: Riven needs a nerf I think!What about your guys?(Only IRON players reply please)
fact is riven is the most onetricked champion and has high winrate/pickrate in high elo so, yea, she could use a nerf actually
: Reverting Aatrox
i never played attrox but i think his biggest issue is his ult he makes him broken while being unfun for the player broken because you are untargetable for way too much time, in pro play you are easily collapsed upon while trying to bring an atroox down.. not to mention if the atroxx builds a guardian angel too unfun because in late game when you build lifesteal you just won't die in time.. and the skirmish will revolve around trying to die at the right time.. meh also, maybe revert his double dash, or tune in the new one
: the new champion where is it RIOT babyrage wanna see noaw pls euw timeer btw.
my iq must have dropped a few points after reading this title
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Prepuzius,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=y8xiKVUn,comment-id=0017,timestamp=2019-02-04T07:45:41.453+0000) > > i dont' understand why you guys complain this much.. easy counterplay: just go 5v1 him and kite/cc him for 5 minutes, izi pizy just 5v1 him 4Head while his team aces your team ... cc is the ultimate countr to any champ anyway so your argument is weak
yeah, i was being sarcastic
SpiritGuy (EUW)
: Make Gragas good again!
afaik gragas is still picked in high elo, so it would seems it's viable don't you think?
: items used to give flat 10 armor pen instead of 21 lethality. They changed it to lethality to give assasins better lategame. the exact formula > Flat Armor Penetration = Lethality × (0.6 + 0.4 × level ÷ 18) meaning at lv1 it gives 13 armor pen, and at lv5 it gives 15, and at lv11 its 17. But its harder to balance because of different values throughout the game, and is flat out better then armor pen in every stage of the game. {{item:3147}} in itself is a nightmare to balance since its introduction. It has been buffed and nerfed and changed more times than lee sin. p.s. ezreal was supposed to be an apc :) Community said its an adc, so riot focus on ad aspect of it. Lee sin and noc have been bruisers for years, lethality came, and now they're assasins, coz lethality is so good value,
i see thanks for the explanation man
: Lethality has to go
aren't nocturne and lee sin supposed to be assassins? what's the difference between lethality and armor pen? i read lethality scales on champion level, but how?
Noctiss (EUNE)
: See now, No. Lets imagine a scenario, a Yi with a bloodrazor, Botrk, and Guinsoo rageblade is solo pushing top, attacking turret so he has full stacks on guinsoo, and enemy team walks to him one by one, ofc they all die, but thats just bad gameplay, not champ design flaws. If you go as team and do 1 good stun, yi gets torn to shreds Or teemo, reks yi as well Or rammus Or simply any stuns Or zhonya etc etc
> If you go as team and do 1 good stun, yi gets torn to shreds yeah but that's true for pretty much any champ that isn't a 1000 stacks nasus, so...
Cadelanne (EUW)
: It's not really the issue, I agree with you. In fact I'm not even able to point out why losing in e.g StarCraft will not be too much of an issue, and why most loss are still good games, while in LoL, when I'm losing I'm like "I'm having such a bad time, how is this even called a game when the experience is made of this".
i agree there is something extremely tilting about this game and i can't quite grasp why exactly is that
: LF jungle duo - ex top 500 player
just passing by to say i'm resisting the urge to downvote this thread cause you're a vladimir main.. after all you could still be a nice guy..
: Banned 2 weeks for "feeding'
i'd like to suggest you to just uninstall the game, and go play something else,preferably not online
: His wave clear, especially compared to the likes of Caitlyn and Varus, is really bad, which is why he can get behind on certain match-ups purely based on the fact that he doesn't get to participate in wave management. He gets hard shoved into his turret and struggles to farm because of his very weak basic attack damage. Ezreal has historically bad wave clear which is compensated by a very safe laning phase, ability to farm from super far range and single target burst later in the game.
good analysis, what would you think about bringing him mid or top?
Murdarici (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Prepuzius,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5AQQMEm9,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-04-18T12:38:38.180+0000) > > mmh maybe i'll try a few ranked just to check it out.. thing is i don't have a preferred role/champ, i like to play a bit of everything play fill, waiting times are super short until you get in the game and try your best in the role you got. If you never played rank before on this account you wil be placed in iron so don't get depressed by it.
i tried ranked last season but very little ended up in silver4 but with the feeling that i could be bronze if i'd keep playing ;)
: He just got a rework xD how much more buffs do you want.
i wasn't asking for buffs, just wondering about is waveclear
: the reason for that is different adcs accel at different things ez sacrefices his waveclear for a lot more poke and catch potential when he has iceborn gauntlet look at it this way ez is good at taking towers and poking with his w and q while those with high waveclear like sivir and jinx can't really poke that much and are easily locked down
ok so i'm not imagining things, thanks for the feedback
: It's very normal. Each champion have his strengths and his weaknesses. You can't be good at everything. Ezreal's early game is meant to be very bad with 0 control over the lane. He should just farm safely until he scales late game. He even have a blink to escape which is unique for an adc.
