: No it doesn't mean you found your true skill tier. I'd be climbing smurfs with 95% winrate up until Diamond and would get 30,40 lp. Once i hit Diamond with that winrate, the MMR gap is so big that i would get 19lp per win. Often i would not skip divisions in Diamond and i don't anymore because of it, no matter what my winrate is Rioter in a ticket also told me that, doesn't matter how much you win anymore because the gaps in mmr were increased dramatically between Diamond and Platinum. When i say increased gap, i don't mean skill level but actually difference in numbers. If your MMR was normal and average in Platinum, once you end up your promo for Diamond , you will have a negative MMR because it's lower than Diamonds average. This puts you in a position to play more games to climb.
It means you have found your "true" skill tier provided you stagnate for long enough. If you spend 100 games in +-1 division then yeah youhave found your place.
Espanico (EUW)
: TFT quality of life
I agree with all of these and having also player Underlords I feel they should add : - Synergy previews from shop and bench in a similar way to how its done in Underlords because they did it amazingly imo^^ - Item combine preview from the item pouch (not having to buy a champ just to see what the items combine into) And pertaining to your 4th point on items I'd even go as far as force something like 1 item drop per wave for the first 3 waves and 2 items for subsequent waves. Which item you get is already enough rng imo^^.
Blitzz (EUNE)
: Honor 1 Checkpoint 2
Congratz mate! I hope you'll keep climbing the Honor ladder further :)! I just got Honor 3 checkpoint 1 yesterday after a month of nothing so I'm happy too :3
: _"I can play very well and lose just because my team had a troll/afk/feeder and my mmr decreases" And you will lose less points if taht happens because the MMR takes into account how well you perform and other metrics such as AFK teammates._ Where exactly is this information available? _Everyone’s MMR starts at the same point when playing a queue for the first time. It goes up when you win, and goes down when you lose. _ https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752954-Matchmaking-Guide As per this, the MMR goes up with a win and goes down with a loss, irrespective of one's performance in the game.
The whole point of leaving it all vague is that we can't abuse some of its core or side elements besides winning and losing. Using things such as KDA with a very low coefficient or why not Honor rank, cs rate or any other metric would make sense to use and keep hidden to prevent abuse. Doesn't mea it's used but still would make sense for it to be used. And it would make even more sense for the system to have elements included that take into account things such as if a teammate/enemy was afk for over half the game, or if someone died over once every minute in a 20min+ game. But they precisely don't want these things to be know to avoid abuse of the system.
: Fairer is better, especially as the aim of the ranked games is to play with players of equal/nearby skill level; players improve slowly and that is why the matchmaking was aimed at each team having 50% +/-1% chance of winning. Unfair matchups takes away the fun of the game as one team will simply stomp the other team and at one point, the skill doesn't matter, because with gold advantage, level advantage, item advantage, a low skilled player can beat high skilled player; at-least for majority of the player base who are around silver, this is what is happening. Rank is based on MMR and whenever MMR stabilizes, rank stabilizes too. Saying luck factor is more in rank based matching doesn't make sense, because rank itself is based on mmr and is just a visible metric given to us. I am simply trying to have Fair matches and not Quick matches, that are unfair. Diversity of players is just too bad because it makes games less fun and the chances of winning for both teams are greatly affected with this-which literally games the play not letting players to play the game. Unfair matchups are worse especially for a support main like me, because my rank or mmr is determined by whether my team is good or bad.
