: [Champion Creation] Inspired by the dev blog
First skill roughly done [(And the honor goes to Vel'Koz Q skill!)](https://media.giphy.com/media/26gJAAW0KV2e8Zv2M/source.gif). While the code is nowhere near robust, it works as a decent framework for playtesting skills for now. I'm going to create four spells (QWER) from previous champions (Might just make the whole Vel'Koz kit) to make sure that there are no apparent bugs, before I start creating "my" champion.
: [Champion Creation] Inspired by the dev blog
I hit a small bump as I was trying to fix skill hotkeys and cooldowns, but it's semi-working now. [(GIF)](https://media.giphy.com/media/3o6ZsWG2Rf6GdW6CBy/giphy.gif) While there are numerous things I'd like to fix (Such as auto attacks follow champions instead of flying in a straight line, turret attacks, minion spawning, etcetera) I'm thinking I'll try to design some skills in the coming days, just to get a feel for it.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Is Bottom the hardest lane to carry from?
I tend to think that support is a lot easier to climb with than people say. While I do agree that both mid and jungle has a lot more map pressure (arguably top as well), you can and should on occasion create opportunities for your team as a support. I may be biased regarding this, seeing as I am a lot better at support than any other role, but I do find that peeling for decent/fed team mates are a lot more effective than if I was that fed person myself.
: Achievements?
I'm not against achievements, but if it was up to me, I'd like to design them towards teamwork and morale. I honestly can't think of a way that could work as I am sitting here thinking about it. The closest thing I can think of that could possibly work is reworking the honor system, and incorporating said IP-boosts as rewards for helping your team.
: [Champion Creation] Inspired by the dev blog
["Stay still! I'm trying to shoot you!"](https://media.giphy.com/media/l2JhB6O0fWzaBF3Tq/giphy.gif) {{champion:222}} So I got a rough outline of auto attacking as a ranged champion. I figure the best would probably be to ask in the code: Is the champion ranged? if so, shoot bullets... if not, attack as melee (Seeing as I have no idea if I want to create a ranged or melee champion yet). I've gotten further along on this project than I thought I would today, so I might just create minion spawning and health bars soon as well. I can just feel that I'm very hyped to start actually creating the champion!
: Ok. Will you add the other champion from league (if it's possible to find the code)?, Also, are you French (I know some good concept in the French forum).
I might add a champion that's already in the game if I need some interaction with whatever I end up creating, but that's further down the line anyway. I'm not french, but surely google translate could work decently if I get to the point where I, or others want to collaborate and create something from their concept. I have a weak spot for teamwork, so if somebody does approach me with a concept further down the line, I'm very likely to accept that collaboration with a big smile.
: Very interesting, but... we? What do we do? Ideas for the champ? Advanced code tutorial? Trying the champ?
When I get to the point where most of it is playable, I will upload the game somewhere so whoever wants to can try it. I welcome any and all ideas with open arms, as absolutely _nothing_ have been set in stone yet. While there are certain mechanics I've been wanting to see in the game myself, I want to build the champion from the ground up with no previous expectations. As of lately, support has been my favorite role, so _maybe_ I'll steer towards a support champion, we'll see.
Sceizer (EUW)
: Looks good man I hope you get far with this! PS are you using unity for this?
Thank you, thank you! And yes, I'm using Unity.
: [Champion Creation] Inspired by the dev blog
This turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected, as I've non-stop worked on it since I wrote the post. I do also want to apologize for the lack of eye candy in the gifs. If this is a project I'm going to continue for a longer period of time, I will make it look more like the League map, as well as the League user interface. **What has been updated in these two hours?** Well, a slightly better looking midlane. There's also two cylinders to represent the towers, as I want to create a fully functioning midlane so I can actually farm with the future champion. The player(champion) can now move to wherever was right clicked last, and lock on to / stop if a unit is targeted (the red circle in the middle). Attack Range has been implemented, but the champion can't attack yet - but if you look at the gif, the champion does stop at max range if you've targeted a unit). ['Champion' walking and locking on to a unit](https://media.giphy.com/media/l2JhwBHwnqC9vdKqk/source.gif)
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: So, i started to play support more. And now, i know this.
