Murdarici (EUNE)
: Actually he need a buff, he is easy to kite and so fragile to cc. He was invented to stay and stack to have strength when games were 50min long so it's logic when games are 20 min long to make him stack faster! And keep in mind back then damage was way lower so he was more tanky then now, and not so much cc while now everyone has cc. so he is steal way much weaker than long time ago!
Easy to kite? He is a toplaner by the way and after his first item and lvl 6 there is no way you 1v1 a good Nasus. Most of them even rush frozen heart because they dont rely on dmg items because of the broken Q.
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: worlds 2018 orb won't craft
First you bait us with this stupid worlds pass for 1600ish riot points and than your shit doesnt work. i am so pissed right now


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