Wadroxar (EUW)
: How does RNG work?
RNG means Random Number Generator. It's literally it's job to make sure things always are "up to coincidence". Of course true randomness is not something a conventional computer can achieve (in fact it's been a subject of debate for a while now whether such a thing as true randomness even exists at all, but that's a different discussion). So the way an RNG is usually implemented is by employing special routines that produce numbers in such a way that they are "indistinguishable" from true random numbers (indistinguishiable is usually defined to mean that an adversary cannot determine in polynomial time the difference between a random number and a number produced by your RNG routine). There are a lot of ways to actually implement an RNG. One of the more simple ones is using stream ciphers like RC4 ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RC4 ). But let's step back from the technical details and go back into league. Dragon spawns are completely random, except of course for the fact that you can never have more than 3 dragons of the same type spawning in one game. Crit calculation is pretty simple, I'd imagine it's something along the lines of: bool CheckIfCrit (double critchance){ //crit chance is your crit chance between 0 and 1 int x=RNG(); //produces a (pseudo)random number between 0 and 1. bool crithit=false; // the boolean variable that says whether or not your next attack will crit if (x smaller than critchance) { crithit=true; } return crithit; } [Don't know why I can't use the < sign. It seems to cut off the text for some reason.]
Shamose (EUW)
: The first new Ivern skin and it's %%%%ing Wilt.
Absolute masterpiece right there. 10/10 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: League of broken mm. Be premade or smurf or be gone!
Always amazing when you see players complaining about smurfs ON THEIR FREAKING SMURF. It just makes it sooo convincing.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Horubis (EUW)
: This bansystem is broken. I get banned for no reason.
So, you 1) Called for your jungler to be reported 2) Called your opponent braindead 3) Repeatedly called for surrender 4) Are just oozing neagtivity in almost every sentence and you are still surprised why you got banned? Yeah, I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do for you then.
JhinTönic (EUNE)
: E-Sports spring split is done
Whoa whoa calm down there. It's not done yet. The regular season is over, yes, but the real fun starts now. Playoffs commence in about 2 weeks or so, and they are the most important part of the season. After playoffs are over, we'll have MSI and then summer split will start after a short break. I don't think there are definitive dates out yet, but I'd guess summer split will start in about 6-8 weeks.
Azar1ya (EUW)
: Which champion to play/buy
Yasuo is easy to play? You have been lied to in a big way there my friend. Yasuo is popular, but he's also despised among the community. The reason is that he's very hard to really get right, but if you are good enough on him, you can absolutely dominate a game. This leads to a situation where yasuo players either play terribly, dying over and over whilst accomplishing absolutely nothing, OR they destroy their opponents and carry games single handedly. In either case everyone hates you xD That said, I personally enjoy playing yasuo just because I think his playstyle is really fun and has more variety than most other champs. (Unfortunately, that doesn't make me suck any less at actually playing yasuo tho...) However, if you like playing agressive, he just might be your cup of tea. I personally don't like lucian, just because I think there are better marksmen out there that fulfill the same role he does except they do it better. Also he requires good mechanics and falls off (gets weaker) late game, so I don't think he'd be very rewarding to play for a beginner (or anyone outside of the pro scene really). Kindred is a very odd champ, and her playstyle is pretty unique. Also she's a jungler, and that is not a role I'd recommend for a beginner. So yeah, I'd say avoid her. Zoe is kinda the same story as yasuo, even though the two of them play rather differently. But she is very fun to play as well (especially if you like literally killing someone with a single spell from full health, mwahahaha {{sticker:sg-syndra}} ) Also her design and voicelines are kinda... Well, I personally like them, but a lot of the more, shall we say, edgy members of the community like to complain about how she's too much of a disney princess. But if that doesn't bother you, try her out. Xayah is a very solid marksman, with a relatively straightforward playstyle, and she's strong throughout pretty much all stages of the game. So if you want to learn how to play adc in bot lane, she's certainly a good option. In the end it comes down to what kind of playstyle you prefer. If you're looking to be agressive and make flashy plays, killing people left and right, I'd go for yasuo or Zoe. If you want to play a more calculated style, staying back and carrying your team by dealing big consistent damage from the backline, go for xayah. (Ezreal is also a good option for bot lane. He also has an ability that is basically a built in flash which means you can get out of sticky situations more easily and are harder to kill than most adcs.) There are also other options: Looking to be able to go in first, setting your team up for good teamfights with tons of cc while being nearly impossible to kill? Try Sion or nautilus. Wanna play a more supportive role where you mainly help your adc in lane and provide healing and shielding for your team later on? Go for Lulu. It's really all a matter of preference, and if I were you, I'd use the free champion rotation every week to experiment and try out different playstyles and champion types so you can find out what suits you most.