"Fairer is better, especially as the aim of the ranked games is to play with players of equal/nearby skill level" The aim of ranked games is not to match you with and against beeings that are exactly the same as you are. The aim of ranked games is to provide an competitive environment where all participants have a relative skill close enough that everyone gets to have their chance to practice to improve. "Unfair matchups takes away the fun of the game" Ranked is not meant to provide "fun" in any other way than the fun you can have from improving your own skills."Unfair" matchups are just another way to learn from some of your weaknesses and strenghts. At least so long the skill gap is not high enough that one players dominates the other in most elements of skill. "Unfair matchups takes away the fun of the game as one team will simply stomp the other team " 1 - stomps happen even in fair matchups due to under/over performance. 2 - stomps are not inherently bad since they force you to work on your mental fortitude and you get to focus on simpler mechanical skills to just stay relevent in tha game. 3 - Unfair matchups do not create stomps by nature. The stomps happen either because the skill gap is way too high (plat vs bronze) or because some/all players tilt after their first few mistakes. And mentality, resilience, focus and so on are skills. Unfair matchups create games that are not even and usually slower games due to one team knowing they're behind and playing safer. That is in theory if people trained their mental skills as much as they do their mechanical skills^^. "for majority of the player base who are around silver, this is what is happening." I've seen my share of unfair matchups where the worse team in theory won its side. Actually based solely on things like rank or mastery point on the champ I have not noticed any correlation between better total/average on one team and better odds at winning. "Saying luck factor is more in rank based matching doesn't make sense, because rank itself is based on mmr and is just a visible metric given to us." Indeed except rank takes more time to adjust due to things like promotion series. You may have a legit Gold 4 MMR yet still be in Silver 2 because you need to play 20ish more games to get up to your "deserved" rank. And by the time you have reached Gold 4 you may have improved and have a Gold 2 MMR for instance. So using MMR to matchmake > using elo rank especially since using elo rank would prevent that person from climbing to his "deserved" rank as well as he should. "Diversity of players is just too bad because it makes games less fun and the chances of winning for both teams are greatly affected" And that is where the issue lies, you only consider winning/losing as your end metrics. However what you miss is that winning and losing are not the point of it all. They are simply general indicators of elements such as average performance but in no way should be the end goal you strive for. Otherwise you, by design, end up only enjoying 50% of the games you play in at best which does not justify playing said game. If you wanna play a game to have fun, make sure you at least have fun like 75% of the time^^.
Vertinhol (EUW)
: I never been able to have more than +17 LP, only now the first time and I don't know what other surprises are waiting for me, I just want that RIOT give us more details about commun problems and for example why they cannot fix this thing for these reasons, because as a player I really don't feel that there is any kind of efforts behind the scene, it's the same music every match for my team or the enemy team. Let me ask you a question, How many times did you enjoy the game even if you lose ?
"I never been able to have more than +17 LP" That would indicate that you have found your "true" skill tier. And it is normal if you (you = humans here) feel like you are better than the people around you because you get to know the reasons why you made each decision, you tend to evaluate people based on elements of skill you understand which are usually those you are good at and your teammates may be in the same elo for other skills they have, and then there is the natural bias of the human brain to only remember the notable things such as people doing poorly. So you tend not to remember all the averagely skilled people you played with, remember very well all the bad performing people and dismiss all the good people by saying that it is the expectation (even though it should not be). Oh and you get to know and dismiss your own poor performing games because you know these are one offs, yet don't dismiss other peoples one offs because you only play one game with these people. "Let me ask you a question, How many times did you enjoy the game even if you lose ?" Exactly!!! You aren't having fun anymore are you not? If you don't have fun playing a game then for your own sake you really should go out and find a new game that will make you happy :). For my part I still have "fun" in many losses I have because usually my losses are in part due to me making mistakes and getting punished for it. Lemme put it this way, if in a game Faker or Apdo could have replaced you and still won the game then you have made some mistakes that you should look into to try and improve (if that is what you enjoy with the game)^^ The downfall is people that don't get that you should never ever play solely to win and as soon as that happens, you should find a new game that would better suit you. Playing for fun does not require winning (I can recommend movespeed Teemo for instance) and playing to improve and get better requires losing.
Haze97 (EUW)
: It happens every %%%%ing time once your MMR is high enough and it should. The ranks are to throw you a bone but if it is MMR which matters then you could well be in silver be playing at plat level against plat players.
"It happens every %%%%ing time once your MMR is high enough" Funnily I have never seen it happen to anyone with "high" MMR (Streamers), may they be Plat, Dia or Masters. Also funnily I have never played in ranked with a plat or better. Even more funnily I have never heard anyone complain about this beeing a common issue. Unless you were talking about ARAM XD.
