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Dromaius (EUW)
: Alright - this should be resolved now. You will have a login queue before being able to log in, due to the massive disconnect that occurred on the server. We're monitoring the situation, but can you respond when you're able to log in? PS: We will be adding a post later on to explain what happened, but we are looking for confirmation of resolution for the time being. :-)
[Well RIP](
: Still not able to log in. Latvia, ISP Lattelecom
Nathrat (EUW)
: Twisted Treeline (and the 5.22 patch)
I am ready for the freelo with the ADC changes on TT with the double lane
: I doubt that Vayne has the damage early,since she needs extended fights to deal damage,where Kalista shines way more in a 1v1.Also from what i heard from pro ADC's Kalista shits on Vayne in lane.
> Vayne is a very strong duelist once she has items. Kalista is a relatively weak duelist among adcs, mainly because she lacks good damage steroids. Avoid being caught alone as Kalista and avoid dueling vayne. Once you get BoTRK, just shit on her 1v1 Kalista is strong, because of her pick potential (Ulting lone squishes) and objective control, not dueling vs ADCs
: What to do against Kalista?
I usually pick Vayne into Kalista, since Vayne has no skillshots and Kalista has nothing to dodge. Kalista can't do jacksh#t when she's condemned. While ulted, Vayne can go in to stealth and make Kalista miss her autos, because of the passive. + Vayne has a higher overall damage than kalista does {{item:3070}} {{champion:429}}
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Dreanix (EUW)
: The Quality of Ultimate skins and the Older ones feeling ? Outdated by far
I'd rank PFE as a legendary skin atm. Look at Dunkmaster Darius, he has all the same things! Custom animations, VO. The only thing that differs PFE is his little evolutions, but that's it {{champion:6}}
Gnarmaw (EUW)
: Poll, EUW or EUNE
inb4 sh#tsorm {{champion:48}}
: Welcome to the Boards beta
Hi, guys!{{summoner:3}}


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