Saturax (EUNE)
: All deaths after 2:50 are int feed, he had no reason start 1 v 1 fights he can not win, or push lane, stay on lane with 2% hp until yasu hit 2xq + no warding. edit: Yea and almost forget... shyvana gangs... he all time feed him 1 v 1, but when shyvana come he creep every time ( legit time 4:35 ) + have 4/5 games like this, because of system. You will notice it SOON.
no deaths of mine are are int feed, but you quit LoL because you had a few bad games, so your opinion is invalid.
Saturax (EUNE)
: If he dont use practic with bots and go ruin game for 9 people he dont deserve 14 days ban, but perma ban + some moments was int feed for sure like 5:10 ( he already know he can not 1 v 1 ( from 2:50 ) see yasu returning on lane and he wait for him, when shyvana is coming he stop so yasu can finish him... Burn... because of players like you i did stop play lol.
No part of the video was int. 9 people queue'd up for ranked to play with 9 random people, sometimes u win lane, sometimes u lose lane. If you don't play with the intention of carrying, you shouldn't play at all. You quit because of your own personal issues, having bad games in LoL only triggered them. It's noone else's problem but your own.
Declined (EUNE)
: That's progress, now you just need to go from theory to practice. Let us know what support tells you about your case.
I was unbanned about 4-5 days after I was banned. A riot support member looked at all of the evidence and not just the score like I asked and found that I didn't feed on purpose. They gave me a few chests and keys as a compensation.
Tiddlywinks (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Simplexible,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=noiJuxqk,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-10T17:11:01.910+0000) > > Edit: A YouTube Video of the Match: > > Oh man is that video painful to watch lol.
When you reach level 30 and try ranked, you will also have bad games, it happens to everyone.
Zoli456 (EUW)
: Sorry but you inted there. After 1-2 death should be obvious you cant win 1vs1. If you cant accept the fact you are behind you are inting.
I've made many comebacks in games like this and watched other players make comebacks. Your comment is false.
insaneabuse (EUNE)
: What about old banned accounts?
I'm guessing it's only your account that has been perma banned, but you haven't. Some players are perma banned themselves, meaning if Riot finds out they have a new account it instantly gets deleted, no questions asked. Those players are sometimes unbanned when they reform and are allowed to make a new account, but even for them, they're never allowed to receive those accounts again, they're gone forever. I could be wrong though, I don't speak for Riot. If you want Riot's the official stance, you should submit a support ticket.
: My account was perma banned for no reason
I've noticed people have been getting automatically banned by the AI recently, I was also recently banned for inting when I just played badly, the same thing happened to a youtuber even though he carried his game. Hopefully riot can look into this issue, maybe a rioter will see this thread.
: > damage chart shows I had about the same damage as our adc Which is the result if you trying to fight a godlike Yasuo when you shouldn't. That damage is worthless, it only resulted in the enemy team getting stronger. 0 Assists, 0 Kills.
It was credible before I repeated it and still is now. Played poorly isn't intentional feeding. I don't know what else you want to hear.
: > damage chart shows I had about the same damage as our adc Which is the result if you trying to fight a godlike Yasuo when you shouldn't. That damage is worthless, it only resulted in the enemy team getting stronger. 0 Assists, 0 Kills.
I've said it before, I played poorly. Playing poorly isn't intentional feeding. I've reviewed my gameplay and it was bad. We've all had bad games, including you.
CJXander (EUNE)
: I still don't get how can you not learn a single thing out of 13 deaths, pushing aggresively against a fed yasuo, like never in my life i had that kind of score even when i firstly played a moba. Also, 0 assits makes this suspicious. Wether it was intentionally or not, you didn't took any action like going on another lane to help someone else, you just did the same thing over and over again, which counts as intentionally feeding.
I agree I played poorly, but the key factor is I did not intend to die, I intended to survive, even if I failed at it, it does not make it my intention to die. Regardless of attempts to rationalize it, playing poorly is not intentional feeding.
