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raishinari (EUNE)
: If you try Heroes of the Storm once, ...
> [{quoted}](name=raishinari,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Tcimum7p,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-19T21:02:22.791+0000) > > there is no return back to LoL. I believe you but I can still come back. o.O
A Ocean (EUW)
: Illaoi
Orbs/Spheres are common with Mages in LoL.
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MicroBr3w (EUW)
: "Oh, no...."
> [{quoted}](name=MicroBr3w,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZvmnK8LT,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-09-18T12:36:03.125+0000) > > During champ select, what champs cause you to think "oh oh, we're in trouble" when they are picked by the enemy team? Pick up to three. > > Here's mine: > > 1. > {{champion:107}} Almost exactly the same. Rengar's unrelenting kit is broken. **So broken**. This isn't salt; it's actually intolerable. The constant distance-closing from brush also looks stupid as--. #The right-click pouncing frequency abuse needs to stack a cooldown: More jumps; incremental cooldown. #With it a visual prompt to notify Rengar player they cannot pounce every 2 seconds. Rengar's theme has gone out the window: He is not a hunter. He is a slaughterer. Fix it please. ___ Whenever there's a Garen 5.16 on their team I know we're going to lose. Majority of the time that prediction comes true. {{champion:86}}. Darius' instant heal needs to change to a heal-over-time immediately (or both equally). It's just as bad as having a Shen ulti your target right now. {{champion:122}}
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: If you don't know what a champion in your match does
#Loading Screen Requests: **Match-Ups:** Informative verses to prompt premeditative thought before match begins. * Your champion matched against all enemy champions. * Your champion matched with all ally champions. **Statistics:** Each champion has their Runes and other stats revealed to every player. **Faster:** Loading screens load faster!
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Bombardox (EUW)
In my mind I can't help shake the thought that this Dha Ma Balanced Force is like ... adopted through-out Ionia culture. * the disbanded Kinkou Order. (shen) * Karma's magic discipline. * etc... ___ Of all the 'super-ego' sorts of characters, they tend to be homed somewhere: 1. Demons _may_ reside in Bilgewater for all its fermenting misery. 2. Undead reside in the Shadow Isles. 3. Angels _may_ reside in Demacia. 4. Ascendants resided in Shurima. 5. Voidborn resided in Icathia. _but then..._ 6. Celestial beings (Soraka / Bard) reside in Ionia .. yet this DhaMa comes along. Just a bit confused in the logical direction of which domain these DhaMa would reside in if not Ionia. :p
: 'They Are Coming' Analyzed: Yes, it's probably a new champion, and heres why.
I would rather see a Malhazar update or an Outworld event instead of this DhaMa.
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Shénzhì (EUW)
: 2878 RP - What the F?
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Myster10 (EUNE)
: qq about fiora
Her new hairstyle was so much better..
: Captain Fortune
Yes. there really ought to be a sale for those who missed out on Captain Gangplank, too. While they're at it: put all the Bilgewater Skins on sale at the end (10th Aug) for couple of days..
candoodle (EUW)
: "Taric's Bears"
Taric should get a Draven update.
Minkse (EUNE)
: I thought there should be counterplay in this game...
Referring to burst champions? There are many old kits that need updating and some have. They're updated to give a grace period to visually prompt the other player of a burst attack. Should that burst attack be designed to be instant (like Zed and Malphite ult), there's a visual prompt but is untargetable and so there must be a significant counter-play consequence for the target player to fight back fairly. Warwick ultimate is absolutely shit and needs changed immediately.
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: Make Annie throw Tibbers instead of instantly cast
Yes this needs to happen. Right now.
Ebola san (EUNE)
: The new HUD rant is still a thing.
I like it. Maybe need some changes here and there but it's definitely better.
Eveninn (EUW)
: New? Items :o
I think it's a Season 5 joke. More items.
Lawful (EUNE)
: Do you like the New Gangplank?
love it except the barrels instant appearing is a bit weird.
Skyrim99 (EUNE)
I don't play dirty champions including Teemo because they're just that: fucking stupid kits.
