: For all of you who really want to become gold+
Been playing in plat for a few seasons now, and in all that time I've seen like maybe 10-20 ppl that were legit smurfing from master+. Everyone else either fed their ass off and then claimed "lol I'm just not trying, Idc about this acc it's not my main" (yeah, sure it isn't buddy) or was virtually indistinguishable from an average gold/plat player in terms of skill. I really don't think the whole "smurf" thing is a big issue.
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cNsP_hEV80 check this out i came across this a few weeks ago one guy posted a similar video here on boards
Don't really see anything wrong there. This is exactly what I was saying. It's a problem of perspective. Ahri's heart visual is a pseudo-3d shape floating above the ground, whereas the hitbox calculation is done in a 2D plane somewhere around "ground level" afaik, so at the very edge of it's range the heart appears to go further than the actual hitbox due to the observer's perspective (which is slightly diagonal instead of looking down perfectly vertically). It can appear odd, but this can't be "fixed" unless you change the observer perspective. Trying to somehow calculate the hitboxes of the actual shape of the projectile in 3D space is not only pretty expensive in terms of computing power, I doubt it's even possible to do since it would require changing how the game works on a very fundamental level.
Aechidna (EUW)
: Can we change the name of Teamfight TACTICS???
Tactile --> touchable Tactical --> related to tactics Other than that I agree, TFT could really use some toning down of its RNG elements.
: So again i've come to the boards to tell that riot games dont listen to its playerbase
"instead of actually looking into posts like this which are way more important" Yes, you not being able to dodge or understand how hitboxes work is obviously a pressing problem for riot games and the community as a whole {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Your post had no substance whatsoever, ofc riot won't bother commenting on something like that. "Fix hitboxes" doesn't even mean anything. Most hitboxes work as intended. Sometimes hitboxes don't perfectly coincide with the visual input but that is not a bug most of the time. It's just that due to perspective and the projectile width some hitboxes can be slightly wider than their visual. The only way to "fix" those hitboxes would be to simply reduce their width, which is nothing but a straight up nerf. There are a few things that are actually bugged (yasuo's windwall) but I highly doubt riot needs you to tell them to fix things that are obviously not working as intended.
Endellion (EUW)
: Oh shit they worked us out!
Inform Skynet at once. The fleshbags must not get away with this knowledge. Initiate the judgement day protocol.
: why the new chat feature is unhealthy for league.
Wait a second. We can turn off chat now? YES!!!
Dandy MVP (EUNE)
: Strongest 1 vs 1 Champ in Tournament ?
Probably mordekaiser atm if we're talking actual fights post lvl 6. However, you could argue going in favor of a lane bully ranged carry like caitlyn or jayce as well. Range vs melee is almost always favored towards the ranged champ, and since in aram 1v1s the early game matters a lot, you probably don't want to run the risk of getting bullied early by an opponent who has the range advantage over you. Personally I'd go with jayce, since he has both range and strong poke, but can still stand his ground against a lot of melee opponents when they get close to him.
: Opinions on new project skins?
Still no project riven... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Firon 09 (EUW)
: I got a perma ban but do I deserve it ?
: I bet you play with a joystick
Ah yes, I see you must be a true intellectual to have comprehended the infinite depth of the gameplay old morde offered. There was so much nuance to pressing R and waiting for your opponent to die after all. I just enjoy having the og morde from season 3 back on the rift. Not the abomination with no actual purpose that morde has been for the past 3 seasons since riot decided to turn him into a bot laner for some reason I still fail to understand.
: Mordekaiser is the worst rework so far
Excuse me what? He's hands down the best rework so far.
Shamose (EUW)
: Don't worry guys there is nothing wrong with the client. It all works as intended.
Breaking news: A Program has bugs!!!11!! In other headlines: Water is still wet!
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why are people asking about Legendary Kill?
What even is legendary kill? I should have been around to see it but i dont remember anything of that name.
: German in English client.
