: I'm just going to play Apex Legends.Gl Rito!
And no one is gonna stop you.
Wow thats very smart. Posting evidence to your own crime. This video has been forwarded to Riot support.
: I mean... banning 5 supports isn’t unheard of we’ve seen it happen plenty of times(if the player you are worried about or you want to target is a support player you tend to ban supports), and honestly I don’t even think that’s the biggest stomp on the pro scene... we’ve seen all of this happen in more major regions and with Male teams. It’s really not a big deal, litterally this has happened plenty of times and nobody really cares... I don’t see why people are making s big deal of it.
> and honestly I don’t even think that’s the biggest stomp on the pro scene... They played their second game yesterday and lost 2 kills to 52 kills in 30 minutes.
: I didn't want to get honored anyways :(
Having a good KDA doesn't mean you'll get honored.
vladiq (EUW)
I didn't, Do I get a wish now?
: Who is the Character/Champion in Karma's Inspire ablity
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mártir,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6khR1aZ6,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-17T11:27:26.699+0000) > > I honestly dont think so, taking into account Tresh, Nami and Lulu are Champs, Vaevictis often plays. That's not the case here. It is obvious they banned those champions **specifically** because those are supports. As for the reason, we have two ways of looking at it: - It was just a joke - They were being "sexist" because the enemy team was all female You need to question yourself: would they (Rox) do the same thing if the enemy team was the typical all male team? Anyway. The girls themselves are laughing (except for one). It's hard to tell if they are laughing at the situation or because they were nervous. If they're fine with it, then we have no business being "offended" for them. Not baning properly against VS could actually work against Rox. In the end it didn't matter. Rox won the game.
> It was just a joke They were being "sexist" because the enemy team was all female They were banning their opponents champion pool. That team has 4 support mains so banning out supports is a good option
Rioter Comments
Kamille W (EUW)
: What the F, lmfao. This is sad. Did they win?
Second picture in the thread. They were the red team.
: new language ?
: League is the worst game EVER MADE
Have people never heard of bubsy 3D?
LonelyOwl (EUW)
: Wait what XDDD IS THIS REAL ?!
Yes. A russian team singed 5 Female players and pushed them to the starting roster of their LCL team. Those 5 are all Diamond 4 and 4 of those females are support mains.
: This is why you should love league 2k19!
Yeah a I love my Jayce doing nothing and blaming his team.
MrKurbanov (EUNE)
: Is there any RP-Earning way to earn RP?
You can join giveaways from streamers and hope you get lucky. There are tournaments you can participate in and win RP. But true Free RP is not a thing.
Encrux (EUW)
: Somewhat controversial(?) - Leaving extremely toxic games
> - "Don't play league if you can't handle toxicity." - "That's just how league is." If people truly say this they'd have no problem with leavers aswell. I play games in general for fun. If i'm not having fun, there is no point in playing. I really don't care if it's League or a single player game, If you're doing it for fun and you're not having any just stop.
: Once you get to a new Devision (e.g. silver) can you drop to bronze again?
Rioter Comments
: What happens if a sylas steals another sylas' ult?
PsychoWhite (EUNE)
: I'm actually feeling kinda dumb because I remembered IE increasing Crit dmg by 25% instead of 50% so thanks for correcting me on that, still with pre 8.11 IE Yasuo would reach 90% Crit with 2 items, now he gets to 100% with the same two items, and more attack speed which also means lower CD on Q. Still, my point stays the same, even as a Crit item user, Yasuo never struggled. A champion that isn't struggling and is so powerful(overloaded) shouldn't get compensation buffs in the same patch. And it was pretty clear that even without the IE +50% Crit dmg and 180% on his Q, Yasuo didn't struggle. He was also a pro-play menace for a lot of games. I don't see how lowering it back to 150% instead of 160% would hurt him, he's still gonna be killing as fast as he always could, but it's not reverted back to 150%. Trynda didn't get the compensation buffs back in 8.11 like Yasuo did. Which once again proves my point that Yasuo is one of those champs that get a special treatment. I don't remember about Yi, but I doubt he got a compensation buff with the 8.11 IE change. Do answer me this, why didn't Trynda get compensation buffs back in 8.11 along with Yasuo, since he's also a non-marksman IE user?
> still with pre 8.11 IE Yasuo would reach 90% Crit with 2 items Wrong again. {{item:3046}} /{{item:3087}} were 30% pre 8.11 while {{item:3031}} gave 20%. > why didn't Trynda get compensation buffs back in 8.11 along with Yasuo Because Trynda didn't strugle with the change like Yasuo did. Remember that the 8.11 buffs on Yasuo were a Hotfix. After 8.11 hit Riot saw Yasuo struggling with the change and hotfixed it.
Sarokh (EUW)
: Wow... Riot Games is such a lazy company haha
Looks pretty normal when I opened it.
Nikigr5 (EUNE)
: Rengar top is stil viable but hey lets nerf Camille jgl and affect her top lane as well
The stupidest %%%%ing thing about that camille nerf is that they could've easily let the minions be stunned still. That would be truly nerfing her jungle and leave her top lane in the same state. But I guess making that exception would break the game in some way or another.
: I want my rewards for last season because i was honor level 1 as the end of the season. There was a post from an Admin of Riot that if I hit Honor lvl 2 before the 14.02. I still will obtain my rewards from last Season. But I didnt get them yet and i want them now because I deserve it.
If you were chat restricted and you reached honor level 2 before the 11th of this month you could be eligible. Riot is still granting rewards to those who meet the above criteria.