I don't feel like this is true at all. I main support, and my adc's frequently thank me or say wp when we do some plays together. My adc's also very often add me after the game, so much to the point where I have made a friend folder specifically for adc mains who add me. Edit: When it comes to the other lanes, I can't recall people specifically saying wp to me, but rather "wp bot" if something happens botlane.
amorally4 (EUW)
: low gold < high silver low silver < high bronze
I'm in high gold now though, and I feel like it's still applicable. Now, I do also want to note that quite a handful of matches are clearly of much higher quality than low silver. Some of the game I've played in high gold have been amazing, but I feel like it's very unstable in comparison to when I was in silver.
: >If I could theorize, I'd say that gold players feel much more confident, which then again makes them feel like they can 1v2-3-4 the enemy team. oh boy... Just wait if you ever get to platinum.
Leptyx (EUW)
: Then be the support who protects your adc. The opposite hasn't been working so far, so why not give it a try ?
Supporting vs. Zed is actually quite fun. it's frustrating, but also quite fun. He's banned in like 99% of my games, but he got through once when I supported as Shen. I don't think I even blinked in teamfights, I just hugged my adc with my finger ready for taunt.
: I can just tell you that the "teamplay" doesn't change much in silver-plat just the mechanics get better and better. The only thing i can tell you is that maybe you play with plat V that don't really care about the game since they already reached plat or maybe just some weird games.
Hmm, that might be true! I admit I don't know, I'm mostly just trying to find some logic in the types of games I've had lately. It just feels like a much higher percentage of players go "balls deep solo" than they did in silver. My friend says this might be noticable because gold players punish mistakes a lot more, but I'm still uncertain.
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: Don't you think that NA is a better region because players speak ONLY english?
It doesn't bother me that much to be honest. I haven't noticed people spamming their native language in ranked yet, but it does happen in the more casual types of games. Granted, I haven't been playing ranked for all that long yet, but it hasn't been a problem to date. Now to actually answer your question, I do sort of agree. By the very nature of having everyone speak the same language, there's bound to be better teamplay. But there's no way around this, and it's just a thing we have to accept. Thankfully, loads of people know how to speak english.
: Like a surprise attack kind of ability?
Yes, It'd very much be a surprise. I like the idea of it being a parasite from the void, but it could also work as a trickster type of character, much like Shaco himself.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: I'm not sure if I get this right. Are you suggesting that a champion basically hides inside a minion and when the minion is killed, the champion gets a buff and pops out? Otherwise I don't get why it would be a ganking tool (but maybe I'm just too daft to understand).
Yes, exactly. Maybe it's a stupid idea, I don't know, hence why I wanted to share it here. Let's say this is the case: Champion: Void parasite Ult: Crawl into selected minion or neutral mob as host for 30 seconds. Press R again to crawl out, gaining 20% movespeed and attack speed (for example) for 2 seconds. If the host is killed, this effect is doubled. If cancelled early you receive half the effect. Don't think too much on those buffs, they're just an example. It could be that the champion gains a leap attack if the host is killed, slow on auto attacks, attack speed, etcetera.
: Any counterplay? Can it be revealed via true Vision or Sweepers? Will you de-disguise when Close to enemies?
I don't think de-disguising would work, but sweeping it could certainly be an option. There's also the option (for ranged) to kill the wave at maximum distance if they think the ganker might be in said wave.
: That way you deny Gold.
It doesn't have to be that complicated. The enemy could still get the gold when they kill the unit, and then you pop out.
: And then you realize that there is a fixed number of minions per wave and Monsters per camp and call the bluff immediately.
Replace a minion, not become one in addition. You can basically swap or "place yourself inside" one of the minions, so it looks like a normal wave / camp.
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: i heard that bard has some high skill cap : ) ah and dw if you strife to improve , you will surely make it there
Bard is also very fun, but I'm having a hard time being good with him. Probably because of just that - a high skill cap. He's quite an aggressive support though, which certainly fits my playstyle.
: yeah i was stuck in platinum for 3 years , after breaking down tricks videos i finally managed my way :D
This makes me wonder if I can reach platinum, even. Support is by far my favorite role, so I'll have to see if I can find support mains to learn from in platinum and higher. There's got to be some youtube channels out there for supports.