Vertinhol (EUW)
: No I'm looking for the source of the problem and some other experience to know where I put my fingers on :)
Considering I've been having a quite good experience ever since I've started the game and considering that you get 4 chances at having a bad teammate against 5 at having a bad enemy, I have to guess that it is either you that is making your games go wrong or your memories are biased towards remembering only the bad stuff^^ (or you only consider few games)
Haze97 (EUW)
: Then explain how silver players with a high enough MMR get matched against plat players.
Please explain how that is something that happens more often than once in a million game. Because it does not. And it having happened once to you does not make it common.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: so from "literally any other game" you picked one that uses the exact same matchmaking as lol... nice one showing your mmr and hiding it doesnt make any difference other than showing it in a toxic environment like LoL breeds more toxicity, i played in previous seasons where you could see pings and stuff on the loading screen, ppl with higher than 60 ping got harassed from the 0. minute throughout the whole game... and btw there is still a ladder, but the majority of players said that being 8754632.th place on the ladder doesnt tell them anything, so riot slapped a "skin" on that ladder so we have divisions now, and ppl say that its better/nicer looking that you are in silver instead of you are the 8754632.th place on the ladder
" showing it in a toxic environment like LoL breeds more toxicity" Meh, League is no more and no less toxic than any other big community. It's just yet another big internet community and showing MMR would change nothing at all imo (except making some people be happy/unhappy for a few months before they forget about it) "so riot slapped a "skin" on that ladder so we have divisions now, and ppl say that its better/nicer looking" Yeah that's exactly what the elo system is for I agree. It's to make things easier to understand as a beginner and to be able to give out rewards more easily^^
Haze97 (EUW)
: Literally any other game. The closest match would be Dota 2, another moba which shows you your MMR and brings in far more consistent matchmaking. Here in LoL I can't tell the difference between silver and Platinum and there probably isn't any because your division doesn't even matter. Now if at the very least you could see your MMR you'd still have an actual ladder to go by.
"The closest match would be Dota 2, another moba which shows you your MMR and brings in far more consistent matchmaking." Both Dota 2 and LoL have extremely similar matchmaking systems. The only difference is some game specific metrics and that LoL uses an elo system as a facade. And that Dota 2 tells you your MMR and people use that number directly as their rank. Meanwhile in LoL your MMR basically forces you to end up in an elo that matches your MMR. So no Dota 2 is not an exemple of a game with a different system.
: I can play very well and lose just because my team had a troll/afk/feeder and my mmr decreases; I can literally troll/afk/feed and if my team can carry, win the game and my mmr increases. If ranks have nothing do with skill, so does mmr; instead of a hidden metric, I am fine with a visible metric. If all matches are made so fair, why not reveal mmr? Because there is no transparency, I am going for some conditions with visible metrics which I can actually **check for the fairness**.
"I can play very well and lose just because my team had a troll/afk/feeder and my mmr decreases" And you will lose less points if taht happens because the MMR takes into account how well you perform and other metrics such as AFK teammates. Plus you have 4 chances to get such a bad player in your team meanwhile you have 5 chances to get it in the enemy team. AFK, trolls and the likes are actually increasing your MMR slightly not the other way around.
