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Ranchy (EUW)
: Is 140 ping too high to attack move properly?
I play with 220+ (usually about 260) and I've found that it's usually doable if you've gotten enough practice and can delay your clicks enough. Still going to be really tough.
: Can I PLEASE know if you are even working on this, riot?
I'm also having this problem. I even tried a clean install and it didn't help.
lolHiyoko (EUW)
: The point of a normal game isn't that it's fair. It looks for players in your own level/skill but when it can't find any isntantly (not alot of people are starting with league these days) it puts you into whatever game it can find. Also level does NOT equal how good you are, your rank does. Once you're level 30, you can start playing ranked, and after a couple of games you'll play against people who are at the same SKILL level as you. Just try to deal with it for a while
Your first statement isn't a good one. All games should be FAIR. The point of the game is fun. But fun shouldn't come at the cost of fairness.
Haze97 (EUW)
: Those 'no' voters are Yasuo players who never ward and then blame the jungler. We need this. I wanna ward while I have the herald and I wanna be strategic with when to use it. Hell, even make the herald take up an item slot making a free item slot a requirement to pick it up and I wouldn't mind it.
About the item slot thing: it could really work if you bought a control ward before you went to take herald because you just pop down your control and BOOM (you looking for this?) you got your free item slot.
lispaton (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shrav,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=NAAoqTuh,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-20T19:15:23.384+0000) > > Perhaps a "/s" at the end of the post would help us realise it's a joke. Try that next time. why a /s?
I think it's a thing from Reddit. It could be referencing a subreddit or something but It is usually used to show sarcasm.
: Hello summoner. In first place you need to look at yourself and your behavior because it's defines you. I was not watching your game but everyone can fail sometimes. You win lane or game. Okay. You lose lane or game it's still okay because it happens every single game. One team wins, the other loses. There is no need to grieve or getting angry because of this. You have started a discussion on allchat from insulting a teammate... What answer did you expect? Please... imagine what your teammate could feel when you called him a bot. What would you feel if someone would say you are a bot or you are dying on purpose when you obviously don't want to lose? You can use your moral but I am supposed to give you another one. Please think twice(or thrice) before you say anything about someone next time. I would suggest re-reading the Summoner's Code because here you will find everything that will allow you to take fun from playing this game. This is not something "Okay, I click Accept". You are suppossed to follow the instructions. If you have problem with self-control or don't know what to do just imagine that You are the Summoner(yes, this mage who controls the champion) and don't think about what would you do, but what would real summoner do. As long you will follow those 9 rules you will be happy from playing League of Legends. And remember, insulting your teammates or standing AFK when you obviously shouldn't(if your house is burning you obviously should run away from house and stop playing) may lead you to some kind of restrictions in the future. Thanks for reading my post, I hope you will not make same mistake again.
As you may see in my post, I ended up regretting my actions and have realised that it wasn't good for me to AFK. With regards to Sion being a bot (or not?), I did not flame him in AllChat nor did I send any messages to him directly in our chat. However, I do understand that there is a chance he IS a real player and I am sorry if he is. To clarify, I am not someone who typically AFK's in games but was tilted and had assumed the worst (that I had a bot in my game).
sQuirtlez (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Humpelstilzche,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=NAAoqTuh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-20T19:09:24.107+0000) > > Isn't the entire reason why someone doesn't want to play autofill because he is not familiar with that role and therefore more likely to lose? Your method makes losing also way more likely, so it achieves absolutely nothing except putting your account at risk. its a joke {{item:3070}}, but it doesn't mean it wont work, i mean the only reason someone would do it is that if you are almost into promotion and dont wanna get auto filled but thats just a scenario
Perhaps a "/s" at the end of the post would help us realise it's a joke. Try that next time.
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Cooler39140 (EUNE)
: Here's my tip. {{champion:127}}
MogzyH (EUW)
: I dunno man. I been trying non stop most of the day, i've tried reinstalling system restore hextech repair, messing with my DNS, nothing is working. Can you get to the "Service Status" page? Rest of the site is working fine for me but that one page isn't, and the hextech repair tool is failing to do ping tests, its really weird.
