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: Not wanting to change your login name?
At the very least what Riot could (or, should) do is to clarify which and how certain accounts are clashing. Take my case, for example. I have a PBE account. I have an EUW account. They both have the same username, yet I'm not sure if my PBE account is the same as my EUW account, or if it's just two accounts that have the same username. If it's the latter, then, is that why I can't pick my username again? Did someone already take my username? If two accounts on different servers have the same name, is it a first come first served? Neither can get that username while the other doesn't change? A little information would go a long way, because as far as I know, I'm competing against myself for my username.
: Yet you're the same kind of person who complains about "smurfs" "ruining" low elo. Funny how smurfs dominate games and get 70-80% winrates because their skill is so much higher yet its still luck of the draw. Putting it simply, if you are better than the players are your elo, you will climb. If you are about the same it won't stay the same, it'll fluctuate. It's not about winning every game and being lucky enough to have good players on your team to climb, it's how well you can CONSISTENTLY play good vs the enemy at your elo, if you have 3 great games that doesn't mean you should be a league higher, it just means you are getting better and had 3 great games. If you got destroyed in lane at silver V then where does it put you. That dumb logic equates to you assuming you can play well vs diamond players. Even as a support main in the support role there is a massive difference between what a higher elo player is doing vs a lower elo player and how often they can maintain that level of play game in game out
It's not all that linear though. Tonight I played an aram match, and the enemy had a Riven 1 trick Diamond player...playing Riven. Animations super slick (as in, 1000 dmg in < 0.5 seconds), and you could tell the guy was good at Riven. He carried. Hard. Although it wasn't because he was good at Riven that he was that effective. No. It was because my teammates were, frankly, bad and/or trolling, which (quite obvious) engages by said riven that could be easily stopped by better players (eg: Zyra and TF that would go melee against riven without even using their cc) Sometimes you can actually know what to do, but just have a team that refuses to aknowledge they must change their playstyle. Like that full AD toplaner you had going 0/10. Sometimes you have to change something, and sometimes it's your team, and they refuse to. It happens. Like I said, it's not that linear.
: > [{quoted}](name=Biscuit Bite,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=85si4yEN,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-10-31T00:14:24.459+0000) > > {{champion:103}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:74}} > > Those guys have an easy life. lategame - sure. midgame - some of them. early game - only some. best pusher: {{champion:34}} +{{item:3070}} +{{item:3010}} best tower killer: {{champion:115}} +{{item:3100}} honorable mentions: {{champion:103}}{{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:161}}
Breaking it down: {{champion:245}} , {{champion:112}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:115}} can clear waves extremely fast, with just a few points on their abilities (although Ziggs would get OOM very quickly). {{champion:90}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:134}}{{champion:4}} need a few items, but then they clear it really fast But fact is, Ekko and Viktor are disgustingly OP pushers (1 ability %%%%s a whole wave without much setup. Morgana can technically 1 shot waves too, but it's slower and needs setup) But ye, regarding tower pushing, Ziggs is the best (especially with a rushed lich bane). Although he won't be too good at fighting and will clear slightly slower, so maybe {{champion:4}} can be a better option because he can just spam Q and regen mana on the tower, assuming the Zed the OP talked about isn't returning to lane anytime soon.
Smerk (EUW)
: Good ratios? Where? I see +0% AP on Passive, Q, W, E and R. Lichbane has +50%
{{item:3089}} - 120 AP (+35% AP) {{item:3285}} - 100 AP (+100 + (10% AP) Damage) {{item:3115}} - 80 AP (+ 15 + (15% AP) Damage) {{item:3146}} - 80 AP (+250 + (30% AP) Damage) {{item:3100}} - 80 AP (+50% AP Damage) That's 621 AP from items. Which means, that using a single attack she deals: 100 + (621*0.1) + 15 + (621*0.15)+ 250 + (621*0.3) + (621*0.5) = 100 + 62.1 + 15 + 186.3 + 250 + 186.3 + 310.5 = 1110.6 Magic Damage, all from one engage. Then there's her base damage which pump that even higher (and even more if you count that she'll proc lich bane and nashor's more than once) Good for 1v1s bru!