: MMR increases/decreases based on win/loss; everytime the matching is made, the average mmr of teams determine how much mmr is gained/lost and this has nothing to with skill/understanding of the game. One can simply get lucky by this and get high mmr-which lets him/her climb fast and maybe skip promos and one can simply get unlucky by this and get low mmr-which actually forces him/her to play more games than the lucky player, even if they're more skilled than the former. This is the flaw and loop it many times, players are forced to play more games than giving them fair matchings. While I agree that "skill" of a player can't be determined in a team game, there are many metrics which can be used to measure it better than blindly adding/decreasing mmr based on win/loss; of-course games can be manipulated to have better metrics, but this can be easily detected and avoided
"this has nothing to with skill/understanding of the game" Especially since these vary a lot based on many other factors that range from lane and champ you/your teammates/your opponents play or the comps of either team to things like how sharp/tired you are on that day. However MMR aims and does achieve at representing a skill level you will hover around on a regular basis provided you have played enough games to eliminate the luck factor well enough. As a caveat, your own skill will also evolve over time through improvements so it has to be re-adjusted constantly. "One can simply get lucky [...] and one can simply get unlucky" There is no way whatsoever you can make a realistically applicable system that would get rid of this issue. Well, aside from a system that takes many games into account which is precisely the system in place currently since your MMR does not take merely 10 games to stabilize, but more around 50 usually. And btw your proposition of limiting matching with options such as rank (elo rank is implied) would make this luck factor even worse since elo is much slower to catch up to performance than MMR and that would be disallowing people that had a bad streak post-placements to catch up as quickly as they would deserve to. "I am not at all interested in getting games in 5-10 seconds, but interested in having fair games." Fairer =/= better. If your goal is to improve then playing against better players will help you see your flaws and improve on your weaknesses faster, playing against worse players will help you work on how to leverage leads as well as discipline, playing against even-leveled players will help you combine these aspects and last of all playing with worse teammates than enemies will help you work on your mentality and communication to increase the likelyhood of success. My point is fair games help you evaluate your skill level but aren't the only/best way to improve it. Well if you want to improve that is. For fun then your teammates and enemies should be irrelevant to a point, and if that is an issue find people to queue with^^ "Given that mmr is hidden, why not have some level of fairness for matchmaking through visible metrics?" There is a simpler solution to that. Show MMR instead of creating other metrics. My take away from your comments is that what you want is less diversity in players in your games even though diversity to an extend is the best way to learn and discover new things^^
: >I am not knowledgable enough about the Dota queue system but it still seems a bit weird that they could have lower queue times with a more restrictive matching system and a lower player base. Maybe Dota has a more compact rank repartition or/and a less accurate MMR matching system, which if it was the case (I have no clue whether it is or not myself) could make one say that you are trying to fool your readers ;). The Dota 2 ranking system in a nutshell: - No ranks, your skill is represented with a number (MMR) - The lowest possible MMR is 0 (or 1, idk) and there's no upper limit (highest current MMR is a bit over 9000) - No seasons, no decay: your MMR changes only by playing ranked games - There are 3 different kinds of MMR at the moment (I think): solo, party and international (international is some kind of a test about seasonal mmr/resetting one's mmr) - 4-man premades are not allowed in ranked - After a ranked game everyone on the team loses/gains the same amount of MMR which is shown to everyone (usually +/- 25; picture below) - The MMR gained/lost depends on the MMR of your team and the enemy team: if you were disadvantaged MMR-wise you'll lose less MMR if you lose and gain more if you win. - Low MMR games are generally pretty balanced (pretty much always +/- 25), but there can be pretty large skill difference between players in high MMR games (MMR gains/losses can vary between 5 and 45 MMR) http://i62.tinypic.com/16a9r7l.png ######Not me, I googled this picture.
Thank you very much for the explaination though I still have question about the low rank average queue timer (to check whether League and Dota are actually similar there) and one that can be used : two average queue times, one for each game, at roughly the same time, based of the same region roughly, with a decent sample size and not coming from the game's officials (which might be tempted to alter the results). Also I still cannot grasp whether the skill difference on average is comparable in both games^^.
LA Losty (EUW)
: I dont think your first placements have much to do with your normal mmr. If im incorrcet then id like a source.
I haven't found an official explaination on how the placement (hence the first one) worked unfortunately but given that some people ended up gold 4 or above with between 6-4 to 8-2 beeing a diamond smurf, while some other (genuine new players) got a lucky 10-0 and still got somewhere in Silver, the only logical explaination I see is that at least the **very first** match of your placements is based of your normals mmr (hence impacting all your following placements matches since they will have an adjusted mmr based of whether you won the first one or not). If you can come up with any other plausible explainaition I'd be glad to hear about it :)!