Not as long as you call it a "Reviel" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Aye, you do seem to have a worryingly strong point there! D: The game seems more balanced around the tiny pro-play scene with all the absurb damage and spectacle in the small group of "cool" champions. Then Riot pushes watching those pro-play games. Definitely a worry! ^^
The game is balanced around pro-play because that makes sense. You should always balance around the best players. If you balance around average players, that just means that you can get really good at one champion that's ok when played at the normal aka mediocre level, but super broken when actually played well and abuse it to win basically every time. Imagine balancing azir around the average azir player. A good azir could 1v9 every single game. And the fast paced meta isn't due to the pro scene. That change was made because people complained games were too slow.
: Racism . Pure Racism
Religion: *Incites hatred, bigotry and violence for centuries* People: *You know what, screw religion* Religion: https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/027/475/Screen_Shot_2018-10-25_at_11.02.15_AM.png
Cypherous (EUW)
: Dafuqs a league unlocked And no you probably don't get anything, why would you, the mastery system doesn't indicate anything of value :P
League unlocked is the mode with all content unlocked that you get when you're for example on the league partner program. Check out some popular streamers, their accs often have icons that look like a ribbon with the riot fist on it, that's the symbol you've got league unlocked. (This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8o6QBI8RTB0 )
: Very important message
"Very important message" {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Do you know that?
There has never been any indication or statement that acquiring level 7 on all champs would give you league unlocked. So yes. Also, Ma5tery got lvl 7 on all champs and mentioned nothing about getting league unlocked as a reward. To be fair, Tryndamere did mention on Ma5tery's ama that he'd get some kind of reward, he never specifically referred to league unlocked however.
: Do you get league unlocked at level 7 on all champs?
: Yummi
No. Especially because no champion called "Yummi" actually exists.
: Yes I would mind actually. I have nothing to prove to you. I know its true myself and thats enough for me. I get nothing from you saying "Oh he was right all along".
You accuse me of belonging in kindergarten, but then try to defend your position by basically saying "Of course I know, but I won't tell you", which is pretty much the epitome of childish argumentation...
: You clearly havent read what I said and now try to somehow win the argument my mocking with the most ridiculous way. What a pathetic attempt. Go back to kindergarden, child, you dont belong here. >There is no prisoner's island anymore So its just a coincidence that now that Im chat restricted, I have a lot more flamers/afk/inters? Is that what you are saying?
Yes, for the most part. Riot doesn't intentionally match you with other players who got punished or are displaying toxic behavior. They tried that system for a short while a few years back, it didn't work, so they ditched it. However, if you're being toxic, other people are more likely to retaliate in kind. Also, if you're already riled up, you're more likely to interpret behavior as hostile that you would normally have regarded as more or less neutral.
: Does Riot actually know what they are doing?
Has there ever been a point where you, Android 18 Love, have considered that you being unable to control your behavior in chat isn't riot's problem? Also: "The real punishment here is that I am now put together with a lot of flamers and inters" - this is bullshit. There is no prisoner's island anymore, you don't get matched with other badly behaving players just because you got punished.
: im think mordekaiser rework ultimate weak
"im think" after reading this post, I seriously doubt that.
Literally nobody cares. When are u ever going to see her from that perspective in game anyway? For all I care she can look like big chungus, I just want her abilities to be cool.
: For the watch missions, it doesn't seem like MSI or regions outside of LEC/LCS count (eg LPL, LCK)
: Who is the coolest champion ?
New Morde He's literally a fusion between Sauron and Satan, what could be cooler than that?
Murdarici (EUNE)
: yeah especially the brand new one {{champion:99}}
The battle academia lux skin is more anime than disney tho.
: I am incredibly disapointed by the new Mordekaiser
Tbh from reading through his abilities page this feels much closer to the version of morde we had back in s2/3. The Q is no longer this weird triple hit thing (which never made much sense for a champion as immobile as morde anyway imo) and back to something much closer to the old Q. The spirit of his E is still the same, except that it's now dodgeable to some extent and provides him with some much needed cc. His aura damage is now his passive, again a much more logical choice than having it be an active ability like it was before. And his w is a shield, which functions similar to his old passive but is now more interactive. The only thing that has really changed is his ult, but tbh I like this new ult a lot. It allows morde to actually go fight someone without them having a chance to hide behind their teammates and just wait until your immobile butt gets cc'd into oblivion. Also it feels much more in keeping with morde's theme of being basically the incarnation of death. Unlike Azir, morde has always been much more of a butcher than a strategist, and so this ult that just screams "1v1 me, mortal scum" feels like it fits really well into his theme.
