DomoWolf (EUNE)
: 20 minutes penalty queue 5 games due to a bug? lol...
20 min means it didnt happen rarely
pindanut (EUW)
: question is for what will he quit? G2 is not better then FNC right now any other team has a base that is weaker so its either NA or china korea he can go when he leaves FNATIC
€ g2 or NA
: This new supp item is broken
they posted today?
pindanut (EUW)
: yeah me to. and i am glad to see a hungry FNATIC again spring 2017 was not that good summer 2017 was way better but now they wil recrown themself
if they dont win something rekkles quit 100% imho
pindanut (EUW)
im a fnatic fan since shushei
: Lol... _WHAT?_ You can't be serious. I'm more than certain that most of League's community is older than the age of 16. You really need to toughen up if you find the word "kid" offensive.
It s not about me. It s about being offensive. And after 14d ban u are on thin ice. And u knew.
Aezander (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shukr4n,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ruNVitA2,comment-id=00030000000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-21T09:26:45.808+0000) > > Infact your country is almost in deficit and bottom of eu cohalition. > > But ok. Maybe in a 10-15years u will understand That "*almost*" is redundant. We are in deficit, completely and utterly bankrupt. We have only the illusion of being "*almost in deficit*" because it suits the market and our "politicians".
Tell other user who had to smacktalk to have a point.
: I can sense it.
I hope noone will claim anymore"adc meta"
: > [{quoted}](name=Shukr4n,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ruNVitA2,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2018-03-20T12:42:08.570+0000) > > Im offended by the way riot is leading his behaviour system. Snowflake alert. Snowflake alert. Winter is coming! > Like ua would be offended if politics decide every month to raise their salaries while country is dieing... In my feta and tzatziki country they do exactly that and noone is offended ... you should improve your examples :p
Infact your country is almost in deficit and bottom of eu cohalition. But ok. Maybe in a 10-15years u will understand
: Permanent ban over a minor infraction
14days ban+"minor" offence = perma. Seems system works "Kid" and,stuff are very dangerous to use
Qasper (EUNE)
: Help! Support?
If it is years probably your account was being "hacked" and riot blocked your account. Since nobody reclaimed that account at that time MAYBE your account is lost. But u can send a ticket to supp. And see
: Off meta = trolling?
If only it was that way.....
Can u tell me wheredi u told players how ro play that dont contain offfences?
Mackinrow (EUW)
: Untolerable player behaviour
Have u reported the player writing to check the post match chat?
: I want permanent ban
Mayne first time being tozic. Do it again a couple of times
: This punishment system is getting ridiculous
If that was a normal game why so mad? Anyway 25game means u got already10' Can u stop chatting or u need 14days ban to understand it?
: If it was humor why did you get reported? Think before you answer that ;)
Thats riotcrules cthat failed i can report u for saying "ggwp" at the,end of the match. It s up to riot to consider that offensive. I.sont know if u understand my point here.
Shiwah (EUW)
: I reckon that if you don't see the bigotry and xenophobia in an expression that's fully made up just to mock an entire nationality, perhaps you are the one who should reassess your personal boundary between real life and internet.
it s a-me mario Spaghetti mandolino. More? Baguette du fromage Etc My boundaries are in the real,world. Open up your door sometimes and socialize
: if something like this offends you then you are more of a snowflake than we are {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Im offended by the way riot is leading his behaviour system. Like ua would be offended if politics decide every month to raise their salaries while country is dieing... Morale Empathy Logic Call as u wish. Pegi 13 doeant mean to act this way
: IFS and unfair suspensions
The most stupid and brainless ban i ha e ever seen happening since i started playing games online. Riot and everyone supporting this should feel ashamed of themselves to even think for a second that could be racist slur. Every day on wvery game and every streaming platform i see this kind of nameplate (google transl) and only now that i read thia thread i found someone banned for it. The line between real world and internet has been already passed it seems. I feel quite offended because of the snowflake-ing way of conducting the behaviour controll.