: {{champion:48}} = troll anything else that's negative in the game = asshole
Problem is being an asshole is against the rules, but so is using that word, so we gotta resort to insult Trundle if we want to refer to assholes :(
Smerk (EUW)
: Yes, it is trash, your abilities will deal barely any damage and you will have to rely on lichbane empowered autos only, any decent opponent will completely wreck you
But good ratios man :c
Dragyen (EUNE)
: >Not buying sightstone = troll as support? yes
Not necessarily. But in some cases it's too obvious sightstone is needed to survive (read: not die stepping out of base) But other times not going sightstone is better, if you have vision from other sources that covers the area you're camping in, and can get an important power-spike (eg: {{item:3504}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3107}} on some matchups)
: trolling is willingly lowering your team chances to win with your behaviour, doing something bad BECAUSE is bad: picking shitty items ON PURPOSE (not cause u truly believe they can work or u are trying something etc; just to be less effective, like a rabadon on riven etc), picking a shitty champ for a certain role ON PURPOSE (u know is trash AND u pick him/her BECAUSE is trash, to damage your team) yadda yadda yadda
So you're telling me that {{champion:92}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3100}} is trash and doesn't kill people?
IcySilver (EUNE)
: That makes no sense. I didn't asked you that...
It does make sense. Your question is just poorly worded. "Do I get an extra?" Extra what? The rewards you get are the base rewards for reaching gold (Border and Victorious Graves). Since you reached both flex and solo/duo, then you get 2 chromas (One for Flex, one for Solo/Duo), and you get the Victorious Ward.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Baka Red,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=5hUY29u4,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-04-28T07:12:22.831+0000) > > Lets see: If &#x27;ally&#x27; spams &quot;Enemy missing&quot; on team mate&#x27;s corpse, when the enemies are dancing on it I would think it would be pretty easy for a Riot system to detect You are thinking in human and not in machine. For us humans is easy to see when a ping is being used to annoy. There's isn't a variable that says "oh, he's pinging a corpse". All the machine knows is: a ping, from who and where. They probably could overlap both a ping detection and other stuff, but is that really necessary? Because you would have to bring in a lot of variables to the table, such as: enemy entity? ally entity? neutral entity? pet? champion? minion? monster? ward?, etc. All that stuff takes computing time. Imagine how much testing is needed for all those variables, every time you want to know why a ping was used. > Enemy missing ping near an enemy who is in clear view sounds easy to detect to me, but what do I know? :) Exactly. You are a human, so you can SEE. A machine doesn't see. All it has is logs of stuff that happened during the game. The best it can do is correlate events. I don't know either which are the limitations of the system. I assume they have the pings stored in those logs, but I don't know how easy it is to make something out of it. What I know they can do is "count" how many pings in sucession were used (and where).
Quite the contrary, the same method that calculates the sight radius can be used the return that information to a method that calls it, in order to check whether a dead champion (which we also know there's a method to check) has vision of the enemy
Aseraan (EUW)
: oh im sry are ppl still talking about this? Also again how the fak u die from 100 to 0 in 1 towerdive AND DONT KILL ANY OF THE ENEMY IM SRY?
There are Champions that can do that quite easily. 2v1 Dives: {{champion:266}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} etc.. Heck, 1v1 Divs: {{champion:245}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} etc..
: i have no words for this behavior. i have never seen it tough, because i only play ranked. However, if this is a thing then... IT IS ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY, STUNNIGLY STUPID! Like.. really.sitting in front of your monitor, literally doing nothing, just to farm virtual currency in a video game? REALLY?! This is not what video games are for. Video games are for turning your spare time into FUN, not for grinding resources. If someone does this, they should consider taking extra hours instead and buying RP for the extra money. Hella more efficient use of time and just as fun.
Have you considered that they do it so they can buy the things they want to play with?