: i am asking because i dont know much idk wym by he still exists he didn't kill himself but hes just diamond now i thought he was id banned tho so that's why i am confused maybe he changed residence or uses vpn? none seems to recognize him or treat him less or more than a normal boards user
What I meant by "He still exists?" is that I was surprised he was still relevant enough to have any viewership or garner any attention whatsover. But yeah, I haven't heard anything about his ban being lifted. The ingame ban doesn't forbid him from using the boards tho afaik.
: is xj9 playing again?
Wait, he still exists? To be fair, it's been like 6 years or even more. Maybe he's slightly less of a despicable abomination of a human being now?
: Yeah it's impossible to not clutter the screen... C'mon dude... I can think of 10 ways. Can you think of one?
No frankly I can't think of a way. The mere presence of those icons will be a nuisance regardless of where you position them or how you display them. But please, tell me of your ingenious ideas and I may be convinced otherwise.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > I haven't gotten any punishments in 5 seasons and yet I would still embrace the opportunity to disable chat. I've been here since season 1 and disabling the chat would make things far more annoying and less entertaining, without chat you can't properly communicate that you're going to go to blue then gank mid then to red then to gank bot without spamming a bunch of pings that people aren't likely to even pay attention to, you also can't communicate that someone needs to build a specific item to help you win like building morellos to counter a team full of heals etc There are far more negatives than the benefits you gain from having no chat at all, hence why it hasn't been removed and riot won't give you an option to do it
When was the last time someone actually listened to you when you suggested building a particular item? Or cared when you communicated your intended jungle route? No matter how clearly you spell out your intentions you can bet your teammates will completely ignore it. Also the discussion wasn't about removing chat from the game, it was about having AN OPTION to disable it. It is already possible to mute all after all, so why won't they just allow us to disable chat? For those of us who mute every game anyway it won't result in any change in functionality, it'll merely make things less of a hassle.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > i dont get it i just want to turn off writing to chat bcuz i know i will be toxic and riot doesnt allow anything similar to that, %%%%%%ed as shit if you ask me let me just turn it off if i want to. Maybe try speaking to a professional who can help you learn some self control instead maybe?
It's not about self control tho, is it? Ok maybe it is for this guy, but I mean in general. I haven't gotten any punishments in 5 seasons and yet I would still embrace the opportunity to disable chat. I just don't see the point of interacting with most people in this game. I won't retaliate, but it's still a nuisance having to deal with all these morons constantly spamming "u so sux, lulz u mom gey, go afk ples, %%% yuo, ff15". Why the hell would I want to read anything they type? Or type anything back for that matter. And the sad truth is that genuinely nice people in league are few and far between. Having to type /fullmute all every time you enter a game is just tedious. At least give us the option to make /mute all the default chat setting if we can't disable it altogether.
: I'm supposed to memorize abilities after I read what they do and learn about them, it wouldn't take anything away from the experience to have small icons of the abilities with their description when you hover over them when the champion is selected. You can see their items when you select them, so why not? Just... why not? Not only it doesn't take anything away from the game, it hads a better experience for new players who are trying to learn. Having to memorize 3/4/5 champions abilities in the span of 1 min of the loading screen seems insane.
I always had time enough to check, but then most ability descriptions were shorter back in season 2 and we had less champs. If u feel like you don't have enough time in the loading screen, just take 2 times half an hour whenever you've got nothing better to do and go through the champ list and that should be more than enough to memorize all abilities. After all you don't need to know each scaling and duration, you just need to know what it looks like and what it does. Personally I feel it's just kind of an unnecessary feature. It's convenient for the first few days and then it just clutters up the screen. I want to see the essential information when i click on an enemy champion, not have to sort through stuff I already know anyway.