: Riot trying to revive dead horse. DynamicQ strikes again (hurr durr improve improve)
> The real experience in low elo is actually completely different. Currently I'm gold II [...] and I'm telling you it is not 1 per 1000 matches I get unfairly matched. This is constant 3,4 premades in enemy team vs no premades or duo at best in my team, which results in coordinated gameplay from enemy team that bullies one lane. I aknowledge your experience thought mine seems completely different (silver 1 to 5). I do not check whether my team or the enemy team has premades and in the good 200 games I've played as solo (I've played a good bunch as a team lately) I haven't experience any difference between the old soloqueue and the new dynamic queue. My enemies aren't better or more coordinated and my teammates aren't flaming me more. > This is quite LCS level coordination. This doesn't seem very reasonable nor realistic thus making your whole commentary harder to agree with, I would therefore reccommend editing that part where you consider gold-ish premade as coordinated as pro teams ;). > Considering DotA has twice less players or even less than LoL and they don't have a problem with Q times I am not knowledgable enough about the Dota queue system but it still seems a bit weird that they could have lower queue times with a more restrictive matching system and a lower player base. Maybe Dota has a more compact rank repartition or/and a less accurate MMR matching system, which if it was the case (I have no clue whether it is or not myself) could make one say that you are trying to fool your readers ;). > Are you serious? Currently in Gold II I have to wait on average 8-10 minutes to find the game at any time of the day. Currently in silver 4 I have to wait 2 minutes in average with mid/top in the peek hours and 5 minutes in empty hours. It therefore seems very disingenous from your part to imply that you usually wait 8 to 10 minutes on a friday evening or on a saturday for exemple ;). > Stop fooling people. Try too apply that same logic to what you a re writing yourself because even though in the end there might be nothing suspicious about what you say (if that's the case maybe at least give the benefit of the doubt to Riot ), there are holes that might make someone else think that you are fooling them... All love no hate <3
LA Losty (EUW)
: Sadly i feel like the ranked system is quite broken below diamond. First of all you can always get together as a team which is fine since according to Riot you are only against a 5 man premade as a solo/duo/trio 1/1000 games. But why on earth is a Platinum 1 able to duoQ with a Gold 5? Ive seen so many weird and unbalanced teams on my smurf. Also this might just be me but i find it a bit dumb that someone can place in gold straight after their placements. Sure some smurfs can climb faster duo to that, but there is also a fair chance that some people just get lucky and go straight to gold even if they dont deserve it, which i find sad considering alot of players put alot of time and effort into getting there.
Inquisitor Kane : > Thing is, dynamic que is really garbage. Could you explain that point of view because mine is that dynamic queue didn't change anything for me when soloqueueing (except the 2 roles thing that I think is an improvement but that isn't the point here right?) while allowing me to queue as 5 much easier than ever before :). Nikolai12000 : > but there is also a fair chance that some people just get lucky and go straight to gold even if they dont deserve it Would you mind expanding on that point since it's often used in a disingenuous way. I mean theoratically you can win 10 out of 10 placement and still be bronze even though someone else might win none of his 10 and be gold (theoratically) since all that matters for **first placements** is your normals mmr.
Meritas (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Irimort,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=AG8s8BQK,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-11T13:49:59.812+0000) > > Sometimes server do not throw somone losing connection for a moment from champ sselect after picking champ, propably to give a chance to reconnect. Bout 4v5 Riot is testing &quot;remake&quot; option if somone has never connected to the match and no kills were taken yet in the game. Can you give source to the information relating this "remake" development?
http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/04/425-pbe-update.html There you go ;p
Mr Naekh (EUW)
: Secret to climbing (and get free money and fame, bring back loved ones)
I'm here for the free money, where is it and how do I get it? *reads the very first sentence* I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let ~~my daughter go~~ me get my free money now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you. (joke <3)
: How are people supposed to understand a tone in your voice if there is no voice? In all seriousness, if you use sarcasm without /s or some other indicator on the internet, youre probably either an idiot or didnt think before you wrote anything(NO OFFENSE). How do you think someone should see through your comment with all the bullshit that is posted on reddit/the boards/the internet? All take a lucky guess and just assume you are not one of the retards that spam forums with their QQ?
Tip : when you read something like > I dare say URF games are more serious than promos and even the LCS itself. In the first sentence, you know it's sarcasm ;p
Alnery (EUW)
: Seriously, Captain?
Captain Obvious? Where is he?? TELL ME NOW!!!