: > The final score is not a good indicator. I didn't write so much just to talk about his final score. There are many many indicators and they all add up. You can neither prove nor disprove that he was throwing this game on purpose with just 1 quick look. You need to make a decision considering as many factors as possible. What you are doing is picking single aspects and relativizing them, like they don't matter. But it all matters for the decision. You can use his experience with the game (how many years he played) and his rank to compare his performance and also how he played other matches. The deeper i look into this the more I am convinced that he isn't telling the truth.
The damage chart shows I had about the same damage as our adc, and the stats (and the replay) show that my entire team did poorly, with only our mid just barely getting more kills than the enemy mid (but it didn't matter because she didn't push). We can talk endlessly about what I could have done, hindsight is 20/20, I've even seen many mistakes in my own play. We've all had bad games, but in the end, poor play isn't intentional feeding.
Declined (EUNE)
: Start simple, you needed to ward and change your play style. You can't get Randuins if you can't survive and farm, so that takes priority. Surviving first, farm second. Do you know how to freeze a lane and what it means?
Yep, I sometimes freeze as other top laners like Nasus or TF, very rarely as Jax because I usually win my lanes as Jax. You're right though, I should have tried harder to freeze, but in the game that felt impossible, after looking at the match, I can see that I messed up in that area.
rèV (EUW)
: I'm honestly really confused about what happened here. I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt, but some things seem very odd here. Looking at your match history, it's somewhat apparent, that your jungler was also your premade because you played with him in 16 out of your last 20 games. Do you actually wanna say, that your premade started flaming and raging at you and afk'd? Besides that, are you really witchhunting him here while he is your premade? Also. why do your summoner spells switch around so much? You change your Flash and TP Button around quite a lot while Smite and Ignite seem to be consistent. I hope you are not sharing your account. I don't really want to defend the system, i agree with what most people said. Some extreme cases seem to stay unnoticed for whatever reason. I also don't want to accuse you of intentional feeding. And even if that would be the case, i think one game shouldn't lead to a ban at all. The issue i have though is the following: I personally think, that different ELOs have different standards when it comes to expectations. I think no one expects, that, for example, bronze or silver players know how to win a losing lane. Same applies to gold, probably also plat. The higher your ELO and the better the enemy, the more likely it is to have your mistakes punished and the more likely it is to lose the lane after a rather big mistake. Everyone acknowledges that, people understand that. Same applies the other way around. When you have a bronze 5 game and one team has a 10k gold lead, but the game still goes on for 30 minutes and suddenly the other team is even, then it's also something that people understand. It's not unlikely to happen for the respective ELO. No one of them will probably claim, that anyone actually threw the game. So, maybe this is just my perception. But I would expect from a player, that has been playing since season 3 and is gold, that he understands what it means to be behind in lane and what actually happens if you keep trying to make plays. Again, i'm not accusing you of intentionally feeding. But looking at the circumstances, you make it really hard to believe for me, that you didn't tilt and that you still cared about the game. You should have been in a losing lane before after playing several hundred ranked games for 3 seasons. I mean, at what point do we hold people accountable then? Sure, rules should apply universally at best, but i think there is a difference between a dude that played 30 games and feeds his ass of against people with thousands of games compared to a guy, who goes 0/13/0 while having played 3 seasons and who played against people in his ELO. I don't think you are lying, i kind of want to believe, that this was not intentionally. Maybe it was just a bad game. But all that we have is your word, which is not worth a lot on the internet. As i said, i believe, that a ban for this is a bit over the top, but, to me, you clearly created some ground for punishment. Banning people on assumptions suck, but you kind of created the fundament for that. In your case, going 0/13/0 shouldn't happen, even in a bad game. The score implies, that you didn't even participate in the game, you don't even have an assist. Finally, i don't know what your communication in your game was and if your team told you to play passive and just avoid dying, but if that happend, you clearly didn't listen to them. I mean, they decided to report you, there had to be some kind of communication before that.