Irarius (EUW)
: Why i personally dont want to play this game anymore... after almost 9 years
How does this post have 5 upvotes... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: In some cases permabans are for the best. But some bans or chat restrictions are just ridiculous. I came across this.. https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/XGRcgdVo-dealing-with-very-toxic-players-gets-you-banned-but-not-them I just dont think he said anything that's worthy of a punishment and he still got one. And there are many more similar situations. It's like you have to pet everyone with a feather just so you dont get banned or a chat restriction or something : /. Technically I dont think a lot of cases are like this.. from what i've seen a lot of people genuinely deserve some bans but they dont get them. Especially in normal games.. There it seems like it doesn't matter what you say and how much you get reported.. unless your level of toxicity is unmatched for a very very long period. What you're suggesting with the positive behavior on the new account just so the permabanned one can be reclaimed is also an idea i like. But 1 year ban does feel like a perma. Don't the two sound a bit similar? I suppose yours makes more sense since with a new account RIOT can see if one's improving their behavior or not. While with a 1 year ban a player can just keep flaming with their new account through his 1y ban. But then if he does that, with what I'm suggesting, he'd just get another 1 year ban right after the previous one has ended. Mine's too "player friendly" : / I was thinking of making a new discussion about this in "Creations & Concepts"? Not sure which board is appropriate for this
The ban in the discussion you linked is most likely for the line "pls report sejuani for trolling / giving up". Report calling is considered as pretty heavily toxic by the system (especially if you do it regulary), a fact that apparently not that many people are aware of, since it seems to come up rather frequently whenever people are confused about why they got punished. Yes, the way the system is set up right now means you basically should just avoid any negativity. I usually only ever use chat for a) calls like "coming bot" or "go baron" or b) stuff like "gj", "wp". But even then, I try to avoid using chat if I can communicate the same thing with pings. To be frank, if I could, I'd disable chat altogether. Whether the summoner's code itself should be changed is kind of a different matter. Personally I prefer it this way, since it keeps people focusing on the game instead of fighting in chat. I suppose there is some kind of argument to be made for just allowing people to type whatever they want and overhaul the punishment system completely, but even if the whole playerbase agreed to that (which seems unlikely) it probably still wouldn't happen. China wouldn't be too happy about that and league can't afford to lose it's chinese playerbase. Also tencent owns riot which only exacerbates this issue. Creations & Concepts would indeed be the right board for such a discussion.
: I dont remember how toxic i was in the games that got me a 2 week ban but it doesn't matter now : / But about adding a punishment level between the 2 week and the perma, I agree that something between 1-3 months would work good. Or instead of the 1-3 months, and instead of a perma ban - a 1 year ban. Because 1 year is really a long time. A player can't just sit and wait the ban out, he'll either make another account and work on his behavior or quit, I think. And the 1 year ban is a good oppurtunity for players not to lose everything they've worked hard for. I understand that the permanent ban can and usually is a well deserved punishment, but we can't deny that a lot of people have spent a lot of money on league. :) And if after one year you haven't changed you just get another 1 year ban. I feel like this would work. :) What do you think?