PorterdFnCn (EUNE)
: Real life encounter with a player who trolled my game.
Idont know if it s,more sad what u described in your thread Or The denying comments under it. Someone completely lost connection with reality here. I hopedont i am that one Good thread
0biJuan (EUW)
: Match us with people that behave like us, thats all that we need to enjoy this game once and for all
There have been honor 5players banned. They cant ban trolls, guess how impossbile it is to make that. Moreover, assume therr are only 9 players with same behaviour level what do u do? Etc. Better toxic recognizing is better
Train bud (EUW)
: Bork + black cleaver Kai’sa?
I went 18/# with ie statik
: Please league community, let me know if this permanent ban is justified.
u got a 14days ban before this and u offended teammates in your FLOODED chat. moreover u were negative entire game. could u just stfu and play instead of telling others what to do and how to play? so...if reading comprehension of 14days ban message wasnt clear, here it is the effect. how does it feel?
: Should I create a new acc?
What if i tell u that skin if just the basic one with few bad differences?
Tawakel (EUW)
: Is banning someones champion a reportable offence
: What do you think of my league artworks? :D
Thamand (EUW)
: I can deal with it unless it ruins my game and fun. I mean seriously how can they have vision of me 4/5 sec after I destroyed the ward
Rengar? Tf? Other wards thst dhowed u didnt leave the area? watched replay?
Mark Sama (EUW)
: >i am against any kind of voip since battlefield and cod... idk battlefield or the new cods, but if i remember it was a team thing so you could hear random kids or troll, but the idea is to keep it with actually friends that you choose to play with so it shouldn't give those kind of problem and if it does you can just unfriend/block them after the game
well. what i mean is that maybe, MAYBE (1% chances) it could help also random parties. u can mute it if kids and trolls uses it. end. there s voip even in pubg . . .
Mark Sama (EUW)
: It's a in-game voice chat for pre-mades, it'd extremely stupid to have it for randoms. Basically is the same as any other third-application for that like ts/skype/whatever, but it "may" be better since it's all controlled in-game so you don't need to tab out for whatever.
i am against any kind of voip since battlefield and cod... ..but who knows..maybe it could have helped community someway, somewhere, to be less toxic (maybe someone is shy to offend persons in voip, dunno)
: So it´s basically useless right
well..since i believe that premades already got their ts/doscird/whatever voip ....hmm...~~yes~~
kmph2mps (EUNE)
: If a game cannot be won, may I argue to stop wasting time?
u may say in chat "if we surrender we can start a fresh match" and /ff then all u should do is chosing a lane and farm as much as u can to try to reach your meta itemization and from there on picking someone or steal a baron or let them end. but if they didnt finish at that score, well, something went wrong..
: Kai'sa
i am maybe mastery 4... maybe less... edit: mastery 4 , 75%
Zyzyx (EUW)
: > 1% is,rapresentative? It absolutely can be, yes. > Taking number in the nickname the age of the player is scientifical method? Read the paper. The way they did it it is and they explained why. > Say my name age Heisenberg.
So i can,state,that it is rapresentative to say,that the 10 threads about trolls are a bigger threat than flame hence riot should change its ruleset.. I appreciate your pov by a gaming industry worker,as u stated, but sometimes i feel like u defend something that cannot be.defended...anyway i am waiting my age guess
: Riot made this really interesting article on trashtalk, but it is only from player perspective.