There are 3 main points in your post I'd like to address. 1. I queued with the jungler for quite a few games before including the one I got banned in. Met him in ranked recently, normally I went mid as tf, and he went jungle as kindred (sometimes shyvana). I don't know much about the guy, but he flamed and went afk this game, after the game I told him his attitude is bad and deleted him from my friends list. 2. I'm the only one who plays this account. I don't know what you saw in my summoner spells, they're fine. If you think I'm account sharing, as Riot to check my IP address or investigate me. 3. Your final point seems to be that I played bad. Which I agree on, I played bad and I can see that after watching my own game, but playing bad isn't intentional feeding, there's a difference.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: ANOTHER proof of how inconsistent this system is! It honestly needs a complete overhaul. There's players that feed for 1000000 games (yes, exaggeration) and don't get punished. And no, they aren't necessarily doing it smartly, they buy mobis and tears and run it down, yet aren't punished. And then the OP gets punished for ONE game lol. Where is the consistency Riot? Seriously, where is it? The same happens with flamer's chat logs. People that say and commit the same offences don't both get punished. People who commit worse offences may not get punished, while people who say less do. **If you want people to follow rules they better be clear and applied in ALL cases in the same manner.** Failing to do so only results in players not trusting the system. I'd actually argue that we give behavioural consistency too much importance. This might actually be the cause for how inconsistent the system appears to be. Start punishing people primarily on what they say and do, and not on how often they do or don't do it. If someone is overly negative then just punish him, period. Don't punish him based on how often he is negative. Don't let people say "cancer" and "%%%" 8 times and avoid punishment because they say it over many games, while banning someone for saying it 8 times (the same amount) but in a smaller time frame (the system will assume that it is his usual behaviour thus he will get punished while the first example most likely won't). Just punish them both, and sooner might I add. "Everyone has bad days" is stupid. There are certain lines that shouldn't be crossed, it doesn't matter if it's a bad day or not. **TLDR: People would have alot more respect for the rules and the system if they were actually fair and applied the same to everyone. Right now it just feels like you're lucky if you report someone and they actually get punished. And on the other hand some players are "unlucky" in getting punished while others that did the same thing avoided it.** No. Consistency. Fix. It. Thanks.
Thanks for understanding, I agree 100%, and the irony is not only did I deal with many rage quitters, and intentional feeders on way climbing back up to gold (sometimes I got rage quitter 5 games in a row), but in this game that I got banned, my Jungler was flaming me a lot, I told him I don't want to argue with him and muted him when he kept spamming and flaming, so he went in base, sold all of his items and said "surrender", he just sat there and refused to help the team. He was reported by the enemy team, but I checked his, he didn't get banned even though he was breaking the rules, but I get banned when I'm following the rules.
: You probably got banned by automatic system because it detected you have over 10 deaths with no assists or kill participation and it "thinks" that you were inting. Send a ticket to Riot Support if you didn't already but don't spam them it takes a day or two for a reply. A youtuber called Youmuus had similar situation and they unbanned him and gave him hextech loot as a way to say sorry for unintentionally banning him. I hope that will be the case with you too good luck!
Yes it was automated, I sent a ticket and they said I deserved the ban based on my deaths, so I resubmitted my ticket asking them to look at all of the evidence, like the chat log, my past behavior, stats, etc. Still waiting for their reply.
: Show Twisted Treeline Some Love!
I agree. I used to play the Twisted Treeline all the time before it was reworked, for a while I really wanted the old Twisted Treeline back, I still want it back now (an updated version), because the old TT felt much more vast, sure the map was small, but it didn't feel as small as this current one. As it stands now, the Twisted Treeline should at least be reworked again, because the current one isn't working, it's much more boring than Summoner's Rift.
: You continued to mindlessly push and run into enemies until the game was lost.
Yeah, like I've said, I made some major mistakes, I also reviewed my gameplay and I can point out plenty of mistakes I made, but none of which is intentional feeding. It was a very bad game that I played very poorly.