Personally I don't think having permabans is principally a bad thing. Some people need to experience the realization that their stuff is gone forever so they can either get their act together and reform or at least realize their attitude isn't welcome here and that they should move on to a different game if they're not willing to do anything about it. At the risk of coming across as a douchebag, I'll be honest here and say I really have no pity for the majority of those people. If they decide to spend money on an account and then knowingly break the rules, well aware that this will result in them losing all of said money, then that is their problem and they don't really deserve any better. I think a 2-3 month ban could help reduce the number of people getting perma'd though, since 2 weeks is often not enough to really make them feel what it means to lose their account, whereas 3 months would be much more painful to wait out. What I would find worth considering is some kind of reforming system that offers players a chance to reclaim their permabanned accs if they consistently behave positively on their new account for a sufficiently long period of time (e.g. a year). Unfortunately all trial runs where riot decided to unban a few perma'd players and give them a chance to prove they've reformed ended up in catastrophic failure and the trial being aborted. I don't know however whether that is just indicative of riot not thinking through their approach to these trials well enough, or if it simply shows that most perma'd players never really reform.
: is it just me or is P1 & D4 absolutely horrid
Nah, D4 is the worst rank by far. The only thing u can really do to get out of it is to keep playing and wait to get a lucky streak without trolls.
: What you're saying is true and I agree with you about it being impossible for an auromated system to find out "who started it". Should've thought about that a bit more before making suggestions. But I still mean what i said about the ban thingy resetting if you haven't had any strike for some years.. and adding another punishment or something to it, like 1 week ban and 1 month ban. Also the system can detect if someone's said to another person to end their life, so that and things near that level should be more than a chat restriction. And if you've just been calling someone a moron or something through the game or something simple like that you can just get chat restriction since riot want to ban/punish people so much. : / I did mention that he's not banned in my ban appeal ticket and the nice support said they'd look into it. But they can't tell me if they've taken action or not. Basically im not somebody that they have to report to me if they've banned him or not, which is fair enough.
As I said, normally things like "ky_S" are an instant ban. I don't really understand why it didn't happen with that guy. Iirc the system actually does deescalate punishment tiers if you've been behaving positively on a regular basis. So if you got a chat restriction, then get nothing for a long while and then do something that would normally lead to a 2 week ban if u did it immediately after the chat restriction, it will only give you a chat restriction again. (https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/207489286-Instant-Feedback-System-FAQ-#h1q3 ) However (if I understand the article I linked correctly) if you got a 2 week ban due to extreme toxicity before you can't go down in punishment tiers anymore. We've had permanent chat restrictions before and the only thing it did was to make people troll/int/afk instead of flame, so I don't think they'll be bringing that back anytime soon. Adding a punishment level between 2 weeks and permanent isn't a bad idea actually imo (something between 1-3 months would probably work).
: I got banned but he didnt? Some more personal opinions and Reporting System
The thing is the report system doesn't take context into account. To the system it doesn't really matter how much he insulted you, or that you only used a few insults to retaliate. You said something that's deemed toxic, you get punished. No matter what anyone else did. Now that seems unfair at first, but tbh I think it makes the most sense since a) it's nigh impossible for an automated system to find out "who started it" so to speak and only punish them, b) if counter flame were allowed, that would mean a lot of people would abuse that and go way overboard as soon as anyone insults them, c) flame disrupts the game and distracts everyone regardless of whether it's justified or not. So yeah, the current system isn't perfect and it allows for some frustrating cases at times, but overall it's pretty close to as good as it can get. The fact that he's not banned however is strange to me, since suggesting suicide is always an instaban. If u want at least some revenge, write to support again and inform them of this, if they check out his logs he should get banned.
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: Greed, greed happened. Also don't let people tell you that what they wrote explains and justifies this because everyone who thinks so either did not read it or has no %%%%ing clue what they were reading about.
