: Looking at the whole picture (Which you don't seem to do when looking at skills) these changes seems fairly decent. You get a free 20% cooldown reduction, 30% base attack damage, with the current one that means 113×1.3=146,9, that's a free 33,9 attack damage. And 20% attack speed as well. Lategame with his Q maxed that means his Q will deal 402 damage over 6 seconds, 67 damage per second, a quite decent DOT without any items taken into account. With the duration upped, you can switch form to phoenix and as soon as your Q is up again your DOT ended and you can re-apply it. I think the best thing to do is just sit back and wait for the changes and then give him a go.
270+30% = 351? and the current Q deals far more damage, since you can refresh it and it has a way bigger ad ratio, making it awesome lategame. The point is that tiger standalone is fun for many ppl, yet they are simply removing it for no reason. Also, the new stacks seem strong, until you realize you need to get em in combat, which will take about 8 seconds. Teamfights in this meta are over in less then that.
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: Nerfing Runic Echoes is not going to happen, the Udyr nerfs are set in stone and it is fair. Why would they nerf Runic Echoes when it's just much simpler to nerf 1 champion who is abusing the power? Championg like Gragas, Eve are climbing up the ladder now thanks to Runic Echoes and if you nerf Runic Echoes you're nerfing multiple champions a long with it. I suggest that you stop complaining as the nerfs are set in stone so no point ranting on boards nothing is going to change, get over it.
I do not think you have read what i wrote...
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