: Just please help me
Omg I layghed my ass of on this I don't know if I should take this seriusly or not but dude omg :D League of Legends should make Psychological help soon haha
ISynaxI (EUNE)
: Unbanned by a huge mistake
I would have reported you 1000 times again and again, you're the reason why the community is so bad.
Infernape (EUW)
: No, she's actually one of the strongest top laners at the moment. She does well against most bruisers and tanks thanks to her passive and W. But Darius on the other hand can easily shit on her thanks to his ultimate and passive. The DoT his passive provides (especially because it procs Black Cleaver) can really screw you over and his ult does more damage the more passive stacks he has on you. You can kill him provided that you save your W for his ult but you would need to outplay him like a god.
hmmm... maybe that's my mistake, I thought to much about too ignore cc instead of dmg.
: W his R not his E. This is Darius!
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Fiora is actually pretty strong. But as you probably know Fiora relies *heavily* on hitting her passive constantly during fights. But the passive damage, unlike about all top laner passives, scales on *bonus AD*. This mean that if you rely on your passive in order to kill tankier targets, you can only do this once you get a good amount of AD - only in the mid - late game. With a good amount of AD, Fiora can 1v1 literally anyone if played well. But without damage on her passive, you'll have a hard time dueling many juggernaut and juggernaut-like champions. Simply know when you're strong against your opponents, and play accordingly.
ohh didn't know that - so actually I should wait until I got more AD then take the chance to fight
Rioter Comments
: God the meta is so imprinted into everyone's head that you all are brainwashed, Jesus. WHY DO YOU EVEN NEED TO HAVE A SUPPORT ROLE. What is wrong with having an ADC and another champion at bot? Stop labelling everything, there is no need. Have two tops, two junglers, two mids, who cares??? The meta isn't a guarantee win, trying out different strategies is interesting and fun. What has this game become.
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Please be so nice and DON'T fake report stuff on the Boards. While I can understand how you feel about this player,** most of their comments ** do not break any rules, and thus won't be removed. People have to look through every report you submit, you know ? Don't waste their time with stuff like this, thanks for your understanding.
lol don't post anything here with that trash dude That was relevant for league of legends and you call it waste of time lmao
: Just out of curiosity where do you know this "support singed" thing? Did you watch this video https://youtu.be/NCClBIsotNY ? If yes then you just witness the power of clickbait.
no I saw itfrom his own play the original one. The one who play Singed posted his own game
: > [{quoted}](name=Shield of Arena,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=VX3aVrPi,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-28T00:34:58.768+0000) > > I just saw the Singed supp who wrote about his suspension, why the fuckk did you suspend him? For playing singed supp and actually win? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} [oh look, yet another clueless pleb who doesn't know how to read.](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/79aGu3wR-support-singed-isnt-banable-but-thats-not-the-point) He didn't get suspended because of support Singed which is fine. He got suspended precisely because he didn't play support Singed.
He did, just because he didn't buy sighstone plus he didn't get exhaust doesn't mean he didn't play supp
: So, you say you're a Support main, and you agree with leaving your ADC to rot, completely crapping all over what the very word "Support" means. As an actual Support main, I don't know if I should laugh my socks off or if I should feel insulted.
Support means that you help the whole team bro, but yeah I agree the adc need help early on and he got the help. If you only help your ADC then your not a real support in the game you need to think how you can actually help the whole team. He actually did something that helped them all at once, watch his video and see that he actually helped everyone and not just himself in a jungle and farming. he had a plan bro
: Christ, another one of these. Imagine you are an adc and someone locks in smite/ghost singed as your support. In-game he is rarely on lane and never buys a sightstone. Singed is only counter jungling or split pushing. He's never there for you or the team. What is your reaction towards that?
Sorry bro but I have seen his play, you said 'rarely on bot' not thrue, he actually did well with being in jungle plus help his adc and grab double kill. what's the problem in winning bot plus counter jungle? second, you can't tell a supp mainer to play exactly what you want see because we can play whatever we want aslong it works. in this case it did work well so I can't see the problem really.