Declined (EUNE)
: I've seen the video now and I'm not surprised it ended the way it did. You made a large amount of critical mistakes, you only adapted slightly around the 14th minute mark. Unfortunately it was nowhere near sufficient, and you continued to make the same critical mistake. It is interesting because I honestly believe you don't know what I'm referring to. If you go ham against a more skilled opponent, you'll get your ass handed to you. Congrats you've reached the stage where you need to play smarter, not harder. I could go on, but you get the point. Anyway you clearly didn't intend to feed, you 'just' failed to adapt as he grew stronger and you grew weaker.
You're right, by the time I realized how to fix some of my mistakes, it was too late though. I should have stayed back and built randuin's omen much earlier than I started to aswell. This isn't an excuse for my bad plays but I haven't practiced top properly in a while, that Yasuo was probably the best Yasuo top I've faced too, normally I play twisted fate mid, but I got autofilled jungler, my jungler asked me to go top so that's how I ended up top vs a better opponent. Thanks for reviewing the video and understanding.
: When you walked to lane at 1:57 after giving 2 kills to Yasuo, you should have avoided pushing again. You slow pushed into Yasuos and you got ganked, you would have died even without that gank, because you were already 2 kills and 1 level behind. So you walk back to lane once again and as soon as you arrive at 3:51 you immediatly start pushing again. When Yasuo obviously hit level 6 before you, you actually engage him in that overextended position where he can easily use minions to run you down... and you die again. Also I don't see you warding at all and I can't be bothered to seach for the moment when you place your 1 ward. Yes, in this 22 min match you placed exactly 1 ward. How do you explain that? Especially as Jax who uses wards for escape ward hops too? So you die again and you push again only to die again and then you push again to die again. If you always play like that you will always feed more and more when behind, which basically means you only play well when you get an early advantage. (and even then it would be super easy to shut you down since all you are doing is pushing and engaging like some bot.... no even bots respect when another player is stronger) Gotta say the way you played this was really brainless and could easily be interpreted as giving up and the typical "i don't care anymore" attitude. Considering that you are gold.... it's pretty much inting. This is not gold.... hell, I bet bronze 5 players would ward more and play safer. xD I mean if you wanna tell us that you reached gold and this is honestly how you play, then you must be boosted and you should get perma banned and not a 14 days suspension. You single-handedly lost this game without any visible intention to win.
Yeah and I should have stopped trying to fight and tried harder to freeze, I also should have built tanky earlier rather than waiting 18 mins to go for a randuin's omen (I like to get sheen and cutlass first). There were a lot of major mistakes. But it's not an "I don't care anymore" attitude. I continued to try to win the game till the very last second.
Solicitude (EUNE)
: Really man, I've seen the replay and from my perspective its hard to believe you werent doing it on purpose. I wont talk about the first blood. Everyone makes mistakes, though if you were moving while attacking him, like he did, instead of just standing there autoattacking, and if you didnt waste your first 2 aa on that ward, i think you could actually kill him. But, as i said i wont judge from that, its a mistake that many of us have given first blood with. But, really, being 0-9-0 against a 9-0-1, 2 levels higher champion, and still pushing and trying to trade like nothing is happening is just... You see, you were losing hard but you never stopped pushing and trading and you didnt even put wards when you were doing that. Ill just talk about the early game after the first blood. You both tp'ed, got a good trade and pushed him back. Then you started pushing the wave towards Yasuo and kept trading until you fell pretty low on hp. At that point what should be done is just recall. Instead, you jumped on him again and died. Yasuo pushed the wave to your turret and recalled. At that point you are 0-20 with 3 cs vs 2-0-0 and 18cs. You return without buying anything cause you dont have gold and push again. Yasuo returns, who has bought some 1st tier items. You still trade and push the wave closer to his tower without warding. So you become a very easy prey for a gank. Which results on your 3d death before 6 minutes and a snowball from Yasuo. After that point, except from ganks, It was the same story. Every time you returned to lane you pushed, traded with Yasuo and died. Up until they broke your inhibitor tower, at which point you couldnt do that. Normally, after you give first blood you freeze the wave close to your turret and ward the tri-bush behind your turret to avoid getting dove under your turret, patiently