: Zed changes
With all the other buffs he's getting this is a needed compensation.
: Cause it was already solved, inculding its 4 months old, inculding the person who held the post apparently either deleted his account or got perma banned. 2 years old, solved, same OP. Not locked. 5 months old, solved, same OP. Not locked. Why aren't these locked then?
: About a new Youtube channel
So what does this channel have that other tech youtubers don't? What sets this channel apart from things like LinusTechTips, JaysTwoCents, Austin Evans, HardwareCanucks, Bitwits etc?
PsychoWhite (EUNE)
: Did you read at the points, before the 8.11 Crit changes Yas had 60bAD and his Q would increase crit dmg by 150%, not after the revert on Crit items, Statikk got buffed compared to pre 8.11 and IE is the same, yet Yasuos upcoming nerfs will see his Q now increases Crit dmg by 160%, so comparing pre 8.11 Yasuo and 9.4 Yasuo, 9.4 gets an unnecessary buff out of all of this Marksman updates that were supposed to balance out "marksmen" yet a non-marksman champion has been seeing the best years of his life. So my point still stands that Yasuo gets unnecessary buffs every few months when Crit items change "for marksmen". Please read before posting smartass replies.
Why is it an unnecessary buff though? Pre 8.11 IE has +50% crit damage. Yasuo Q does 150% damage on crits instead of 200%. Post 8.11 IE has no aditional crit damage. Yasuo Q gets a hotfix to 180% damage on crits instead of 200%. 9.4 IE has +25% crit damage. Yasuo Q does 160% damage on crits instead of 200%. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Pre 8.11 Q crit is 200% (150% Q base + 50% IE) 9.4 Q crit is 185% (160% Q base + 25% IE) Comparing Pre 8.11 and 9.4 Yasuo he get's nerfed. Plus I also really don't get why yasuo shouldn't get adjustments when crit changes. Even though the changes are targeted towards marksmen, Yasuo uses the items too and should be included in said changes.
: My dog typed that
In that case. Woof.
: Heartpiercer skins (Fiora and Vi)
Well in a knighting ceremony the king/queen touches both shoulder with the sword. So I guess it's just two different moments, there is nowhere that says it's the same exact moment for both splashes.
: Oi how come I got perma'd
> GONZ0: I wanna get banned YOUR WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED.
PsychoWhite (EUNE)
: Why does Yasuo always get stronger with every Crit update?
Why does a crit based champion change with crit changes?
: Make league voice chat
> i wish to know what's riot's opinion on this .. Google it. There is a lot of content on the subject.
: srsly why u guys hate tiktok this much i used to think its a trash but now i changed my mind its awesome just give it a try :)
This post has more upvotes than you have viewers lmao.
Azelar (EUNE)
: Akali nerf
> What made this champion so unique was removed. Her Uniqueness was being a safe laner with Q and a no counterplay asshole with w. Being Op isn't being unique.
: Fiora's Q speed
That's a huge %%%%ing buff though. If this was gonna happen you'd have to compromise on it and say it won't get faster either with more MS.
: How do you verse a Yasuo Mid.
Annie is a pretty nice and easy counter. Just sit back with your 625 attack range and keep stun up for when he tries to engage. AA him and keep his shield down. Get early boots to sidestep tornados easily.
: Xayah Rakan skins
The idea is nice but it'll never happen because of clarity issues.
: 30Mbps internet, but ping is 300 one game, and normal the next
Why don't you just play on the SEA servers if you are from there?
smooker36 (EUNE)
: No honor level 3 border on new loading screen..
You need to get at least one honor in your previous game to make it show.
: 😍KDA TikTok Ultimate Compilation (league of legends)😍 #kda #tiktok #da...
: Akali has 37 % WR
: they dont even do that, othervise there wouldnt so many toxic people.
That's the wonderful thing about a free game. Get banned? Make a new acc.
: What do you enjoy about URF mode?
seeing people on the board whine about how it isn't the real urf and that they want something different.
: unpopular opinion: i think riot does a good job on punishing toxicity
Riot does a good job on punishing 1 type of toxicity.
: Riot seems oblivious to Supports.
They've already said that this is a band-aid fix and they are looking into a way to fix it without harming supports
: lol on linux?
There has never been official support for linux. Anything online are just workarounds.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=AWgnRfkY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-12T14:39:38.340+0000) > > This is gonna happen in like 20 years or something. > > The replay system we have now took 8 years to make. imagine them having to make a new system. Let's just talk about what do you think about this idea. We all know Riot surely won't notice this topic, but at least i want to know the most ignored community in the world' opinion.
Well it's a great idea. That's why it'll take years before we see something like it. The only downside is that you need to have a team of people reviewing those clips. Which either means you'd have a huge team of people or a huge delay in punishments.
: New lvl of reporting trolls/inters/griefers
This is gonna happen in like 20 years or something. The replay system we have now took 8 years to make. imagine them having to make a new system.
: ?That means you think that the coaches/analysts of lcs, lec etc. teams are all master/challenger/god tier players? N O P E Sorry that's not the case.
> That means you think that the coaches/analysts of lcs, lec etc. teams are all master/challenger/god tier players Well those coaches must have some talent for analysing gameplay and making strats. They may mechanically not be the best but they have the edge in knowledge. But looking at a lot of coaches in pro play they have a history at a high level of play. OP just comes out of the blue saying "free advice" without anything to show if his advice is good or not.
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