Oh no, someone slightly upped the price of a virtual currency that matters %%%% all when it comes to the actual gameplay. Woe is us. Never before have I experienced such tragedy and horror. Burn these corporate ghouls at the stake, how dare they want to make money?!
: I don't understand how people fall for this Prestige Point mess
So freakin what? Nobody is forcing you to buy them. I wouldn't spend any money on a golden chroma either, but what's wrong with people being able to get one if they want to? As long as they keep the actual game f2p I literally couldn't care less how cashgrabby they get with skins.
: Fortnite isn’t league’s main competitor... it is a competitor but as it’s a completely different genre it can’t challenge league for the moba player base. League’s competitor is still DotA and it prob always will be now the moba craze has ended.
It's not the same genre but it nevertheless attracts a very similar audience (just think of all the league streamers that converted to fortnite for a while when the hype was at its peak). I don't think DotA has the same kind of pull that fortnite had when it exploded onto the scene last year. Also since DotA and league are both pretty well established by now I think they have the moba audience divided up between them already, as in there probably won't be many players converting from one game to the other.
LLordPiro (EUNE)
: first of all i have 2 Accounts which one of them is Level 180 Silver 3..and in this account am trying to get to the Silver, secondly Last Season i was Silver 3 you can check that..Haters gonna hate..
Silver 3 is basically the same as bronze. You're still far from a pro and the matchmaking system is quite justified in matching you with other low elo players.
LLordPiro (EUNE)
: This is Not Fair at all
Yeah, so unfair that you had to post the same thing twice apparently... Also, no offense, but when you're in bronze 2, you're really not in any position to call other people noobs... The system did indeed, just like you wanted, match rookies with rookies there.
leyz40 (EUNE)
: Why do i need s to get mastary lv6 or 7
The most important metric when it comes to getting an S is farm. You can go 0/0/0 and still get an S if you get 10 cs/min or more. If you know how to do it, getting an S is pretty damn easy and I don't think there is a need to change anything about how you can obtain lvl 6/7 mastery (except maybe make it harder cause right now it's pretty meaningless even if you have level 7).
: Season 10 Suggestion. Answer Why Riot Lost 40% revenue in 2018
Mobile legends is not LoL's biggest competitor. That's like saying some crappy chinese offbrand smartphone is the Apple iMac desktop pc's biggest competitor. League's biggest competitor is fortnite. As much as I think fortnite is utter garbage, it did draw a similar audience to LoL and thus reduced LoL's revenue (even though I have no idea where you have that 40% statistic from).
: What the actual ....???(YES ITS A RANT)
Well, he does have the win ratio to back it up. Probably boosted or a sold account. (Or maybe he just got really serious about league all of a sudden, it's not impossible.)
: When's the last time Nasus killed you from full health with one combo under tower 8 minutes into the game? {{champion:238}}
No need to do it in one combo when you have a 90% slow that'll leave your opponent no chance to escape or to trade back since it also slows attack speed for god knows what reason...
: List of champions who are C A N C E R to lane against
Interesting you'd leave nasus off the list... I'm sensing bias here.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shadowflame,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=mgxwPal6,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-07T20:39:22.547+0000) > > So, they're basically just re-releasing quake including the outdated gameplay, the nausea-/headache-inducing perspective and the crappy graphics? Umm, cool I guess? > > Yeah, actually no, I don't get it. You do know brutal doom is a thing and has a massive fan following?
No I don't and I can't understand why either.
: I'm liking this trend 3D realms is setting.
So, they're basically just re-releasing quake including the outdated gameplay, the nausea-/headache-inducing perspective and the crappy graphics? Umm, cool I guess? Yeah, actually no, I don't get it.
PoLiteUs (EUW)
: Season 9 Might Be Worse then Season 8? Might This Be The End?