: "This is where I'm a little bit confused, cause some people say that one should learn one role instead of all." Do not confuse "climbing the ladder" over getting better at the game , climbing can be even done by playing only one champion Now then jungle is the best for decision making cause first of all it doesn't have a lane, you have to gank people and if you make a mistake it can cost you game , just gonna leave this video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ted8p-WSqXc&list=PLvYbWbiZnQ0eRRVdGkeycwwumXb5ncV9l&index=11 as an prime example
I see, I get what you're saying now. I just watched the video... Trick is making it look so easy. :)
Ludovico (EUW)
: So, I´m a support main. A fairly confident one at that^^. Tipps? Try to carry your games! F.e. I´ve used some smurfs this season to duo with a few friends. Got almost all of them plat by now. http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=kepora That´s one of them. Supports like Karma/Morgana are the easiest to carry with. Blitzcrank is also fine, but in the lategame you become too reliant on your team IMO. Even in the games I lose, my damage, number of wards, KDA is the best on the team. It´s fairly easy to get the objectives if you can solo the ADC/APC before they arrive. ______________________________________________________________________ Another part is, the friend I duo with mains jgl/adc. If everything goes well in the lane (I get FB, the enemy has to play super passve) I tell him to solo/duo the drake. 4-5 drakes help a lot.
I just watched your latest Karma game. While I'm not a fan of Karma myself, I love playing Morgana. There's certainly a lot I can learn about lane pressure. :)
: Play a different game. Cool off from it without getting too distant. I play "Osu!" (a rhytm game) when i'm off League sometimes and it both improves my reflexes and cursor controlling skills while taking me away from League and having fun at the same time. PS:I'm also a Support main. So high-five. :)
Never tried Osu! Downloaded it and, well... I was extremely bad at it. :O
shole900 (EUNE)
: 1. Play only ranked, forget normal and game modes[ex. URF or this Ascended], JUST PLAY RANKED. Look what others do, do same. 2. Play only champions you mains. 3. Create Masteries FOR EVERY MAIN CHAMPION, and follow suggestions. Check it out on mobafire.com or lolking.net :) 4. Diamond i'm coming for u.
Interesting! I just followed your suggestion and made runepages/masteries for my mains, which are the following: Shen, Blitzcrank, Morgana, Lulu, Nami, Alistar/Leona (same runes and masteries). My last runepage is dedicated to Marksman in case I get secondary role when I queue.
: if you want to learn league you should first learn all of the lanes cause each of the lane has smth to give you , a lil example adc : kiting , tutter stepping , quick judgments jungle : map pressure , map awarness , decision making top : animation canceling , breaking gates if you go beyond platinum without such basic knowledge....you shouldn't be proud of yourself
This is where I'm a little bit confused, cause some people say that one should learn one role instead of all. I'm an extremely horrible top laner cause I never play top, and my jungle is also subpar. Based on your notes there, can't everybody learn map awareness, decision making, kiting etcetera? I'll also add that Marksman is my secondary role.
: i have more then 1000 game still gold V bouncing between gold elo and premades op.
I basically only duo in ranked. My duo partner and I have pretty good synergy, and duoing with him is probably one of the reasons we've reached this "far up". We're about the same skill level, it just works out really well. Are you meeting 3+ premades a lot?
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Desastrus (EUNE)
: The forgotten Spectate Live feature
I agree with you. I only just started playing League again, after a (if we count my random aram-sprees) 3 years 'pause' from Summoner's Rift or so. Back then I watched them semi-frequently, and I found it to be the quickest and easiest way to learn how to play a champion. I found it to be very convenient that it could just scroll through games, and if I saw a game with for example Janna; I could watch it and learn what I should do and what I should not do. I've considered asking gold ++ support mains (I main support) for their username, so I can compile a list of players I can look through semi-quickly. I think most people would be okay with that, it's just a whole lot more work than clicking once in the client.
: I get what you mean but.. how would you prevent people from using it to insult someone? I mean, if a flamer just wants to hurt someone elses feelings.. then that person deosn't care about giving and honor. They would just insult you and you would have to take it which alot of people just can't take, because they are living sensitive individuals (which is great btw.). So basically, your idea is great but.. i don't like it that much unless your find a way that prevents people from abusing it to insult someone.
One way could be to display the comments on profiles. Maybe like a "10 latest comments: given and received". I mean, who wants their toxicity displayed on their profile, right?
Evanitis (EUNE)
: I like the idea. It would give some character to the honor system. Just be ready for notes with many adjectives in it. Honorable opponent: "_go dai n00b, 9yo troll, burn in well, hope you get capricorn_" But it would still worth it. xD
Hah, yeah. That would make me laugh. Quite often when I give honor, I also want to point out why I give said honor, which is one of the reasons I wanted this implemented. My latest example would be a nocturne jungler I had that made a very nice call and splitpushed an inhib for us while we ran around like chickens.
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