Alnery (EUW)
: [BUG]Draft or blind
No bans = Blind Bans = Draft Nailed it even though I ain't Riot :p
Solash (EUW)
: So I decided to assign Pokemon types to every champion. Cause i'm a goddamn nerd.
My thought :) {{champion:103}} fire feels weird to me for some reason :/... {{champion:432}} I lost it there XD {{champion:41}} I don't know about water kit-wise (lore-wise I get it though^^) {{champion:96}} Why not add Bug since there aren't many anyways :)? {{champion:236}} GG {{champion:54}} I wonder how you found those types :p {{champion:56}} Dark-Dark is that intended^^? Maybe you meant Dark-Ghost? {{champion:45}} Dark-Fairy that's weird but I like it XD! Overall I think there are a lot of Dark though, but I guess there's nothing to do about that XD!
: What I have concluded from today's Boards
New ranked division distribution : Challenger + Master + Diamond + Plat + Gold = 1% Silver = 9% Bronze = 90% Good luck and have fun on the Summoner's Rift ;p!
: Won 10 placements
Wow so unfair! I hope they didn't place you below NA challenger that would be such a disgrace!
: Thats because I literally translated it. Its something that pops up at the top of the excel sheet. For me it says "inhoud inschakelen" which literally translated is "enable content" (with a t, not a d mb.). The first thing you said is definitely something to add, thanks for the suggestion. As for later patches I can update this one too :P, I just know nothing about programming, but i know a little from excel. If it still doesn't work, let me know!
Okay I figured how to make it work on Excel, still not on Open Office though. I think that would be a pretty easy application to program (and make an interface for) since it's only clicking on icons which have specific stats that you then sum up and show, I could be wrong though :p.
: Thank you! I will add this too the topic: > When you open the file, make sure you have "contend enabled" > You can now press the items you want to add. If you press one, a red box will surround that item. > You can press items multiple times, and they will all count. > Once your build is done (no need to have exactly 6 items) you can view the totals in the second tab. > To make a new build, click the "clear button" right from the items, and you are good to go again! Variable ordering might be hard since you can not move images in excel with a command (I will look into that) Idealy, you wont have to enter champion stats, but you just have to select a champion, I can then program the passives and stuff like that, that's going to be a time-eating but awesome feature to add! Some little items DO need to be added, I agree. I might even add all of them eventually :) Thanks again for the feedback, much appreciated!
What I meant by "Add allies/enemy : passives/abilities/aura items effect." is for exemple if one of your teammates buy a Locket, or if one of the enemies buys a Frozen Heart ;p. So adding debuffs from other champion/item than the ones you built. But that's just a little suggestion ;). Also, maybe you should try to look into making an actual program out of this. Like not a simple excel sheet, and maybe have the stats update automatically after a patch. I would love to help you with that but I'm not confident enough on the remainings of my programming skills unfortunately :/... Note that I'm not really asking you to do this, more so giving you ideas of what you could do in the future in case these suggestions were needed ;p! Also you might have a typo "contend enabled", and I don't know what that is so I still can't make it work sorry :(...
: Build path calculator - The prototype
I totally root for you bro <3! I however haven't found how to make it work yet so a little help would prove useful here^^. As suggestions (even if they might only be for the final build) : Ordering-filtering items (boots - AD items - jungle items - etc...). Be able to have an item twice (in case it isn't already possible), like two Rod of Ages for exemple. Add allies/enemy : passives/abilities/aura items effect. Obviously add some of the "little items" that are relevent such as the Dorans, Tear, Hexdrinker, Phage, Sheen, BF... Basically the non-final items that are sometimes (if not often) built but not completed before a bit of time (for exemple sometimes as top you rush Hexdrinker but only upgrade it to a Maw after having done two or three items)
: Post your 2 favourite champignons
{{champion:103}} {{champion:39}} Bewbs and butts <3
Bombardox (EUW)
: Happy 2013 year guys
I call fake!!!!! Because mine from 2010 still hasn't arrived :(...
TriPhoenix (EUNE)
: Your Level 5 Champions
You're two champs ahead :/ http://imgur.com/9QWACps I'll beat you one day XD!
: anyone else, hesistant about the extension of 3/4 premades in rank?
