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: Yasuo has a 54.2% win rate, 19.4% pick rate, and that is only not higher because of 44.5% ban rate.
The assassin rework will unfortunately not touch him. That said, he's currently 100% out of line, his nerfs this patch weren't enough for sure.
lil pëep (EUW)
: Yasuo...Is this really fair?
The fact Riot didn't disable him during his completely freelo weeks says something too. Riot in general isn't always on point with their changes, nor is their timing. Also, I was getting Yasuo's in all my games even before he got utterly broken, sorry but the guy can use a nerf or two. Playing some mages vs him is still completely impossible, no matter what you do he always has his passive/E/Wind Wall to stop you from having any realistic kill pressure unless your jungler camps him.
: Twisted Fate`s E
His W says the red card slows for 3000% rather than 30%, his tooltips on both W and E are bugged atm.
Smerk (EUW)
: Vlad main here, in my opinion he is just a bit above balanced line, he is definitely stronger that pre-rework Vlad, but at the same time there are more opportunities to outplay him. I think small nerf to his E health ratio would be the best possible solution
Agreed, him building Spirit Visage as first item and still dealing 400+ damage with it while it's not even maxed is quite ridiculous
: Rengar rework
We can't tell yet. All we know is that he's gonna get more interesting QW mechanics, and his ferocity is gonna be more of an 'in combat' passive, rather than just stacking it up and then going all in.
: she is fine and has enough reliable counterplay wtf
fine is not really the right word here lol To the poster: Riot doesn't do the "olafing" of champions just because they are lacking in counterplay as much anymore. They make sure those champions don't dominate, but other than that they just leave them be so the few people who enjoy them can still pick them without feeling bad about it. Don't worry though, she's on the rework list, but when she actually gets it is unclear.
Infernape (EUW)
: I feel like Riot don't mind silences however champions like Kassadin, Talon and LeBlanc (who are assassins) don't need it due to the fact that they can easily burst down a champion and their silence will cause their kits to have zero counterplay. Imagine being silenced by a LeBlanc during her combo. You wouldn't be able to do anything to stop her from blowing you up.
You still can't do much against LeBlanc but at least you can try casting a spell now XD
He's gonna get reworked to the point where he has more counterplay, and then he'll be allowed to get buffs by Riot. Atm they will never buff him, they literally only nerf him everytime his playrate exceeds 4% or so, and that's it. As for the skin, his SSW skin was really well done but I still agree he needs something better right now, maybe after the assassin update Riot will give him more love again.
: Can't fight back assassins (Help an ADC out)
I'm an assassin main and I'll try to give you tips that I found work against me: -First off, never go out alone vs a fed assassin. A Zed or Rengar will just pick you up and give you 0 chance to do anything about it. -Second off, build a defensive item lategame. All adcs have insane damage lategame with 4 items, building a 5th one purely to keep you alive is always a good idea. Some assassins have huge problems dealing with Sterak's Gage, not just because of how big the shield is but also because of the surprise effect of you suddenly having a shield to begin with. Also armour shred doesn't counter this thing at all. -Thirdly, ask your team to help protect you. Sure not all the time will they do so, but in general I found that sometimes they do suddenly play around their adc and it becomes way harder to kill them. At the end of the day, it's obvious you'll hate some assassins as an adc, they are you biggest nightmare and partly there to keep you in check. The more games you manage to stay alive against them, however, the more games you'll start winning and with these tips I hope you get more of those succes cases. Also ban Zed/Yasou, they're not only broken by design but both are played a lot so it's definetely worth a ban slot if you find yourself struggling against them.
: Who else thinks that playing vs Illaoi is oppresive?
I find her lane to be the most oppressive part. No matter what I pick, she just walks up to me and presses WQ regardless, winning any trade I try -_- Worst is when she E's you, I love how Riot originally gave us an incentive to fight her in the duration, while it basically just functions like a huge damage amplification (especially since she maxes that stupid spell)
: Assassin rework - Do not touch LeBlanc!
Imo she could be improved on her "deceiver" part. Currently all the "deceiving" I see is my midlaner going from full to 0 in .4 seconds.
: Very funny riot
I've seen way worse tbh...... still sucks
: Olaf > Irelia to be honest.
