JustClone (EUNE)
: Don't worry. Eventually your rank will fall down, if you continue to lose, and you will never see those gold players again, until you get the required game knowledge. This will happen pretty quick actually. (getting back will be the problem for you)
Well I hope, I'm not really interested in ranking, I just play to have fun. So I don't worry to much about catching up later, I just wanna play "in my league" rn hahaha
Shizu99 (EUW)
: Why am I being matched with high level people?
So I've just read that in normal games you get matched with people so the average MMR is similar on both teams, and in the ranked you get matched with people of your skill level. Is that true? If so, I'm I matched with high level people because of my skills and not my actual level? Because I feel as my skills are not that good... Sorry for asking so much things but I'm a total noob ;;
: Start playing ranked. After 20-30 you will be with people of your skilllevel. Normals are really volatile because the normal MMR (matchmkaing rating which determines the opponents you fae) is not connected to your rank or level but to your performance.
Thanks for the advice! Not really into ranked games but will try :3
5tr1f3 (EUW)
: Get yourself tryndamere and demolish mordekaiser, he will ult you once then stay well clear of you :D
Mada (EUW)
: I know what you mean. In normal games your matchmaking often feels like it suddenly gets a lot more difficult. I felt like that more than once before. I can't say for sure if it really is like that or it just feels that way but it all came to pass. Don't know if I got better or the matchmaker finally took pity on me ^^
yeah, right? haha I wish one day it'll take pity on me too
: Man levels says nothing. I think I have 4 accounts with together over 180 levels combined and im still bronzie trash. Ive seen people with level 240 play like a piece of vomit. By the way, many many of the people you cross who are around level 30 are actually smurfs.. who made their fifth level 30 account.
Haha that's true. But being a noob I can't face those people ;; I'm still too bad.
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