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: *Talks about how a champion is toxic* *Gets counter arguments about her being defeatable* These are 2 different things boys.
I am sorry but I did not understand your comment o.o Kayle has strenghts but she is very vulnerable too! She is balanced, and I don't say this just because I main her.
Infernape (EUW)
: Or just CC her when she ults. It's not hard to kill Kayle. She has no mobility and she's basically still when she's attacking someone.
man, that is the thing nobody needs to know! :'( shhhh!!! you just said everything and every weakness about her. well done!! :3
Dëmacia (EUW)
: she is also one of the most cancerous champs to lane against top.
Except you forgot she has only one single damage spell (reliable) :D So, that compensates her burst and Intervention! All you need is to shut her down early in the game before she becomes the godlike carry late game. Or play Fiora. Fiora shits on Kayle :'(
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: Maybe they got some slaps for "sexism".... Riot is an American company, and as we know, you can have splattering blood there, but showing off some... boobs is a no-go.... /sarcasm off
: Why do they have to be slutty though?
Sorry? SLUTTY? See? That's the problem. That's not slutty, That's beauty! And it shouldn't be hidden because people think it's slutty!
Skere (EUW)
: Kindred lamb is pretty hot
Yes and I like the way Lamb is, but Lamb is a lamb. And she was not changed in splash arts, she looks perfectly beautiful the way she is. Same as Illaoi, she has a great body and big body in splash and game too, that's what I like. Staying truthfull to the splashes.
: But you don't have a problem with {{champion:2}}, {{champion:80}} and {{champion:64}} no there perfectly fine. Because the male body can't be over sexualized can it. Let me ask this, would you prefer to look at a good looking person or and ugly one? Rember this is a game.
Sorry, I don't understand what you are saying.. I defend the sexualitazton of the body! LOL Why not? Lee has Muay Thai, Pantheon is almost naked and Olaf too. So what? They are all diferent and that looks good. That's a body. We all have a body! Why hide or repress it?
: Except riot comes under fire when they do sexualize characters... Not everyone is sexy, there are different variations within people of all genders... So that should be reflected in video games. Also you realize a lot of the whole feminism thing is trying to prevent women being over sexulized... over sexualized characters in media create the image that you have to be good looking, which is plain wrong. If you don't have a great body there isn't anything wrong with that, but a lack of representation of all body types creates the image that they have to be a particular body type creating a bad self image. > They changed the chinese splash art and made her a skinny as btch when she is super sexy! Firstly what is wrong with being skinny... secondly she is still barely dressed which shows she is comfortable with her body which is a confidence boost to girls with similar bodies. So your view is completely wrong... yes girls have a right to a good body, but they also have a right to a skinny body, or a fat body... they have a right to look how they look without people judging them or their media image promoting the idea that sexy women are more important as that hurts women more then undersexulizing them.
Look, I am not saying that everyone needs to have a good body! Not at all! I am just saying that IN GAME she looks way «bigger» that in this splash art and I stated that on the post. I respect every body and every kind of person. We are all different and have been seen a lot of champions (female) that are all different, but what I am saying is that the ones that were more «bigger» in terms of body, ther are changing it. GO and have a look, for example. Check the Eve 3D model and tell me if this is correct. I don't judge by body type and I love all types of persons, as long as they are good persons. What I am stating is IF THEY ARE THAT WAY, LET THEM BE THE WAY THEY WERE!
: Either ur a troll af, or you're just plain stupid. (Not to be offensive really, but it's the truth if thats the case.)
Wich one are you? With so much stupidity and instead of giving a plain idea or opinion, that's all you have to say. That shows who is the plain stupid and troll here. Justify your actions in the future by asking people: oh are you troll or stupid? That will take you far away in life, just saying ;)
: Uhhh... so what...? Buff {{champion:203}} boobies?
I mean, we can see by Sona, Ahri and Miss Fortune (now Eve) that they are cutting down on women sexuality! Why? Is there something wrong with beeing a women and having nice boobs and booty?
Solash (EUW)
: You do realize that one the 2 of the most recent female champions wear no clothes at all, right?
Sorry, what champion are you talking about? Do you play the same game as me?
: There is nothing wrong here. Stop trying to make issue out of nothing!
I am sorry but clearly there is something really wrong! That is what they are doing to all female champions. Now women can't have a sexy body? They changed her body in the splash art so much why? Why are they doing this to all splash arts? Are we getting back to the times where women needs to wear a burka? Please....
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: Karma splash art ''updates''
Sorry but I cannot agree with you as a Karma main. I love these new splash arts. Karma is more beatiful on those and she doesnt need to look as pre-rework Karma to be good. In these new, you can see Karma at her beauty state and her divine presence as an elder of a society
Wiljam (EUW)
: Just buy the legendary one and be happy
I already have it, but it came out on 2013 :-)
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