Irelia in lane deals with ranged champions way better. Olaf can feel insane, but imo Irelia performs better in quite a few matchups.
: yeah, that is what I expected - not very big changes. I hope you are right because she needs that, but most likely Rengar, Talon, Akali and Kata seem to be the biggest candidates from what I read
Agreed. They might go for a fifth big rework in which case Evelynn might still be picked, or perhaps they'll go for Kassadin/LeBlanc, though they don't seem as much of a problem to me.
Gh0st Rec0N (EUNE)
: Hope Kata is included in the Assasin Rework
I hope Kat's gonna be in the rework for sure, so she can finally be useful again. Last Kat I saw that was actually useful has got to be at least a year ago.....even her mains stopped playing her for the most part
Gh0st Rec0N (EUNE)
: Please hurry up with the Assasin Rework :D
Wait Kat oneshots ppl with one item? Oh that's right when they're 3 levels behind and sit in her ultimate for the full duration, duh
boss10000 (EUW)
: Statistically On Yasuo You Will Have More Deaths Than Kills, Maybe He Should Be Given MR Per Level
Yasuo is one of those champions who can feed and still be super strong. That's why you'll see him with more deaths than kills, it doesn't matter as a 3/5 yasuo is still as strong as an average champ would be at a 4/2 score.
: agree with you. Probably she is going to be changed the way like Swain - he is also a candidate for a full rework, but they adjusted some of his spells and made him even overpowered - I think something similar could happen to Evelynn
If she's part of the 4 big updates, then no, Swain only got a small change to his Q and some numbers. The big 4 among the assassins will get 2 or 3 completely new abilities, she's not gonna be the same anymore after that (provided she's part of the big 4).
: The problem with Evelynn is that she needs a greater gameplay update - the assassin update will only push her more in the assassin role than she is now.
Well currently she's just a diver, not really an assassin. If she gets one of those bigger reworks, they'll change 2-3 abilities completely, which would definetely be a big enough change to bring her back to being an assasin. Currently she's just......weird. Supposed to flank and kill of stragglers, but her ultimate screams initiate lol
Samsuddin (EUNE)
: Then why the hell i cant win my lane against other mages? SHE WAS THE ONLY MAGE THAT GOT NERFED INSTEAD OF BUFFED, WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL. meanwhile brand can oneshot you at lvl 4 with 30 AP and by hitting one fkin combo. Annie can t do a kill even at lvl 6. Annie should get a buff just like the other mages, because everyone else can get guaranteed kills within one combo. Zyra and Brand for example, are OP and unhealthy and take no skill to play.
Her winrate hasn't really changed, it's been consistently high even throughout the changes. IDK man I'm starting to think it's you, not Annie.
: His Q is pretty weak, but they can't buff it because it's a point and click. The way I see it sooner or later, they're gonna bake it a skillshot.
Yeah that seems to be the way Riot reworks champions nowadays, the more skillshots the more power they can put in it. I'd like to see what they'll do to Kassadin though, he's supposed to be the anti-mage but I see them getting blown up by Viktors every single game lol.
: {{champion:163}} you should try this gal. Currently she seems a bit overwhelming and can snowball very hard, if she gets any buffs directly or indirectly she'll become very OP i think. Her poke is crazy, great roaming, control mage, good mobility, counters any melee champions...she doesn't really have counters in my opinion either, only one I could possibly think of would be fizz. I saw in another post that you'd want to counter yasuo, other champions who do this well are champions who just have strong point click abilities. Basically yasuo is either OP or Trash in lane, he hard counters anyone with skillshots and gets wrecked early game by duelists and point click abilities, and the early game is where yasuo is at his best.
I can second this, though I'd wait to see what Riot's gonna nerf about her exactly (they did mention she's very likely to see nerfs).
: Shaco kit is toxic and need a rework ASAP
His Q's warning is the orange smoke you can see anywhere (even in bush). I do agree he could do with some work though, but Riot's reworking all assassin's atm and he's on the list so who knows? Source:
Dessem (EUW)
: Most the rest of the world thinks Graves is on the upper-end of champions with an above-average winrate and great presence all game.
