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: ad 2. no it is not being like them. i queued for top, i hava waited as much as people wait for top, i will go top. i am following the rules, he is not. basically what this sort of guy is saying: "gimme your role, or i will ruin your game". in the end by going for the role you got is nothing wrong.
I love that guys, because they force game to change into the right direction. Dont cry and troll yourself, so RITO could acctualy work something out to rework worst and most boring position in the game - supporting. 5 years have past, 0 changes to make game better.
Long n Hard (EUNE)
: I thank the graceful Rito gods...
: good jhin build?
I prefer going {{item:3031}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3046}} + DEF and boots slot
: "Balance", way to go riot...
What are you trying to show here? Poppys dmg?
: Champ select terrorism needs to stop.
That "terrorists" are the part of the community. They just dont want to stick to fixed rules, so they force Riot to introduce new changes. From time to time you get some, so as enemy team does. If you are so butthurt after having 1 game like this, well, go play against bots, because they are not human. 1. Never dodge - Is this a principality or what? You dodge to save ur time/LP. "Terrorist" will just get bored of searching for a game, since they already clicked support to do so... 2. Never give up your role for them. Be a stubborn, become just like one of them. 3. Never say anthing nice to them. God ur such a butthurt kid... 4. Always report them - Better report Riot for wasting people time on waiting 30-60 minutes to find a game.
Pelabel (EUNE)
: I "created" a Riot "product...
Dont brainwash your kid with LoL.
Najns (EUW)
: Why does everyone have SKT T1 so much?
I dont care about whos gonna win worlds. The most boring thing about the worlds is that there is only 20-25 champions to pick or ban.
: yes, the team has to survive till midgame where i would have a gold/power advantage over lee and zac. i like to take a couple of enemy camps if i can't countergank.
: would you recommend shyvana jungle to climb from gold 2 to plat 5?
Probably not. Junglers like Lee sin, Zac will gank most of the time, while you will be farming jungles.
Long n Hard (EUNE)
: Can Riot seriously fix this champion?
Its more of a communication problem in your team. Garen has no gapclosers, or any other source of damage besides his ult. If he decides to go some damage, black cleaver for example, it cuts alot of his tankiness. Proper team would not let Garen reach its carries
: It has been confirmed by official sources: there is no streak mechanic.
LoL is the only game where consecutive wins/loses appear. It appeared to me atleast 50 times during my LoL career. I dont get the point of matching stronger opponents against my lower elo teammates.
: Oh.Hey guys didn see you there. (RENGAR)
some tips from 1k games on rengar player: 1) Use basic attack first before you use Q. 2) In jungles, max W second for more armor and clearn speed. 3) Use blue jungle item, not red. 4) Thunderlords/Stormraiders is your mastery choice. 5) Use 10% Cooldown reduction runes (9 glyphs and 1 quin). 6) Get used to flashing between bushes. 7) You can ward golems/red and blue buffs/wraiths to jump to them or to escape from enemy. 8) Focusing on movement speed builds ( runes/masteries/items ) lets you use empowered q nearly all the time. 9) Casting E in meele range should be only performed after/pre basic attack, so you dont lose that extra damage. 10) When you got mobility boots and ult, you can do lane gank with low enemy chance of escaping. 11) Rengar is very good at splitpushing at late game because of long stealth and ability to instaburst alot of carries and even bruisers. 12) You can stack ur feoricity on enemy wards or other units such as gps barrels/zyras plants. Took me around 200 games to call myself decent and 500 to "master" him. Across all accounts, my winrate with him is around 65%. Before trying to master him, consider waiting 2-3 weeks. Hes getting rework soon ;/
: Legendary skin for Rengar
I main Rengar too. Would be awesome to see legendary skin, but after I saw rengos rework, I think he gonna be weak.
Torotix (EUW)
: How to make teemo a balanced champ
its just his W, which gives him passive movement speed. I dont remember a single champ in this game with passive movement speed and such a high poke and burst damage.
Dage (EUW)
: Why do some ADC win rates drop after 125+ games?
Its Riots matcmaking that detects your kda/games played and matches you with stronger opponents. It has been confirmed by unofficial sources. Riot always wants you to have 50/50 winrate. Thats why you get win/lose streaks.