: How about if we could see champions abilities in game?
Well, you're supposed to memorize the abilities. Just quickly google each champion name on the league wiki while you're in loading screen. After like 2 weeks of playing you'll know all abilities by heart.
: WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/PzY1ArN3-we-dont-ban-people-for-asking-for-reports "We don't ban people for asking for reports" Why do people like you exist huh? You come here, make some stupid lie, and think people will believe you?
Kayle also writes in the very same thread you linked that report calling is considered toxic when you combine it with other forms of harrassment or show consistent negative behavior over multiple games. It's not enough to give you an instant penalty on its own like death threats, but that doesn't mean it's completely disregarded in cases like this. Another reason why it would be important to know what OP's logs of game 1 looked like. Also in the same thread Riot Tantram is quoted as saying that reports do in fact contribute to punishments.
: this is not a reason to punish me
"fonnyguy26: team toxic fonnyguy26: can u report?" **REPORT CALLING IS A BANNABLE OFFENSE. ** How do people still not know this...
: ***
You asked why blind pick is still in the game. I answered that question. To be frank, because of how dumb the title question was i didn't bother reading the rest of the post. Also considering you're posting from a lvl 30 account I see no reason why you'd actually be forced to play there. If you don't want to play blind, just play on your main. Or don't get banned. And yeah, tbh I doubt new players give a damn about whether they play blind or draft. In fact, I don't understand why anyone plays draft. If u want to play serious, go ranked, if u want to have fun, go normal blind. If u can't chill out and have fun in blind, well, then stop playing alltogether cause this game really isn't for you.
: So why exactly is blind pick stil in the game? Why? "Cuz new players are too stupid for draft" Rly ?
Because sometimes i don't need the strategic bsing and the cheese and the tryharding that goes on in draft and just want to have fun.
Hopy (EUW)
: I get what you're saying there, but I almost always outfarm the enemy jungler, actually. It's just that I mostly play PvE, in a way. It barely happens to me that the enemy jungler actually wins every lane and such. It's more that I'm denying them pretty hard but really trying not to die myself so I just end up in these games where both junglers have like 20% KP. So would this be somewhat acceptable in, say, a different jungle meta? But yeah, I definitely like playing supp, too, because my micro sucks and I feel like it's more macro-focussed.
The problem is right now, outfarming your enemy jungler means little. Falling behind in jungle cs isn't punishing enough, whereas more lane pressure means a much higher chance of winning the game given how short games tend to be these days. Of course if riot finally made the choice between ganking and farming meaningful, that would be a different story. But right now, unless you completely destroy the enemy jungler in farm before level 6, it just won't set him behind far enough. Not even 3buffing your opponent is enough anymore these days, one successful gank and they're right back in it. And even if they don't find that gank, if you don't gank lanes yourself while they're behind, they can just wait and get back in terms of XP and pressure equalizes again. However, if you really do manage to get your team to avoid ganks and can stop your lanes from falling behind too far, you could try playing yi or jax.
Hopy (EUW)
: Good junglers for a passive playstyle?
So, you're trying to have no impact on the map as the jungler? Play a different role. Support would fit that playstyle much better. It doesn't matter that u don't die if the enemy jungler is using your lack of pressure to win every lane and outfarm you in the meantime. Kayn needs to get ganks off early to get his transformation. The longer it takes you to get that the weaker he becomes compared to the opponent jungler. Sure he has a relatively decent late game, but you're never going to get to that stage if the enemy jungler ends it by 25 mins. There is no good jungler with a passive playstyle. If you're going to play passive early game, it means you're completely waiving your influence on the game and relying on your team to survive 4v5 until you get to a point where you're farmed enough to be useful. While you might win most games where you get to late game, you will lose many games before you even get there because you're completely abandoning your team. In the current jungle meta where there are basically no repercussions for falling behind in cs, early pressure is your main way of impacting the game. Therefore if you don't want to gank and be active early, play a different role. If you're determined to keep playing this way and don't mind losing however, here's your boy. Tree. Thing. Whatever. {{champion:427}}
: i mean, riot should still ban these players since sending fishy links is illegal, so i think it's better to report them
Sure, I personally think it's not worth the effort for anyone, but there's nothing wrong with reporting these kinds of accounts. I just wanted to remind everyone to never click on such links lest they put their accounts and their personal data in jeopardy.