Yes, the start of season 8 had no OP champs. None. Not even a little. After all, we all remember how perfectly balanced the community thought irelia and zoe were back then.
: I love this game =)
If you consistently lose ranked games, you might want to consider the possibility that maybe, just maybe... It's not your team. But no, that couldn't possibly the case. After all, you are perfect, your gameplay is immaculate and frankly you should be rank 1 with 3000 LP since the day you started playing. It's all a conspiracy against you, it's riot trying to keep you down, to take away what is rightfully yours. Others might try to improve upon encountering such adversities, but you, you know such things are beneath you. Never question your own gameplay, NEVER! Introspection? Self-improvement? Such words are naught but fancy terms for weakness. Go forth oh valiant one, to be hardstuck unto all eternity.
Blakex13x (EUW)
10 bucks he'll be back before the month is over...
: Wait, what? I never played Lucian in my entire life. Neither did I go 2/11. Also in my last game Riven went 4/8/2 and tried to destroy the game. Are you trolling me?
It's just riot messing up again. When I click on your match history it redirects to a player called TanjaMendes who played a lucian game with a 12/4 riven in it, so I'd assume that's where he's got it from. Getting redirected to random ppl's match history is a bug I've encountered a few times lately, riot really needs to fix it. That said, there's nothing wrong with riven players, at least not more than with the playerbase of any other champion in the game (except maybe shaco mains, since everyone knows they're all serial killers who just haven't gotten caught yet).
: Man,these rules are just stupid!Let's say you get in a match with a troll and feeder!He buys normal items and runs down mid so he can feed!Riot games won't even watch the match to see if he was trolling and feeding!That is what I call a dead company with some lazy employee's!
Whether he was feeding or not doesn't matter. YOU broke the rules. Just cause someone else robbed a bank on the same day doesn't mean you don't have to pay your speeding ticket. And yes, of course riot doesn't manually check every game where someone was reported for feeding. That would mean watching thousands of games every single day. That would be physically impossible to do even if they had all their employees working on it.
: Congratulations Riot Games!You just lost a season 5 Gold 2 player!
You knew the rules. You intentionally broke them. Stop acting butthurt about getting the punishment you knew you had coming.
gigel900 (EUNE)
: am nevoie
FlameClub (EUNE)
: Crit items made some adcs too broken , talking about bruisers, help me raise this so riot can see
" its not like season 3 or 4 anymore, its just , everyone deals so much dmg" Season 3 was the most high damage meta we've ever had other than right now. Wth are u complaining about?
Who the hell still bans akali? Unless you're opponents is actually caps, that's a wasted ban right there. On a different note, those are some groovy crabs.
: this game make me cancer
This grammar has the same effect on me.
: new player lf advice
A post on here teaching you everything about the game would probably get a bit lengthy, so instead I'll try to compile some resources that you can use to familiarize yourself with it. 1) This video gives you a relatively good general overview of the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGtROJeMPeE 2) If you're looking for more detailed information about any champion in particular, there's the league of legends wiki page ( https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/League_of_Legends_Wiki ), which really has info about pretty much everything in the game. Alternatively, there is a champion spotlight video made by riot for every single champion in the game. Just search for "[Champion name] champion spotlight" on youtube and you should find it instantly. Pages like mobafire also have detailed guides on how to play every champ and u.gg gives you infos about things like runes and builds that work well for the champ you're playing. 3) Once you get a bit better at the game, there is the "leaguecraft 101" series by phroxzon ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iko2tqmDpJQ&list=PL9RdXhXESRJzgY_SwHB8T-cZxXljWhQvz ) that really gets into the details of how to play the game at a high level. A youtuber called RvZ Stealth also has some good videos talking about common mistakes new/bad players make, which is very helpful if you ever feel like you're stuck and can't improve anymore. However, if you're not the type to mind losing a few (dozen) games at the beginning, my advice is to just play the game. Play your heart out, make mistakes, and get completely destroyed. Then get up and try again. League isn't something you pick up and learn in a day, a month or even a year. It's an incremental process and you're never really done learning new things, which is one of my favorite things about this game. You'll notice how every game you get better bit by bit, until at some point, it'll be you doing the destroying. If you feel like it, you can add my account "Tempest of Flame" and I can try to show you the ropes.
