jana (EUW)
: just try out difrent things and stick with what worked well. if you like to play tanky champs go for it. you can play {{champion:38}}, {{champion:131}}, {{champion:8}} or {{champion:31}} mid without problems. or why not play {{champion:41}}, {{champion:120}}, {{champion:75}} or {{champion:14}} top. alo you can go with {{champion:6}} as adc. hes tanky and offers a unique skillset. just try what fits and play what you like. noone force you to play a role you dont want or a champion you dont like. just go out and find out what works the best for you.
I actually tried out trundle when messing around with friends and liked his kit, took it to normals and rekt top lane, pushing to and taking inhib and 1v2'ing along the way. Even escaping a 2 man gank using a cheeky pillar in the brush. It was fun being a source of pressure the enemy knew they had to deal with, but they just couldn't deal with it. So I think I'd enjoy champions like that for sure.
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RV Yatash (EUNE)
: I am in promo to diamond 3 atm with hecarim top lane. He has a bit of carry potential and builds tanky. Struggles vs riven but if you do camp level 1 you can be JUST FINE
Cool. Good luck. It's more like knowing when I'm stronger than Riven, or when I can trade with her. At my elo you can kind of fear Riven's because they always dick on you. But it's probably because people play like little bitches when they play against a Riven; because hurr durr all Riven's are Riven mains obviously >.> When I learn how/when to trade and abusing my advantage I'll be able to handle her easy. My general issue is having impact, being a driving force that can make things happen rather than reacting to things.
AkisAza49 (EUNE)
: I lost my promos twice and then started losing a lot. Nothing those guys said works to be honest. I tried everything and all i have to say is that this game is so frustrating that made me feel bad for playing it.
I've found the reason it's frustrating is you have to rely on total strangers, and your mind refuses to trust them because you don't know them. It's something I've been working on, but I have little slips like just recently. Chin up man, we're both fighting for that gold and higher.
: explains why you're on a losing streak xd
derp it makes so much sense no, hurr durr, me stoopid
: Did u try to win some games? :p
No I actually hate winning. ;p
Kjelldor (EUW)
: just stop playing for like 15-30 minutes and relax. Walk a bit, cycle if that's your jam, drink some stuff without lots of sugar/caffeine and try to reset your mind. The last games have no influence over this one, so if you find yourself in a losing streak, try and freshen your mind.
Yeah that's pretty solid advice, my friend was being super salty for no reason today too. I should've just said I'm not playing with him because his salt is making him tilt hard. Break the spiral, relax, then come back.
RV Yatash (EUNE)
: Take a break, that is the best way. I always play better after i don't play for like 1 week (I know it is a lot and I guess 1-2 days break works too) for this time i stick to other games or just do other stuff don't waste your time on ranked when you don't feel like it. Side note answer: Alt + f4 or just don't go top and go on lane you can carry your team so even if top feeds you win your lane and carry, RIVEN IS REALLY HARD TO PLAY GOOD IN TEAMFIGHTS SO DON"T GIVE UP ON HER OWNING LANE (ofc if she is rly fed then no skill is needed tp 1 shot your team). And if you need to top , well do crows, wolves lvl 1 You can do it with champs like {{champion:56}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:120}} and many more
I can fill all roles, it just tends to be mid/top/jungle/adc/support in that order get taken typically. I'm a supp mainly so I'm fine with it but it's just everyone wants mid and I like to play tanks because nobody ever seems to pick them just damage damage and damage. I'm talking Yi jungle, Katarina mid, draven adc, brand support and they'll be like, "TANK PLS" so I take Maokai, Malphite, Cho'gath and can play them well just if lanes feed I find it hard to have a big impact unless I make the sickest tp gank which is hard to do because your support won't ward deep for you.
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: Same here, as far as i can tell its windows 8.
From what I've gathered windows 8 has updated and it doesn't sit well with lol client so it's spitting the dummy out at it. Hopefully this gets hot fixed and fast.
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Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: Syndra Viktor Xerath
This seems to be the repeated chapmions. Lissandra as well but slightly less range and burst but with more cc.
TeiX (EUW)
: Annie is a close equivalnet to what veigar does her farming is just, that,your Q might aswell be your basic attack alternatively you have nukers that are almost as powerful if not more(due ot aoe) like Viktor(aka crazy russian cyborg) or ahri(she isnt soley based around burst ibut is the mage that has them ost options)
I've tried Ahri, she has a lot of mobility but I'm never sure how to use her effectively. Whereas with champions like Viktor I can imagine myself placing the W in key places and creating choke points to follow up with E+R.
