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TitanTy7 (EUW)
: Brand new Semi pro team recruiting
Hey! I'm plat I main jungler > {{champion:28}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:24}} Im 18, currently looking for a semi pro team, from the UK!
: ✪ [EUW] GLB are Looking for Diamond+ players ✪
I know I do not fill the requirements because of my ranking (Currently plat III) But I'm a good team player, with good jungle knowledge (jungle main) and pretty much know all jungle champs and can play them pretty well. I'm currently looking for a team that takes things serious. You can try me out if you want, I wont disappoint you guys :)) P.S: Was Diamond IV last season IGN : Shadowsteap
Chema (EUW)
: LF Players Plat/Diamond
Hey im main jungle , plat IV! IGN : Shadowsteap
: Serious Ranked Team looking for talented and hungry Player !
Hey, my name is Ric, I'm from England, and I'm 18 Years old. Im currently Platinum 5 (past season diamond 5 in NE) and main jungler (Kha, Rengar(main), shaco,) I'm looking to go professional as I think I have some pretty good dayum skills, just need a good team :) Looking also for a team to go4lol or something... I can play anytime anyplace ! I will add you! {{item:3069}}
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