Everything loads for me but it just takes a few tries...
MogzyH (EUW)
I'm also getting this issue trying to load the website and the client. Usually takes me between 2 and 5 attempts to log in to play the game but after logging in it seems to work just fine. I also use a metered connection so perhaps it is that. ALTERNATIVELY, we just have really bad net.
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: Uhm, you do know that something like timezones exist. Personally I'd say the best time to play league is from 22:00 CET to 05:00 CET. Cause during that time nearly all casual players will be sleeping which leaves only hardcore players, addicts, or people with too much free time. And those kind of people are usually quite good at the game.
IDK how I feel about coming to the realisation that I'm an addict. XD "Hello. I'm Shrav and I'm addicted to League Of Legends."
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Tbh, the fact that progress is hidden is so much more frustrating than seeing the tiniest bit of progress after each game. I want to see what honouring a teammate or being honoured does. I don't need delayed gratification in a video game. I'd rather see myself go up from 0 to 1000 games, for example, in increments of 1 than go in increments of 500. Same goes for the BE system. Rather see my IP go up by a little bit after every game than have to grind out games (that feel totally useless and like such a burden to play) just to get 860-1260 BE.
: Yeah sure, there are players on other champions that feed. But Yasuo is kinda always bad. Of course winrate matters. I'm Silver V and I get matched with other Silver V people. Not everyone is my skill level though, there are good players climbing by on their way to Gold with a 70% winrate and "boosted monkeys" climbing the other way down to Bronze with a 30% winrate. The winrate often indicates whether you belong in Silver. I don't climb. I'm Silver since 2013, I'm just too bad. I got my first computer when I was 16 years old and mainly played RPGs like Gothic and SpellForce, nothing mechanically intense. League of Legends was the first game where I actually needed some mechanics in order to play. Also my eyesight is really bad, I can't even see half the stuff that's going on in a teamfight, when I watch competitive games I have to rewind and rewatch so often to see everything what's happening. But yeah you can put me in Bronze V tomorrow, I'll be Silver in no time again. I don't rely on dodging bad players in order to reach Silver again. If I went all in and grinded out 5 games per day or something I could maybe reach Gold eventually. I have been Silver II in Season 5 once, back then I played a little more than now. I don't need to be Diamond or whatever, I know that I can't. I just want games with normal people, not the take every fight you can but never take a minion dude...
: The apps told you something, now thats a reliable source of information.
hmmm everybody appreciates an unsupportive person.
: This matchmaking should burn
Legit just went through this in ranked today. This matchmaking is so frustrating. I even thought maybe I'll blame myself so I downloaded some apps and stuff and the apps told me my matchmaking has "BAD LUCK" I mean WHAT EVEN
: even if the one who decides to call out life threats or throws personal insults at "somebody at the internet" is just an pre puberty 12 year old. do you really think its ok? helping those so called "pre puberty 12 year olds" who call other guys mommas a prostitute, they basically scream for help. so you help them by reporting them. giving them the attention they ask for. they get banned one or two accs long and then with the third acc they decide to just shut their mouth. so at the end we all can get to play along without any pre-puberty nonsense shit. but its okay, keep doing what you do bra
THIS! +1 Kids need to learn that just because they can say whatever they want, it doesnt mean that they should. and even if it isnt a kid, same rules apply.
: After 4 years I resign from league of legends..and here are my reasons...
Dude I'm in the exact same spot. I enjoy the game but the community is disgusting. Trolls, rage quits, feeders. The community has just fallen to shit. 95% of games has at least 1 flamer. People don't know how to play either. They do their own thing and make the game miserable for everyone else. I think the only thing keeping me playing is the YouTubers that I watch otherwise I'd have given up on this game long ago. Reports feel absolutely useless in this game too. The fact is that the community is filled with kids who just want to make a show on the internet. Nobody plays to win or even to have fun. They just want to kill kill kill and then end up ruining everything.
sutora3 (EUNE)
: because of his w he would be broken
Sure dude... What about Zhonya giving invulnerability and Fizz and Elise, etc... His W heal isn't a problem either since Kayn and Kha also have heals but they're still in the game :)
Shukr4n (EUW)
: it s all random all mid with potentially 2 rerolls. explain a easy way to "fix" a featured fun mode .