: i would not recommend viktor or brand, xerath might be smth but unlike veigar you have no pointer. Annie and Orianna would be a good choice i guess since lasthitting with them is pretty easy and they have good dmg peaks (keep in mind that ori shouldnt be able to 100-0 someone b4 ultra late)
What do you mean by Xerath has no "pointer"? Do you mean he's all skillshots and no point and click damage.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Syndra, for sure. {{champion:134}} Autoattacks = ranged. Q = aoe damage. W = more aoe damage + slow. E = aoe stuns (yes, plural - though multiple Q's is required for wider stun area). R = heavy single target nuke. Q all day (from a safe distance, of course), use a W to drop the same Q on them a second time, then another Q, then E to stun them, the 3rd Q has probably come off cooldown by now, and then finally R with all three Q's for maximum bonus damage to finish it all off. Tons of cooldown reduction and "sufficient" amounts of mana is required to play Syndra like the proper spell spammer that she is.
I'm pretty sold for playing Viktor and Lissandra, would you say Syndra also fits these champions too.
Omnus (EUW)
: {{champion:1}} - Easiest farming in the game, probably. Your Q does decent damage on a 4 second cooldown. And if you kill a unit with it, its mana cost is refunded and its cooldown halved. In other words, the perfect ability for farming. You also have insane AoE burst. Passive + Tibbers + W + Q is essentially guaranteed to kill anything that isn't full tank as long as you are fed. Annie ticks off all the criteria on your list, and the rest of the champions I'm suggesting are less perfect fits. {{champion:127}} - More of a grind-tacular champion. She doesn't have any real burst unless she is really, seriously fed, but her kit is overloaded with CC, and her Q is perfect for poking people hiding behind minions. Her passive also gives her decent mana sustain. With the amount of CC she has, she is also a teamfighting monster. {{champion:134}} - Requires you to learn how to farm with autoattacks, as using her abilities to farm will leave you out of mana VERY quickly. She does, however, tick off the rest of your criteria. If used correctly, her E can stun AN ENTIRE TEAM and when decently fed, her combo can delete even less-than-squishy targets 100-0 in one go. {{champion:4}} - Not as much of a combo and more of a poke champion, but he does have an easy time farming with his Blue Card, and used correctly, his ultimate has incredible gank pressure. Very versatile and worth a look. {{champion:112}} - A bit difficult to pick up, but his laser gives him great waveclear, and once he has his items, he can seriously delete people. Coupled with his W, and his ult, he is an absolute teamfighting monster, too.
Thanks for the well organised answer, again Viktor is recommended so I'm definitely trying him out and probably Lissandra too.
: Here are some that would be good for you: {{champion:63}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:1}} They all have a different way to play but they at least have 3 out of 4 traits that you like.
Thanks bud, there seems to be a lot of recommendations for Viktor and Xerath and Lissandra so I'm gonna try them out.
: You want to zone your enemy without involving mechanical skill? Pick {{champion:268}} , {{champion:101}} ,{{champion:55}} You want to 1shot them after lv 6? Pick {{champion:1}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:134}} You want to support your team and feel useful in teamfights? Pick {{champion:4}} ,{{champion:61}} ,{{champion:69}} You want to give your lane opponent cancer? Pick {{champion:7}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:115}} You want to have good farming and make the enemy carries rage quit? Pick,{{champion:30}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:8}}{{champion:112}}
Thank you for the well constructed response I reckon I'm gonna try Viktor a shot, not many friends of mine play him; they all like Azir and LB etc. Xerath looks fun too I just have to get used to his skill shot dependency.
Róót (EUW)
: {{champion:112}} .. i didn't realy find any thing that can match veigar burst .. but i think viktor does or he is realy close .. his w is realy close to veigar's box .. he have alot of damage .. a good wave clear ( good farming) and yes he can "passive/safe/farm/ then pop them .. but he can actually pop a full team not just single target
Oh yeah, I remember seeing LCS and he like deleted 2 people with a full combo in a dragon fight. I'll check it out ^^
ZartarUK (EUW)
: Ahri she can kite great, has good wave clear after a few levels in has a good cc or AP kogmaw but he can be tough to learn and take a while be very rewarding
Thank you for the response I'll be sure to give them a look :)
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