Well i can say that in judo every single bad behaviour against opponent or the sport ifself is punished with lose. So, it all depend by the rules ... anyway i think that any article created by non-devs isbiased
Lovre (EUNE)
: Not meant literally lol But there are A LOT of champs that are never in the meta and thats kinda sad :/ they are just there collecting dust cause no one picks them. And god forbid if someone does try to pick the champ in ranked they will get flamed by their team "OH THAT CHAMP SUCKS REPORTED FOR TROLL PICK" and similar stuff, cause some people think they can only win if all 5 champs are top tier meta picks at the time
Well.... Tobias fate plays tf Annie bot plays annie Boxbox plays riven Why cant u play your main , in his correct lane ofc, and mute who flames you? Maybe spam it in draft before ranked,just to master it... Offmeta champs,requires a bit more effort
Zyzyx (EUW)
: > If that is scientifical method , well It is. As long as the sample is representative and big enough, it doesn't matter what percentage it is.
1% is,rapresentative? Taking number in the nickname the age of the player is scientifical method? Say my ~~name~~ age
Zyzyx (EUW)
: Because that was a very effective method and a method that does not influence the things that were studied. And, given the massive amount of players, that's still a huge number (~10.000) that is far beyond of what other scientific studies use.
10000 to 1000000 is 1% . If that is scientifical method , well.. moreover time ago i asked u proof about that link thatade the,research and u never answered me. Now, by my ign, give my age
Thamand (EUW)
: Vision? and permanent blue buff on Zoe
Visual errors happens. Like iblizcrank with shield bug and stuff like that. Deal with it come on....
Lovre (EUNE)
: Rant
List me those 10 champs only viable
ImMaleLol (EUW)
: Thats actually wrong.
I just read your reply to my comment..... seema,very obvious but ok
ßodo (EUW)
: Read carefully, think then reply.
i think that a server to stay up must have playerbase and revenue. few players is not economically valuable. i dont know what to tell you. if it was me, i would probably leave the game because frustrating. trolls are not punished enough i agree. when i suggest that riot should be more active i get offended personally, so i wont waste my time here repeating myself. and i agree that it s not rocket science to find trolls. BUT that s not an escuse for you to break rules. if u break rules u are judged and u are punished. as everyone else. it seems the permaban didnt teach u anything. about last pragraph, since u ask for a human check, if u consider that everyone that is guilty try to escapoe the punishment because not mature to accept it, we would have thousand of check requests for players who clearly broke the ruleset. so no. avoid entirely to break rules to be punished is easier. and u should do it.
: Still i shouldnt get punished because of some dumb bug that the game has ... ffs i want my penalty removed! If i had left the game intentionally sure yeah its my fault for leaving but this is stupid.
well, it may be something in your loading that went wrong. i did that to try to fix and it worked on me. two times in 5 months. happens. u had to think fast and try to fix yourself. peace.
: Excuse me ... wtf is this?
i had twice yesterday - wait for the error - press cancel - close client - restart client - if u get no loading screen repeat
Zyzyx (EUW)
: Preferably you leave it first and THEN you make your phonecalls. I like how this discussion transformed to "What to do in case of a fire?"^^
i stated in the first comment, but as long as we take words litterally, there s not much to do.
: ADC atack the target that is first of all is avaliable for atack (not rushing for enemy ADC or mid laner that are dehind of frontlane), then the most important personf from thoose who are close enough to him. This is my point. I mean if u can destroy enemy ADC (he in mispos) do it, but if u cant get to him - atack frontlane.
but closest = tank most important= adc not the same target.
: no, man .... see, if you play to much League of Legends you just run from Brand {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} but seriously, if your house it's burning call the firefighters at your local emergency number ( like 911 or something )
Lukko (EUNE)
: Can you like remove Kai'Sa from game?
if u feel the urge to end the game in 15 minutes neither vayne is in your cords, neither kog maw, tristana varus and xayah. mf, complete 1 lethality item and go teamfight. that s the answer
oh... u were taking litterally his wording. i understand now. well, he already explained his statement. anyway if house burn, u leave the house, accept the afk ban and after things are fixed u dont complain on forum about the lp loss, the slow queue/some ban u received and keep on playing as u did before house was burning.
: well what if your house is burning and you are in a 30 minute long game, just started. Do i let my house burn down ?
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