: ***
When I said punish I meant that the restrictions that are in place are actually punishing players. For example, you're punished if you dodge a queue, even if you do so to avoid a match where someone states that they will intentionally feed. Your option? Dodge, lose LP and have a timeout. Or alternatively you have to play. But you have to play a game where the enemy team is fed since the start. Sure you can report that person, but you're stuck at least 10 minutes in that game (and if it ended in 10 minutes it's most likely because you opened mid and in that case you're breaking the rules), more realistically you're stuck 20 minutes in such a game. And the thing is, most games are either a stomp because someone's 0/3 5 minutes in without any jungle interference, or because someone goes afk early and doesn't come back, or afks mid/late game and the team can't defend 4v5
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: Link to match? Ziggs got to level 3 because of Baron
Rioter Comments
Aseraan (EUW)
: and again why is that my fault as jungle if u stand under tower whit hp he can dive u? im sry its my job even to tell u that? Hey u there on top yes one of the bigger minions whit the sword PRESS B u will lose some cs but u dont die so u still gona be able to lane against ur opponent. YOUR WELCOME
No, there are champions who can 100-0 you under tower. You literally cannot do anything but try to roam and farm the jungle. However those vry champions survive the towershots with a really low ammount of HP, which essentially means the jungler not counter engaging that dive is stupid
Biuvoc (EUW)
: Why people flame jungler all time
Sometimes they can be 0/3 and be able only die because you have no jungle pressure and the enemy can freely towerdive and escape with 10 hp. The second you gank after the enemy laner risks you get a kill, and possibly a tower. If all lanes are losing, either matchmaking %%%%ed up or you just apply no pressure
: The dragon is supposed to do that and both teams can try to secure it. Why is this an issue with fiddlesticks specifically?
It applies on hit. Meaning that the more you attack the more true damage you do. Fiddle's damage applies super often. Kogmaw with 5.0AS also melts baron with mountain drake
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ik wiI kaas,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=w9HjuWZX,comment-id=0011,timestamp=2016-05-13T07:13:54.287+0000) > > [Town of Salem]( > > It&#x27;s the best game ever, and the games don&#x27;t take longer than 15 min. you are like me!!!! GG but seriously i hate mafias they are OP such as the godfather lol
I just tried the game. I started as godfather and one of my mafiosos left instantly and I accidentally killed the other one. The framer died on night 1 to the serial killer At least I held until the final 4
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Well it is a bit confusing since, in your thread you talk alot about fiddlesticks and malzahar when in reality the issue you're talking about is the dragon.
I mention Malzahar once, and Swain aswell, because they have similar interactions with Fiddle's W. And it's Fiddlesticks issue, because it's his interaction with the Mountain Drake. On other champions that drake feels quite balanced
: > [{quoted}](name=Sffc,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eNF3TlQt,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-13T03:19:40.068+0000) > > Don&amp;#039;t get me wrong the changes to Fiddlesticks are pretty good. And I&amp;#039;m not talking about direct changes. I&amp;#039;m actually talking about the Dragons. > > You see, that true damage that each champion does on hit on an epic monster and a turret? Well, turns out that 10 true damage easily turns in 200 with Fiddlesticks&amp;#039;s tether. I suspect Malzahar&amp;#039;s E and Swain&amp;#039;s R will have similar effects (albeit less noticeable). > > As comparison, I pretty much solo&amp;#039;ed Baron after getting the 3rd Mountain Drake, in a few seconds. I think you are is some sort of delusion. Do you understand how this buff works? Can we start with reading the description, and explaining to me what means 10 true damage :)
> + 10 / 20 / 30% bonus damage to epic monsters and towers as true damage. At rank 5 it does 180 (+45%AP) , at that point in most cases you have at least 200 damage from this. 10% of 200 in true damage is 20 True damage With his tether that quickly turns into into 20 true damage every second, however it's applied in quick successions of 7-10 damage, and results in a super smooth clear of dragon or baron. Pair that with high AP and one or two more Mountain Drakes and you are effectively melting baron
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Are you talking about mountain dragon?
I did mention that in the OP
: Jhin still actually uses his basic attacks as primary damage source, making him a marksman (and an adc in his case because his kit allows it). His attack speed doesnt scale but it is compensated by giving him more ad.
Someone's really got something against you, every single one of your posts gets downvoted lol
Rioter Comments
: SUGGESTION: How to make Champion Mastery more appealing
They're already doing that for ranks 6 and 7 Except you have to pay real life money for it. Or rather, you use essense that can be earned through chests and keys, however they're coded in a way that unless you use RP to buy keys, you'll have a huge stack of unopened chests
: > Ppl don't really fight over it unless you know you can fight it because of number advantage and so on.. The idea wasn't to create suicidal bravery trying to get objectives... it was to make them worth contesting. You won't fight for every dragon but as every buff is valuable you won't be able to brush off the enemy getting one so easily.... before this change 1st buff was negligible early game so early dragons ment very little, 2nd and 4th where mostly forgotten about, and 3rd was pretty decent. This ment that you never wanted to fight for it... unless it was a 5th drag or you where very far ahead fighting for dragon was an unnecessary risk as the buffs didn't mean much and you could just get the next one to catch up... Now every buff is strong so potentially you would be encouraged to contest... not forced to but the consequences for not doing so are hard to balance out.