make sense, thanks for the feedback
Murdarici (EUNE)
: You should play rank, despite what people whine on forum you are matched better with players same skills like you than normal games. Since rank mmr is different than normal mmr in your normal games you can get high elo rank players, because they test champions, builds, don't take normal so serious so their mmr in normal can be very low compared to rank mmr, but if sometime they decide to play more serious or their comfort pick then they will play at their real skill level and can be overwhelming. In normal you can get premade teams, or more premades, in soloq rank you can get only 2, so they can seem to play more organized. In normal there's no restriction of mmr difference to play as premades and matchmaking is made around team mmr average not about individual mmr, so if somebody have a very very low mmr compare to you and is premade with somebody with much better mmr then you then they can be placed against you since their average mmr is similar to you, and if you face that higher mmr enemy on your lane you get crushed, while in rank there is mmr difference restrictions and these things can't happen (unless somebody smurf). About frustration, or tilting, well it can happen if you learned to play the game better but you didn't improve your skills, then frustration can arise because you knwo how to play it but you can't or get outplayed and then you can get angry.
mmh maybe i'll try a few ranked just to check it out.. thing is i don't have a preferred role/champ, i like to play a bit of everything
: Lissandra needs compensation if aftershock gets nerfed
Rioter Comments
: Is achieving an S with Jhin broken??
personally i had my S with jhin this season, what i can't do is achieving an S with ezreal, i just can't seem to proper farm with that dude
: It's hard to say because you could face more premade players hence why they are more coordinated. When you are in a full team that's another story. There is supposed to be an MMR for normal.
another thing i noticed is that i'm a lot more tilted and even toxic at times, maybe that has to do with me playing worse?
Rioter Comments
: These level 16 powerspikes?
my favourite are xerath, heimer and morgana quality post.
Cadelanne (EUW)
: Why is it so bad to lose ?
everybody is saying things like it's frustrating because it doesn't depend on you but on your team i don't think it's the truth, i've seen smurf with 93% winrate over 100 games, if that were the case how could they do it? and everytime i have a bad game i recognize that i'm playing poorly, not landing a single skillshot, getting caught in ambushes, overextending without vision, slow reacting times/poor decision making etc
zekaa03 (EUNE)
: Banning champions sucks
i agree the game shouldn't permit to ban champs from your teammates... i'm saying this since forever..
: which champions do you want to see for the next reworks
on the top of my head, for different reasons, i would rework: - skarner (unappealing) - amumu (boring kit) - yasuo and pantheon (toxic kit)
: Least popular/played champions. [DISCUSSION]
i think skarner gets the prize, why don't they buff/rework the poor thing?
: is zyra mid viable?
why don't you play her top?
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I've heard in Korea they sometimes just open mid after losing to a strong level 1 invade from the opponent, because they don't want to get more tilted in the game and they also don't want to drag their loss out longer, they just want to go next because it's faster. And they just open way easier in general. I don't get how people can get tilted in normals. For me the only thing that can be tilting in normals is when someone flames, but you can always mute them.
> I don't get how people can get tilted in normals. For me the only thing that can be tilting in normals is when someone flames, but you can always mute them. a lot of players treat normals like it was ranked, me for instance i don't play ranked at all so for me normals are competitive games, most of the time i play to win unless i'm firsttiming a new champion
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why do people surrender so easily in normals?
for me it makes less sense to ff in ranked matches.. if you're trying to win why would you give up? unless in very extreme cases where it's obvious you will never come back why people surrender in normals? because they are not having fun, they're tilted, the game isn't going according to their plans and they want to move on on the next game or stop playing at all. in that scenario i wouldn't care about the outcome, me personally started surrender votes even when my team was ahead
: it was deleted
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: How to play katarina?
i agree that katarina is a hard champ to pull off.. not so much because she is telegraphed but because if she get cc'ed once she's basically dead.. i'm not a good katarina but in laning phase i sit under my tower poking with Q, i follow up with E only if enemy spells are on cooldown, from that moment you keep AA and place a W for good measure (or you place a W in your starting position as a safety net) the main combo for kat is EWQE btw back to your question, you can use your daggers as a means to zone the enemy, you don't have to E at your daggers, sometimes just the threat of it is enough to apply pressure, moreover you can E to the enemy champ directly and then move to your dagger, that makes you unpredictable i also suggest to watch some streamers like katEvolved or katlife
: hecarim so overpowered
why? i tried him top a few times, he feels fair to play with and against, he is a quite balanced tanky bruiser with good sustain cc and damage, he is not stupidly op you can lose lane very easily if you are not good with him
: are not you the guy from the orianna post? dedicated hater?
: Ranked champions
make sense to me, but this will discourage smurfing, and afaik riot is not against smurfing, i think they pretty much encourages it, indirectly at least
: was I toxic in this situation?