In a way, he DID suggest armour and magic resistance buffs. Slight ones like how melees get a bit more MR.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Tips against these champions? (JG)
Udyr and Shyvana are ridiculous at the moment. I would also like to know what to do against them...
: The whole night has been absolute bonkers. Played a few games soloQ - all of them shit - ironically the only game where I got an actual match was when I got autofilled jung and played the most shit. This wasn't ranked, this wasn't even League - it was just a bunch of degenerates trying to get ahead first and the other degenerates tilting over the slightest disadvantage.
I also noticed this. Lost 6 games in a row or something like that. I only realised after reading your comment now, but it is NOT a SCHOOL NIGHT! All the 12 y/olds are up late and making the game horrible for us who actually want to win.
: Just a sad story
Hey dude. As someone who frequently plays in the jungle, I understand what you mean about being flamed. If it upsets you in future, just mute. About the ranked climb: If you don't make the effort to climb into a higher division, you cannot complain about being placed lower (just like every other player in the game). I was Bronze 5 in 2016. I placed into B5 again last year and climbed out to Silver 5. This year i lost 7 games in my placements and was placed in B3. I have already climbed out of Bronze again. I made this effort. I aim for Gold this season and I will get it. And when next season comes and i place in silver, then I will climb some more. The system will always drop you a bit but if you don't do anything to climb, then it is on you, unfortunately. On another note, sometimes you get bad teams and you will just have to deal with your losing streaks. It feels horrible, but it also feels amazing when you go onto a winning streak. The game is just balancing your winrate. Try your hardest and if you lose, accept it and move on. Don't cry over spilt milk. And FINALLY, your normal games are not influenced by your ranked games. They have separate MMRs. Try not to stress too much. In the end, it IS just a game.
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: Focus and Toughness in Soloque
The biggest problem in SoloQ is that players have zero idea what they are doing and what they are meant to do. The League Tutorials are absolute BS. If the Tutorial included things like: Map awareness Map rotations Laning and wave control Tempo plays Objective plays VISION CONTROL then SoloQ would be filled with people who wouldn't tilt off the face of the earth when they die 2v4 in a bot lane tower dive or die in the enemy jungle. People wouldn't mindlessly push waves and not know what to do next. They wouldn't constantly choose carry picks in games where tanks are needed. If people knew how to actually play the game and not cry about every little thing that doesn't go their way, then the amount of tilt and salt and flaming and all these bad things would decrease drastically. ALSO, people would realise that sometimes losing happens (although you should always play to win [which is yet another thing people don't do]). Many people would climb much faster and get much higher up the ladder if they took the time to learn these things and the problem is that it is not information that is easily accessible (as in, IN the game and not via YouTube videos, boards, Reddit and third party apps) and taught as soon as you start the game. And just a note about playing to win and tilting: If people understood that a death isn't the end of the world or the end of a game, the amount of trolling would decrease. How often have you seen a person get upset because they died a few times and the jungler hasn't helped and then they start running it down mid? If you enter the game wanting to win, you should do everything in your power to try to win. It is not sensible to get upset that you're losing (because you want to win, right?) and then feed so that you guarantee your own loss. People need a way to deal with playing from a deficit. and that's just another thing that you can't learn unless you do some hard research. TL;DR League needs to make the Tutorials teach players more than just "Buy Thornmail on Ashe."
