: She doesn`t really have utility tools in her kit. The heal and shield are really weak. Even Lux`s W has better scalling than her shield. Her E is interesting however, yet that won`t save anymore from skillshot abilities from landing. I personally see it as a situtional ability for some engages. The way she stacks her passive is different from Thresh`s. She actually would get less Mist drops if she would be played as an ADC. And her passive is the major part of her late game potential. Considering how fast games tend to be nowadays, she seems to me she is an early damaging support with a punishing late game if you let her get to that point. Basically a Draven`s mindset put on a support, the difference being her lack of mobility and being unsafe in lane in general (and that`s because her E isn`t an escape ability. it`s mostly designed to be a roaming tool and as a way of creating tricky plays. One example is going to ward the river and let your enemies know about it and when you come back you also pick up the jungler on your way there and surprise them with a 3v2.) Also, she won`t be seen as ADC that much tho because of her passive and won`t be a complete beast as Pyke is in some cases and i gave Pyke as a point of refference because in Pyke`s case, you have a gold income mechanic, that won`t hurt your ADC in any way and actually encourages Pyke to play aggressive with a full assassin build. Just imagine Pyke as a tank. That would be unbalanced as hell. That`s why they made the health he gets from items to be converted into AD. To discourage people from building him like that. Of course, you can still get armor and magic resist but they aren`t that useful when you barely have 1.8k health. So it won`t be Senna`s case without an income mechanic helping her build like an actual ADC. So, don`t worry about it. In my opinion just wait until she is live and you can see how she performs live. Also, don`t listen to youtubers. They can`t wait to have a new champion to be released so they can post their typical "OMG THIS CHAMP IS BROKEN" video. And most of them are also decent elo players while most people on PBE are low elo in general. Those guys would lose against Tank Teemo. So yea, videos highlighting how "broken" she is aren`t 100% true or should be taken as a verdict.
You are right about a lot of stuff. Especially about the gold income. But her range at lvl 1 is bigger then most champs only cait kog jinx and ashe can match her auto range (not considering mages), 4, in like 40 champs played botlane, and 2 of those waste mana trying. This means that she can bully most adcs. (I bully myself with janna and she only has 550). LS thought her kit was great. I think so as well, but after playing her I feel like something's missing actually
: > Monsters spawn souls, this means that she could stack souls on the jungle; She’s gonna be a very bad jungle taker, her clear is slow, inefficient (a lot of health and mana lost) and outright bad (can’t really kite early game like kindred). So I doubt that’s ever gonna be an issue > All minions can spawn souls no matter the conditions, this means she can be played in a solo lane, or even as ADC; Actually minions she kills herself are much less likely to drop souls, so while she can stack in a solo (though she will be very unsafe in a solo lane) or adc position she won’t get anywhere near as many stacks as a support. So she’s already got balancing valves to stop farming abuse, it won’t stop them as she’s a marksman so adc should be at least a viable off build but it will be closer to kindred adc than an actual adc. EDIT: and she isn’t a do everything support... she’s actually lacking a lot of important tools, her peel is pretty much nonexistent vs mobility and her heals and shields are pretty weak for a support. And without a gold income source like pyke she won’t reliably afford items. So she lacks the income to be a damage threat and the utility to be a proper support... I see her getting outclassed by all supports.
You're right, didn't think of it like that. But in her defense, most shields are actually weak unless supp builds AP
sbepi (EUW)
: riot himself said: "senna will be balanced as adc and support, we gonna balance her as adc and as a support" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLSXQhwRy7U > Making senna in a solo lane (or ADC) unviable (at least in the soul part)
Then, make souls only pop if nearby an ally
: will be a 100% ban like kassa in season 3.
I think the same! That's why I think this modification will make her more "average". Cuz the future I see for her is a huge wave of nerfs until she is actually bad at everything
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