: troll post
I am not, if I was why would I explain so much?
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: Mate, we've already discovered that Annie makes you horny. We are all very worried.
Yeah totally, never said that. In fact wanted to distance myself from that as much as possible. But it seems like your only argument now to take me of my ability to make any Arguments is just to call me a pedophile
: More Skins for Akali and Yasuo
Akali deserves all the skins, because she is basically the hottest character.
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: Well if they are not true then stop acting like they are.
I am not acting like they are... lol you are the one who made these accusations and is acting like they are true
: No need to corrupt a fictional character to your own sense of beauty. Illaoi is fine as she is, mate. LoL isn't there to make you horny!
Too bad it makes me horny lol. Look at most of the female champs!
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: I know that you are a creep that overvalues his own opinion over everyone elses and that is enough for me.
I guess you know more about me than I do... because both of these things are not true
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Well... In games we have different playable races - not species 🤔
Not in League my friend. You may have your head wrapped around WoW or something, where the term ”race“ makes a lot more sense, since Dwarfs, Elves and so on all are human like, hence a difference race. The voidborn for sure are not another human race, rather another species, with multiple races on their own, like the Xer‘sai, which Rek‘sai is the queen of. Just like you can assume that Cho‘gath, Kog‘maw and Kha‘zix are also representatives of their own race of the Voidborn creatures.
: You may think she is ugly, but she is definitely more attractive than you! :)
No reason to get personal
: Illaoi's lawyer here. Do you know why Illaoi looks like s*it? It's her haircut. She looks like she has balding temples. It's not like her face on the basic splash art helps, as she needs to look intimidating and on a righteous fury (or something), but notice how much better she looks on her Resistance skin. Especially her Tanzanite chroma https://i.imgur.com/lFjY8EP.png[/img] Imo colors are on the spot and they made her face look quite feminine and attractive here. But you know, you can't make every champion the same, because they would seem like clones (and it would get pretty boring). I think on a closer look, Illaoi actually looks pretty good. ~~Now, regarding Annie~~
I agree that she looks better in her Resistance skin. My main problem with her is her splashart, since she really just looks ugly in there. Someone can look intimidating in the way you described without having the face of a potato.
: You think all queens have to be attractive? Have you ever looked at historic paintings? There are quite a few whose parents were a little too closly related.
Ture, and I don't think that. It basically just was a dumb statement to enforce the fact that I didn't count monsters into equasion.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Thats racist...
Its not... racist means the descrimination of a race, not a species. It would be... speist?
: It's not her theme to be pretty either. And she's definately not ugly. She's basically what Sejuani should be body-type wise. She's the judge to a tentacle god of soul. And then beats them into motion. To me personally, the theme of tentacles beating your ass "into motion" doesn't scream anything less of what Illaoi is. I don't know what you find unattractive about her, but neither does every champ have to get you going, nor does it seem fitting to make her look more mainstream pretty.
I never asked for her to be mainstream pretty. I asked for her to be more attractive, which most likely was the wrong word. I rather meant pretty, since I think in her splashart she really just looks ugly as hell. For example in her resistance skin splashart she looks way better.
: Liberals are gonna have a field day here...
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: Dear lord you are the type that goes "She looks 6 but is 300 years old so it's ok" when you tell people that you masturbate to some anime loli aren't you?
What the %%%%. I literally focused on not sounding like a creep when talking about Annie. I even said that I wanted my comment to not sound sexual in any way. Thats why I said that ”attractive“ was lost likely the wrong word for the entire topic. Its funny how much stuff you assume about me and take it for facts, even though you don‘t know me at all.
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: So its ok to ignore what he wants but we should rush to grant your wish because you are a woman? Nothing like a troll making himself into a fool for everyone's amusement. Keep up the good work pal.
Holy shit so triggered
Star Noodle (EUNE)
: I'd let Illaoi crush my head like a watermelon between her Mediterranean thighs, you heathen with no taste. Go sit in the corner like a child while us men appreciate good taste.
Well if dying is your fetish, I wont judge. But don't think every man is into it, and I am not even a man.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: {{sticker:sg-lulu}} Why does she need to be attractive tho? And just because you don't find her extremely attractive and appealing, doesn't mean nobody does You say that like women who are masculine are unattractive and being a masculine woman is a bad thing
Never said its a bad thing, its not a bad thing when a woman is masculine. But my problem with illaoi is that especially her splashart just makes her look really ugly. She can be masculine, but please at least pleasant to look at. Unlike champs like urgot its not in her theme to be ugly.
Shamose (EUW)
: So you'd rather %%%% Rek'sai than Illaoi?
Not human, doesn't count. And Rek'Sai probably is a really pretty attractive one when regarding her species, since she is the queen of them.
: First of all, not every character in a video game needs hot, second of all Illaoi in her resistance skins splash art is pretty hot ngl. Thirdly, mate you find Annie more attactive than Illaoi?
Why have Illaoi be the only odd one out with every other female champion looking pretty? True, her resistance Skin makes her look a lot better, but I am talkiing about her normal look. Okay, attractive most likely was the wrong word, pretty fits better and yes, I think Annie is pretty, you can think a child is pretty without any kind of sexual interest.
Febos (EUW)
: Y'all (me included) wasting your time with a level 10 account. Obvious troll here smh {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
KmSneaky (EUW)
: "the most unattractive female character in the game" laughs in {{champion:421}}
Shes not a human, doesn't count
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