The thing is, not contesting is also a strategy. While one team groups to do dragon, and is stalled by a support (Team A tries to take Dragon and is stalled by Support B), Team B can take baron or 3 turrets. It's a tradeoff.
: Master Yi got Sejuani'd
Actually, Cinderhulk came out, then on the next patch Cinderhulk AND Sejuani were nerfed, and then Sejuani AND Cinderhulk were nerfed again, and two patches later Cinderhulk was nerfed again xD Best part is that then they buffed Cinderhulk slightly but nerfed Sejuani again xD
: He doesn't need it, he has enough mobility as is to keep up with you plus a second slow in his kit. The reason you brought QSS vs a fizz is too get rid of the W DoT and the ult damage amp... both of those don't work anymore.
Against people with gapcreators he needs it, his Q doesn't do damage if they dash to an out of range position between your cast and your landing. You still move, but you do no damage
: > Fizz though? Oh yeah it's completely fine to have a core part of his assassination combo nullified at the press of a button. It doesn't... even if it drops the fish you still get the damage amp which is more than enough to get a kill.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sffc,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fAxEUu4x,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-11T22:46:47.473+0000) > > Because every fucking time I declare one champion **my team** decides to ban him, and then ban 2 other midlaners, and the enemy team bans 3 more midlaners and I have to play a champion I&amp;#039;m not comfteable at all mid because my team decided to ignore me twice. > > Either that or they have visual glitches... or they&amp;#039;re assholes Well, you need to learn to play champions, that are with low ban-rate. Otherwise you are the asshole, that joins ranked, when he lacks the ability to play even 2 positions. There are enough, even if they ban 20 champions, there are 20 more that fit that role really well.
Yea excuse me if from last patch to this patch 3 of my mid picks became permabanned by **my own team even though I declare them before the banning phase**
: meh i just misunderstood your sentence. my bad. But while i'm at it, Jhin is an adc. He has everything that defines an adc. Blue ezreal on the other hand, is an ad caster and not an ad carry. The reason why i dislike him a lot when my team picks him. He isn't even close to as useful as an adc would be.
If you think about it Jhin isn't really an ADC, his bullets are somewhat of extra skills. His playstyle resembles Ezreal much more than Lucian for example. His auto attacks are pretty much 1.5 sec cooldown Point and Click projectiles, and he doesn't actually scale off with (as in incresing damage by doing more attacks) attack speed and such It's kind of like having an Ezreal Q that is targetted
: How are turkey winning the "own the rift for your region"?
Publicity and/or bad algorithms. EUW didn't get any noteworthy warnings regarding the event. Heck, I only heard about it today myself. On top of that I havent' seen a single person with the icon being used. Secondly, the points gained are adjusted based on the size of the region, meaning that 100 Active people in Turkey will garner more points than 100 Active people in EUW. What that means is that to generate the same number of points EUW needs more players to play using the icon. If players aren't using it it's even harder for EUW to catch up. If Turkey had the event well publicized (Not only officially, but also by streamers, youtubers and word of mouth), then it's not hard to see how they have more points. Or the algorithm used to "make it fair" is just 'nerfing' some regions too hard, which in turn gets skewed results.
: >And a Marksman can be an ADC (in fact all Champions can) nope, melee champions cannot be marksmen. :) Marksman is a champion that uses basic attacks from range as primary damage source.
And did I say the opposite? A Marksman can be an ADC Other Classes can also be ADCs (eg: Trynda, Yi)
: Teemo not ADC
But teemo is a Marksman. And a Marksman can be an ADC (in fact all Champions can). X being a Marksman doesn't mean that X is an adc. Caitlyn is an ADC Marksman Teemo is a Mage Marksman Kogmaw can be an ADC Marksman, but also Mage or Hybrid Marksman Jhin is a marksman, yet not an adc
: Everyone has bad games, and if you use caps like that in-game and blame your team for everything you are toxic.