Lari (EUNE)
: Players in this game are pure Camcer
he trolled, tried to tilt you, and picked yasuo, so yes, he is probably mentally challenged or something, or maybe just a little prick
Noctiss (EUNE)
: Whats the point of constant account leveling?
those are sad miserable individuals with 50+ permbanned accounts, they use the game to vent off their frustration and verbally abuse other players freely at the cheap price of a new account, tigers behind a monitor, sheeps in real life, what can we do
: im perfectly aware. Jungler cant do everything. Im main support, sometimes the adversary bot lane are early agresive picks without scape and are an easy target coz they are pushing non stop. I ask or help from the jungler (as its even needed to ask for it) and for 15 mintues i get no help. Sometimes the jungler is literaly near bot, and u ask for help and they literaly dont give a %%%%. Sometimes i tell the jungler that adversary is snowballing and they gona carry if he dont help us, he stil doesnt care. And ofc we lose hard.
yeah this happens unfortunately or when you are the jungler, you got invaded but nobody is helping.. what can we do, tough life honestly in my games (paper elo) i pretend i don't have a jungler so i'm never disappointed
: many junglers have 0 map awareness, never help when needed, and only focus on their own farm. Not even care about dragons neither. Then you ask for hlelp and they say things like: "i dont gank losing lanes" "i helped top, stop complain" "wait" etc.
are you aware there is only 1 jungler but there are 3 lanes? the jungler can't be everywhere at anytime you can't demand the jungler presence only time i get slightly pissed at my jungler is when i've been costantly pressured under my tower for like 20 minutes and he never shows up, but even then it depends on the matchup, if the enemy has a good disengage ready to use then even the jungler can't help much
Truma (EUW)
: Problem about Ezreal
wait this is under the false premise that those 2 items that ezreal build are equiparable to the other standard adc core builds when in fact it is not, ezreal build much less damage with those items, his waveclear/farming is shit too after those 2, meanwhile the other adcs become farming machines at that point
: Teemo attack range is 500. Darius E range is 535. Every time you go in to auto Darius you're at risk of being hooked - it's not a *clear* counter like everyone makes it out to be, it's a skill match up mostly. Since he can pull you in, but if you time blind and W you can get out without taking *too much* damage. So yeah, skill match up.
uhmm, and how do you feel about darius against vayne?
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Prepuzius,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nyP4vE6A,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-04-04T07:42:09.577+0000) > > is teemo attack range bigger than darius E? if so, the answer is pretty obvious > even if it wasn't you can still blind him if you get pulled in > in any case, darius suffers a lot against ranged so yeah, i would say teemo is a counter to darius Yea but blinding him won't do much if he has flash up, post lvl 6 having flash is a free kill for him. Flash + e + q + r = teemo gone.
yeah, but is it really a bad thing if teemo dies? :D
SoloAkise (EUW)
: sick and tired of zed
if zed is difficult what is katarina? and akali? and the other assassins, they all are weaker than zed
: How is teemo a counter vs. Darius?
is teemo attack range bigger than darius E? if so, the answer is pretty obvious even if it wasn't you can still blind him if you get pulled in in any case, darius suffers a lot against ranged so yeah, i would say teemo is a counter to darius
: How to play as ADC?
the key in playing adc is positioning and you have to farm good at all stages of the game, never go solo always with some other members of the team, look up for teamfights there is where you shine, you position well and deal tons of damage oh and remember not to die i recommend ashe for learning adc, she has no fancy escapes like tristana/ez/lucian (so you have to learn positioning) but she is still strong, good range and poke, quite simple mechanics so you can focus on the basics
: I agree, olaf is pretty busted at the moment, but i don't like that kind of playstyle, but i will probably still try it :) Ty For Comment!
at first neither do i liked his kit, but try it it's more fun than it looks.. those first bloods.. those AA battles that you started on 10% health and still win.. that neverending lifesteal.. :°)
: Need Your Thoughts On What Is The Best Champion To Climb With?
i would go with olaf top olaf is in great state right now, everytime i play him i hard carry because players dont' respect the olaf enough the key to victory is cheese the early game with a few kills, jungler is not a problem i could easily 1v2 after lv3 with only 1 kill, snowball from there, take turret and help other lanes just make sure the end the game fast enough since he falls off late game
: AP scales with skills that have a CD which isn't the case of AD with auto-attacks. So raw AP is meaningless. If you really want to try, build Banshee/Zhonya you will **SEE** the damages you waste. ;)
still as a mage you just need trascende/ludens and you're good to go, so.. i built those two items togheter lots of time i never felt like i was wasting money honestly and mages itemization is considered op by many, moreover
: The ADC, are they too strong at the moment ?
i don't agree on that, adcs are the most weak abused piece of garbage champs early so it make sense they get to carry and do their job late game.. if you hold a grugde against adcs just pick a random assassin mid and feast on them at your hearth content.. after a few games like that you would want to hug them instead
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