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: Ok so far, my feedback.
Most important of all: don't let other people mess with your mojo - that's why the mute buttons exist. The rest should come naturally with time :P If you'd like more specific stuff, feel free to add and/or ask.
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: Punished players should get some support
I like the general idea, but when I find myself reporting a player, they are 99% of the time too arrogant to accept any kind of advice, dismissing pretty much anything you try to say. And if it doesn't matter what I say, why should I say it, you know? Maybe it's just the heat of the moment and seeing a message some time later would be different, but I dunno. I agree that they should get assistance, but I don't think this would be the way to do it.
Boolhya (EUW)
: Rules=no freedom
You misunderstand, you are free to do pretty much anything you like, BUT you also have to accept the consequences.
: Kinda %%%%ed up a little.
Quite a story you got going on here! Anyhow, the letter was a good move and it looks like you 'reset' the situation. Now you can decide who you really want to be, and stick with that.
: Looking for a ranked duo buddy
Hey! I remember when I decided to get into plat, and how frustrating it was, definitely pays to have an extra person on the grind. You can add me if you like, I'd be happy to help out :)
Sakurie (EUW)
: Ezreal?
He's most often played as an ADC, second most on mid with AP or AD, but he's seen play in every role.
: LF long-term sensible players
Hi! I'm 21 and can't really remember when I started playing this (I think it was mid-season 2). I tend to play normal games with friends because I try to have fun or try out new things, but recently I'm running low on such friends, to I'd be happy to expand my list with some worthy additions. I play ranked sometimes, mostly because of the rewards, so I just get to Plat V and stop playing it. Don't get me wrong, I like to get competitive sometimes, but I don't know, ranked solo/duo doesn't agree with me, maybe I just haven't found the right duo partner. I'm always down for 5v5 ranked though. My main position would be mid, but I tend to cycle through most of them (all except top). By that I mean I'll play jungle all the time for a week, and then I might switch to ADC and stay there for 2 weeks, and then back to mid for another week ... you get the idea. I don't flame since I don't think it accomplishes anything, and I try to not tilt (but sometimes an enemy {{champion:90}} gets the better of me). I like to think I'm a friendly and decent player, but you can be the judge of that if you choose to add me :)
Qibeth (EUW)
: Is it worth learning every champion? Not to master all of them, just learning every abilities, etc.
The better idea you have about a specific champion's abilities, goals in lane, fighting style, the better you'll be able to counter it, if you go against them. Say you try out Veigar. You soon realise that farming with q is mostly what you'll be doing in the early-mid game, and that your mana costs can quickly cause problems if you cast anything other than q. You take that, and use it against the veigar on the enemy team; you push him under the turret, so he either misses the farm, or spends mana on his other abilities, leaving him on low resources. Learning the details on every champion will undoubtedly help you win against them, whether or not it's worth it is up to you.
FrankiYT (EUW)
: This is so good... omg <3 i loved it! Do more xD
Glad you enjoyed it :) I might do more if I'm bored, stay tuned
: wtf?
Is there a problem?
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: Some questions
1. Under hotkeys, player movement, you're looking for "Attack-move-click", bind that to A and you'll have the desired effect. 2. See comment from Sarokh below
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: General Opinion
Like the person said in the bellow comment, Riot has departments for individual things, like one department for aesthetics and another for client performance. They might be more inclined towards one side, but certainly not so much that we would notice. Another thing to note is that I imagine making new skins is less complex than optimizing client code. Just to shift perspectives a bit, put yourself in the position of a player that doesn't have any issues with the client. If Riot shifted focus towards client optimization too much, that player might feel that the game lacks of content, which is definitely not in Riot's interest.
: What to do with a bad player in team? (Need help)
If decision-making is the problem, then I would put him on bot with someone who can guide him, because that's pretty much the only lane where someone else is more or less completely aware of his situation at most times. But you can't just dump him in a role and hope he doesn't cause too much damage forever. Try to convince him to listen to your calls, by giving him a reason that makes sense; for example, my friend always makes calls in a specific way "Their ADC is bot, let's baron", "They have elder drake, let's avoid a fight" or "Enemy bot lane is dead, go for dragon". It's always "reasoning -> action". That way, when I eventually have to make my own calls, I try to follow similar reasoning for what I think we should do, or rather, don't do something if there is no clever reason for it.
: Like it or not you are playing a moba. With around 130 champions and 5 roles. Bot difficulty has improved, there are countless videos of how to do basic jungling and there is even a practice tool. If you can't gank a lane for over 10min that is being pushed you are just bad. Countless times I have seen for example me in top being ganked like 5 times and I don't ask for ganks I say go do something anything. I get told to stfu. Each season I may change one lane like one season i often top-mid then jungle-top. Even if I don't play adc or support I have looked into roles and have champions for those roles I like. Like in the forums and in the game people just don't listen they think they know it better...