The thing is, games never seem like a random assortment of players. It's one team with good players that gets fed and snowballs on a team with bad players. A match with similarly matched players is pretty rare, and even if one team snowballs the other team is at least able to counter that snowballing by playing decently. Take my last match as an example. I knew it was lost at champion select. And I didn't even play badly I was just in a bad place. I declare one champion, my team bans it. I declare another champion my team bans it. In the end, 4 of the midlaners I main were banned. Result? I had to play Lux, which was promptly counterpicked by a katarina that was premade with a smurfing jungler. Result? I couldn't do anything because I would die, and despite trying, I couldn't do anything to stop my Top and my Jungler from towerdiving an akali at level 1, at level 3 and at level 5 (when she was 8). And, despite me asking, shaco just flatout refused to Q into my lane and smite the 100 hp Katarina that was in my lane for ages. Like I said, mid was a stalemate. Teams completly tied. But They had the ~~better~~ good premade, so they won. It felt lost since the start. And I was right
Rioter Comments
: What are you talking about? No it isn't. Blind pick DOESN'T let you see your opponents picks until have ALREADY PICKED your champion. Blind pick is far from the same as Dynamic queue. Might want to check those facts mate.
Blind pick is just like it was before. The current champion select only changed two things, visuals and who bans. Exactly the same on other situations
: With pink? Nothing With Brofrescro? Cringe (but that's a personal opinion)
Fresco is fun. I mean, it depends on your humour. I for one think Calbel is hilarious because I'm a very sad person who likes very dark humour. Same with kiandymundi/Sky Williams. Different types of humour. Fresco is like them, his "character" is being cringey and #YoLo . Because, let's face it, it's his target audience. I'm not sure if he said it or not, but it's blantly evident that he doesn't know much about the game. He's just having fun with it. He could be better, he could be worse. But he's enjoying the ride. That's fun. Some videos may be hilarious because of that, others may be boring because of that, but in the end it comes down to tastes. If people like what he does and view his content (me included) then that's great, because he does seem to try to be there for his audience (which in turn gives him his dollars). Does he fall into cringe and clickbait? Yes. But goddamn, it's his channel and his character. If he wanted to do a full twerk video it would still be massively viewed because that's the audience he has. People who like stupid (as in silly, relaxed, positive, not negative) things. He's kind of the (current) pewdiepie of League. On the other hand you have 'deeper' channels such as gbay99, which I stumbled upon once and really enjoy watching. He's sensible and pretty much shares (most of) my views on the world and the game. But in the end, it's people, everyone's different, and that's a good thing. Be it silly Frescini, ~~gold~~platbay99 or SivHD who mostly posts jukes and fun plays. It's entertainment, and the very fact that we're talking about them right now means that they are doing something right.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Which is why it's more reliable, do you really want champions state would be decided by a nuch of firstimers on difficult champion?
Precisely why I said it. It's people who KNOW how to play him, meaning that the very best with the champion CANNOT get a neutral win-rate
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Only one of your examples is a bug, the other are balance changes which I stated aren't what PBE is intended for. PBE catches tons of bugs before release, but even then, there will be those that hit live. But if we didn't have PBE at all, there would be way more bugs hitting the live servers.
Like the Caitlyn-Sivir bug last year or so? That had some reports and was still pushed live, and then resulted in the removal of (if I recall) Caitlyn. Or the Ashe-Azir bug..
: Nope, almost all of the feedback was people complaing that they got killed due to the buff, most of them never even tried them but they still have the feedback
It wasn't just that. Vocal minority may have been the case you're mentioning. Anyway, it's pretty much as it's already been said. PBE is mostly for skinspotlights and "look at this gamebreaking bug that i will exploit for 40 minutes against that team"yay Yes, it's a form of troubleshooting, but it's not the only one, and it's by far not effective at all
Winbricks (EUW)
: Crazy new item idea!
How about +5000% Attack Speed + UNIQUE PASSIVE Every Auto attack hits three times + UNIQUE ACTIVE You can't take damage for the next 5 minutes (50 sec cooldown) {{champion:67}} likes
Elepole (EUW)
: PBE asked for skarner rework buff before he go to live, same for Mordekaiser. PBE is the worst people to follow when it come to balance. And i'm on pbe too.