: been away for a while...need some help
Okay, summarizing all the changes would be too tedious, but I can quickly summarize the current game and try to contrast it to how it was in season 5. 1) Ingame -Turrets have plates now. Destroying one plate gives 160 local gold, but also increases the towers resistances. Every turret has 5 plates, each of which is equal to 1000 HP (You get the gold from a plate whenever a tower goes from >X000 HP to <X000 HP). If you haven't destroyed the tower by 14 mins into the game, the plates fall off alongside all extra resistances. Also the first turret destroyed in a game gives bonus gold. -Roles are still roughly similar, top is mostly bruisers (and the occasional tank, but they've kinda fallen out of favor after being nerfed for being too op for a while), mid is mages, assassins and bruisers like irelia or aatrox, but ppl also occasionally play tanks like sion or urgot in mid. Jungle is pretty flexible, tanks, bruisers and the occasional mage like karthus work fine. Support is the same as it used to be. ADC has seen the biggest changes. Marksmen are no longer the only acceptable thing to play bot. Bruisers and mages can go bot and do just fine. -Jungle has changed in terms of XP gains, some camps have been added/removed. Rift herald is a thing, you can kill it and pick up its eye, which you can then use to summon it again anywhere on the map. It will then run down the nearest lane and crash into a tower dealing massive damage to it. It will repeat that process until it is killed. Its a strong siege tool in the early game. It spawns in the baron pit and disappears at 20 min when baron spawns. Baron itself now gives a buff to your minions instead of a stats buff. Helps push and end. Dragons give you specific bonuses, depending on the type of dragon you kill (infernal: Damage, ocean: hp/mana regen, mountain: structure and objective (baron/dragon) damage, cloud: movement speed). Elder dragon spawns instead of a normal elemental dragon at 37 or something minutes into the game, and gives you a massive damage boost in form of a true damage burn every time you damage someone. The bonus is increase depending on how many normal elemental dragons you've killed. -Several champs have been reworked, and new champs have been added. Zoe and Akali have replaced yasuo as the most hated champion. Sylas can steal enemy ultimates. Irelia has even more dashes. Ornn used to be the most op tank in the game, now he's resurfaced again in support after big changes. Urgot finally got plastic surgery and no longer looks like Garbodor. Still no star guardian skin for him though. Graves got his cigar back. 2) Runes Runes have been reworked and merged with masteries, leading to one combined system. Take 5-10 mins to familiarize yourself with the runes in the collections-->runes tab of your client. They're pretty intuitive. Otherwise use u.gg to check the best rune setups for your fave champs. Also runes are now editable in champ select, so you no longer need more than 2 rune pages. 3) BE and levels Levels are now uncapped, and you no longer gain IP, but BE (Blue Essence) instead. You don't gain BE per match though, instead, every time you level up, you get a capsule. That capsule contains a random champion shard. You can either use the BE you already have and combine it with the shard to get the champion corresponding to the respective shard for a lower price (e.g. 2000(or something like that) BE + a renek shard gives you renek instead of just paying 4800 for renek in the store). The other thing you can do with these shards is to disenchant them and they give you BE. Every capsule contains at least 850 BE's worth of shards. There's also a rating system for your performance now, where you can gain one chest per champ per season when you get an S rank on said champ (the rating system has no effect otherwise, in terms of mmr or LP gains or anything though). These chests contain skin/champion shards that you can also either upgrade or disenchant. You can see all your shards in the loot tab of your client (the box icon in the top right corner, to the left of the stack of coins icon that takes you to the store). Yeah, that's more or less it. These are the essentials, you should be able to figure everything else out by just playing. GL HF on the rift.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I would be fine with an estimation though.
