: So what this means is that the credit card company has taken the money back. This might not yet show on your statements. You should definitely call your credit card provider and ask them why they charged back the payment to Riot.
Thanks!! i will contact my bank
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: I do not have access to your purchase history or this dispute, but as they said it is indeed a chargeback issue, which means that the money you paid, were never fully transferred to Riot and instead returned to you for some reason. I suggest you contact your bank, and ask for a statement, maybe you used paypal and refunded the transaction or some other thing, whatever it is, Riot didn't receive the money, to make it easier for you to figure out exactly what and how this happened, you should contact support and ask them for transaction details, date, time, payment method, and other details relevant to this chargeback issue.
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: Greetings Sh00terBg What what I can make out of this thread, this seems to be a 'chargeback' issue, where a payment you made didn't go through for some reason or another, usually because it is withdrawn or there is insufficient balance on the card, whatever the case you'll have to go through support and have then tell you how and why this happened.
Man i am feeling very bad.Because im not a scammer ot anything.I was banned for nothing.I am confused because this Account is old and i have many legendary icons and many champs.I Bought RP with my card and after 3 days i was banned.I wrote to the support uploaded photos to prove my ownership on Account And Card.Proves like Transactions on Bank Transactions in Email and more.Then they wrote me this.,,The League of Legends account [sh00terbg] has been suspended due to a purchase dispute (a "chargeback")made by the associated financial institution. Due to this, Riot Games has refunded payment in the value of [12.50 EUR] (a “chargeback”). This account is unavailable for use until the outstanding balance has been repaid in full to Riot Games.''
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: how did u have a negative balance in the first place?
I dont know man i just bought Rp and after 2-3 days my account was banned
: Are you absolutely sure the payment from your credit card went through fine? That kind of stuff usually happens when the payment for some reason does not process later on or is charged back. Can happen when the credit card provider suspects the card was stolen or there is no funds on the card or many other reasons. Maybe call your credit card provider and see what happened. If it did indeed process fine then ask your credit card provider for a statement that proves that they did process the payment to Riot and then contact Riot Support again. If it did not process (chargebacks happen sometimes, for a variety of reasons) then Riot never got your money and you also did not loose any money. So of course Riot would ask you to pay up your outstanding balance.
I am aboslutely sure for payment.Because this Card is Mine I was uploaded photos to prove,Transaction's ID's,Bank transaction.I Bought RP on 30April three days after 3 may i was banned :(
: Greetings. Riot is not going to scam you, especially not for for less than 13€, that should be common sense. I don't know what the issue is, but you'll need to sort it out with the Support. I'm not sure if you're interested in help since it looks like you only came here to complain :/
I wrote to support many times they told me this. ,,This account is unavailable for use until the outstanding balance has been repaid in full to Riot Games.'' i need to repaid this 13€ to recovery my account.i wont pay them sry :)
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: Banned For Nothing Thanks Riot :)
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