l3imbo (EUW)
: Project skins 2016 theory
the bow look more like varus' imo
SorrowJoy (EUW)
: I haven't seen that before but I will check it out next time I play Vayne. If it happens I'll post back here to let you know you're not insane. ;D
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: It's not Riot's fault. You are responsible for making sure that you have reliable conmection when you start a game.
did u even read what he was saying? its not aout connection....
Adrian7 (EUW)
Its not about the champion hes playing its about yours, for instance if i got a chest on vayne and not on fizz and my friend gets and s with fizz while im playing vayne i wont get a chest. so him playing xin has nothing to do with you not having a chest with xin. its about the champion u played that match. i dont have a source on this but this is how i experienced the crafting system while playing
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