: People don't take the game seriously lol xddddddddddddddddddddd
: Probably the biggest rage I ever saw in 3k+ League games.
Offensive Language, Negative attitude, shaming, naming - reported, five mins later report feedback - reported player was punished in tribunal
Kurzy (EUW)
: the average cs for laners in bronze elo is 50 in ten minutes and i get around 70 which is high silver. ive looked it up
How about your kiting with adc, and what role you main?
Kurzy (EUW)
: honestly i try my best to play the meta champs just im no good with assassins and also i dont rage often and i always make sure to focus on objectives and stuff like that not kills. where am i going wrong ??
Do you experience something like i tell to you: Do you play ranked after loss streak/tilts, when you don't have energy to play, motivation to win? If you do that it's very bad, if you are tired after losing few games in a row, try playing later when your motivation comes back. How about your CS'sing? How many minions you get playing as adc and top/mid
Kurzy (EUW)
: yeah but i only rage every now and again and this is that time.. i just dont understand why im not improving
Well, you gotta mute players who flame/call you &@#$/rage and be sportsmanlike yourself, dont rage, dont blame your team, just be silent and focus on your improvement, also - play meta champs. Midlane: Ahri, Katarina, Annie, LeBlanc Toplane: Irelia, Hecarim, in bronze Darius Jungle: Hecarim AD: Jinx Support: Leona, Sona, Blitz Plus bronze is reaally easy to get out, you havent seen silver, or platinum. You HAVE to play for fun, otherwise you will get headache and you wont enjoy the game. Iv'e added u, i can play with you on my smurf, fun and profit promised!
Kurzy (EUW)
: im bronze forever
very easy if you dont rage and play for fun
Onepete7 (EUW)
: Am i too nice for Ranked mode?
**Show them no mercy!** Never lost a fair game, or played one! -_ Twisted fate_{{champion:4}}
ath1337 (EUW)
: riot should focus on banning the real issues in most games. the people that troll, feed and causes people to rage because of that. you can mute people, you cant kick them from your game and get another one. Words are empty, actions means something.
Intentional feeders do get banned, not sure what u mean about trolls? Its legal to play yi support, and noone should punish it!
Reprom (EUNE)
: Lets talk about 4v5 game
Give this man a cookie! {{item:2010}}
HyP3rSh1R3 (EUNE)
: What Should I Buy
Pretty much all assassins
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