Rioter Comments
: Support Tab in in-game Shop
Dude you know you can create your own item set before you go in-game You can go in to all items and create your own gear and name it 'Braum' and when you start the game you can select it and it's all there your items you need.
tortsY (EUNE)
: OMG!!! I FOUND POSITIVE POST ABOUT RIOT ON BOARDS ^^ Keep on this way m8 :) riot really deserves to get more posts like this one {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
They deserve it ! they worked hard to recover it back You are right we need more positive post to Riot in here ^^
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
DieMotheR (EUNE)
: Game #3 !! My friend login from my acc! and speaking romanian! One Good reason for report! And See on Game 1 if i flame her mother or her family of this cait !! I dont have parents he died like 5 years? or 4! i will flame ur mother? Game 1 DieMotheR: ty elise DieMotheR: .... DieMotheR: wp on mid DieMotheR: just surr DieMotheR: shut up DieMotheR: plz DieMotheR: stop DieMotheR: dat plays thresh DieMotheR: gg DieMotheR: u dont see the elise? DieMotheR: all lanes lose DieMotheR: and still farming DieMotheR: janna reported DieMotheR: stop ping DieMotheR: f4cking idiot DieMotheR: tnx DieMotheR: Go farm elise DieMotheR: go farm DieMotheR: report elise DieMotheR: goooo helpppp TOP! DieMotheR: eliseeee DieMotheR: ohhh god DieMotheR: 0 possision DieMotheR: elise is zero ... DieMotheR: Wtf DieMotheR: watch this DieMotheR: 3 ppl DieMotheR: farming DieMotheR: on 5 creeps DieMotheR: this is my team DieMotheR: elise more worst ever DieMotheR: W/L 1/5 now 1/6 DieMotheR: ty DieMotheR: 4/0 ? DieMotheR: ohh... DieMotheR: he will die DieMotheR: report elise DieMotheR: Ty DieMotheR: :) DieMotheR: if u report elise DieMotheR: u dont see my team DieMotheR: thats why DieMotheR: report irelia and elise DieMotheR: so what>? DieMotheR: u dont see the feeders? DieMotheR: HE SUCKS WITH ELISE DieMotheR: BUT HE WILL PICK IT DieMotheR: open mid DieMotheR: fast DieMotheR: triple DieMotheR: or maybe quadra DieMotheR: WHY? DieMotheR: UR F$CKing blind? DieMotheR: report elise and irelia DieMotheR: ty DieMotheR: just do it DieMotheR: plz DieMotheR: ohhh u wake up? DieMotheR: report elise and irelia DieMotheR: im afk DieMotheR: report this guys DieMotheR: u sleep DieMotheR: i cant do nothg DieMotheR: push! DieMotheR: elise back DieMotheR: deff plz DieMotheR: and we will lose from top DieMotheR: .... DieMotheR: n1 DieMotheR: top they got mega DieMotheR: gg DieMotheR: surr cait? DieMotheR: why u go alone? DieMotheR: idiot DieMotheR: push DieMotheR: come? DieMotheR: maybe baron DieMotheR: to late now :/ DieMotheR: run fro DieMotheR: he run DieMotheR: for towers DieMotheR: This is team DieMotheR: of bronze DieMotheR: bronze team DieMotheR: wp DieMotheR: report irelia DieMotheR: and elise Game 2 DieMotheR: ye sure lvlup DieMotheR: okk DieMotheR: ? DieMotheR: need help :/ DieMotheR: tyyyyy DieMotheR: veryyyy ty DieMotheR: for? DieMotheR: report kata for? DieMotheR: no ss? DieMotheR: i ping 6times DieMotheR: look chat DieMotheR: LOOK CHAT DieMotheR: IDIOT DieMotheR: dont play again DieMotheR: go play dota DieMotheR: u give DieMotheR: 5 kills on zed DieMotheR: report kata DieMotheR: bcs DieMotheR: botom give 5 kills with jungle DieMotheR: braum ping back and cait still pushing DieMotheR: nahhh DieMotheR: bcs u suck? DieMotheR: 78farm DieMotheR: idiot premade DieMotheR: report this premade plz DieMotheR: blablablabla DieMotheR: stop speak DieMotheR: just report cait and ekko DieMotheR: gg DieMotheR: why u pick ADC? DieMotheR: if u