I get what you mean bro since I was pretty sceptical too when it came out :/ But I found something really interesting on Surrender@20, a post from Lyte that says > There's actually a pretty big perception issue with premades in League. When I talk to players, they alwaysremember the premade that bullied them or made the game more toxic; however, when I point out behind the scenes and show them the data that almost every single Ranked game has a Duo Queue in it... they are shocked. The perception problem is that you only remember the games where a premade did have an issue, but you never remember the games where they were quiet and just didn't give away they were a premade. We've been measuring toxicity in premade combinations for awhile now and believe that most most combinations of premade 2s and 3s are fine, and premade 4s have a little bit more toxicity than we'd like. Premade 5s are obviously awesome experiences. Plus a little > As you may have noticed, we've beefed up the Report System, and added new features to the Instant Feedback System. More than ever before, Premade 4s won't be able to "affect" your account if they simply gang up and try to bully you with reports. In fact, if they do this often and they file false reports, they can be banned for this behavior. Secondly, in a Premade 4 situation, your reports are just as powerful as the group, so if they are showing toxic behaviors at all, your single report can have a meaningful impact and trigger a punishment. We believe measures like this will help balance out this specific scenario to be less negative. (http://www.surrenderat20.net/2015/11/2016-season-update.html ; https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3rgb7x/hots_had_dynamic_queue_and_everyone_hated_it/cwnxtqw) And I actually believe (to a certain extend) him and I am actually willing to give it a try^^!
Rioter Comments
: i love to deal huge dmg also help my team ( i main gnar atm) like... i love top lane and in team fights i love bursty champions that deal huge dmg that get an huge amount of kills but that its also able to carry a teamfight. I was gonna buy rumble but 1st its a bit tricky to play and somoene told me its not that good atm
Get {{champion:8}} then! He fits quite well all the criterias you told :). I personnally love {{champion:103}} too ;p!
: > [{quoted}](name=Stell,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=FIEqbLub,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-10-21T18:59:17.264+0000) > > If you are talking about Ranked mmr, no. > Ranked and Normals have separate mmrs That's weird :/ I played a lot with my lowlevel friend in the last 3 days, and OP.GG says that my MMR is bad. It wasn't before.
> OP.GG says that my MMR is bad But OP.GG (and any other site alike) **doesn't** have access to your **real** MMR, they're just using "homemade" algorithms to try to get a value close enough to Riot's one. Hope I helped :)!
: I can't tell whether you're being sarcastic to my sarcastic comment. Mind fuck.
Can't tell if you got the sarcasm that came from the sarcastic comment following another sarcasm awnsering some sarcastic sentence... **Sarcaception** O_o On a serious note : no I didn't get that you were sarcastic sorry ^^ (I'm serious < 3)
: What is creep score? Sorry I'm a mid lane main. I thought CS was champion score.
Creep score is the number of minions you killed in the game. It's a quite important stat because it is your most reliable (by far) income of gold. Usually you aim for 150 (at worse) to 200 (at best) at the 20 minutes mark if you're top, mid or adc. But that's prettu hard ;p
: What is cs?
cs = creep score = farm = minions killed ;p
: and you just spoiled the whole thing x)
Oh yeah sry :/
: Why did you dieded? Now Darius is so feeded, your such a noob, loose us the game!
"Why did you dieded? Now Darius is so feeded, your such a noob, loose us the *gamed!" Because by the time they guy says that, the game has endeded -_-
iKinneas (EUW)
: League of legends is nothing more than trolls and
League of legends is nothing more than trolls and big bewb like
MrGuizem (EUW)
: I am not saying is thrash, in my opinion it's avarage but MANY people say that is the best anime ever made. If you read the manga you will see how rushed it was, in my opinion parasyte has a similar concept but was executed better. Check it out if you haven't already you won't regret (i think '-')
I watched the first two episodes of Parasyte but didn't like it unfortunately :/ I completely understand that you may not like it or think it was average (everyone is different right ;p), but I'm part of those people that think it is one of the best anime that I have ever seen^^. But reading the mangas is something I may get into later on for sure :)!