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: The current Q is one of the reasons why he is such aids
Only in laning phase though. :( later on he uses the combo and his E becomes the problem. AND he STILL falls off late game XD i mean, it's like Renekton and Lee. Unless they all carry on building damage then they're super squishy. I do understand your point though. There are ways to deal with his Q spam in lane though (just build HP [unfortunately]). A quicker fix to his oppressive laning would be to scale his passive shield instead of giving it a flat amount of autos. Like maybe 5/4/3(/2)?
: [Rework concept] Pantheon, the artisan of war
Seems good but maybe leave his Q alone... it helps that he has a way to poke and control the lane earlier as he can fall off hard into the late game... If it becomes a basic attack he gets aggro from minions (think Fiora Q but Fiora gets movement and a heal so it balances out for her).
: Why Riven? I did it with Vlad /430minions for 48mins game just from myself/. Malza, Vel, Ziggs, Syndra and more are just farming machines.
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proliarides (EUNE)
: Worst day for ranked
These are first world problems. I'm still stuck in bronze. :)
: u use wifi or cable? also have u tried to send riot a ticket?
Use it wirelessly. Will try the cable and then send a ticket. :') Thank you.
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: I really don't understand your reasoning. Just because someone trolls doesn't mean you have a free pass to be a dick.
Okay, "being a dick" aside, the problem is the troll. This guy deserved his ban or whatever for flaming (bec thats not cool), but the other guy who trolled? It isnt nice for trollers to just get out of trouble bec they were flamed
Hansiman (EUNE)
: If it was a one time deal, you wouldn't get punished. LeaverBuster never punishes you if it's a one time deal. Heck, I've disconnected from a few games myself due to external factors, but I haven't been punished. If you're being punished with a 20min LPQ, then you're getting the most severe punishment LeaverBuster can hand out. This means that you've been punished multiple times for leaving games, so it's not a one time deal in your case. If you're having connection problems, you should look to solve it before attempting to playing again. Otherwise you'll just keep getting punished, since that's exactly how the system is intended to work.
But that's just it. I've had like 2 AFK messages in the last YEAR... both of which were around June because of a power surge from a storm. {{item:3070}} The first time the power cut. The second time was the next day when the wall adapter broke because of some electrical shit after the storm. HENCE, I bought a new adapter and was fine... So like, I don't know what's the deal. :(
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xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings! Since quite a few people report this Issue i would strongly assume this did not get unnoticed by Riot, and they are working on it. Don't worry, it should be back soon :)
Would you mind leaving a few links of previous reports?
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Olucaron (EUNE)
: "If you don't want to play with the scrubs, then rank up. You can't? Well, you're a scrub as well." Well, that just makes you no better than those flamers, doesn't it? Sometimes, it's NOT possible to carry yourself out of Bronze, as is the case for me as a support main with a support-minded mentality. It's not about the unskilled players who try to be better - it's about the downright toxic bastards that inhabit this game's community, who are sadly in the massive majority despite Rito's 'statistics'. People to discourage rather than encourage, people who cannot accept blame, or put mistakes behind them and just try harder. it's much easier to be a shit human being and wish cancer on someone (what kind of person does that, seriously?) than try to be a decent person. And Rito doesn't do a single thing about it.
I'm also unable to carry myself out of bronze. Truth be told, one out of five games, I lose lane. the rest are just because there are feeders. and does that make me a scrub? Not at all. But out of the last 20 games I win 3, then it can't be because I'm a scrub if my KDA is fine.
: So you post shitty internet as a reason to why a champ is op?
Cheekypad (EUW)
: OP champions (free cookies inside)
A problem with Zed is the range+damage of his Q. He relies on it very much and it does MAD damage if it hits you straight up and gets worse with the shadown hit. So he should have it nerfed a bit to start with damage that Akali has on her Q (its like 35-170 Base).
: Hey u at least said lack of and not NO ^^ Fizz has pretty high counterplay Melee q can be dodged e needs to get used to escape OR dmg -> dodgeable Ult can be easily dodged or qssed Annie is only mid ranged so outrange her after her burst nothing comes(buy banshees or qss(if u are able to get untargetable for a sec or can flash) bully her in lane -> no mobility flash on cd -> predictable Full on engage her
FIZZ COUNTERPLAY = AZIR XD Azir can poke him all day from far away... Just play safe after 3 and EVEN SAFER at 6 and then you just farm and farm and farm with Azir then you kill everything with your core.