cant? DieMotheR: hahahaha DieMotheR: still bronze idiot DieMotheR: report cait for flame DieMotheR: and unskilled gg DieMotheR: 0 gank? DieMotheR: hmmm nice pro DieMotheR: nahhh stop crying DieMotheR: all the time DieMotheR: die DieMotheR: unskilled DieMotheR: ofc DieMotheR: u feed DieMotheR: u feed zed DieMotheR: 5 kills DieMotheR: gg DieMotheR: ok shut up DieMotheR: muted DieMotheR: kiddo DieMotheR: go play tetris DieMotheR: wp pro premade DieMotheR: blablabla DieMotheR: niceeee DieMotheR: 7kills only from botom DieMotheR: on zed DieMotheR: hmmm i got 2-3 DieMotheR: i feed DieMotheR: Now DieMotheR: IDIOT DieMotheR: Cus sof u DieMotheR: just plz DieMotheR: report this premade Game 3 DieMotheR: cf boss DieMotheR: tot cu 10 farm,tot cu 10 farm? DieMotheR: asa iti trb DieMotheR: :)) DieMotheR: pana nu fac 5 iteme nu vin la gank DieMotheR: ma spameaza unu ca vrea boost in gold DieMotheR: report riven DieMotheR: to much skill DieMotheR: HELLO DieMotheR: blow me DieMotheR: u have sister? DieMotheR: prepare ure anus cait DieMotheR: nu DieMotheR: ca esti nab DieMotheR: :))) DieMotheR: romanii * DieMotheR: din mine iese DieMotheR: in ma-ta intra.. DieMotheR: why not DieMotheR: soloq tactics DieMotheR: nu are r DieMotheR: ma-ta moare DieMotheR: crezi ca`i silver 8 ca voi DieMotheR: copiii * DieMotheR: esti mai prost da DieMotheR: daca te-ar referit la copiile xerox DieMotheR: ai dreptate DieMotheR: dar ai spus 8 ani DieMotheR: deci esti un prost DieMotheR: ma cac pe tine DieMotheR: nu ma dau DieMotheR: sunt DieMotheR: asta inseamna DieMotheR: sa fii destept? DieMotheR: sa stii matematica? DieMotheR: in pula mea DieMotheR: fi sigur DieMotheR: ca ma ajuta DieMotheR: o pula DieMotheR: calmeaza-te DieMotheR: esti paralel DieMotheR: ti-am dat mute ca sa stii :~) DieMotheR: naspa ca au feedat animalele astea fizz DieMotheR: y DieMotheR: mda DieMotheR: asti-as palete nu au treaba DieMotheR: nu vezi ce iteme de supp are blitz DieMotheR: te doare pula DieMotheR: asa si? DieMotheR: imi i-au one shoot de la fizz DieMotheR: he have morello on blitz and he talk :~( DieMotheR: XD DieMotheR: ;p DieMotheR: sighstone smth DieMotheR: supp items DieMotheR: da DieMotheR: na DieMotheR: one shoot cu R :)) DieMotheR: XD ? DieMotheR: ure bad as fak DieMotheR: u have 99 farm DieMotheR: in 27 mins just bot feed u DieMotheR: oh yea and cassio : DieMotheR: ce silver esti doamne DieMotheR: diamond here DieMotheR: :* DieMotheR: PLS DieMotheR: e normal game ratatule DieMotheR: poti sa joci si cu challanger DieMotheR: vai de pula mea DieMotheR: vai lasa-te DieMotheR: da,da DieMotheR: e fara speranta DieMotheR: :))))) DieMotheR: 2400 e mmr de challanger DieMotheR: tudor are 2500 mmr si e Challanger 671 lp.. DieMotheR: ce autis DieMotheR: ajuti ? DieMotheR: dai q r sa iei scutler DieMotheR: cat de ratat trebuie sa fi DieMotheR: n`ai gara DieMotheR: esti low elo braindead kid DieMotheR: 0-12 u want blue DieMotheR: pls DieMotheR: mdea DieMotheR: testeaza DieMotheR: da si cait asta DieMotheR: da plm DieMotheR: am 6k gold DieMotheR: ce drq DieMotheR: :)) DieMotheR: e fizz asta DieMotheR: ca daca nu ar fi DieMotheR: m-as duce 1v5 DieMotheR: :)) DieMotheR: ala DieMotheR: are si zhonya DieMotheR: si ga DieMotheR: sa mori tu DieMotheR: eh daca am fi 5v5 si nu 3v5 ar fi fost ceva DieMotheR: am vrut sa crapi DieMotheR: 810 R DieMotheR: e bn DieMotheR: e ff nu are rost DieMotheR: fara tank fara midlaner DieMotheR: hai.. DieMotheR: nu ii batem DieMotheR: de ce dai fail la q ? DieMotheR: ca esti o paleta DieMotheR: eu nu te-am vazut sa dai vreun q