I was about to say, he wrecks any melee champion in the game and can still 60-0 anything squishy with QR
RıvenBæ (EUW)
: Yilvas Champion Design
It feels a bit bland, if I'd have to be honest. I don't exactly get a feel for what this champion would be about, if I were you I'd make it more clear what the character is in terms of background and fighting style or so. His damage values seem insane, and it doesn't seem like he has a lot of synergy specifically, except for building AD/atkspd/crit as he literally has scalings on all three of those. Seems like he'd be very, very snowbally and get absolutely ludicrous damage without really having anything else going for him tbh.
SKT YouPorn (EUNE)
: Is Olaf a viable pick in current meta?
He's never really out of meta, as he can be build offensively or defensively and he gets ludicrously powerful if he gets ahead.
: Will all assassin get reworked in the update??
Short answer: no Long answer: Not all assassins are necessarily a problem in terms of kit. Some will still get slight updates but not ability changes, just a few number changes or something along those lines. An example is Kha, who won't get a complete rework, but will get evolution changes to make his W and R evolution more interesting. Kat is expected to get a bigger rework, and so is Evelynn. Also we'll see Akali and Talon getting the bigger updates for sure. Rengar is also a likely candidate for some larger changes. At this point some of it is speculation for the players, but Akali and Talon are 100% getting reworked and Evelynn/Kat are also rather likely.
Azure9861 (EUW)
: So Vlad has 4000 health and did 1600 damage in 0.3 seconds
The E broke him, the HP ratio is way too high as he can build tank and it'll still do 750 damage easily. Or at like, level 2, when it already does 150 lol
munraker (EUW)
: Volibear is balanced...
He's just another bruiser. To be fair to him, most bruisers have this problem of being able to 1v1 most targets out there because of just how much sheer power their champion has, rather than anything else. Volibear fits perfectly into that picture. I do still hope for the bruiser reworks to come one day, where we'll see a bit more interesting stuff happen instead of two champs just hitting one another waiting for their passive bonus stats to kick in and win the fight for them.....
Amiego (EUNE)
: annie is broken
To be fair, she did get a bit stronger with her "rework". Still is exactly the same champion, kills you with RQW + Ignite, or fails to do so and becomes useless.
: Assassin rework vs Support rework
Agreed, though the assassin rework is also quite necessary. Both are honestly a problematic class atm, you always hear people talk about the broken/overpowered stuff but half of the supports are considered to not even be viable and that's a major issue.
: illaoi
Her latest changes made her really weird. People are now maxing her E, as her Q and W are super strong with only 1 point. Because of this she lost a lot that counterplay she had by dodging everything, because when she hits that E on you she's gonna just deal guaranteed damage to your clone. The joke is if you actually try to do anything against that you'll get caught up in the AoE and die really really quickly, as her E is essentially a huge damage amp. Imo the changes were silly, she's not freelo she just became even more boring to play as/against without making her any more interesting or interactive.
: Ranking Ultimates
Olaf's ult turns him into an Irelia for 6 seconds :3
: Why is Irelia pick/ban all of a sudden?
She's insane atm, she always snowballed hard but one of her favourite items was buffed quite significantly. Now she snowballs even harder because of it. Basically if she gets ahead she just reks everything, and she's not that hard to get ahead with.
PlebsRUS (EUW)
: I personally feel it is a hard counter.
It is a hard counter, because on top of what you said (which is all pretty true) Yasuo's early game is also quite strong and easy to punish melee champions with, something Talon cannot handle well at all. A good Talon however, can live through the weaker earlygame, and find ways to be useful later in the game. Midgame you can do devastating roams for example.
: I think Riot is fine, love the dragons, love the herald etc. DQ doesn't bug me because I don't rank (everyone is so serious and forget LoL is a game!) often as I have my gold rank. Only thing that bugs me is the obvious favouritism to the AD champions. As an AP champion you basically are useless vs someone two has 2/3 MR items. More MPen items pls :). Better yet, fuse {{item:3135}} and {{item:3151}} together hehe :D, and change the burn effect on Liandry's to % MAX health instead of current health. That would be fun.
