy (EUW)
: Silver team
IGN: Epic Feast Time league: plat smurf just add me so we can talk some more
Forsakeñ (EUW)
: Plat jungler looking for a team for the new season.
add me in game IGN: spideypants. when i accept you just say "yo i am here" so that i know its you because a lot of people are adding me lately
Syranja (EUW)
: Female Toplane
add me in game pls IGN:spideypants
Twanvb (EUW)
add me in game IGN:spideypants
: Looking for a rankedteam (silver)
add spidepants on EUWest so we can talk


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