: Perhaps a NEW Ban/Report system??
I never said that they should just copy /paste Dotalicious client workings, but make something with more efficiency than this system second thing, i am opposing the smurfing accounts, that's the main reason people can troll as much as they can, cause they can have as many accounts as they wish. Internet caffes out of buisness? Seriously? Almost every single person has some kind of connection and is able to play League on it, i myself managed to play a good steady games of LoL by connecting my mobile phone's internet to my laptop. Nobody needs the Internet caffee nowadays IF you want to play LoL seriously. Main reason of this post is for someone to start working on the god damn problems, not just banning people on around 5 games 20 min wait, when everyone has 10+ accounts... where is the point in that? One account per one PC is a reasonable decision, i don't see the problem in that at all. Anyways, they could also make a sepparate client for it, like some "hardcore League" or something, so you can still roll into normal and ranked sht, but you can also roll on the sepparate system for it. I gave a suggestion for something, at least i am trying to think of something to help, you on the other hand just sit in this elo hell and chill there with all those boosted account players that go in diamond and can't move a mouse or press a coresponding spell on a keyboard... not to mention the league below gold...
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Thank you for your time. You were very helpful :)
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