Kamakas (EUW)
: POLL: Should this warrant a permanent ban?
After a 14-day ban any mild toxicity is a perma. So yes, this is worth a permaban.
Rioter Comments
: How do i apply for legends of runeterra?
https://playruneterra.com/en-us/ No word on when the beta goes live though, it just says early 2020.
: Cant purchase RP on EUW for region transfer
There was a russian law pushed 4 years ago that made buying RP outside of the RU server unavailable for russians. https://boards.ru.leagueoflegends.com/ru/c/general/qqoIErq1-rp-ru
iZeus (EUNE)
: Click on exclamation mark and you will see the answer :)
That just says that transfers are disabled though, not that all RP purchases are disabled.
Hansiman (EUW)
: If you haven't already, log out of the account and log back in. The level is updated now, and you should be able to comment again.
It works! Thank you very much.
: Why we don't get XP from TFT?
> why waste 30 minutes for nothing? What's the point of playing it? Fun? If exp is the sole reason you play something you shouldn't be playing it.
nabwaeXD (EUNE)
: Invisible flying alistar
That bug has been there for years in some way, shape or form. Here it is 3 years ago in the NALCS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GReCFohUpdg
kadu916 (EUW)
: ?
Geese can't be Op because birds aren't real.
Wannes (EUW)
: Ranked Mewrch Store empty
Is your honor level below 2?
iksdeeee (EUW)
: Phone number on Perm Banned account
Nope. Just get a prepaid sim and use that.
: There was at some point a few days ago. But when it appeared after a game I couldnt click on it and then it got lost.
What I'm telling you is that the popup you saw in the client just directs you to the stats page in the client. A special website like last years "Year in Review" isn't here.
: 2019 in numbers.
It's just the stats page in the client. There is no special website like last year.
JTClean02 (EUNE)
: When will Server Transfer be back?
Probably after the new season starts.
Kalllemir (EUW)
: Swain
> you have turned one of the most flexible champions HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA OLD SWAIN FLEXIBLE HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAA
: I'm down voting this because I don't believe there are as many trolls as people claim.
If your definition of troll is a person that dies once or plays something that isn't what I like then there are a lot.
: a small TFT question! :D
How you ever encountered a full 2 star unit in the shop?
They forgot how to make original content?
: 👀 SNEAKY 👀
👀Stolen Content👀
: How do i see my end of the season stats??
Go to the stats page in your client. There is no special page.
: If u can help me i'm starting a youtube channel XD
If there is one thing that the world doesn't need any more of it's league twitch clip compilations. Do something original please.
: When are the toplane impact changes coming?
Who actually thought that toplane was gonna get more impact when they reworked the whole game around dragons now? Literally any jungler who puts energy into top loses the game because the enemy will have a free drake. You want to make top have an impact? Alternate dragon spawns the first 20 mins between top and bot.
: Is anyone still enjoying this game
Yeah I really like the new 1v1 mode.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: What? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
He's trying to insult the players he is playing with but somehow the way he talks only insults himself.
Brappa (EUW)
: Still no ranked rewards
> I had reached my scheduled honor level 2 as of yesterday morning just a couple hours too late Couple of hours too late? You had to be honor 2 by the seasons end almost 2 weeks ago.
: Diana mains rejoice
Is she really a beast now? Or have you never experienced being a champion pre-6?
: Where are the Yorick buffs?
Are you surprised? This is Riots way of work when items make a champ strong. Item makes champ strong ---> Nerf Champ ----> Nerf/Delete Item at a later point ----> Leave champion as is.
Dkiddeh (EUW)
: Riot, Eternals when?
An FAQ said patch 9.17. Or like 12 weeks ago.
: skin not gotten or champion
A permanent shard is still in your inventory. Which you can roll with 2 other shards for a new one. Or you can buy Kench and redeem it anyway.
Brunte02 (EUNE)
: Black friday
No. There are skin sales all year round.
Alëks (EUW)
: I think the point is accuracy, although the tribunal was slow, it was much more accurate than this system.
It wasn't accurate though. 2 cases could be very similair but get reviewed by people who think differently, resulting in an unaccurate and unequal system.
: is there any way to disable colours from dragons?
Nope. Riot said they are adjusting the tint of infernal next patch though.
: Black friday skin sales?
Because skin sales are all year round.
: The Tribunal
Why would a slow outdated system come back?
ryankffx (EUW)
: TFT suggestion
Riot is using skins in TFT for origins and classes. Changing the skins for every person would create confusion.
: Balancing new dragon systeme
Is this really here or am I having a stroke?
: TFT rewards
Don't really get why they didn't just make a victorious Pengu or something.
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: Chat logs
Not unless you've gotten a punishment.
CuteWolf (EUW)
: AI games are full of suicide bots
If there was a way to permanantly fix it there would be. But more than banning them isn't really possible, and people that bot just keep making more bots.
Spolchen (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qlab1rA6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-27T22:00:20.091+0000) > > It affects your MMR a little bit. what is a little bit?
Less than during the normal season.
Spolchen (EUW)
: What is the point in playing ranked during preseason?
: > [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZvTd6Jsm,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-26T22:16:04.546+0000) > > Because your name has a duplicate somewhere so They need you to change it to avoid a duplicate. still wonder who has Jannanomana as an ID.. i mean i have this nickname even on twitter and so, and i am pretty sure those sozial media platforms are bigger then league of legends community.
Maybe someone saw it once and used it on another server. Maybe you have a smurf on another server you forgot about.
Aezander (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kitty Girl,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=68kJkhzI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-26T22:04:10.792+0000) > > Sry but you will need change, riot want make accounts username unique on world not only region like before cause new games. Problem is I've got this username since Spring 2010 since I started playing LoL ... I don't want to alter that in any way or shape.
It'll only change the name you login with though. You keep the summoner name.
Klut (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pL6H8l2x,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-26T22:22:18.600+0000) > > Riot already said that, as of right now, it doesn't make sense for TFT to grant exp. > You can play ranked tft from level one and exp doesn't unlock anything. > > Also there is nothing you can buy for BE for TFT so granting that is bs too. I think it would be a cool idea if they implimented ways of unlocking little legends or maybe even maps for BE in the store, maybe they can cost around the same ammount as name change etc... HOWEVER considering we can now buy little legend eggs with event tokens usually I guess there wouldn't be much demand for them in the shop? But who knows, riot just wants money after all so they might never do that.
> riot just wants money Who doesn't though?
: New Aphelios skin might be worth 1350 RP
Almost every regular skin is 1350rp now. It'd be more of a surprise if it was a 975rp skin.
: I don't like this someone else. This is my name. Miiiiine. And I'm not sure if I can or am willing to settle for any other name.
That's probably how someone else thinks about it too. Well not really because you are the one that is promted to change. Just take some safety in the fact that login names don't actually matter, no one sees them anyway.
Klut (EUW)
: TFT xp
Riot already said that, as of right now, it doesn't make sense for TFT to grant exp. You can play ranked tft from level one and exp doesn't unlock anything. Also there is nothing you can buy for BE for TFT so granting that is bs too.
: Same. I don't understand why I'm not allowed to use my old one. :(
Because either your smurf or someone else is also using it. And they can't have duplicates.
Cajolo2 (EUW)
: New login name
Because your name has a duplicate somewhere so They need you to change it to avoid a duplicate.
Lysαdmia (EUW)
: What is that soundtrack?:о
Probably some in-house custom made track.
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