: Hey Shimatsuki! Ranked decay is disabled in preseasons, so no need to worry about inactivity ;) Also, ranked decay only applies to Platinum +, so even in a normal season you wouldn't decay from bronze to silver due to inactivity. There is one important note I want to make though. Account sharing is forbidden and can result in the permanent suspension of your account.
Thanks ALOT, dude !!! I don't get to play as much 'cause of my studies and everything but this just cheered me up. Best of luck ^^
cikiCRO (EUNE)
: NERF Illaoi
Yeah, it's like DONT GROUP OR SHELL GET A PENTAKILL, her gameplay is supposed to be about tenatacle gestion, but her ult just suppress all the difficulty of her kit and make her a massive killing machine.
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chill22518 (EUNE)
: Jinx vs Vi Rap Battle #3
Really amazing content. Be sure to continue the good work ^^
: So a sion a heca a garen and a nasus attack u....
{{champion:266}} Passive+{{summoner:4}} + q. Guarenteed escape.
: Its in your head. I've never had any issue with Udyr.
Go watch ANY streamer ever playing Udyr, it won't be with the classic skin 'cause they how crap is aa animation is.
: You know that skins with new attacks don't get different timings on their attacks right? It's still the same champ, i can kite on black belt, regular and spirit guard udyr, never found any issues as the timings are exactly the same It's just your feeling that regular udyr is sloppy and spirit guard isn't, sorry to tell you
Of course I know they don't get different timings. But Classic Udyr has 2 pixels as arms showing his aa, while SG Udyr has biiiiig feathers showing his aa, which is litterall way too good.
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: Something like this? {{champion:17}} What is this? Another friend of Trist? You can’t rumble with the Teemo without magic resist. Cause this little blue baby got a daddy, you b*tch! Now get lost before I put on my mushroom list. Cause i’m the sh*t on the Rift and get all the b*tchess And when I shoot my Q all you see is three 6’s You think you own the top lane? Don’t make me laugh While you try to hit the Devil with a dart up your *ss When you walk through my lane all you’ll do is stumble While your team dies slow in their own f*cking jungle Come in this this bush and all you’ll see is grass And a soft whisper saying, “I’m behind you, Rumble” {{champion:68}} I swear I heard squeeks around here somewhere… Oh hey little rat, whatchu doin down there? Don’t mind me while I’m chillin’ in my big *ss droid. And set flame to my enemies from here till the Void. So you wanna test me? Better hold up, son. Your little bamboo stick ain’t no match for my gun. I can take more hits than any tank can You got mushrooms? Hah! You must be trippin’ on them! You wanna get my girl, but boy here’s the deal She doesn’t want a chipmunk but a man of steel What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird or plane? It’s my ult, m*therf*cker now get outta my lane.
Dude, that rap was amazing, more pleaaaase.
Aquaday (EUW)
: Its preseason right now, so ranked doesnt matter. If you didnt finish your placements, then you cant get the rewards. If you finished before today, you whould have gotten the rewards. The new placements doesnt come before mid january
Thing is, I don't care about the rewards. I just wanna know when I'll get the ranked resets.
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: [Champion Suggestion] Libra, the mistress of the scales
Too complicated, you shouldn't need a manual to learn how to play a champion. Good job tho
Dr Sup (EUW)
: weird i just did it like you do with the keyboard but with the mouse and it worked :/ sry can't help
So you clicked the scroll button and it worked ? Because in my case nothing happened, buut if i clicked anything else it would bind.
Dr Sup (EUW)
: i went into keybindings clicked on the trinket button and clicked on the button i wanted to bind it to got it binded to mouse button 3
It works witha keyboard button, I want it bound to the mouse button 3
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OmesaaFX (EUW)
: You are Level 28. You have a lot learning ahead of you. A lot of champions have weaknesses that can be exploited and strengths that can be abused. Katarina --> stun her Heimerdinger --> dont fight him in his turrets or take the turrets when hes not around etc etc Alistar --> dont stay at your turret if he is strong enough to dive you
I am level 30 for some time now, better update that lolking, you know. I'm just saying that in low elos, these champions are unbeatable
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: Yasuo hard champion?ahahahah what else? riven,vayne?
Actually It's all about your playstyle, someone who find vayne easy might find riven hard (for example). Saying that you are better than someone else because your playstyle fit in with one of the "hardest" champions is kinda stupid. Now respond if you want, I don't really care about the opinions of an idiot
: Riot, your reworks are insane, its about time you notice.
Yeah someone who grasps just 20 % of a champions mechanics like darius will WRECK someone who grasped 90 % of Yasuos mechanics; get your shit togheter, Riot, buff hard champions and nerf noob champions. I'm tired of playing 80 games with Yasuo and still feed in games and be able to hard carry with darius while playing 2 games with him.
: Lag all of a sudden 150-250 ping
Are you serious ? you consider 250 ms to be bad ? try grabbing someone{{champion:53}} with 400 ping
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
> The ban was temporary (7 days iirc). What was stopping Dunkey from iceboxing the video till he got the access to the account back? There are people who talk crap about youtubers who make videos later then they should have, and start yelling that Youtube didn't want to pay him enough or at all. To prevent this problem, he asked Riot to access his account just until he finished it. I'm not a fanboy but I think people like you who go crazy about something like " stop feeding please" are wimps. Now we have lost an amazing Youtuber who always made us laugh, not like you who follows the Big Man like a sheep.