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PPR Indi (EUW)
: Is Ranked match making "scripted"
: Why isnt jax chroma for ip
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: Welcome to the League of Yasuo
Personally I think they should delete Critical strike (-10%) reduction :) . He lacks damage and buff his base heatlh by +50, so he could be tanky{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Loss streaks
Gonna report Rito games to United nations, for illiuminati conspiracy
: Things on Jhin's Splash Art/ingame model/teaser that are heavily disturbing me. Like...seriously.
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Tax for ganking
If you dont react to jungler ganks, well you wasting his time. So, since you wasted his time, he has right to take a tax
jaycer97 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Owyn,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1y7gFuRG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-26T17:04:45.531+0000) > > it balances your win\loss ratio to 50\50 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} I have 20 more defeats than wins in normals, and i got loss streak. Last 15 games won like 3. What even is the retarded idea behind that? System just FORCES you to lose games, that is not normal and unacceptable. Giving a gold player bronzies in team and matching them all against platinums make absolutely no logic.
This is psychology mate. When you win you want more wins. When losing, you want to win that game before you go do something else. This Losing streak system creates addiction to the game in your brain. I studied high math in university and I really like the possibility theory. You can apply it here in league of legends and see yourself that 10x wins followed by 10 loses in arrow is simply (nearly) impossible. Whats more funny, is that rito is so dumb, that they actually didnt even try to hide it. You just go 10 wins > 10 Loses > 10 wins > 10 loses. And there is no W>L>W>L>W order in this game ( its rare).
Owyn (EUNE)
: it balances your win\loss ratio to 50\50 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Exactly! Never occured in other games.
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Zeromatsu (EUW)
: How long does it take?
Only 15-20 chests.
: Champion Balancing Ideas.
All of these champions are not "very strong" expect ahri. Yasuo, Zac, Lucian, Lb, Gnar are the champs that should be modified
: New option/button in Que
Everytime I post something on forums, a huge amount of criticism appears. The fun fact its that noone likes to support, icluding you down there. Stop defending something that is tottaly shiet. From now I will troll every possible ranked game, by pressing my prefered role + fill as secondary. Everytime I will get support to play, my team will get double jungler ^^. hope you guys will fix que time soon, or expect some mad trolling
: Well, if support is so antifun, why is it so fun for many people? Honestly, if you give it time and patience, and with the right champs, support is a really good role to play. Yes, your impact may not be as big as a high-kill role like mid, but stuff like Bard, Braum, even Lulu - they can all be fun as a support and make a deep impact/carry the team out to victory.
They can be fun to play but they dont give you some adrenaline rush. Its passive role to play. And about "many people". No, a maximum of 5-10% enjoy playing it.
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: Dont forget that the Champion Pick lobby takes additional 3-6 Minutes, whilst someone could dodge because stuff. Now you have to wait that time again, only hoping it will be faster than before.
1 Month ago, during late night, it took me 1 hour to enter a game.
: Another "we need more supports but obviously not me" thread... The problem of the support is unsolvable: the only way to make it better would be to somehow find a way to make the support gain more gold, but at that point the concept of support itself would disappear, because you could just brought a carry in it's place and be done with it. Another reasonable solution would be to make more supports and make them more interesting. But this is completely unfeasible in a game where the most picked champ is a support that is broken and it's kept like that for whatever reason...
There is millions of solutions, Rito is just ignoring this problem.
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Kenshi (EUNE)
: You sure it's not another Ryze rework?
Encrux (EUW)
: Just wanna leave some facts right here: I climbed from silver to diamond with nidalee mid/top, pre and post rework. Doesn't seem meta to me to be honest.
Diamond is not something to be proud of. You could have done much better with "op" champs.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Game is all about skill, if u dont climb, you are lower skill level than division above u.
What does skill have to do with fun?
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: Best way to exit silver?
Try nasus jungle with ghost and smite. Works well at silver land.
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: 3 bans arent enough
I think there should be 10 bans. 5 For one team and 5 for another one, so everyone has a chance to ban. Not to mention that there was alot of champs created and we didnt get extra ban slots. atleast 1 ban per 10 new champions would be perfect
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: I've finally had it...
You should try trolling. It really helps and makes you feel better.
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: I don't understand the NA players on twitch.
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