Unless the issue is clearing jungle camps, bot games and the practice tool won't accomplish anything. You can't effectively simulate a real-player game for junglers, since people tend to not lose lane against bots. And as you put it, there are lots of champions, and lots of roles. So, the odds of the person playing jungle to know their champ well are slim, and even more so for them to have extensive knowledge of the jungling role. All they CAN do is their best at the time, and if you just keep slamming them about how they can't jungle well, they likely won't get better. And sorry, but I'm pretty sure that at least 90% of people switching to an adc (for example) wouldn't even glance at "a guide to adc-ing". Maybe they should, but they don't.
: Yeah there are those that farm for 15min. There are those that ignore a lane where enemy came top like 5 times and you have yet to see yours stealing a buff, taking dragon or even helping someone else. Played countless games where opponent practically sits under my own tower. I don't even say anything but after like 15min of this I am like wtf are you doing. Like it's easy if you don't have right understanding on how to jungle because you need to watch the map and strike in the right places then don't play. You need to move as fast as possible and understand a game. No one wants some one crawl trough the jungle.
Like it or not, there are junglers who are new to jungling (or maybe even filled into the jungle role). And there are things such as lost causes, and lanes where getting a lead will not significantly impact the game. I've had people tell me not to gank their lane simply because it will not have an effect. That might be your case, or not, but either way, before you go dropping the "useless jungler" mark, consider the factors I mentioned. Again, I'm not shielding anyone, there ARE bad junglers out there, but screaming at them to gank a lane isn't going to solve anything.
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CizzCool (EUW)
: please help me i want help
If you are often ahead, yet still lose, that means you don't know how to use your lead. For example, just killing the enemy bot lane 3 times is good, but it won't affect the game as much if the game goes on long enough. But if you kill bot lane, AND take dragon while they are behind and can't contest, you're in a much better spot. There are a lot of "small" details, like in this example, that you have to mind, too many to list them all. If I had to sum it up in one sentence, it'd be "Objectives over kills". Another general rule would be to look at your team composition. If your team is stronger in teamfights, make them happen. If the enemy team is stronger in teamfights, try to splitpush and avoid getting engaged. Hope that gives you an idea on how to improve your game
: Still lvling up.
A while back Lunation eSports was a cool discord server for finding people to play with (normal games and otherwise), so you can give that a shot if you're short on players
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: Ranks
On east?
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Rïvëñ (EUW)
: LF An Active league community
This could also be what you're looking for:
: Teamplay champions at lower elo?
Team-play champions are good when you play with a team you can rely on/trust. Having a team like that in Solo/Duo is a fairly rare occurrence, especially in elos <= gold, which is why you are more likely to succeed by playing more aggressive, pick-off oriented champions.
Rattlesz (EUW)
: Casual player looking for a community of sorts to join
One I found to be alright is Lunation eSports: Don't let the eSports in the name mislead you, there is a lot of casual play too.
Serge (EUW)
: Haha enjoyed reading this, you are very good at writing.
Thank you! This warms my inner artist's heart :)
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Sevolye (EUW)
: How to not be affected by flaming?
Like you said, a good starting point is muting the flamer as soon as they start their toxic rampage. Other than that, you have to accept some facts; you will have bad games, you will play and lose against people who play better. That's just the way the game works, 5/10 people are going to lose each match, you can't let that get you down. Getting to the point, keeping a cool head is key. Nobody's perfect, so don't hammer yourself when you aren't doing well. Try to play to the best of your abilities, that's all anyone can ask of you. And do your best to simply ignore the flamers. While realizing you made a mistake is important, getting it thrown into your face will not help anyone. This whole thing is a little vague, I hope you take something from what I wrote and it helps you.
Synestesia (EUNE)
: I do, but it's still nice to play when the team is premade and has a nice vibe. :) It makes my gaming experience so much more worth it.
I do have a low-level acc there but ... we'll see :) And while ignoring people is sound advice, personally I can't always just let it slide :|
Synestesia (EUNE)
: Oh, I definitely will be in touch with you, you sound a worthy friend, haha!
I'm glad you think so! Hopefully I can prove myself one day :P
Synestesia (EUNE)
: I know right ;_; I see here's only a small portion people on EUNE, I have to see if I have sometimes some extra money so I can start a smurf account on EUW, collect some of my fave champs and skins on them...
Well, if you ever decide to start a smurf on EUW, feel free to message :) (please, I need an excuse to level my low-level acc there, otherwise I'm too lazy to do it)
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Synestesia (EUNE)
: (EUNE) Looking for a nice, friendly and laid-back players!
Speedy59 (EUW)
: Does the game get harder at level 30?
Sadly, there isn't really much you can do about matchmaking. What you CAN do however, is learn what you can from them, from "more experienced" players. While it can and will be very frustrating at first, you can only really improve by playing against people that are better than you. My advice would to just keep playing, you'll get into the swing of things eventually. Plus, there are some behind-the-scenes stats that determine what kind of players you get matched with (called MMR), which probably acts a bit weird at the start of your level 30 games, because it's determining how good you are by matching you against all sorts of players. So that should also sort out in some time, matching you to players of somewhat similiar skills.
Viksin (EUW)
: LF ppl to play with
If you're still filling up your friend list, feel free to add me.

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