Rohirrim (EUNE)
: Bullshit there is CLG,Origen is pretty good.
So the good teams are Fnatic, CLG, and Origen, thanks for helping {{champion:201}}
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I never saw any Youtuber pay to make League videos, so what now you gotta pay money to make a video about a game ? He has alot of accounts, he needed that one in particular because he had to make a league video, as one of the biggest figure of LoL, Riot shold've at least let him finish it then immediately ban him, I don't even know why I'm arguing with someone that hates Dunkey becuse he's not as good as him at League, nor as funny or popular. So along, sucker.
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xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings, You will only get a rank if you play the Ranked Mode. After your first 10 ranked games each season, you get placed on the Ladder, from there on you have a "rank" so to say. It is normal that you are unranked if you have never played any Ranked Queue yes :) If your Question is if that is ok or "normal", oppinions might be different, but i think most people would agree that one should start ranked only if he feels confident and has knowledge of the terms/mechanics and basics atleast. Also beeing able to play a few champs for a few roles helps. Other than that, you decide when you are ready to venture into ranked. So "normal" is a pretty meh term for this ^_^ I know someone who did not play ranked, but played league for 5 years pretty much, he is awesome and was completely ok those 5 years :p
Actually Iunderstand the Ladder system, I was only asking if its normal to not being in the Ladder after 7 months of playing. But thanks alot for trying to explain though. I don't play ranked because I don't have much ip to buy the champs and the runes I want.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Actually its Dunkey who gave popularity to League, plus if he delayed the video, haters were gonna say things like " Dunkey didn't make any video this month because Youtube doesn't pay that much money in September, but no, he insisted to get his ban off, believe me, Dunkey has alot of accounts and his friends too, if he only wanted to play he could've EASILY done it.
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LikeOrbit (EUW)
: Dunkey just acting like a kid, put that on combo with trying to snatch that last 2 milions views video. (Time 1 month, and he will make LoL videos again, count on it) What pisses me off is that Sky&Company are trying to back up this silly game.
Actually, the malphite that go him banned was an EXAMPLE. the message of the video is that a video game should let you talk shit to noobs, plus he didn't find League as fun as before so hewas gonna quit anyway but this ban and Riot not even letting him finish his video was a catalyser that caused to quit immediately.
LikeOrbit (EUW)
: I call bullshit. Why Dunkey deserves a special treatment, just because he's a Veteran with 8000+ games? This is Riot's ground. They decide what to do with it. Don't bitch about what people wants to do in their own home. Shove a game for free at you, and people even bitch about rules. I agree that they take everything as flame, and they are turning out a little too much annoying with all this censorship, but i don't bitch about it; It's Riot's ground, not yours, not public. It's private. Their. Ground. Also, just because he promotes LoL by playing it and making videos on Youtube, that doesn't mean Riot has a debt toward him. They could sympathize for him, but bullshit about the whole thing that he "deserves" a special treatment just because he's Dunkey, and he's a "Veteran" here. He deserves the same treatment any other flamer, old player or new player, would get.
Dude, stop hating on him because you don't have his popularity or his humor, I understand your jealousy but don't get carried away with it.
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Renascence (EUNE)
: No matter how bad a player is playing, the actual phrase is illogical and pointless and on top of that, negative. That's the point.
I know the phrase is illogical and pointless but it lets the steam out, actually I wanted to tell that Corki to GTFO of LoL, and that he was the reason why elo hell exist, that my blind grandmother would play better than him. But no, I didn't tell him, because I don't want togetchat restricted by Riot's %%%%% report system, that's why I only told him to " stop feeding please, and I think I at least deserve to tell him that.
Larry (EUNE)
: Well you obviously dont understand that "ori stop feeding zed pls" is not polite in any way. "stop" is a command, who made you the team captain to tell others what to do? Just because you see a score 0/2 or 0/3 at the first 10 minutes of the game doesnt mean someone is "feeding". Stop judging by numbers or if you do, dont look at kills and deaths. This guy might have 0/3/3 and 20 more cs than the opponent. his overall farm is the same. Want me to break it down some more? Breaking points and psychology. Lets say 2 champions are equall in a lane and someone gets a kill. This results to more experience and hitting level 6 earlier.At level 6 he has 1 powerfull spell that some people dont really expect thus resulting in another kill. When the losing-so-far champion hits level 6 he sorta thinks he can now duel the 2/0 enemy resulting in a 3rd death. After this point he needs constant help to recover. So just because you say "pls" at the end of the sentence doesnt make you exactly polite
Sooooo, they have the right to feed like buffets but I don't have the right to tell them to get their shit together??? I once was really sleepy and I played a game where I was feeding mid and not even caring ( Because I was sleepy), the toplane Olaf told me to "stop feed you stupid noob" then I realised that I was feeding, really low on CS but I somehow waked up and balanced the midlane. Morale is: sometime a little bit of flaming can't hurt.
Larry (EUNE)
: "stop feeding please" is not acceptable behaviour and here's why
Sorry to tellyou but when you find corki with 9 CS at 10 minutes during a placement match and he jumps in 1v2 and the support has to peel for him and die for him only to jump in again 15 seconds later, seeing that Vayne{{champion:67}} is on a killing spree, and you have the AUDACITY to tell me not to tell him "stop feeding please". I...I can't understand


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