With how good op.gg MMR estimations were after the new ranking system was introduced in preseason, you might as well just use an RNG and take whatever number comes out to be your MMR, it'd be about equally accurate. Thus there really was no point to the estimations anymore.
: Can riot just delete all the patches after s6?
Wasn't season 6 the one everyone hated because of the marksman update? Damn, it's amazing how nostalgia can distort the past sometimes.
web4master (EUNE)
: leaggue placement
The reason is the soft reset. Your mmr gets roughly halved. This is the way it's been for quite a few seasons now.
Hexwater (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shadowflame,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=X3mr3Ng0,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-02T20:45:55.875+0000) > > Varus is literally a permanent gay orgy all by himself. Also have u met taric? I main Taric...but I dont hear any lines, for example, towards Darius, saying how handsome he is.
Yeah cause darius isn't handsome... Also Taric is targonian, pretty sure they don't like the noxians all that much.
Hexwater (EUNE)
: LGBT characters
Varus is literally a permanent gay orgy all by himself. Also have u met taric?
: S9 Rewards for players that didn't reach honor 2 in preseason
Yes you can get the S9 rewards afaik. Not the S8 ones though, pretty sure that chance is gone.
: Riven ignores Quinn Q blind
Quinn's Q is not a blind. It's a nearsight ability. You can still attack during it if you're close enough. And having played the riven side of the matchup many times, I can safely say that the Q effect is very much felt on riven.
: What to do? When under a barrage of retreat/? pings and ally asking for report, what should be done?
Report threatening is not tolerated. In fact, it's often a big part of the reason people get banned. You'll just have to get used to the ping thing though. People like to abuse the feature. Just ignore it or type "/pingmute [insert name of player whose pings you'd like to mute]" in chat to mute their pings completely (u can also do this via the scoreboard (opened by holding down tab or pressing o by default)).
: why riot don't tell us what mmr we are in ...
Why the hell are people so obsessed with MMR? Even if you did know your mmr, it would change nothing.
LuxyFlexy (EUNE)
: If it is impossible (which I cant agree) that the System distinguish between me going afk on purpose or going afk because of a Issue, then make something else possible. I had score from 7/2/2 and we was Winning and we Won after I rejoined and as we won I had a score from 13/5/6. But nooo the System gives me 5 Matches Banned for being afk ???? I dont get EXP/BE nor The 400EXP of Daily Win. Fairplay???
Yes that is fair. You went afk. You could have cost your team the match. It's frankly just luck that they were able to win without you. That's why after being afk for a certain period of time you incur the punishment regardless of whether you win or lose after you come back.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I agree. I do hope they plan on just recoding the whole game from the ground up and have one stable code, not a mesh of multiple ones. They better be working on that in the background as we speak. So instances like that Lux ult link below doesn't happen again.
Except the lux ult thing would still happen. Cause that wasn't a bug. The actual hitboxes don't perfectly align with the visual effects because of the way perspective works, and the champion hitboxes don't follow their exact outlines either. This was working as intended.
: NA boards VS EUW boards
What are these maymays u speak of? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
AkashiGami (EUNE)
: I have a question regarding level and XP
From this description it's impossible to tell where she got those XP from, but it's not infeasible for her to have done so. CS is not the same as XP and not necessarily reflective of it. You get XP by being near minions when they die even if you don't kill them, unlike cs. Also, you're questioning a champion's balance in ARURF? The whole point of that shitty mode is that you throw all balance and strategy out the window and just let everyone spam all their skills like there's no tomorrow... Damn I'll be glad when ARURF's gone again.
Mada (EUW)
: how about not having those %%%%%%ed series games? Pretty easy fix if you ask me
For one thing, you'd still be 1 LP short of the next tier. For another, promos are the most fun part of the climb, why'd u want to remove them?
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