Dude u flame like toooooooooo much omg.. I would report you 1000 times for that Are you serous when you say you don't fame ? Read your log again man
ColGayte (EUW)
: The higher your elo, the more trolls you get
I would play supp for ya since i'm supp mainer but soz man im only gold 4 :D Nothing wrong in playing supp actually i find it fun to be the one to put vision around and protect the carry and inform the team. But i feel ya, I have the same problem with adc's sometimes they play trash and makes it really hard for me to support them. I guess u need to find someone who can be your supp, a good one. And yes it's hard to find a supp since no one like to play supp these days -.- {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Kian987 (EUW)
: Boosted and scripter - What to do?
Name.. I wanna see the gameplay if this is thrue. btw u need proof to report this
Raipesi (EUW)
: Toxic people in 3 out of 3 games (Now more than one toxic player per match!)
Dude I feel you my last 3 games was toxic games.. Can't believe people can be like this behind a freaking screen. Man this game is going down and down because of the community in the game
: i want to take you up on this offer
Rioter Comments
Jonamusu2 (EUNE)
: How to stop flame???????
I really hope you don't get into my team Players like should take a freaking break and think about what you are saying. It's freaking people normal people who are playing a normal/ranked game. Damn.. I get sick of people like you
: LF High Silver-Gold Jungler For Ranked
Im not a jungler but im a good supp and I need good team to climb. If you are interested pls reply
Lintujuoma (EUNE)
: yeh just half hour ago i got banned too, i simply started trolling because i was super annoyed of trying to do mid 20 ganks vs 0 ganks and even top complains to me, not to jungler... life is fair gg
I hope you will get 2 weeks more then{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
why do you need to hate her instead of helping her? advice her? People like you in league are the worse kind of players.. stop yourself man
: >Seriusly when did people become animals? ahem, people ARE animals. Let's not forget that.
Lol dude .. I actually agree on that because i feel people in league are animals. it's just sad {{champion:32}}
Rioter Comments
Rompanruoja (EUNE)
: What i think is the most disgusting personality in game
Totally agree on this I've seen this couple of times and I can tell you it's freaking impossible to talk to them.
bauhmut (EUW)
: Unfair Perma Ban
Why the fuckk does everyone give this man the fault?.. You guys have not feelings or a heart.. At least give the money back.. Look even if it's not true what he says or it is his fault remember that he used time + money on this it means he payed attention to the game and riot should do the same for him for paying time + money for them. At least if they don't wanna answer or help just give him the money back. this isn't how it should be done.
: AFK Gaming
you know they did something about it they made the /remake thing. If a player is afk in the last 3 min. in the game the team can write /remake and the game is over you wont lose LP or W/L But the afk will lose LP like it was a normal match. what I dont like with this is: what if someone afk in the middle of the game?....
: one shot by baron.
wtf... hahahahahaha :D You should have recorded it dude {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Rioter Comments
The Ęxile (EUNE)
: [Resolved] LOL login issues on latest patch since 5 min ago.
What's going on with the server (EUW) Riot? It says that it's busy and try again later. IIs it the changes in mid season ?