: I Fixed Fiora's Ugly Face :D
Eugh.. I wish they kept this first VU....
huckasex (EUW)
: very very unlikely but you can contact support and try it
: Have a pat on the back for your subjective opinion then. It's not unappreciative to not like something so don't even try and imply that.
: Riot please give us our game back
I like the announcer. I like the ARAM. I like Gangplank. I liked Fiora VU#1 / VU#2 I am appreciative.
Renyth (EUW)
: Someone tell me this is just a really bad dream.
Seems fine to me except.. the barrel-dropping is a bit sudden. Deal with it.
: Fiddlesticks? more like Fiddles dicks
I do believe his kit needs updating.
E3 Dream (EUNE)
: Dear Riot...
It's their **kit **. They're early season kits which are mostly all poor... but Swain's is arguably ok. A slight MF-like change on his kit wouldn't be bad at all. Lux kit is also cringe. HUD is fine.
: Teemo ult rework idea
Maybe his ult pick up mushrooms when placing one in same place as other. This way he can replace them. Some adjustments here and there; this could work and stops planting shrooms in same place.
: I hate this pirate announcer voice. its stupid, makes no sense.
Well. That's your opinion. It may matter or it may not. It's in game now. I like it. I understand it.
StarMerge (EUW)
: Riven Broken?
Rafen in recent Bilgewater story (Act II): > [{quoted}](name=Shénzhì,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=QxXdZa0b,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-07-24T01:55:14.657+0000) > > Replaces Riven. > > Riven: > > * Excessive movement buffs (distance-closing, escaping, etc) > * Tanking capabilities. > * Crowd-controlling > * High damage. > * Additional high damage > * Jump over walls.. > * Excessive area-of-effect > * Additional ranged cone-of-fire finisher > * With FLASH ... > * Looks stupid when escaping because no-one does what Riven does. > > Rafen: > > * Quality in-game product.
Agidyne (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bombardox,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fw4pKbIl,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-24T18:46:57.152+0000) > > yes but a good yi wouldnt engage himself to get supercc'd right ? > if your weakness is the ennemy cc cover it > if cc yi is a good option against him what would you do if he has {{item:3111}} or {{item:3172}} and {{item:2138}} and banshees also tenacity runes and {{item:3139}} --- > if cc yi is a good option against him what would you do if he has {{item:3111}} or {{item:3172}} and {{item:2138}} and banshees also tenacity runes and {{item:3139}} --- > banshees also tenacity runes and {{item:3139}} --- > tenacity runes
: "the Darkin Crossbow"
I tend to the idea of Varus in the early stages of Darkin metamorphosis from wielding the bow whereas Aatrox is a fully metamorphosed being (if not Human) into his current physiology. Whether crossbow, longbow, shortbow or whichever I think it's best to just have one and Varus fits the role. * the Darkin Blade * the Darkin Arrow * the Darkin * the Darkin * the Darkin
If the color palette was similar to Celestine Soraka .. or maybe just Celestine Shen, i'd probably think better of it. I'm not sure Shen lore relates to him being an outsider but I interpret his lore has similarities to Soraka and Bard. He's like a military vice for a non-military faction, _in my opinion_, so possibly also mercenary-like or special ops.
: Braum is THE best support
: ....... you missed the point so much your shooting at another planet.... ok whats more reliable? some dude going "i went x kda so y is good champion" or stats over literally billions of games? and the point werent even about stats it was about how people need to stop defending evey fucking champion. i bet if riot released a champ all hes spells are the same they add 1 magic damage to hes next auto, doesnt even reset the auto attack and is on a 5 min cooldown... someone out their is gonna go "i went 21/4/9 on shitgod so hes a good champion"
I was agreeing with you how people find a shitty reasons to approve of their defense of a champion, and statistics usually comes into it. Using ways to defend a champion based on statistics, quite clearly, which may consequently land preemptive thoughts to excuse the person from denouncing a champion. An ill review affecting the community. Anything thereafter to reaffirm that thought including what you describe. Whether the person is good or not With or Against a specific champion there are outstanding champs that are 'dirty'. They may be good but the champion's kit may be disgusting even though 'base stats are balanced' or whatever to regulate a nominal win-rate among other champs.