waiting until you can outscale your enemy. Or you can gank other lanes, to get a bit of gold and help your teammates get a lead. You did nothing of these. You opted to push and trade with a fed Yasuo snowballing him even further. You didnt even wait for shyvana to come and help you. Also, unlike what someone mentioned, Yasuo didnt go to any other lane, he didnt get gold from any where else. >I don't remember how many times I was tower dived, but I believe it was at least 4-5 times, it happened a few times at my outer turret You either dont know what a tower-dive is or you are simply trying to make excuses, but nonetheless this is a big lie. You didnt get dove under your turret a single time, until they got to your inhibitor turret. You only got ganked once early, when you were 0-2-0 and had pushed without warding, which makes it also your fault. I wont say for sure if you inted or if you simply got tilted by the first blood and played pretty badly. But i can say for sure, by watching the replay, that if i was one of your team-mates in that game, i would also report you for inting. Getting continuously ganked and dove is different than losing your lane and still pushing and trading. When you start losing your lane, play defensively by freezing the wave near your turret or simply turret hugging, build defensively, at least some components and wait till your jungler can come to gank.
I played poorly, I didn't deny that. Even looking at the gameplay in hindsight, it's very easy for me to point out my own mistakes, big and small. Being too aggressive, not playing safe, being too desperate, etc. Probably being tilted too, but that's not too easy to combat, but poor gameplay does not equal intentional feeding. As bad as the gameplay is, it's not intentional feeding, it's a bad game and my track record shows that it's rarely this bad.
: ok lets say that you didnt intentionally give any kills why you have 0 assists? why you never grouped? cause if you did it to take revenge from your teammates flaming you then the ban is deserved. cause i bet they flamed you for dying over and over didnt they? you see whats going on here? even if we agree that it wasnt your intention to give free kills even if we ignore that almost all your deaths are while trying to outplay a fed opponent the 0 assists cant be explained, unless the game was a complete slaughter and your team had very few kills ( i didnt see the game review). sorry to play the devils lawyer i can understand that it can be frustrating to be banned for such a long time for an unfortunate game but you have to think the others who were in the same team with you how they saw this game..... your elo is gold you said right? people there are good players if you tried to helped them win why would they report you? you should have tried to get at least some assists farm means nothing you could go afk-farming as they say.
At some points of the game, I looked around map to see if I could do anything, maybe help the team by getting an assist or make a comeback by getting a kill, but I wasn't able to find any openings. My team rarely ever group (if ever), I don't remember them ever grouping, and if I left top for 1 second, Yasuo and Tryndamere would push it very hard, my team was too weak to defend so I tried to stay top and defend my lane, but I wasn't good at it and I tried to fight too much as I was desperate for kills. You can see the game in the original post I added a youtube link so you can see the game, as you can see I was very desperate for kills, but I didn't intentionally feed, but my team didn't do well either, we all played badly and the enemy team was better than us.
Declined (EUNE)
: Both will suffice.
I just posted a link to the youtube video in the first post of this thread. Here is the replay file too:
: the problem is..... when you give more than 1 kill you dont try to outplay dude you hug your turret and try to only farm. it would be better to leave your lane entirely and go help another lane than give 13 kills when contributing in 0. for the whole game there wasnt an opportunity to get even 1 assist and you were dying every couple of minutes not under your turret. as it seems to me even if i wasnt in that game.... what happened. he outplayed you you got a bit mad and tried to outplay him then you got tilted and started dying again and again when he got your turret he started roaming helping his team and maybe even getting more kills? while you stayed entirely passive just farming top and you didnt engange in any fight heck the 0-13-0. sorry but i were your teammate i would report you too dude i mean maybe theres a slight chance you didnt do it on purpose but i highly doubt it. i believe that you wanted to win but i think you got tilted from losing the lane and lost your control or something
I did try to outplay him a lot and it worked a lot in the past, I've made comebacks in games like this, so I didn't lose faith and kept trying to farm and outplay the Yasuo when I saw an opening, but it didn't work this time. I'm sure I wasn't thinking very clearly and I did play poorly, but I didn't intentionally feed.