Sceizer (EUW)
: They just need to change his true damage to magic damage
Thrue, if they remove the thrue dmg it will give tanks more opportunities to tank his dmg or distract him.
: I would assume that the removal of devourer and the nerfs to Rageblade coming with 6.9 will decrease his damage against squishies a lot, so they probably should be careful with changes until we see how that plays out.
are they going to remove devourer? that's the best thing i heard !!!!!!! I hope they will remove it for good, this item has given champions like Yi, Shyvana and Xin a buff buff. I hope they will remove it.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
You're level 19.. of course you will see people feed. Did you evver think about where will train a new champ? people play NORMAL game to train their champ to be ready to ranked. That's how it works. you can't blame someone for being bad in a normal game, and besides you dont lose anything in a normal game so i dont get it why you're so pissed? Btw flaming is not what you want, specially when it's just a normal game. You just make things worse when you start flaming When you get to 30 and start playing ranked you'll understand what i mean{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: i perma banned this day and unistall lol bb :)
I feel it's good you're leaving if it's thrue you've been flaming so much that Riot Permabanned you. Maybe Dota 2 will like your flames more or maybe you will get banned too for all that toxic behavior
: Should permabans really be a punishment for toxicity?
I'll bite What do you suggest Riot should do with the toxic players huh? Everytime I play a game there's always a toxic player who think it's funny to flame. I think many players would be glad if toxic players are getting banned and if it's thrue that riot is banning people (I've never seen Riot banning someone specially pernaban for being toxic) for being toxic then should keep banning them, this game need it. There's too many toxic players and i'm tired of hearing on their flames.
ze j2k6 (EUW)
: Hello riot I have a simple question
I feel you mate Some would say you should ignore it and try to carry your team (depends who you are in the game) it's crazy how easy people get mad at this game that they would troll and ruin the game for ithers. The report system doesn't even work I bet it's not even taken care of any of those trollers. But dude when a troller is in your game the only thing you can do is to calm the person down. try to communicate DON'T use words like 'why' or 'noob' dont even say the person is a troller. Second - Play safe man, you don't want to get in a fight where the troller has feeeded their team but you want to kill their team one by one or take objectives. Beisdes wait to late game it will help you and your team a lot when you get to the late. Gl dude and maybe we will meet in the rift
: I'll bite then. Yi has hypercarry potential in soloqueue pretty much because people don't ward or take his presence into account. He can't just chunk people under tower, and if a single player buys a frozen heart a good part of his playstyle is made redundant. It's true that he is in a good spot right now, but honestly, he has no hard cc and they've reduced the time on his ult. It's just about getting in your face and using autoattacks. It seems overpowered because there's no real finesse to it, but fundamentally if someone like elise or hecarim ran out the jungle and blew up the adc, few people would complain they're OP. Yes, it's _comparatively_ easy for Yi to do so, but if you see him coming and walk out the way before he can run up the adc, he's just failed his gank. Essentially, he's not so much out and out OP as much as he forces you to do things you should do anyway: keep vision, map awareness and positioning.
That's so easy to say.. Dude I am the supp I ward 24/7 do you think in silver people care if you ward? Sometimes I have to ping 100 times to my adc to get the hell away and back to tower. Plus you have to remember that there are 3 lanes not one. Yi got the first two kills on top in the 10 min. I can't tell if our top laner warded or not but the point is, how can you do what you said when your own team can't avoid being ganked. Btw Yi doesn't need hard cc his dmg is insane he just have to aa.. aa.. aa.. aa.. aa.. aa.. what a champ{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: TheGreenHooker ?
Not bad at all thanks for your comment
: How about StandBehindBraum ?
Actually it's a good one i will consider it
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: **unswlolsoc**, watch his videos and you're guaranteed to get gold. Since you play support: https://youtube.com/watch?v=5rn2vQNqKho
Father Tios (EUNE)
: {{champion:53}} Izi.
Lol :D I hate when they pcik that champion and my adc get grapped like 2-3 times in a row
: I was once there I believe you can improve, if you are conscious that you made a mistake, and be more careful about decision making, everyone tilts, when you do stop playing for 1-2 hours, hope this helps, goodluck buddy.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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