Cosmick (EUW)
: Should Lux' E range be nerfed, how would you compensate that in her other areas then? * Increase the width of her ult, or dmg * Increase the area or dmg of her W * Increase her shield by a factor of 2 minimum to ensure she isn't insta-gibbed by her short range E * Increase her scaling to affect all of the above I don't know about you, but none of them look very appealing when facing her, but then again, people have the option to dodge her E that travels 5 feet per 50min.
"people have the option to dodge her E that travels 5 feet per 50min" yeah but with higher ping it becomes more difficult...
Noxxarian (EUNE)
: Ignore, report. Bye. The reality is that most salty, flaming, toxic players will be in bronze, because they have 0 skill and are toxic about it. They'll try to reach silver/gold or higher, but their arrogance and inability to tolerate anyone with skill greater than their own will forever keep them in bronze. So, say 60% of bronze has these toxic people and they keep hitting that barrier and landing back in bronze. As typical haters and idiots will have it, they won't simply give up, they'll just flame more and more, whilst not realizing THEY are the problem. And to anyone with common sense, they will appear as fools. On occasion, some of these toxic players will reach higher ranks and act like they're skilled/good and better than everyone in lower ranks, which in most cases is not true. hey don't even realize that they're actually pretty bad, they just get carried and take the credit. Now, this toxic player in ..say... gold, will see other toxic players who are 100% identical to him, but are in bronze. So he'll of course act like he's better than they are, again, not realizing he's actually 100% identical to them. Add to that the human judgment and stereotyping, and voila! You have a pre-set fixed image that all bronze players suck, which is why most toxic players are stupid people who can't get over the basic error in human nature, which is judging a book by its cover.The same thing is happening in WoW to this day. Everyone says that alliance players are assholes or that horde players are the bad guys, but in reality, they're both human, and they're just as selfish, greedy and rude. So... If someone starts insulting people by using "bronze" or "silver" as insults, you can relax, smile and enjoy your life because you are faced with a human being whose intelligence is fairly low. It's probably high enough to do repetitive tasks like playing a game, but if someone easily generalizes people and abuses them based on that, they are naturally stupid. Not an insult, just a fact. Their intelligence is literally so low, they believe these titles carry a meaning.. Since I'm ranting, take me for example. I was bronze because i played 20 games of ranked in total in season 5. It was full of toxic players so I quit. Eventually I returned, and of course, everyone keeps pointing out other people's rank. For one thing, I remember an enemy laughing at me how I'm a stupid silver bronze or whatever while they were diamond or gold or plat. I literally wiped the floor with them. Not because I was overly skilled, but because I listened to my team, and yes, I did have some skill. I was a support Soraka who saved the shit out of my team countless times and easily turned tides of fights. And at the end I took pride to remind them that their ass got whooped by a bronze player.
In reply to your first paragraph ONLY, I am in bronze but I don't flame anyone. but it's REALLY upsetting to find that most bronze players think they know everything and then they feed because they can't play safe. I got demoted TWICE because the teams I had gotten had been feeding non-stop. As in, 2/17/1. It's also kind of hard to break the "Barrier" if you keep getting people who don't understand what they're doing.
Knawed (EUW)
: Let me give you some advice. Don't tell people what champion to play or what items to buy. It never works the way you think. The only thing you are doing is attacking them and their playstyle. Instead, focus on improving your own game. There is always something you can do better in a game even if you have a really bad team. The same goes for questioning bad calls. Either make the call or follow the call. A bad initiation 5v5 is usually better than a good engage 4v5.
Yeah but you can tell someone to be careful and to play safe and then they don't listen and feed and then what? I am not condoning the bad behaviour of the people who hate people in bronze (I myself am in bronze).
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