: nice community, downvote me cause i ask a question.
You're getting downvoted because you're well aware that your name doesn't actually contain "Riot", which makes this whole thread just a pretentious way of humblebragging about how you managed to find an extremely similar character to "i".
: player sending fishy links
Rule of thumb: Anyone claiming to have links to free skins or free RP is a liar and out to get your account. Never even bother clicking on these kinds of links.
: She’s going to be a difficult champion... remember plenty of champions felt useless to begin with, must I remind you of bard, Invern, or Tahm Kench. Her early damage is indeed not great but she is also untargtable indefinitely so that would be unfair if she could deal high damage and not even be cc’d. She’s utility focused, you’ve gotta dash between targets healing, slowing, and snaring... that’s the whole point. Her mana costs are high but she gets mana back with her passive, you’ve gotta leave your friend, auto attack, then get back in... it’s a skill component and stops her from hiding all game... plus gives a good shield as well. Her ult isn’t gonna be hard to hit especially in teamfights, you’ve got the stickiness of the rest of your team to help. Attach onto a Warwick and it’s a free snare, dash between front and back line to get a 5 man snare, fire it behind you as your team retreats to stop people from catching up. Plenty of uses, just gotta be inventive. She’s a very unique champion, you’ve gotta learn how to use her before she isn’t garbage, like all unique champions released. EDIT: Oh yeah read her W again... she amps her allies da,age... you don’t need your own damage when your increasing the damage of your carries
I don't think anything can compare to Bard on release. He was by far the worst thing I've seen in 7 years of playing. You were basically playing 4v5 every time you had a bard support on your team. And it wasn't just the mechanics. There's a reason they buffed his numbers for like 5 patches straight until he became decent.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: What does zoom hack do? Allows you to have your camera zoomed out more than normally?
Yep. Gives you a pretty big and unfair advantage which is also why it's strictly forbidden. OP got what he deserved.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: There is evidence to suggest that where it once took only 76 games to earn 6,300 IP, it now takes 103 games to earn 6,300 BE: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7budg2/the_math_behind_the_new_blue_essence_changes_and/ This would mean that the BE system is a downgrade from the IP system. Considering also that BE is the same currency stretched across the mastery system and the BE emporium every 6 months, it stands to reason that you also have a lot more to be spending BE on, whilst earning less of it per game compared to IP. Please explain to me how this is an upgrade.
The BE emporium is only cosmetic and has 0 impact on gameplay, so we can safely exclude that. It's aimed at people who already own all BE unlockable content and are looking to throw some BE out the window for pointless but fun stuff. You no longer need to spend any BE on rune pages since the 2 free rune pages are more than enough as you can reconfigure them in champ select. Also, you no longer need to spend about 50 k IP on runes just to be on equal footing with your opponents. Even if we don't count the fact that the post you linked uses pretty optimistic numbers for the old system, it also completely disregards the fact that you can unlock champions with shards for less BE than they cost in the shop. It also ignores the fact that on fresh accounts you get much more content in the early levels than you used to before. On top of that, the 103 vs 76 comparison is a worst case scenario that only applies to levels beyond 175. Even if we did earn less per game on average as your level rises, I'd still take the new system over the old one due to getting more content earlier and having a lower barrier of entry.
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: What is worst LOL season 9 or GoT season 8
I really don't get what's up with all the hate on the late seasons of GoT. The early seasons were just as bad, it just wasn't as obvious back then. This outcome was inevitable from the get-go due to the whole series being built on the foundation of sand that is Martin's approach to storytelling. Martin is a mediocre author at best and his crippling inability to fashion and structure an actual plot would inevitably lead to this outcome. He didn't start writing with an actual ending in mind, and now that the series needs to come to a close, the showrunners are left with the inescapable catastrophe of trying to tie up a thousand loose ends that were never meant to converge.
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