Declined (EUNE)
: If you're able to get the replay, I'll be happy to review it just in case.
I rewatched the replay earlier, and my gameplay was very bad, but I didn't die on purpose. I will post it on youtube and put a link in the first post. Do you want the actual replay file too? Or just a youtube link?
: That is the current system for you. Get a support ticket, and hope someone reasonable picks it up. I've seen people who regularly go feeding and they just don't ever get banned. I've also seen some youtuber (youmuu i think), who went 0/18 or something like that with tryndamere top, got banned because of score, and then made a youtube video and got unbanned. But without his popularity I think he would just stay banned. Just like the system bans for using certain words in chat, it also bans for 'feeding' exclusively based on score. At one point, if you get camped too much and can't recover, farm or are in danger of dying more, go to the jungle, to some other lane, play extremely safe and basically afk so your score does not tank too much and you don't get banned for feeding. Many people praise the new system, but the thing is its grossly inaccurate, does not punish much except flame, and the only reason people like it is the instant feedback.
Yes, It's sad really. I can admit I don't play aswell as youmuu, but I was trying hard to get farm and at least try to get a turret and maybe get a kill to make a comeback. My stats show I was actually trying to win, but when I submitted my ticket, the support staff only looked at my score and said based on my deaths I'm guilty.
: > [{quoted}](name=Simplexible,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=noiJuxqk,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-09-10T17:54:25.102+0000) > > That's what I thought about the system too, but I've never trolled, intentionally fed or rage quit in any of my games. I just posted the screen I received when I was banned, it was for only 1 game. nah support will copy past some nonsense (like I just wish to inform you that if your interest is to get your account unbanned, I have to let you know that such an action is not possible) and they wont redo ban since i know that so best you can do is wait 14 days.
I submitted a ticket, the support staff member basically said based on my score and the amount of time the game lasted that I'm guilty. They didn't check the chat log or my other stats or anything. I resubmitted the ticket and asked them to check all the evidence, hopefully they reconsider.
: How can they even ban people if they take into account only one game? Intentional or not, they can't tell it unless you announced it to everyone in which case it is a deserved ban and proves the system works. I sense there's more to this, lots of people have had bad games and avoided bans. :P I might be wrong so contacting support is your only possibility here.
That's what I thought about the system too, but I've never trolled, intentionally fed or rage quit in any of my games. I just posted the screen I received when I was banned, it was for only 1 game.
: During laning phase (i.e. when your tower was still standing) just one of your deaths was under your tower. And if you ran after a dive, you apparently ran away in the wrong direction. In case you are wondering how I know this...the locations of your deaths can be seen in your match history. It also shows that you just placed 1 ward the entire game, which is unusual for you. You normally place a perfectly normal amount of wards. So from what I can see it's not a surprise that the Feederbuster thought this was intentional. I am not saying it was (again: I honestly don't know), but I understand why it might look that way.
Not every death was under my turret, but when I was turret dived, I did attempt to run into the lane to escape the Yasuo once or twice. Might not be a good strategy, but I was trying to fake him out and be unpredictable to attempt to escape. But as I mentioned before, quite a few of my deaths was due to farming and trying to get a kill when I saw an opening and thought I could make a comeback. I didn't play well this game, but it wasn't intentional feeding, I kept trying to win till the very end.
: If you are absolutely sure that this wasn't intentional in any way, contact the Support. If you know you are guilty, don't bother. Riot has access to everything that happened in that game, so there is no point in lying. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying you are lying. I have no idea whether you fed intentionally or not. I am just explaining this because people on the boards simply lie a lot about what they did because for some reason they think this is going to help them to get unbanned (of course it doesn't). That's why I wanted to include the possibility that you are one of them, simply because I can't possibly know and I want to cover all possibilities.