Which then prompted requests for nerfs which didn't come. They were released on live despite having testers saying the buffs went too far
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: 49 on also with this change her skillcap overall increased and free week so obviously all that will lower her winrate.
The website you provided is for Ranked (Meaning not free week) and Diamond+ (Not random new players playing her in ranked). Note that hey playrate is 3%. That's indicative that only mains are playing her. So we get: Diamond+ Anivia Mains tryharding in ranks are under 50% , when i nthe same situations underplayed champions tend to have 50-55% winrates (pre-rework Malzahar, Orianna, Viktor for example)
: Well considering last time they listened to feedback on the pbe garen, darius, morde and skarner all got huge buffs on the pbe during their juggernaut update because we said they where unplayable... we all saw how well that turned out. We might think that we know better, but we are more inclined to biasy which can result in bad feedback that hurts the game more than if riot ignored us.
The feedback on the pbe was that they were broken lol. And it was true. And it still is true. Especially Mordekaiser and Skarner. They are still balls of stats. You nerf they are unplayable. You buff they're overpowered
Hansiman (EUNE)
: PBE is also mainly intended to weed out major bugs, and not balance specific changes. For that, the playerbase is way too small, and the skillgap in games way too large to gain accurate data.
Yap, except I'm still to see a PBE Report on something that is ridiculously broken, and it going live and not getting nerfed for being broken as heck. Let's see... Oh yea, Release Ekko where you couldn't even see his W until it procced. Skarner rework. Mordekaiser rework. Cinderhulk... geezus
: What are you? Gay! (joking) No i think he's straight he has a gf SunnySplotion i think Edit: Wtf? why downvote i was answering his question. If you took the gay part seriously. Dude. Im gay myself so i dont see the problem.
. Weird arse username (on youtube) : Slimillaniator (close enough). Real name Camilla. But even if he was gay, what's wrong with Pink?
: Double-role grades
It's a constantly changing parameters. While you certainly did really well (by your stats): You warded a lot, Got 7 kills and more than the double of that in assists , and you even got some farm (33 cs in a 28 minute game). To be fair the farm was kinda crappy (33 cs is really low at 30 minutes, even for a support). With that said, constantly changing parameters. They constantly change because you're not graded for doing xyz, you're graded for doing xyz better than MOST of the other people playing the same champion & role at your elo. You're good. But you're not amongst the best Zyra Supports for your Elo
Verdaloth (EUW)
: Hey SFFC, A server in South Africa would have the primary purposes of serving the Southern African communities. As you say, it might be that the investigation determines the number of active users would make for a poor matchmaking experience. In which case the team will reassess. That is not to say there are no efforts focused on some of the regions you mentioned. Nicolo posted on just that [here]( (I know the post is old, it was just to demonstrate they actively review regions) You use Japan as an example as a poor location for a server, but our international team after analysis of that market decided it did make sense for the players there. And as such we now have a server in Japan. Many regions have complexity regarding the connection routes, geography is only one part of the equation. Maybe not the answer you wanted, but I hope that helps understand some of our logic.
First of all thank you for your reply, Secondly: I don't think Japan would be a poor location for a server. I mean, it would be, but not really. When I meant that Portugal, Japan, etc.. would be poor locations I was referring to the connection routes that Japan would take if you wanted to make (for example) An East Asian Server. Or Portugal, if you wanted a West Europe Server. Both countries are somewhat bad geographical locations because countries adjacent to them (Spain, China) could possibly be better. A server based dedicated to its own country is obviously a good thing, if there's the necessary playerbase in it. In other words, I meant that Japan would be a bad idea for an Asian server, but a server for Japan is quite good actually! Which is what I meant regarding Africa. Ideally, if Central Africa had good infrastructures, it could be possible to power a server to cover South Africa and North Africa somewhat decently. Although, like I said, that's in an ideal scenario, which is quite likely not possible as (at least I don't know of them) Africa really doesn't have the best technology present other than in South Africa. That's bad news for South Africans. However if they do manage to garner a good ammount of players, maybe they'll get their own server one day. Who knows. (Although as a side note, are you allowed to share an aproximate number of players that would be considered enough for a good matchmaking experience during most of the day?)
: Deadman's plate on-hit doesnt work with ranged characters.
But it gives the movement speed buff on top of extra armor and hp. Not cost efficient against Aps for sure, but against a full AD it's not that bad if you only need mobility
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