: Buff Jax please :( :(
Yes delete Riven. Everything else: no. :p
: pls remove fizz...
Fizz is dirty gameplay - yes. He is also really, really ugly. Really damn fugly. Because it's so cringe to look at, I'd have it removed.
: Can people stop defending every champion?
Relying just on statistics ... is where everyone always go wrong. People use it anyway because it's become an unnegotiable social tool to say 'Fk you. This is why!' Well, no. It's not the answer. There are problems with champions even though statistics _suggest_ otherwise. I call them 'dirty champions'.
LikeOrbit (EUW)
: This game is turning out about who plays the most non-sense, obnoxious bullshit.
The fundamentals of this game's design is exactly the same and is never changed simply because adding new stuff is easier. Forever finding an optimal Mastery and Rune set is time-consuming, and consistency is automatically disrupted--oh, but it's ok. 'We have a shit ton of items consistent enough to smooth that over.' Bullshit. Why they add all this season 5 excess anyway?? Didn't need new monster buffs. Didn't need PvP smites. We never think of how completely unnecessary Runes and Masteries are, neither. I suppose it's a way of thinking backwards that is frowned upon. They can critically assess and redevelop their perpetual gaming product forever but no improvement will be solid until the fundamental game designs and 'dirty gameplays' are completely cleaned/removed. At least they try to improve the game unlike other game developers and distributors (Evolve). New champions and items shouldn't be a priority. It may be free-to-play but it's also compel-to-pay. This Bilgewater event. The items. Thank fk it's just an event. Imagine them being added to normal gamemodes? It's like a reflection of a joke upon itself lol
: The true monster in League of Legends? (Teemo/Fizz/Ziggs)
Ziggs constant casting is absurd. There has to be a recharge up to 3 bombs (like the new Smite).. It has to change to this way. Ziggs is the most annoying fucking little shit to play against simple because of the .... constant throwing of his bouncy bombs. FUCK THAT SHT! _**PUT A LIMIT ON IT!**_ It's dirty like Ezreal and spoils my whole time playing LoL.
: A message from a Leblanc main about Leblanc's current state.
Whether buffed or nerfed, it's still a dirty champion. The seemingly slower casting now acts are visual prompt for counter-play as do all new and updated champions lately. I am so pleased LB is having a less-than-easy time but now people have rediscovered Ezreal, Riven, Fizz, Katarina and nothing's changed at all. DIRTY CHAMPIONS needs to end. especially Fizz being _so damn ugly-looking_
Ilthuelle (EUW)
: [Champion Suggestion][Etheros - The Heirophant]
I've been thinking very broadly on the idea of the other four Darkin ancient beings with one being a Marksman. This seems to fit one of those Darkin members (five) nicely with the lifestealing and sustaining passive similar to Aatrox. Not keen on the splitting into five part for a marksman though I've considered that for _the other_ Darkin in my thoughts... [ [a Darkin tale]( ] Personally, for Darkin I'd have all be the same appearances as Aatrox because why not. It'd add to that 'the five' notion, sort of expression. So ... I'm not keen on the visual concept of Etheros. Not keen on his lore. There's already too much to collect of every lore piece in LoL I'd rather not see more added to an already-calamitous fantasy. I'd like to see consistency. The addition of Gnar, for example. It's inspired by already-existing lore and stuff, right? Yordles and whatever? 7/10
Shénzhì (EUW)
: Tahm Kench Feedback (EUW)
ok so i guess maybe im wrong after playing as TK for a while. i still wouldnt mind a slight change on the Thick Skin scaling as suggested, though. :s
: That moment when Zed AND Riven are disabled
Riven is the bad apple like Fizz and Ezreal. They're like aliens with ugly plays and looks! **ヽ(`Д´)ノ **
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Shénzhì (EUW)
: The Darkin Legacy
So ... (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I think I've finished it (after many edits :P).
Braum defeated a dragon. The dragon Ao Shin is in Braum's shield.
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