MrGuizem (EUW)
: My opinion on the best out there 1-rainbow nisha rokubou no shichinin (underrated as hell) 2- evangelion 3-gurren lagann 4-gintama 5-parasyte 6-steins gate 7-fma brotherhood 8-death parade 9-no game no life 10-hellsing ultimate Btw why does so many people think that tokyo ghoul is that good 0_0??
Beware! This is gonna be the story of my life < 3 > Btw why does so many people think that tokyo ghoul is that good 0_0?? I don't know why people rate it high, I however know exactly why I (personnally) love it so much^^! Basically I started watching this anime while season 2 was ongoing, it was because I saw a "picture" of a white-haired-half-masked-badass-like-hell guy and I felt I just **had** to know who that guy was. I learn he belonged to an anime called Tokyo Ghoul, I read the summary and thought that the anime should be okay. So I started watching it and didn't like it. I was about to drop the anime after episode 2 because the main character was far too pathetic for me. But then I fell back on that badass picture and thought "I'll watch this anime untill I know who this guy is!". Important note : I was always skipping the intro sequence (because it bored me^^) so I had no clue they were the same guy XD. The first time I watched it entirely was the episode where he gets his mask and while seeing the intro I thought "Okay so the badass guy must be the anti-hero guy, something like his evil-twin right?", then Kaneki got his mask and I noticed the mask he had and the one in the intro were mirrored which comforted my previous opinion^^. And then Kaneki got captured and tortured. I thought that was actually quite refreshing and I really linked into that part of the story. And then the badass-Kaneki appears and shows everyone what it means to be a beast. Then he makes the "wrong" choice : going to the enemy and, even though I hated his choice to runaway from Touka (I think they might be my favourite anime "couple" yet^^), I also loved how he dedicates to his belief. TL:DR : I related to the anime really well and got mindblown by the end of the season 1.
: We've temporarily disabled Ranked Solo/Duo
That's not funny at all. Yeah not at all. Which is why I laughed so hard XD!
: woah yu-gi-oh i watched that when i was 8 years old :) i loved it same goes for digimon and pokemon and detective conan^^
Thanks a LOT bro, you reminded me of the existence of Conan < 3 < 3! XD
: Most of his watched animes are entry-level stuff and recently popular(not generally acclaimed). I'm not saying that they're bad, all of those have some kind of good qualities to them. I'll get right to the point, it seems like OP has only seen the top of the iceberg. There's so many shows with better writing and quality. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with his list, it just really gives off the "newbie vibe".
I think I get what you mean bro! But please then could you us "newbies" to animes to find good ones then :)? (I'm beeing genuine) I like wide variety (i guess^^) of stuff as you can see from my list XD! Lately I've mainly been into love stories and/or psychological stuff so any suggestion (from anyone) would be highly regarded :)! My favorites thus far are : Tier 1 : SAO (the first few episodes), Tokyo Ghoul, Mysterious Girlfriend X, Overlord, Trinity Seven Tier 2 : No Game No Life , Akame Ga Kill, Mirai Nikki, Absolute Duo, Assassination Classroom, Golden Time, Magical Warfare, Plastic Memories, The Irregular At Magic High School, Code Geass I forgot a bunch unfortunately :/ Note that I have also seen (but not appreciated that much) : High School DxD (all), Death Note (the first few episodes), Attack On Titan (I saw the "movie" but I didn't like the art style :/), Naruto (a bunch of random episodes on TV), DBZ, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (first few), Fairy Tail (first few like 10 to 20 episodes XD), Yu-Gi-Oh, Bleach (first episode only because of art style^^). Thanks and with < 3!
CharyGG (EUNE)
: Well actually you can just assume: the better the division, the better the border son.
But daddy, my taste are pretty akward you know! For exemple I prefer the Platinum border over the diamond (and maybe even the Master^^) one... Yeah I'm really weird I know :/
CharyGG (EUNE)
: BORDERline amazing
How can you see the borders^^? Cause I couldn't find how :/...
LA Losty (EUW)
: Lets make it a trio shall we? :P
PauIo (EUW)
: I'd like to send you a friend request, but I'm playing at EUW :l Good luck finding other people though :)
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