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: Didn't get my mastery 6 token in hex-tech crafting after levelling a champ to level 5?
It's a bug that happened to me too a couple hours ago: I got an S- in the game where i leveled Diana to lvl 5, and it told me that i got the token, but in the hextech crafting it doesn't appear. Getting S in the exact game where you reach lvl 5 with a champ probably happens on such a small scale that this bug isn't documented yet.
ProfZTech (EUW)
: Is AP Ekko good to climb out of Bronze with?
I think a champ like Akali/Diana would be good. Very selfish champions, assassins, that aim at dominating the laning phase with kill pressure, and with the ability to roam bot/top to put further behind the enemy team. They are also mechanically simple, even tho Diana's Q takes some time to get used to. Ekko IMHO has a pretty big problem with his kit: He has a tank kit, but riot still insists in selling him as an AP bruiser/assassin/roamer, and changed his scaling to make him better at it.. But his kit is still better off as a tank!!!! Until some major changes in his kit happen, i wouldn't rly play him :/
: Why some champions are getting a second rework when others are completely forgotten?
Because old champs are just forgotten and completely unused, wich is sad, but not problematic. Ryze, on the other hand, in its current state is overwhelmingly strong and "broken", in the sense that it's almost impossible to balance, so a rework is badly needed.
AG03 (EUW)
: Diana or Ezreal?
Think about it this way: Diana is a fighter/assassin that can be played either mid or jungle Ezreal is a poke champ with mixed damage that can be played mid(not so popular) or adc. Just choose the one that fits the role you play the most. Frankly I was stuck with the same exact doubt, but i bought Diana in the end because i wanted an ap jungler, and i suck at adc xD
: What do you think about Katarina?
A champion can't have everything in their kit. She has great mobility and is a resourceless champ, with a kit made to cleanup low hp targets, if she also had great poke or defensive options, she would be very oppressive. Right now she's balanced around the high-risk high-reward style of play, where she just goes all in and either otk their carries or gets cc'd to oblivion, if she could also poke down her enemy before going all in it would be too strong. Lissandra has her E skill because she is mostly an engage/flank champion, who goes in the fight through her E and then ults either herself or an enemy to give an advantage to her team. She doesn't have a crazy burst like Katarina, it's a completely different thing. That said, Kata is a fairly old champ, it wouldn't be surprising to se some kind of small tweak to her kit when Riot updates the assassin class.
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: Best looking and Rarest skins from "Your Shop"?
I main lulu, and got the splendid Winter Wonder Lulu. Absolutly fantastic. Also got Shadowfire Kindred... Like most release skins it's not amazing or anithing, but still, it's discounted, so it's fine!
: Fun Jungler
Not too sure what you mean with fun, i guess that's personal taste, but i really enjoy playing Kindred. It just feels nice to jump around with her Q. Then again, she's basically an adc, so it's not so easy to master in the later stages of the game (teamfights). Also, I suggest you give a try to fiddlesticks; he's a bit unique, all about that ult!

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