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: Hi letsfeedtogether, You should be getting the exact same amount of tokens from PvP games as before - the notifications are split into two parts and may not necessarily come together (due to some technical reasons), however your points should increase as normal. The only change was that for a short period of time PvE games were mistakenly granting coins. This was not intended, nor there from the beginning of the pass - it was an incorrect addition over the weekend.
I'm playing ranked twisted treeline before it disappears, and I'm not getting world tokens... I reported a bug 1-2 weeks ago but didn't get a response... I payed money for the world pass... Why is it not working? Please tell me it isn't intentional? There are no bots in ranked and it is disappearing... Please dont tell me I have to choose between playing twisted treeline ranked one last time + getting gold/victorious skin OR utilizing what I payed and grind loot? Now I won't get to play twisted treeline before its gone or I lose my money's value? I see a lot of people posting about this about all previous events... Has riot done anything about it?
: Twisted Treeline is gonna get removed soon and Riot still doesn't give some love in it's last breath
I have the same issue now with world tokens!! There are so many reports from players about these tokens not being in twisted treeline ranked!! Why isn't Riot doing anything about it???!
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: world 2019 tokens
What are you playing? I have the same issue but only with twisted treeline and I did not get an answer from bug report team :/
: 2019 World Championship Ticket Information
Wait, french shoutcasting? I planned a whole trip to Paris that weekend, only now to figure out I have to cancel it because nobody will understand anything and I won't hear my favourite casters?! I hope they really fix this... At least do duolanguage like when it's in Korea or China, they do it in English AND Chinese/Korean... Tickets go online today :S Hope they fix this soon...
: Your MVP of the Spring Split is...
I really like Caps, and I agree he played awesome as usual, but I feel like Wunder, Perkz in a new lane, Bwipo that sometimes really just wouldnt die and did amazing outplays, Broxah or Hyli were kinda the ones that deserved it more... They stood out for me more and were more valuable for their team.
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: Hey there! Seatmap is auto enabled / disabled depending on traffic to ensure system stability. Here you can find a general seatmap without floor (stage is in the middle): https://bit.ly/2Ixjdsk Floor guidance: - Left side (where D Sections are): ArenaTribune, Diamond A & B - Top Side (where A Sections are): Arenatribune A - Bottom Side (where C Sections are): Arenatribune B - Right side: Diamond C-F Hope that helps
Thank you! Just one more question, what's the entree arena? Is that on the floor around the stage then? Do you think it's a better view from an arenatribune or from the actual entree arena? and in D sections: is diamond higher or arenatribune higher? Sorry for all the questions :')!
: Get tickets for the Rotterdam LEC Spring Finals
Is there a floor plan? I don't know what to choose (tribune a-c, diamond A-F, just entree arena) from the floor seats?
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: Mission Prepare for the journey 2/2
I have the exact same problem... :/ just won a game with Syndra, but didnt get it... I had sorcery keystone and nothing... still all three blank (0/1).


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