My biggest grind with the dragons is the rng part to it, some champions just benefit more from certain effects and getting 3 fire dragons in a row makes a Zed go 1v5, while it wouldn't change anything for a Nautilus. Herald....idk man The more I play with it the more I'm starting to accept it, what I dislike is how some ad midlaners can go absolutely bonkers with that buff (Yasuo mid gets ahead and gets that buff? gg whoever has to lane against that is fucked)
: One ide to improve the matchmakeing would be to let your normal mmr slowly get closer and closer to your rankled mmr if you dont play normals at all or very few like less then 10% of the games played.
This is one of the best ideas I've ever heard. Would seriously fix some insane matchmaking trolls. Friend of mine who plays in diamond lost a few normal games in a row, next game he's suddenly matched against silver players. Needless to say he raped them......
: Change title into > Riot please start listening to **ME, ME, ME!** again... Personally, I like the changes to Dragons and Herald, but the prevalence of premades in Rankeds I dont like either.
I've heard many others complain about the same stuff as I did here so far. To be fair the title sucks tho :D Also premades in rankeds are extremely annoying, I hope Riot will one day give us a soloq mode that's actually completely solo for everyone, and a team mode that truly means team vs team instead of the Dynamic Q troll matchmaking you see from time to time.
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: Riot, is Nocturne Part of your whole Assassin Rework and if yes which direction you are heading ?
I think they will work in him in the diver update. Nocturne is considered more of a diver with strong dps to kill squishies with, rather than the typical burst caster that assassins are. Nocturne is somewhat close to Shyv/Irelia/Jax than to a Zed or Fizz in that sense. What his actual work will be I don't know, I think they'll give him a rather offensive setup with some defense in it, as he's not supposed to escape easily, which is kinda what he's always felt like to me.
Rompanruoja (EUNE)
: People kept asking for tibbers to have a cast delay so it could be dodged. The champion rework team got enraged by all this and put enrage on tibbers instead
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Koracks (EUNE)
: Who is the strongest mid laner?
Midlane is all about flexibility, in some team comps a control mage would be best, in others a burst assassin. There isn't one specific best midlaner, if the player knows how to use the champion all midlaners can be good honestly.
: Ghostblade Nerf ; Patch 6,12
Giving AD casters a compensation buff is not a good idea, currently their itemization is quite good so they don't honestly need it. At the same time I wasn't sure about the nerf on Ghostblade, it won't make a serious difference but I personally just don't really feel the item is out of line.
: Who else deliberately plays unpopular champions?
Wait Riven is popular atm? I haven't seen one in three Dark Ages.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: Does Irelia deserve a nerf?
The 20% cdr on trinity is too much imo, or at least it is if you add the insane attack speed it gives now. Either of those need a nerf.
: Here's the main balance problem for Eve; her stealth. You can't have an effectively perma stealth champ with the ability 100-0 someone. The only way Eve will ever get back to her assassin ways is if they severely nerf or completely remove her stealth. Which is to say, destroy the very essence of Eve.
That's why she could be the best pick off assassin out there. Currently most (if not all) assassin's are made just to 100-0 someone. It sounds really cool to me if Eve was more about picking up lower HP targets (~50%ish maybe) rather than going head first into fights and killing someone quickly, as that takes away the point of her stealth and makes her just another Rengar. And her ult needs some serious work, that shield + percentage HP damage is so not fitting for what she should be doing lol
WarDog E (EUW)
: How to rework Akali
Riot already said they won't make Twilight Shroud Akali's ultimate, as it's both a pretty interesting early laning ability, and it deals no damage. Giving an assassin a 0-damage ult tends to make their early level powerspikes/allins too powerful, especially when it's also not their gapcloser (like it is for Kass).
: > [{quoted}](name=GlistaMarko,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5Q00yIJ3,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-06-04T18:08:42.004+0000) > > Pls nerf annie she is so strong in patch 6.11 and she have very high ap damage if she get just 2 kills she can snowball so hard that noone can stop hear thx Annie was already nerfed as part of the recent mage update.
The rework buffed her if anything, personally I found her way more powerful as the Tibbers bonus damage is quite significant, not to mention the rest of her spells still do a buttload of damage (QW I mean) and her E is as meh as it always was really. Her winrate actually also went up by ~2%
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