I tried sending a ticket, but they replied based on my deaths and the frequency of them (happening once every 1-2 mins) that I was guilty. I asked them to look into the details of the match like the chat log and my farm, etc. They haven't gotten back to me. So far they've only made the decision based on my score.
Wen294 (EUW)
: By the looks of it reasons for the ban include the place of the deaths, which is rather odd honestly. None of them are under your own turret. Literally none. And i'm not really seeing why you would be pushing 24/7 against an extremely fed yasuo.
I don't remember how many times I was tower dived, but I believe it was at least 4-5 times, it happened a few times at my outer turret, I attempted to run away when he dived me once or twice, but he caught me. Then at my inner turret, then at my inhib turret. a few of my deaths were when I was trying to farm and some of them was when I thought I could kill him (got him to low hp a few times, but he escaped or killed me).
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Chaota (EUW)
: The Player Skill Matching System is kinda messed up
The match making algorithm isn't perfect, it messes up sometimes. In some games I play against a team where most of the enemies are far below my team's skill level, to the point where we'd still beat them even if 2 of my team mates disconnected and we went 3v5. Sometimes it happens the other way around where I get placed against 2-3 players far above my team's level, it completely demotivates my team, any chance we have of winning is lost because my team gets tilted. I'm sure Riot is constantly working on improving the match making algorithm though, it's not a simple thing, and now that they removed 3 and 4 man premades (that was disgusting), things have been looking a lot better.
Rioter Comments
: Thanks for the reply but i mentioned that i tried `clean reinstall` and i tried the following above steps. what happens is after reinstallation the launcher is perfect but when i start any game `custom game` i get game crash as in the picture that i posted and if i close the client now it will give a massage of corrupted files and it will auto repair but the game will still crash :( {{item:3070}}
After you uninstalled LoL, did you go to local disk and delete the "Riot Games" folder?
: Corrupted files always.
Try this: 1. Completely remove LoL from your computer, sometimes when you uninstall software it stays on your computer, make sure you go to the location of your LoL and remove 100% of it. 2. Download CCleaner, it's a software that removes junk from your computer. Use CCleaner and let it remove your junk (read it carefully to make sure it doesn't remove anything important). 3. Download and install LoL. 4. When LoL is patching, it may go to "33%" and it looks like it's stuck there, but it isn't, it's still patching. Wait for it to patch. 5. Never close LoL while it's patching, doing that sometimes corrupts the files.
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: PAX Twisted Fate???
Pax Twisted Fate is a limited skin. You can't currently get limited skins from hextech chests. Riot said they're thinking about adding them to hextech chests though.
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Kensei0 (EUNE)
: Yea I missed one remake like that xD
Exactly, sometimes you don't see that the player left, you think he's just in base for a second and you're paying attention to last hitting. This happened to me a few times, it's annoying, my team didn't see it either.
: Pay attention if you want to remake.
You don't get it, I don't want to remake, I want to play a 5v5 game, I don't expect a leaver and my team didn't either...
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: Bronze VII Shaco Montage
Nice montage, makes me wanna start playing shaco again, used to be my favorite melee champion.
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: i dont know, i think barrier is alright right now. heal: meant for sticky situations where you have to escape but still want to stay in lane barrier: meant against high burst champions. barrier shield is higher than the heal. i cant see a reason why it should be a toggled ability.
The reason I suggest this change is because then it would be good vs damage that may not kill you, but will certainly help to kill you or force you to go back, like nidalee's javelin or teemo's mushrooms, Barrier's shield is higher, but that doesn't really make it different since it's just a very minor numbers change, it isn't that much higher, making them serve the same purpose: Barrier = 115 - 455 hp Heal = 90 - 345 hp In the grand scheme of things, that difference isn't really enough to set them apart and give them different functions. Ingame I still see them being used for the exact same thing, with barrier having more of a focus on baiting and heal having more on sticky situations.
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